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Why Obituaries Are So Famous?

Although they have become a staple of mass media, obituaries aren't just about passing on information: they're also a form of identity politics, aligning the reader with the deceased. The idea of 'ordinary' lives is reversed by the broadsheet obituaries, in which the dead are usually people of color. So what makes obituaries so unique?

'Ordinary Lives' reverses imagined community.

'Ordinary Lives' is an engaging, thought-provoking novel that challenges the community's very idea. While Anderson claims that community is a product of uneven development, Nairn focuses on class, national, and local forms of resistance. He rejects the idea of common humanity or universal forms of resistance. Unfortunately, both approaches are flawed, and the novel's sweeping conclusions are problematic.

Obituaries capture the spirit of the deceased.

There are many things to consider when writing an obituary. One of the most important is how the author captures the deceased's spirit and essence. As you read through the obituary, you will notice that it's well written and captures the deceased's soul. Here are some tips:

The obituary captures the life of the deceased powerfully. If the dead are outgoing people, they want their obituary to be warm and uplifting. You can do this by including critical biographical details. Like Minneapolis Star tribune obituaries, the obituary will paint a picture of the deceased's character and point out his positive attributes and dedication to his family and community.

Obituaries feature LGBTQ people.

Since the AIDS epidemic broke out, obituaries in mainstream newspapers have mostly ignored the plight of gay men and lesbians. They do not even mention that the person was gay; they state that they died of AIDS or other causes. And they rarely list their surviving partners' names. Instead, the cause of death is listed as pneumocystis pneumonia or Kaposi's sarcoma. But in the case of gay men and lesbians, their obituaries often contain revealing personal anecdotes about the deceased and their loved ones.

While an obituary is a standard way to remember a loved one, it can also add to family drama. Although it is possible to chalk up some of the complaints to family tension, it is still an insult to the deceased's loved ones. And excluding a loved one based on sexuality is a deplorable and unjust practice. But thankfully, there are several methods of recognizing and dealing with these situations.

Obituaries feature world leaders.

Obituaries are an excellent way to memorialize a person's life. The most notable examples are those who made an impact on world history or who influenced current events. The obituaries of these people are often beautifully written, making them an ideal choice for the obituary section of The New York Times. Nevertheless, the obituaries of world leaders can also be beautiful and ethereal.

Unlike biographical facts, feature obituaries focus on the life of the deceased. Such a narrative is not easily achieved through biographical facts. Instead, feature obituaries integrate facts and compelling anecdotes into the story, telling the reader a complete picture of the person. While most feature obituaries highlight the achievements of extraordinary people, the "common man/woman" feature obituaries look for the exceptional in ordinary people.

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Fathers’ Day Survival Tips for Single Fathers

Dads’ Resource Center helps single dads navigate Father’s Day

STATE COLLEGE, Pennsylvania – (May 24, 2022) – According to the U.S. Census Bureau, there are around 2 million single father's in the country. Due to the way that the family court, county and social service systems operate fathers are often not allowed to spend as much time with their children as they would like following a separation or divorce. This includes Father’s Day.


"Father’s Day can be brutally painful for noncustodial fathers”, said Dads’ Resource Center Executive Director Jeffrey Steiner. “Many do not even get the opportunity to be with their children for Father’s Day. For those that do, it can be bittersweet as they are able to cherish some time with their sons and daughters, while also being reminded of all that they are missing out on and how unnecessary and hurtful the custody battle is to them and their children.”


It is not unusual for a noncustodial father to be unable to spend time with his children on Father’s Day. It can take a very long time to even have the opportunity to revise a standing custody order, and there can be provisions that counter act one another. An order that sets aside Father’s Day for the dad can be over ridden by a provision giving each parent a week of summer vacation if the mother schedules her vacation the week of Father’s Day. Courts are also reluctant to enforce violations of custody orders by mothers.


