Saturday, February 29, 2020

Xbox Revisited


Xbox Revisited

Yesterday’s Xbox time went well. When it was time to shut the box off Handsome totally complied after one “I don’t want to.” I told him that I knew he didn’t want to but that the timer went off and unless he wanted me to unplug it he should make the right choice and turn it off.
He did.

We hugged and I thanked him for listening.
But….a few hours before that, we had a really bad moment.

After dealing with him not listening and not staying in time out yesterday I was really annoyed when he decided again not to listen to me. Right now I can’t remember what he said, or what I has asked of him that made me say, “Again, you are not listening to me.” Don’t you remember yesterday? When he yelled back and hit at me. I took him to time out.
He yelled and said, “I don’t want time out.” I told him that I didn’t care what he wanted and that Mommy had asked him to listen and he was to sit in time out until the timer went off.
He fought like a rabid dog and I fought just as hard. It was a street fight right in my hall way. Him fighting and scared and me trying to make my point that he would obey me, not talk back and listen to what I was telling.

We struggled and he wouldn’t sit in time out, I kept putting him back and eventually he knew that fighting and talking wouldn’t get him anywhere but man it was a battle.

When the timer rang I motioned to him and we walk towards each other. I told him that he was put in time out for not listening to me and hitting me. He was never to hit me again and that I was very sad.

He said, “Ok” while looking at me. Our eyes and heart touched and I started to tear. I don’t make a habit of crying in front of my babies but I wanted him to see my emotion. I said, “I’m sad because we fight and we yell. I am sad because I love you and I don’t like us to be mad at each other.”

He was holding something, a little book and asked me what I thought it said. As he asked another tear fell down my cheek. He said, “I think it says, “to make you feel better mom.” which made me tear up more.

I asked him if he knew why I was crying and he said, “because, because…”
My 2 year old came in and she said, “are you crying mom?”

I told her yes then asked my son again if he knew why I was crying. He again wiped my tear and said, “because”.

I turned to my 2 year old baby girl and said, “do you know why Mommy is sad?”

She crossed her arms and then pointed very quickly to her brother and said, “because of Handsome.”

The she said, “did he hurt your belly?”

I told her “no, he hurt my heart.”

They both sat next to me wiping my tears and hugging me. Then my son said, “I love you my heart mom.” Translation: I love you with all my heart. Which I usually follow with “I love YOU with all my heart too.” To which he says, “you’re welcome” followed by a hug.
Ahhhh kids. What you gonna do?

Friday Fun – Sick


Friday Fun – Sick

Over at Friday Fun they had this meme
1. What kind of patient are you? The demanding never happy kind, the leave me the h*ll alone kind, or the grateful kind? Or some combination of them?!
When I was in the hospital I was the grateful, I know you are just doing your job kind except once when a nurse challenged me in regards to feeding my son. Then I was the don’t F with me kind.
2. Are you a good nurse, or do sick people make you want to run for it? I am a really good nurse, even when people aren’t sick I want to nurse them.
3. What is your favorite remedy for the flu? Sleep, warm/hot water and lemon, and toast
Stay healthy!

Thursday, February 27, 2020

Cuteness By Handsome


Cuteness By Handsome

The other day I came out of a much needed shower after scrubbing the tub. I have a bathrobe hanging in the bathroom that I never wear. It was given to me at my bridal shower and it is much too big, much to bridal and much too silky. It looks like a big wedding gown.
I headed down my 6 foot hallway toward my bedroom. When I got there my son was walking out, probably jumping on my bed which he is not allowed to do, heard me coming and high tailed it out. Since I was in the shower he must have thought it was ying yang party time and jumped with full abandon.
My son looked at me and just as I was about to ask “were you jumping on my bed?” He said, “your dress is sooooo beautiful. You look like a princess. Are you a princess?”
Taken in by the total cuteness, yes I am a terrible mother, I said, “no honey, I’m not a princess.” He said, “Yes, you are. Can I have a kiss?”
I kissed him and told him “thank you.”
He ran out of the room and it was then that I remembered that he was probably jumping on my bed. Oh well, compliments are an important childhood lesson right?
This afternoon I asked Handsome if he wanted lunch. He said, No.
Being his mom, I know that he needs to eat and it is my job to get food into him that isn’t orange and in the shape of a fish so I started rattling off the options. When I got to hot dogs he said, “No, thank you, too spitty!”
Last week he had an upset stomach for a few days. On the morning that he actually threw up he had hot dogs the night before.
So I told him that they aren’t too spitty but that he needed to eat something for lunch.
He again said, “Not hot dogs. They made my stomach hurt. They made me spit.”
I love that he calls vomit “spitty.” I think it’s a much cuter term.

Dialogues with Handsome – The Penis Convo


Dialogues with Handsome – The Penis Convo

Check this meme over at My Splatter Painted Life. Love it!
Saturday morning my son was lying in my bed drinking his milk and I was getting dressed.
Handsome: Mom, do you have a penis?
Me: No, I don’t have a penis.
Handsome: Do you want to go buy one at the store?
Me: No, sweetie. Mommy doesn’t want to buy one at the store.
Handsome: Mom, you have a bagina?
Me: Yes.
Handsome: Daddy has a penis?
Me: Yes.
Handsome: Daddy and I have a penis.
Me: Yes.
Handsome: Mom, you don’t want a penis?
Me: Yes, No, oh never mind. Honey drink your milk.

