Sunday, August 15, 2010

My Crazy Kids

I took them bowling on Friday, the problem is, we never made it there. There was a detour on the road and they never gave more than the original one sign. I ended up in a big horse shoe on my way back home. Oh well, an hour wasted but at least we stopped for ice cream.

Here are the kids at the creamery after I cleaned their ice cream filled faces.They were playing around that they were making "poop faces". Yup, you read that correctly. Ummm..not really sure where this came from but I can guarantee it is not from me.





  1. Anonymous7:13 PM

    Too Funny!! Love their face expressions!

  2. Hey, if your kids ever have to learn the Valsalva manuever as adults, I'm sure they'll learn it easily. It's a manuever some adults who have atrial fibrillation (fluttering heart issues) have to be taught by their doctor's to use to help get their hearts back into rhythm. Those faces reminded me of some of the patients at the hospital and nursing homes I used to work at, using the manuever. Basically you bare down like you were going to have a "poop", but don't, to stimulate the vagal nerve. Sometimes that's all it takes for some people to kick their hearts back into normal rhthym when it's fluttering.

  3. Handsome makes a wicked poop face... lol...

  4. Well, at least they weren't making fart sounds with their arm pits while making poop faces :) Feed those kids some prunes; they look a bit constipated!


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