Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Cyber Clean All Your Electonic Appliances

A few weeks ago I received a sample of Cyber Clean.

Cyber Clean is a high tech cleaning compound that we should all have on hand.
Cyber Clean® is a revolutionary cleaning compound! When it comes to cleaning action in cavities and where conventional cleaning products have physical limits, Cyber Clean® goes beyond all of them and gets into all cavities because of its perfect combination of viscosity and elasticity.

Cyber Clean®´patented formula absorbs dirt, dust and provides deep cleaning action in the cavities and on the surface by killing germs!

Cyber Clean® is very simple and highly efficient! Just press and pull Cyber Clean® on the surface of your device, and all dirt will be trapped in the material and all the disgusting things living inside your keyboard will be taken away when you pull over your Cyber Clean® off the surface of the device (from the CYBERCLEAN website).

When pressing the Cyber Clean® on the dirt and dust, the cleaning surface as shown in the picture shows water cannot pass through the Cyber Clean®, while the dirt and dust are absorbed and microencapsulated in Cyber Clean®.

Cyber Clean® is a little bit moist when in use, but it will not stick to your hands because of its special formula. It is also safe to use on all electronic devices whether at home, in the office, or on the go!

Cyber Clean® is by far the best cleaning agent to keep these devicesgerm free and to provide you with a healthy environment for living and playing. Cyber Clean® has passed the strictest of global guidelines.
Approved by several International Performance Testing institutions,Cyber Clean® is a product with extremely consistent and high germ killing capabilities. Cyber Clean® kills 99.99% of germs!

What I Can Tell You: Is is quick and easy to use. It smells great with a light, lemon smell. It is fun to use. It reminds me of goo for kids. I have used it on my keyboard, remote control, Blackberry, Sirus Radio, hair dryer, toys, jewelry and the telephone. My Blackberry especially often has problems with the roller ball. It would get stuck and I would eventually have to get a Q-tip with a little alcohol on it to work the dust out of it. It was hit or miss. Since using Cyber Clean I have not had a problem at all.

You can use Cyber Clean over and over again (up to 75 uses) until it changes color.

To buy: Head over to Cyber Clean Americas and get the size that works best for you.

Cost: $5.99 - $7.99

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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

CardsDirect Personalizes It For You - Giveaway

I love personalized photo cards! As someone who takes 500-1,800 photos a month, picking the right photo is sometimes hard. More than picking the perfect picture, there are so many personalized card companies out there. However do you navigate them? Who has the best quality, price, selection, etc? Well, let me help you decide!

Recently, I heard about a company called CardsDirect.
Founded in 1998, CardsDirect, LLC is one of the most trusted online resources for custom imprinted greeting card products. Whether you need 25 cards or 25,000 cards, CardsDirect gives every order the personal attention it deserves. CardsDirect offers greeting cards for consumers and businesses including Christmas cards, holiday cards, photo cards, thank you cards, anniversary cards, birthday cards and assortment packs for all occasions. CardsDirect also features recycled and value card lines for any taste or budget. CardsDirect provides an easy ordering process, competitive pricing, and first class customer service for thousands of businesses including all 100 companies on the Fortune 100® list. CardsDirect has been recognized eight years running as a distinguished greeting card dealer, and has won numerous awards from industry leaders and manufacturers. The CardsDirect team is always striving to provide a positive, easy and enjoyable card buying experience. From the CardsDirect website.

What I Can Tell You:
CardsDirect has tons of cards to choose from, whether you are looking to personalize or select one from their vast collection of designer cards.  I used to send out a newsletter every year for Christmas. It was two sided and colorful, complete with pictures and stories of the year. Once I was out of the workforce, making copies of the newsletter just became too expensive. The first year I did holiday cards where I signed the bottom with our names and it just seemed so impersonal. To send everyone such a generic, boring, card with the signature on the bottom didn't feel right for me. Sometimes Christmas cards are the only time you are corresponding with some of your family and friends and I really wanted my cards to reflect my love for everyone during the holiday. The next year I did photo cards. The hardest part was selecting the perfect photos. This year the hardest part will be selecting the layout of the card. There are so many beautiful, classic,  cute, whimsical choices.