Some of the fathers who are involved with the Dads’ Resource Center were asked to provide tips for dealing with Father’s Day as noncustodial fathers struggling to be in the lives of their children. Here were some of their responses:


Make the most of the time you get. “Treat every day you are with your kids like it’s Father’s Day for you. For the kids make Father’s Day fun for them and it will be fun for you

Be empathetic for your children. "Put yourself in your children's position and try to be as understanding as possible. They are stuck in the middle and can't show a lot of emotion. Don't take offense if they don't act happy because they are in survival mode."


Make it about them. "I am happy in my house when they are happy. I just want to give them refuge from this storm. So, if they want to be on their phone talking with their friends, if they want to zone out and watch TV and that makes them happy, I am happy."

For those fathers who are unable to spend Father’s Day with their children:

Don’t get stuck on what day it is. "You have to treat Father's Day like any other day. Then create your own Father’s Day an evening during the week before or the weekend before or after."

Be flexible and creative. "Stay connected in any way possible, even if it isn't reciprocated."

Open your heart to other children. "I try to find ways to hang out with other kids, like my nieces or nephews. Enjoying time with them makes me feel like a dad again."

“Nothing is more devastating to a man than being denied access to his children and being completely powerless to do anything about it, “said Steiner. “But the children are the ones who suffer the most in these situations. They are unnecessarily denied the presence of their fathers and subjected to persistent tensions and uncertainty.”


Dads' Resource Center was established by Dr. Joel N. Myers, a father of eight and the founder and CEO of AccuWeather. The mission is to help combat the issues associated with children growing up without their fathers in the home. At its heart, the center is a child advocacy organization that aims to ensure that each child has the appropriate involvement and contributions from both parents.


About Dads’ Resource Center

The Dads' Resource Center is committed to providing education, resources, and advocacy for dads who are separated or divorced and are determined to uphold their sacred responsibility as fathers. The Dads' Resource Center was founded by Dr. Joel N. Myers, the founder and CEO of AccuWeather. His own experience as a single father led him to start the group. To get more information, visit the site at:



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U.S. Census Bureau. Fathers in the United States.

Inflation Killing Your Bank Account?



"7 Ways to Save During a Summer of Inflation"

 Summertime is literally right around the corner - coming in hot! Unfortunately, as the temps are rising - so is inflation. So how do we plan vacations, weekend getaways, and fun activities for the kids without blowing our budget?

 Lisa Thompson, Savings Expert for, shares her tips below on how to simplify and save on summer essentials!

 1.  Getting groceries? Doing a Target run? Use cash back offers. This is, hands down, the best way to save money when you’re shopping this summer. Cash back apps like the app, offer savings on summer essentials like ice cream, energy drinks, sunscreen, sodas and snacks, with regular offers of $1 to even $4 cash back on many items. That’s cash back in your pocket for things you would be stocking up on anyway as you plan backyard barbecues, pool trips, and other summer outings.  

 Pro tip: Link your store loyalty card or account (think Target, Walmart, etc.) just once to your app, and you can skip the need to even submit a receipt for redeeming your offers. Just be sure to activate your offers in the app before you shop.

 2.     Be a tourist in your own city. Now that the world is opening back up again - and with “revenge travel” trending many people will be making up for those missed vacations. But with airfare and gas prices at an all time high, staying somewhat local is sure to offset your expenses. Look for areas you haven't yet explored, free activities like art fairs or concerts. A roller rink you’ve never visited. A new waterpark that just opened. Look at your city with fresh eyes and seek out the fun without spending a fortune.

 Pro Tip: Plan ahead by stocking up on snack items using cash back offers at the grocery store to avoid paying premium prices at convenience stores, concession stands, and amusement parks

 3.     Relax your meal-planning and lean into the summer theme. Save money by simplifying your meal-planning, adding cash back offers to your shopping trips, and looking for sales on seasonal items. Throw burgers, hot dogs, veggies, and even fruit (watermelon!) on the grill a few nights each week and take a break from overheating your kitchen. Pack dinner up in a picnic basket and head to the beach, a park...or even your own backyard!

