Thursday, August 19, 2010

Thursday Thunks: You give it a title

A. If you see a tornado out your window, what do you do? I say a prayer and kiss my ass goodbye.
B. A celebrity knocks on your door saying that their tour bus/limo/pedal bike broke down (you pick the transportation)... who is it and what do you do to help them? Their limo broke down. I ask them in and offer them coffee and a bite to eat hoping that help doesn't arrive too soon.
C. Brett is back on the Vikings - do you really give a crap? NOPE
D. What side of the bed do you think Bud sleeps on? He sleeps on the one closest to the door!
E. Cookie Monster eats vegetables now. Is this ok with you? Oh sure. He needs to be regular as much as the next guy.
F. All the TT's get together for coffee... which state do we meet in? NY
G. Is the town you live in famous for anything? Infamous for anything? Nope. But if it was, I so would be posting it on my blog. I try to remind somewhat anonymous to the crazies. I have kids after all.
H. Coffee flavored bubble gum - would you? Oh sure. I would have to. Plus, I am a gum addict. If I could put my two addictions together......the world would be mine.
I. So Kimber lost her fight with a granite table.... what did you ever lose a fight with? My intestines. The decided to give me problems this May and we haven't made up yet.
J. Have you ever slept beneath the stars? I did! I didn't love being eaten up alive and haven't done it since. The bugs love me.
K. School is starting up soon, or has for some, did you get a new pair of tennis shoes every year while you were in school?  No, I was lucky to get anything new.
L. What two flavors do you love that you would never want to taste at the same time? Grape and Milk. Yuck, I totally just grossed myself out.
M. If you could shave a quote into a lions fur, what would it say? Da King
N. Did you ever accidentally walk in on your parents doing the nasty? Did you ever purposely walk in on them? God! Purposely, now why would anyone want to do this? I've been walked in on by my 5 year old sleepwalker. Not fun.


  1. i was thinking of NY too, just 'cuz i just need a reason to go there.

  2. Start the therapy for Handsome!

  3. A. LOL
    B. I say it depends on the celeb. Do you really wanna have coffee with your kids and Courtney Love?
    C. Does anyone other than Favre?
    D. Who's Bud?
    E. No, it's a travesty I tell ya. He got his name for a reason. Damn gov't agencies.
    F. What's a TT?
    G. Famous for Stelco, which is US Steel now.
    I. You won the fight! It's ass got kicked and you're better now, right?!
    J. So sweet.
    K. Me either.
    L. LOL grossed me out too, thanks.
    M. ROFL.... I'd pick "TIGER"
    N. LOL Gross. My mom always gave a heads up so I could tune out or leave... that's just sick.


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