The Birth Announcements make me want to have another baby just so I can send one. Look at these.

What I also love is that no matter how many cards you order, you pay a flat shipping fee of $5.00 to anywhere in the continental US.

This is the perfect time to order birth announcements, baby shower invitations, thank you cards and more for your newest addition. Order before 7/9/10 and get 10% off plus free ground shipping by using promo code CDFBABY67 at checkout.

Thanks to the folks at CardsDirect, I have a very generous giveaway for my readers.  One lucky winner will receive a $50.00 promo code compliments of CardsDirect.

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32 Candles by Ernesa T. Carter

Description: John Hughes's "Sixteen Candles" grows up in this wry and satisfying romantic tale in which an ugly ducking becomes the swan she always dreamed of and gets the prince--but will she be able to keep him?
What I Can Tell You:
32 Candles is Ernessa Carter's first novel. You will get a chuckle out of the lead character Davie Jones. If you are a child of the 80's and 90's you will love all the references especially to the movie 16 Candles starring Molly Ringwood.

Davie Jones, isn't white or a red head, she is black with a fro whose nickname is "Monkey Night" night on account that she is so dark and her mother and classmates think she is ugly. Poor Davie is just a regular girl who doesn't speak. Not that she can't, she just chooses not to. After her mother caught her when she was 5 years old wearing her heels and pretending to be Tina Turner complete with long towel hair and a towel dress. Cora, (the town trollop) beat her and that is when Davidia decided to stop singing and talking.

Living in her fantasy "Molly Ringwald" world served Davie just fine. She falls in love with a handsome football player named James Farrell but a school prank set by James' mean, jealous sister, goes to far and Davie hits the road. Luckily she meets good people and reinvents herself becoming a beautiful and successful lounge singer. James shows up again and doesn't recognize Davidia. Will she get the guy in the end? Will she get her Jake Ryan Porsche moment like Molly does in 16 Candles? You will just have to read to find out!

This is a great book club book. Davidia is far from perfect and she is a character you will fall in love with! Great debut novel for this talented writer.

Follow Ernessa on Twitter.
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Check out her website for 32 Candles here.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Diverticulitis 101

So, if you have been reading my blog you know that last month I was diagnosed with Acute Diverticulitis. Unfortunately, my case was complicated due to also having a perforated intestine, and an infected abscess.

What is Diverticulitis:
I have researched this disease since I returned home. According the the Mayo Clinic it is, Diverticulitis occurs when one or more diverticula in your digestive tract become inflamed or infected. Diverticula are small, bulging pouches that can form anywhere in your digestive system, including your esophagus, stomach and small intestine. However, they're most commonly found in the large intestine.

According to the Diverticulitis Website- The problem seems to increase with age as the weak areas of the colon continue to balloon out and result in pockets. Ballooning is caused by pressure such as exertion when a person is constipated by lack of fiber in their diet or because of certain medications. It has also been attributed to some gallbladder surgeries that have positioned the gall duct to drip directly into the intestines after the gallbladder has been removed.

Diverticulitis is something that can hit anyone any time but is generally seen in almost half of all Americans over the age of 60, but it is diagnosed to a lesser degree to many who are in their 40′s (not in my case. Does this mean my body is actually over 60?).

Most cases of Diverticulitis are treated with antibiotics. If the flares up continue, surgery is suggested.

Keeping Diverticulitis at bay means a life changing diet. One rich in fiber once the intestine and colon have had time to heal. Until then a low-residue diet is the norm.