 4.     Hit up farmers markets. There are so many wins with this: You’re supporting local businesses. You’re buying what’s in season, which is typically cheaper. You’re getting outside (how many of us have become homebodies since 2020?). Plus, it’s a fun thing to do with the family—and a great place to begin teaching your kids about money. Give them a small amount to spend and show them how to get the most bang for their buck each week at the market.

 5.     Plan to buy any big purchases on a tax-free weekend. Check to see if your state (or one near you) offers a tax-free weekend and wait to make any large purchases (a computer, for example) during that time.

 6.   Declutter your home with a digital garage sale. Apps like Facebook Marketplace, VarageSale and OfferUp make it easier than ever to get get cash for items you no longer need. You’re likely to find more buyers online which speeds up the process of better organizing your own space - to help your home feel brand new!

 7.     Host “Car Wash Sundays.” Save on pricey car washes this summer by hosting a car wash in your driveway and getting your whole family in on the action. You can even open it up to your neighbors, either as a kind gesture, a way to raise money for a local nonprofit (“$5 donation to the local animal rescue shelter”), or a fun little money-maker for your kids. Again, this not only saves you money, but creates an opportunity to talk to your kids about money—and about giving back.

 With a little creativity, savvy shopping, and smart money moves, you can keep your cool all summer long - even with inflation!


The mobile app is available for download in the App store and on Google Play.


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About Quotient

Quotient (NYSE: QUOT) is the leading digital media and promotions technology company for advertisers, retailers and consumers. Our omnichannel platform is powered by exclusive consumer spending data, location intelligence and purchase intent data to reach millions of shoppers daily and deliver measurable, incremental sales.


Quotient partners with leading advertisers and retailers, including Clorox, Procter & Gamble, General Mills, Unilever, CVS, Dollar General and Peapod Digital Labs, a company of Ahold Delhaize USA. Quotient is headquartered in Salt Lake City, UT, and has offices across the US as well as in Bangalore, Paris, London and Tel Aviv. For more information visit


Quotient and the logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of Quotient Technology Inc. and its subsidiaries in the United States and other countries.

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Making Dandelion Play Dough

 A yard full of dandelions means it is time to make some Dandelion Play Dough for my preschool class to play with. 

It was really easy and my class loved playing with it. 

We picked a basket full of flowers. Get rid of as much of the green from the flower that you can. 

We put them in a blender with a little bit of water and puréed it. 

Then I added water, flour, salt, oil and cream of tarter. 

And work it until it is the consistency of play dough! 

Monday, May 23, 2022

Preschool Works Of Art

 Last week for letter W I had my class paint a nighttime sky. We used blues and purples. They painted anyway they wanted. When dry we used a toothbrush to add some white stars far away in the sky then glued a wolf silhouette. I love the way them came out. 

Give Dad What He Really Wants this Father’s Day

Chef Big Shake Dishes Up Sweet Father’s Day Discount on All Online Store Items

FRANKLIN, Tenn. – (May 23, 2022) – According to the U.S. Census Bureau, roughly 6 out of every 10 men are fathers. They estimate that there are around 75 million fathers in the country. This Father's Day, those looking to dazzle dad will want to skip the tie and lawn equipment and select something he really wants. Chef Big Shake's is helping to make the process simple but offering a 25% discount on all items in their store, giving families a way to serve dad up some authentic Nashville hot chicken, among other tasty bites.

“No dad can resist the amazing aroma and tastes when they are around our Nashville hot chicken or fish,” explains Shawn Davis, otherwise known as Chef Big Shake, owner of Big Shake’s restaurants. “When you serve up some of our food for Father's Day, you will see a big smile on dad's face. Pair it with a beer or his favorite beverage, and the day couldn't be any better than that."

Those looking to score the perfect gift for the dad who likes to eat (and what dad doesn't?) can use the code DadRocks22 to save 25% off everything in Chef Big Shake's online store. Gift options for dad range from spice packs to entire delicious Big Shake’s meals, shipped on dry ice and delivered right to the door anywhere in the country.