My Beautiful Baby Girl


My Beautiful Baby Girl

 I still can’t believe I helped make this…

Single That: Dispelling The Top 10 Myths Of The Single Woman By Acamea Deadwiler

Acamea Deadwiler offers a practical guide for the single woman and serves as a reminder that we are more than a relationship status. It’s a must read for every past and present single woman, as well as every man who would like insight into what being a single woman really means. 
Some of the myths that Acamea puts to rest include:
  • Being single means a woman is desperate
  • Single women are bitter or crazy
  • Single women are lonely or hard to love
  • And more
Single That: Dispelling The Top 10 Myths Of The Single Woman offers an unapologetic look at the single woman, with straight-forward advice. It’s empowering, enlightening and insightful.
About Acamea Deadwiler
Acamea Deadwiler ( is the author of Single That: Dispelling the Top 10 Myths of the Single Woman. She is an accomplished writer and freelance journalist who has appeared on the FOX television network talk show, MORE. Deadwiler was designated as a Top 100 Contributor on Yahoo! with more than 1 million page views, and she has held Top Writer status in both love and feminism for Medium. She is also an event speaker who covers overcoming hardships, love and relationships. Deadwiler is a graduate of Valparaiso University with a background in communications.
 Single That: Dispelling The Top 10 Myths Of The Single Woman
By Acamea Deadwiler
Paperback: 149 pages
  • Publisher: Independently published (September 26, 2019)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1687069786
  • ISBN-13: 978-1687069788
  • Product Dimensions: 5 x 0.4 x 8 inches

Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Free Spirit

I adore this picture of my girlfriend Sheress’ daughter.  We hoped to enjoy of nice, crisp spring day at the Botanical Gardens but instead it was hot and very, very buggy.  You had to keep waving your hand in front of your face, to keep them away from your eyes. Even with that, this will be one of my favorite days. We leisurely strolled and I got some beautiful pictures of the kids.

Never Too Old To Learn Something New

I will be 54 for year and have always wanted to have a sketchbook with art that I have created. Often I found myself thinking how cool would it be to just draw something and have it look good. Sooo when I bought my daughter a sketchbook for Christmas I grabbed a cheap one for myself.

In January I made myself a promise that every week I would sketch at least 2-3 times. I wanted to watch myself get better with each sketch. I know it is possible. Howard Stern is an amazing artist and a few years ago he said he couldn't draw a straight line. Soooo here is my art. Don't laugh too hard. I find it fun.

Sketch #1

Sketch #2

Sketch #3 & 4

Sketch #5

Sketch #6

Sketch #7

Sketch #8 & 9 Were really fun. Goddess asked me if I wanted to draw what she did. We passed the sketchbook back and forth as I tried to follow what she did. This page took us about an hour to do this page.

Sketch #10

Sketch #11

Sketch #12

Yeah I know I have a long way to go but I find it fun and hey you can't get better unless you practice right?

Monday, February 24, 2020

Friday 5 for March 28: Odd Jobs


Friday 5 for March 28: Odd Jobs

Fun Meme – Head over Friday 5 for more participants
Who in your life would make a really good butler? Clarissa

Who in your life would make a really good head of state? My Hubby

Who in your life would make a really good TV talk-show host? Teresa

Who in your life would make a really good astronaut? Ohio

Who in your life would make a really good movie director? Sheress
Thanks for playing, and have a wonderful weekend!

Friday, February 21, 2020

Photo Friday - My Crazy Baby Girl

Photo Friday

I love this Meme. Where have I been? Head on over to Photo Friday if you want to participate. The weekly challenge is EMOTIONS
She is soon to be 3 and full of emotion. Not sure what most of these faces say but she is my little actress.

Macca The Alpaca By Matt Cosgrove

Macca the alpaca's days were happy and carefree until -- drama! -- a llama. In this adorable, quirky picture book, Macca the alpaca loves splashing in puddles and gives the best cuddles. But when he bumps into a big bullying llama named Harmer (who's no charmer), Macca must prove the value of smarts and kindness.

The 411:

The book is about an Alpaca named Macca and a bully named Harmer. Harmer challenges Macca to a series of strength, height and race competitions to which of course Macca wins by a literal landslide.

This is a good versus evil book with Macca being our good animal and Harmer being our mean one. The book is written for ages 3-5 and my class is 2-3 with the oldest being about 3.3 months old. There were parts of the book I would not be able to read to them comfortably. Like Harmer calling Macca a puny pipsqueak and the page of Harmer being mean to Macca. I  do like the message about about how even when someone isn't nice you, you can rise above and be nice but maybe for ages 4-6. Where they will find parts of the book funny. The illustrations are perfect and Harmer definitely is a meanie but I was not comfortable reading this to my class.