My low-residue diet consisted of:
  • V8
  • Soup
  • Tuna Fish
  • Scrambled Eggs
  • White Bread
  • Turkey Burgers
  • Mashed Potatoe
  • Yogurt - Activia and Dannon Whips
  • Cottage Cheese
  • Cream of Wheat
  • Chicken Breast
  • Attune Chocolate Bars

Tomorrow, God willing, I head back to the GI doctor for a my second follow up. I stopped my antibiotics 3 days ago. Yesterday, there was some mild cramping, today, some more cramping and twinges. I owe the hospital $19,000 and expect many more medical bills to pile up. Scary considering that surgery will probably be in my future. According the doctor, I can have surgery and still have diverticulitis attacks.


Everyone I have talked to either has had it or knows someone who has had it. Hopefully, somewhere along the way, someone will come up with something that aids in recurrences or abolishes it totally.

Wish me luck tomorrow, I am hoping for at least a direction tomorrow and less waiting time for the doctor 2+ hours last time.

Peace Out!

Summer Ideas to Keep Young Minds Alert & Active

I believe in kids having summer vacations. Some of my best childhood memories are of my carefree summer days, riding bikes with my friends, playing man-hunt, catching fireflies, having picnics, and swimming in the streams around my home. However, now that I am a mom, I look at summer differently. My parents weren't very involved in my day to day activities and were happy if we were out the entire day. With no cell phones I can't imagine how they did it. We were so young, under 11, roaming until.....

For my kids, summer is about spending time together, going to the local beach, playing in the sprinkler, watching movies, playing games, doing crafts, and sitting at the table for some structured "mommy school". There schedule stays pretty much the same, bedtime no later than 8:30-9:00ish because they are tired by that time anyway and mom and dad need quiet time. 

When my sister-in-law visited last week, and saw all the workbooks and worksheets set up for Handsome and Goddess, her comment was, "looks like a fun-filled summer".  I just told her that the kids love it! They really do. They love the attention of one-on-one time with Mommy at the dining room table. They love the high fives and "I am so proud of you" when they do a great job! If my parents had done half of this, I might have been better than a "C - D" student.

Thanks to Mom Select I heard about a Primrose Schools and reading what they have to say, tell me that I am doing the best thing for my kids. 

Primrose Schools is the leader in educational child care, recommends encouraging imaginative play and having a plan in place to keep children's minds engaged during the summer months. Studies show that without stimulation, children can lose up to 60 percent of what they learned during the school year. 
Dr. Mary Zurn, Vice President of Education for Primrose, has come up with the list of ideas below as a starting point for summer activities that offer a balance between the freedom of child-initiated play time and more structured activities.