Some of the great selections that people can choose from to send to dad this year include:

  • Big Shake’s Famous Chicken Sampler – Mix and match to create a favorite meal pack for dad, choosing from a hot mess chicken sandwich, jumbo chicken tenders, crispy jumbo whole wings, and sides. Choose dad's ideal heat level, ranging from no heat to hot. Or opt for the chicken and fish combo pack.
  • Stuffed Turkey Legs – Send dad either a two-pack or a four-pack. Choose from three different flavors, including lobster mac n’ cheese, Cajun shrimp alfredo, and cornbread stuffing and gravy. 
  • Big Shake’s Crispy Crunchy Breaded Hot Wings – Dad can get a delivery of either 50 or 100 of the famous wings. Choose from four heat levels, including no heat, mild, hot, and very hot.
  • Big Shake’s Seasonings – Give dad the tools to grill some great meals this summer by opting for seasoning salt, hot seasoning, ghost pepper powder, or fried chicken flour. There's even a Big Shake's Ultimate Gift Box, which will give dad everything he needs to create fantastic backyard chicken and fish this summer. The gift box features fish fry, fried chicken flour, cornbread mix, Nashville hot seasoning, various hot sauces, and cooking instructions.

“Let me be honest and tell everyone what dad wants for Father's Day,” added Davis. “He wants to eat some tasty food and have a relaxing day. Serve him up some Big Shake’s chicken and watch how happy he gets!”

Big Shake’s offers Nashville hot chicken meal kits shipped to the home and comes with simple re-heat instructions. They also provide a variety of additional merchandise, including red dust fish fry, shrimp burgers, coffee mugs, popcorn, sweet cornbread mix, seasoning salts, bottled hot sauces, and more. It also offers an ultimate gift box to send to someone who loves hot chicken. It also provides a variety of clothing items, including sneakers, shirts, and backpacks.

Big Shake's currently has four locations in Franklin, Tenn., Columbia, Tenn., Huntsville, Ala., and Madison, Ala. Additional locations in Nashville and Tuscaloosa are underway. Chef Big Shake became famous for his signature shrimp burgers, which were featured on the hit show “Shark Tank.” His chain has sold hundreds of thousands of them. The restaurant has also become famous for its hot chicken plates, chicken sandwiches, hot chicken and waffles, hot chicken tacos, and more. It also features a variety of fish entrees, including whiting and catfish. Diners can choose their heat level, ranging from "cry baby" to "executioner."                                                                                                                                   

To learn more about Chef Big Shake's online store or place an order for national delivery, visit the site: To learn more about Big Shake's Hot Chicken & Fish, visit the site:

About Big Shake’s Hot Chicken & Fish

Big Shake’s was named after and founded by Shawn Davis otherwise known as Chef Big Shake, who worked his way up from restaurant dishwasher to a chef to entrepreneur. After appearing on the business show "Shark Tank," he received the funding he needed to take his business national. Today, his product line, which features The Classic Shrimp Burger, is available online, and he owns the Big Shake’s Hot Chicken & Fish restaurant franchise. Davis has been featured on such shows as “Man vs. Food," Food Paradise," Access Hollywood,” and QVC, among others. To learn more about the restaurant chain, visit the site:




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Helpful Tips for Talking to Your Kids About Divorce

Divorce is never easy on anyone, especially the children. Even the most amicable of breakups are never quite as agreeable for kids and this is why we must understand the dos and don’ts of talking to our children about divorce. As difficult as it will be for you, remember that they are young people with little experience in the hurt of the world. Your world may be turning upside down, but theirs is going in cartwheels. Keep that in mind when discussing what life will look like going forward.

Honesty Is ALWAYS the Best Policy

One thing most children seem to do is somehow blame themselves for the problems mom and dad are experiencing. You want to avoid this at all costs so the important thing to do is be as honest as possible without going into all the particulars. For example, if mom or dad had an affair, you don’t need to tell them that! You could honestly say you are no longer getting along but that will not interfere with their love for them.