Here are 11 ideas parents can use to keep young minds active during the summer months:
1.       Boredom Buster Jar: At the beginning of the summer, sit down with your family and brainstorm a list of activities that can be done alone or that you can enjoy doing together. Encourage your children to share their own ideas and help you decorate and label a simple jar as the family "Boredom Buster Jar."  They'll feel more involved in the project and more likely to think this is a "neat" idea, if they participate in the creation and idea generation. Next, write everyone's ideas down on slips of paper and as a group decide which ones should go in the jar. Anyone in the family can pull any idea out of the jar to fight the summertime boredom blues.
2.       Stories Alive: It sounds too simple, but reading is one of the most important waysto keep young minds engaged during the summer.Make reading even more fun by finding ways to bring the stories to life. For example, in the book Roxaboxen by Alice McLerran, children create a make-believe town in the desert out of rocks, boxes, and their imaginations. Read the book with your children and then challenge them to create their own town with materials they find in the backyard.
3.       Art Start Box: You'll need to gather basic art supplies-child safe scissors, glue, markers, tape and construction paper. Put them in a special box along with empty oatmeal boxes and paper towel rolls, colorful magazines and bits of aluminum foil. Occasionally add a special surprise like chalk, stickers, or stamp pads so there's always something new for the children to find. Even if you normally have these supplies around the house, it's fun for children to know that the Art Start Box is just for them. They'll probably have some good ideas of other household items that can be recycled to fuel their creative energies.
4.       Family Performances: Break out old clothes or costumes and encourage children to make up characters and create a play to act out.  They are the directors, actors, and producers.  They can also make musical instruments out of pots/pans, wooden spoons, empty canisters and have a parade; or everyone can play along to your family's favorite songs. Record or video the performances, and enjoy the replay.  You'll also be capturing a bit of family history everyone will enjoy for years to come.
5.       Family Dance Party: Crank up the music and encourage your entire family to boogie down. Dancing gives children a great outlet for self-expression through their own motion and helps build self-esteem. It also enhances motor and coordination development by incorporating skills like jumping, landing and leaping.  Dancing is a great activity that can involve the whole family and doesn't take very much preparation.
6.       Fort Building: Children love to build all kinds of structures--from small towns to large towers. Constructing forts or tents is an activity that can keep children focused and problem solving for hours. All the items you need can be found around the house- some chairs, cushions, blankets, and of course adult supervision.
7.       Cookbook Fun: Have you ever shared your favorite cookbook with your children?  Take it out and ask your children to choose a recipe to try. Measuring can be a fun and easy way to keep math skills fresh.
8.       Summer Scrapbook: All you need for this project is a spiral notebook. Encourage everyone in the family to draw pictures of favorite activities and collect mementos from special events throughout the summer.   Children love to go back through scrapbooks and albums and tell about what happened at each occasion.  They will also be building their storytelling skills at the same time.
9.       Listening Game: Lie down in the backyard, in the den or at the park and listen.  What do you hear? Do you hear what I hear? Can you imitate the sound? This is similar to watching the clouds and naming the shapes, and it encourages everyone to slow down and focus on listening.
10.    Camping Out: Pretend to campout in the backyard. Plan a meal, pack a backpack and set up a campsite.  You might even decide to spend the night!
11.    Scavenger Hunt: Make a list or picture cards of common household items and have your children find the items on the list. Invite friends or neighbors to join in the fun to make it a competition.

These are great ideas and you will never hear, "I'm bored!" again. 

Head over to the Dr. Z and Me website. She has tons of parenting ideas that are really thought provoking and interesting.
Disclosure: I was entered for a chance to win a gift card in exchange for this post. No monetary exchange took place.

Blue Monday - Gardening With Dad

Last weekend my husband sat down to do some gardening with the kids.

My daughter loves getting her hands dirty. My son not so much but they had a really good time, and I took the opportunity to snap some pictures for prosperity.


I seriously need a pair of these flip flops. They were a gift from Goddess' teachers for her birthday this year. So cute.

Goddess planting some tomatoes

Handsome checks out the seeds


Head over to Sally's Blue Monday and join in the fun.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Attune Chocolate Bars Were Made Just For Me!

By now most of my readers know I was in the hospital for 2 weeks with a case of Acute Diverticulitis. I am still on a diet of low fiber foods and loads of probiotics. Eventually I will be increased to a full fiber diet but low residue is the norm to give your intestine time to heal.

Keeping your digestive system running smoothly is extremely important to everyone. These days I am very obsessed with researching my condition. Nothing I read gives me hope for recovery or comfort. This can happen again any time and probably will. I am feeling cramps now and worry this is the onset of another attack since it is my second day without antibiotics.

Last week I received a package of Attune Chocolate Probiotic Bars. My daughter saw Chocolate and immediately was interested. I told her these were mine!

From the Attune Probiotic website:
Mmmm…imagine the moment that you bite into the blissfully rich taste of chocolate. Now add the perfect amount of rice crisps for a satisfying crunch. Then imagine that delicious treat helps promote healthy digestive and immune systems. Add to that, our chocolate probiotic bars are gluten free and come in three decadent dairy free flavors, along with our luscious milk chocolate flavors and creamy white chocolate. Sounds dreamy. But it's not a dream. It's an Attune® probiotic bar. Everything that helps you feel your best should taste this good.

  • Most clinically tested probiotic strains
  • 3-8 grams of sugar
  • Excellent source of calcium
  • Only 80-90 calories
  • 3 grams of fiber
  • Take it on the go
A prebiotic is a form of fiber that remains undigested in the small intestine and acts as food for the naturally-occurring friendly bacteria in your digestive system. Attune is formulated with the prebiotic inulin, which is a natural dietary fiber that supports healthy digestive function and works in harmony with probiotics.

What I Can Tell You:
The bars taste great! You wouldn't even know you are eating something that is "good for you".

I was sent the following:

Chocolate Crisp
Dark Chocolate
Mint Chocolate
Blueberry Vanilla
Coffee Bean Dark Chocolate

They also have:
Raspberry Dark Chocolate
Almond Milk Chocolate

Looks like chocolate, tastes like chocolate and is just plain tasty!
Sign up for the Attune newsletter today, and receive coupons, information and discounts on Attune Chocolate Probiotic Bars.

Today's Flowers - The Almightly Lilact

This week I am participating in Today's Flowers. I headed out yesterday to a farm and thought I had forgotten my camera battery so I kept the camera in the car. When I got home, I noticed the camera had the damn battery. Life has gotten so crazy lately. Anyway, I missed shots yesterday but have these from a few weeks ago.

Lilacs are my absolute favorite flower. The smell reminds me of my youth.
Feed Me Seymour

The Almighty Lilac

Good To The Last Dew Drop

Sunday Stealing: The Eighty Meme, Part One

Sunday Stealing: The Eighty Meme, Part One

Cheers to all of us thieves!

1. What curse word do you use the most? I drop the "f" word more than any when my kids aren't around. When they are, I use "silly" and "darn it"

2. Do you own an iPod? Nope. Nah! I am not an Apple anything girl.

3. What person do you talk to on the phone the most? Clarissa

4. Do you still remember the first person you kissed? Yes. It was nasty and my stomach turned. Times have changed. It is one of my favorite things to do, not that I do much of it these days. Ahhh..good times, good times.

5. Do you remember where you were on 11/9/01? Nope. I can barely remember where I was 11/9/09

6. What was the last movie you watched? The Book Of Eli. It was great.

7. Has anyone ever called you lazy? Yes. My husband.

8. Do you ever take medication to help you fall asleep? Never. I try never to take medication of any types unless absolutely necessary.

9. Has anyone told you a secret this week? Yes. It is a great one too...but not one I will be speaking of anytime soon.

10. What is the first thing you notice about the opposite sex? I notice their entire body! I am not attracted to skinny boys. I like them a little beefy. I notice the whole package then I move onto arms, stomach, and butt before looking further down. After taking all that in, I look at their face. By the way, would pass on all these faces. Not attracted to a single one. Would totally have to have them wear a face mask but the packaging is nice.

11. What are you looking forward to? Eclipse with Clary. We seriously need to get that on the calendar.

12. Do you own any band t-shirts? Yes. I haven' thrown out any thinking that one day my kids would like to wear my "vintage" tees. They will be "vintage" when the kids are finally wearing my size considering, how long I waited to have kids.

13. What will you be doing in one hour? It's Sunday. I try not to plan the day and roll with the house.

14. Is anyone in love with you? I hope so.

15. Last time you cried? I cried (not actual sobbing, just tearing) singing to my daughter last night. She asked me what songs I used to sing to her when she was a baby. I told her the four songs, she asked me to sing them to her. Told me that she really loved the way I sang them and fell asleep holding me. Sweet! It makes everything worth it.  I actually cried, a few weeks ago, during my 5th day at the hospital. Everything seemed so out of control and missing my family made things so much harder. I really just wanted to go home. It was the first time I was away from my kids and it was sooooooo long.
16. Are you on a desktop computer or a laptop? Laptop baby

17. Are you currently wanting any piercings or tattoos? I do want a tat. Since I was 18 it was something I wanted to do. My taste has changed and I want something much smaller. Eventually!