Reassure Them That You Will BOTH Be Active in Their Lives

You have probably heard this a million and one times in your life, even before you knew a breakup was imminent. However, it is one of the things kids want to hear. Don’t make them pick and choose sides! In fact, according to the Simon Law Group in New Jersey, co-parenting is the perfect solution if you can reach an agreement. 

It goes beyond shared custody in that both parents must, by reason of the decree, be equally active in all things pertaining to the children. This is from financial support to housing to education and everything in between. Coparenting is one of the most effective ways of keeping kids from experiencing pain and trauma.

Let Them Talk As Needed

There is something else you should be aware of when trying to understand the best way of talking to your kids about your divorce. The operative phrase here is ‘talking to,’ not ‘talking at’ the children. This means that you also need to listen to them and their concerns. Try not to shut them down just because it is too painful for you to bear. Sadly, that’s what you signed up for when you decided to parent those children, so let them voice their concerns. How you answer them matters, so answer them honestly and at a level they can comprehend.

Remember, divorce is a family matter, and it affects everyone involved. What many parents seem to forget is that children are involved as well. It may be emotionally more than you can handle at this time, but for the kids, it might be more than they can handle for the rest of their livesBe honest, gentle, and reassuring. At least in this, you could still make an effort to work together. They are, after all, the children of both parents so let’s keep it that way in everything you do and say.

Thanks to engin akyurt @enginakyurt for making this photo available freely on Unsplash 🎁

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Things to Know About How Body Image Impacts Mental Health

Ageless MD, turns the spotlight on the connection between mental and physical health

TUSTIN, Calif. – (May 10, 2022) – May is Mental Health Awareness Month, spotlighting an issue that impacts millions of people around the country. The top doctor at Ageless MD is spreading the importance of helping people understand the association between having a healthy body image and one's mental health. According to the National Alliance on Mental Illness, mental health is an incredibly important part of overall health.  


“I want to help people feel and look their best, but they need to be aware that body image and mental health often go hand-in-hand,” shares Dr. TJ Tsay, the medical director at Ageless MD. "The more people realize that mental and physical health are connected, the more they will be able to work on the outside so that it helps them feel better on the inside."

Here are some things to know about how body image impacts mental health:

  • According to the Office on Women's Health, a healthy body image means feeling good about how one looks and feeling comfortable in one's body. They report that women with a positive body image are more likely to have good physical and mental health. 
  • In a study published in the December 2019 issue of the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, body dissatisfaction is closely associated with depression, use of performance-enhancing substances, and low self-esteem.
  • The Office on Women’s Health reports that having a negative body image can put one at a higher risk for mental health conditions, including eating disorders.
  • Working on their outer appearance can help people feel better mentally. This can be done through physical exercise, eating a healthy diet, getting proper sleep, and addressing any issues people may focus on, such as acne problems. 
  • Developing a positive body image takes time, so it's essential to be realistic about the time to transition one's mindset. People must be patient as they work on developing a positive body image.
  • Ageless MD focuses on creating confidence in their clients. This can be something as small as getting acne scars smoothed out, for example, and it can have a huge positive impact on one’s life, because everyone wants beautiful, clear skin.  Consider smoothing out acne scars with the Ageless MD signature bellafill” subcision treatment or their radiofrequency microneeddling treatment. 
  • Fixing flaws to help people be a better version of themselves can go a long way. Little tweaks can speak volumes. A minor tweak physically can have a major positive impact mentally. Something as small as removing a sunspot zap with a laser, or correcting a minor hump on the nose with dermal fillers, can have a big positive impact on ones mental image of themselves. 
  • It’s important to encourage a healthy lifestyle by being in top physical shape. Dr. Tsay leads by example, making it a priority to live a healthy lifestyle. At the age of 50, he looks and feels his best because he is in top physical shape. 

We help people work on the connection between their mental health and physical image," added Dr. Tsay. "We are physical, mental and spiritual beings. I’m not only lifting up faces, but lifting up people. I’m happy to say that I went from saving lives as an ER doctor, to enhancing people's lives in my current office.”