18. Would you ever date anyone covered in tattoos? Yes, if I was single. Tats are hot.

19. What were you doing before this? Making coffee, getting the kids drinks, writing a meme.

20. When is the last time you slept on the floor? Ummm...probably about 1 year ago. I used to sleep next to the kids when we were getting them to sleep in their big boy and girl beds.

21. How many hours of sleep do you need to function? 5-7 but I can function on as few as 3. I haven't slept in over 8 years and for many years only lived on 3-5 broken hours. So 5-6 straight is heaven.

22. Do you eat breakfast daily? Yes. I can do without dinner but breakfast is a must for me.

Shutterday - From On High

This Sunday, Shutterday is asking for pictures taken from "On High".

While this photo isn't from the highest point, it is the above. I love the prospective and the way my son looks so small behind my husband.

May 27, 2006 (55)

Self Portrait Sunday - June 27,, 2010


Here are the reasons for playing: Come on, admit it, you look through your photo albums or computer folders and see very few photos of yourself. Maybe it is because, like me, you are usually behind the camera. Or maybe, it's because you never feel you look good in photos so you tell everyone, "don't take any of me."

Well, take the future you will wonder why you thought you didn't look good! You look good, be proud and show your smiling face!

Real quick photo! Too Close but it is Sunday so here I am.
Picture 029

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Paul Is Undead by Alan Goldsher - A Review

In PAUL IS UNDEAD, music journalist Alan Goldsher reimagines the Beatles’ U.S. “invasion” in this hilarious and blood-drenched gore-fest featuring Paul, Ringo, George, and John—zombified! Blending historical accuracy with tongue-in-cheek details (including Yoko Ono appearing as an eighth-level Ninja Lord), Alan Goldsher has created a treat for both music lovers and zombie fans alike. Guard your gray matter, ladies and blokes, PAUL IS UNDEAD is a rollicking, bone-crunching feast of the mind.

For John Lennon, a young, idealistic zombie guitarist with dreams of global domination, Liverpool seems the ideal place to form a band that could take over the world. In an inspired act, Lennon kills and reanimates local rocker Paul McCartney, kicking off an unstoppable partnership. With the addition of newly zombified guitarist George Harrison and drummer/Seventh Level Ninja Lord Ringo Starr, the Beatles soon cut a swath of bloody good music and bloody violent mayhem across Europe, America, and the entire planet.

In this searing oral history, discover how the Fab Four climbed to the Toppermost of the Poppermost while stealing the hearts, ears, and brains of smitten teenage girls. Learn the tale behind a spiritual journey that resulted in the dismemberment of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. Marvel at the seemingly indestructible quartet’s survival of a fierce attack by Eighth Level Ninja Lord Yoko Ono. And find out how the boys escaped eternal death at the hands of England’s greatest zombie hunter, Mick Jagger.

Through all this, one mystery remains: Can the Beatles sublimate their hunger for gray matter, remain on top of the charts, and stay together for all eternity? After all, three of the Fab Four are zombies, and zombies live forever.
What I Can Tell You: Come on, these zombie, vampire books are the best. I love them! This book is about what would have happened to the iconic Beatles if they were zombies. Could it happen? Ahhhhh it is very tongue in cheek.  Seriously! Ringo Starr a Ninja Lord? Mick Jagger a Zombie Hunter? Hahhaa....even Yoko is a Ninja. I love that it is written like an interview. I wasn't much of a Beatle fan growing up until I saw Beatlemania on stage. It was awesome.

If you like these reworked Zombie type books, you will love this one.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Last Day To Enter Necomancer Giveaway by Michael Scott

Review and Giveaway here.

Thursday Thunks -

1. It became officially summer on Monday. What's your favorite part of winter? I love the snow. Watching my kids play in the snow and the quiet calm surrounding us, makes me happy. I also love that I don't have to shave my legs as often since they are under long pants most of the time.

2. What was your worst summer vacation ever? Ummm...any one where I had no air condition. I hate the heat.

3. Kimber's husband just got the dream job that he's hoped for. So a big shout out to her and Anthony! Tell us about the best job that you ever had. I have always wanted to be the photographer for Playgirl.

4. Who is probably talking a load of crap about you right now? No one. If they are, more power to them.

5. An alien appears and offers you the opportunity to repeat one year of your life. You will still know everything that you know now. He explains that no matter what you do differently, when you are returned to the present nothing will have changed. What year would you pick and why? I would pick the year I had my son. It was the best year. I felt really happy and fulfilled. Being a mom was very important to me and I was so in love with my little family.

6. Name three things you have on you at all times. Explain why. My cell phone, my camera and my wedding ring. Why? Because!

7. When was the last time you wrote a letter to someone on paper and mailed it? Umm...good question. I have one friend who refuses to do the electronic thing. She isn't on Facebook and doesn't check email. I haven't written her in a while. She probably is wondering what happened to me.

8. If you could have everyone in the blogosphere read just one of your posts, which post would you pick and why? This is hard. I have no idea but the one I would choose from my currents is the one called It was Like Lord of the Flies. There are a lot of people out there who aren't teaching their children manners, respect and empathy. I think these are very important lessons and everyone who is a parent should be teaching our future generation how to be good people.

9. I recently read that the music industry continues to decline at an alarming rate. In the last year it said the sales of Michael Jackson's and The Beatles' music are the only artists who sales continue to climb. The article stated that the two are holding up the industry. Have you bought a CD or mp3 of either artist recently? Nope. I have Michael Jackson albums (vinyl) but only 1 Beatle album.

10. What radio ad right now do you find so annoying that you'd rather have a tooth drilled than hear it again? None. I don't listen to anything but satellite radio.

11. Berleen walks into a bar on a hot Minnesota day. At the bar sits a priest, a rabbi and a minister. A ten foot duck walks into the bar right after Berleen. What drink do you think Berleen orders? Ummm...

12. There is a knock on your door. It can be anyone in the world. Who would you want it to be? Are you kidding, I would take any one of these guys: holding champagne, flowers, and massage oil. As you can see, totally an equal opportunity chick here.  From young to mature, dark to light and everything in between.

13. What would be the worst entertainment or sporting that you could be forced to watch? Tennis! Golf!

Weekday Photos

I saw this on Freda's Day One blog and I just had to check it out. Head over to Weekday Photos to link up your pathway pics.

Ummm...where does it lead to?

Memory Rewind - Writing

Link up your Memory Rewind by bringing out those pictures from a couple of years ago and journaling about them.

These are pictures of my crazy baby Goddess at 2 years old. You can see the drool pouring out of her mouth. We had a tent set up in the living room and she was just so excited to run in and out of it. We used to do a tent indoors often. I think we should revisit this tradition at least a few days this summer. The tent takes up a good portion of the living room/dining room, but it is so worth it.

Crazy Baby

Tent Fun

Tent fun

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Ruby Tuesday - Bowling

This weeks Ruby Tuesday are pictures I took right before the hospital. My son was invited to a class party at a bowling alley and when I noticed the balls waiting to be picked up, I knew I had to take a picture for Mary's Ruby Tuesday.

My kids have asked to bowl forever and they loved it!

You would think Handsome got a strike or something with his exuberant face and sky high arms. He didn't but he hardly cared.

Oh and Goddess has a red tie in her hair. I just noticed!
Nope, she wasn't caught talking to the boys although that is what her face looks like to me. She was hanging on the ball return and I had told her 100 times not to because I was afraid her hair or finger would get caught. Yeah, yeah crazy mom I know! Donate to the kids therapy fund if you are concerned. They think everything is going to hurt, maim or kill them. My mother scared the crap out of me and I scare the crap out of them. See the cycle?