Ageless MD offers a full range of cutting-edge and advanced aesthetic procedures. Their expertise is in noninvasive face and skin rejuvenation, including smoothing out wrinkles, evening out skin tone, and tightening and firming the skin.   They offer nonsurgical facelift, nonsurgical nose job, eyelid tightening, nonsurgical butt augmentation, and more. The office has laser and energy devices to treat moat unwanted pigmentation, acne scars, and other common skin ailments.  Additionally, they offer injectables, dermal fillers, double chin treatment, and special procedures for men, including penile enhancement and delivering treatments for erectile dysfunction. Located in Tustin, California, their office serves people from all around the world. To learn more about Ageless MD or schedule an appointment, visit the site at:

About Ageless MD:

Ageless MD is Orange County, California’s premier state of the art aesthetic medicine destination helping thousands of patients from all over the globe look and feel their best at every age. Committed to offering the most advanced innovations in anti-aging, Founder/Medical Director Dr. TJ Tsay is widely recognized for delivering unparalleled results and is rated Allergan’s Top 1% in the US. He trains other providers for Galderma, the makers of Restylane, Dysport, and Sculptra. He is also an expert in PDO Thread Lift procedure, trailblazing the field of non-invasive facial rejuvenation. Follow @Ageless_MD on Instagram to see real results. Schedule an appointment online at


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National Alliance on Mental Health. Mental Health Awareness Month.


Office on Women’s Health. Body Image.,as%20eating%20disorders%20and%20depression.


International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health. The Relative Associations of Body Image Dissatisfaction among Psychiatric Out-Patients in Singapore. December 2019

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What You Should Consider When Choosing A Major For College

The college admissions process is a stressful one. The choice of major can be challenging to makeespecially since students have to choose between the many majors offered. Some young people are not good at making decisions, especially such important ones, and they tend to get overwhelmed by the process.

Many people don't know what they want to do with their life yet, so it's hard for them to decide on a major before college.However, there are ways for students to make their decision easier. So, here is what you should consider when choosing a major

The College You Decide To Choose

When you choose a major, you should think about the college you want to attend. You should also consider what careers that major will prepare you for. The first step in choosing the right college is understanding what you want to learn and why. If you are not sure what you want to know, then think about it for a little bit – also, think about your career goal.

If your career goal is to be an engineer, it will make sense to choose a STEM-related major, which means selecting a college with excellent STEM-related courses. If your goal is to become a doctor, it will make sense to choose a medical-related major, which means choosing a school specializing in a medical-related course. 

Your interests and Abilities 

When choosing a college major, it is crucial to consider your interests and abilities. You might not be able to change the career path you want to take, but you can change what you study.

Many students are afraid of taking on a major that doesn't match their interests or abilities. They feel like they will be stuck in that career for the rest of their life. This is not true because there are many ways to switch your focus later in life.

You will always have the option of going into a different field entirely later in your career. This way, you will better understand what it takes to do your desired job and have more job opportunities available in the future. You can search on your college laptop for the information you need on the job you'd like, giving you more options for the major you'd like. 

Consider Your Future Career 

College majors are not just about the coursework you'll be taking in school but also about what you will do after graduation. Therefore, if you're interested in a particular field, you must choose a college major that aligns with that interest. 

If you end up struggling with your chosen major, then there's always the option of transferring or changing schools later ondown the line.

Consider Asking For Help Or Seeking Advice 

We all make decisions in our lives that we later regret. Unfortunately, one of the most common mistakes people make when choosing their college major is not asking for advice from those who have gone through similar experiences.

It can be challenging to choose the right major for you, especially if you aren't sure what your interests are and are unsure about your career path. It's best to seek advice from people who have gone through the same before.

For this reason, students should ask for advice from family members, friends, and teachers. Or seek advice from organizations that specialize in helping students choose their college major. These organizations will help you explore your options, narrow down your choices, and ultimately, help you find your passion and what you want to do with your future.


Photo source Thanks to Windows @windows for making this photo available freely on Unsplash