Thursday, February 20, 2020

Music Memoirs Top 5 Current Albums on my Player


Music Memoirs Top 5 Current Albums on my Player

Top 5 albums that you can’t stop playing lately, and tell us why you love them!
Skid Row – Debut album. I recently found a cassette pack in storage and put it in my car (yup I have a cassette). I love it because beside it being great it reminds me of being young and carefree with no responsibilities.

Queensryce – Operation Mindcrime. Also found in the cassette case and I hadn’t heard it in a while. I love this album and think everyone should have it in their collection.
American Angel – Local NJ band. This album is so good. My kids like it and it reminds me of some really awesome times hanging out with friends.

Pearl Jam – Ten. There is never been a time that this wasn’t in my car to listen to. It is probably my favorite album. I gave it to my nephew a copy of it this Christmas because as he gets more into finding out what he likes in music I wanted to share with him one of the best albums.

Bruce Springsteen – Darkness of the Edge of Town – Bruce’s best album in my eyes. I love all of his stuff but this rocks all the way through and is just raw with awesome songs and smart, memorable lyrics. You can’t go wrong with Springsteen.
Come on, play along here.

Peppa Is Kind by Samantha Lizzo

Peppa loves kindness! Discover many of the times Peppa chose to be kind in this adorable storybook that comes with a poster. Based on the hit show on Nick Jr.

Peppa proves just how kind she can be in this adorable storybook! Turn the pages to see Peppa do nice things for her friends and family, like share her favorite toy with George and help Suzy Sheep sing a song.

This charming paperback storybook is perfect to teach little ones all about kindness. They'll want to be kind too, just like Peppa! Includes a poster.

What toddler isn't into Peppa Pig? My whole class loves Peppa. This book  is perfect for toddlers and preschoolers who are trying to navigate the world. Teaching kindness isn't a hard concept but toddlers and preschoolers are a special breed so if you can get help from Peppa Pig about kindness why wouldn't you want to read it to them?

My preschool class loved this book and asked for it three times today.

Definitely a winner.

To Purchase:

Disclaimer: I received this complimentary copy for my honest opinion. No monetary compensation was offered.

Wednesday, February 19, 2020

OMG What A Cute Book: The Way Home For Wolf by Rachel Bright Illustrations by Jim Field

Wolf cub Wilf doesn't want help from anyone. Whatever it is, he can do it all by himself. But when he finds himself lost and alone in the chill of the Arctic night, Wilf discovers that sometimes we all need the helping hand of a friend.

A stunningly illustrated story from the creators of the bestselling, multi-award-winning The Lion Inside and The Koala Who Could.

How could you not love a book about a tiny Wolf who thinks he is ready to lead the pack? Although the synopsis is a little misleading it really was the pack that did him wrong by not making sure he kept up but I digress...

The pack lost it's den to a mother bear so they had to move on. While Wilf wanted to lead they told him one day. He did all he could to keep but suddenly found himself lost from the pack and alone. Thankfully many other animals helped Wilf along the way. Thankfully he found his way back to the pack and all was well.

The illustrations are amazing! I loved it and couldn't get enough of that little wolf face. I think kids will love watching Wilf find his way to his pack family.

To Purchase:

  Disclaimer: I received a complimentary product for my honest opinion. No monetary compensation was offered.

My Life In Pictures Jan 18 -

January 18 - Luna's face! No other words necessary!

January 19 - The only pic of the day is one I took of my 2nd sketch! I am no artist but have always wanted to be. I challenged myself to 2-3 sketches a week so I can progress and hopefully become a decent sketch artist. You can challenge yourself anytime. You are never too old to learn something new.

January 20 - One shot of the day is a prototype for my classes Valentine craft. I just used scraps of paper.  I will use their foot for the body of the Love Bug along with their adorable face. Hopefully their parents will love it.

Update: It ended up being so cute! I wish I could show you how cute they are. I made them into magnets and are way cuter than this.

January 21 - A photo of something I am using with my class to call them over to the carpet every morning. They love it and ask for it the moment I call them to the carpet and sit down.

January 22 -  A baby gift I made for a co-worker. We get a lot of toy hand-me-downs at work. This cute little washer and dryer was exactly what I needed. My co-worker was pregnant and I really wanted to give her something special so when I saw this toy and found out no one was grabbing it for the classroom I took it home. After taking off the doors,  I tried spray painting it but that wasn't working so my husband picked up some acrylic which paint. It took 4 coats of paint but eventually was all white and ready for gifting. I added a basket, some books, diapers, wipes and put a basket of baby items on top to present it to her. My plan was to make it a changing station for all her diaper changing products but she has made it into a book shelf for the baby. I am so happy she loves it! It was fun to work on and knowing she loves it because I painted it means a lot to me.

January 23 - My daughter's digital artwork for a school history project is the bomb! Look at that door and doorknobs. I love it! She always draws characters but I was really impressed with that door!

January 24 - NADA

January 25 - NADA

January 26 - Working with my beautiful niece we surprised my father-in-law out for breakfast. I loved seeing his face when he realized we were there. 

January 27 - She has seen some things. She hides to spare herself but every morning wakes optimistic that it is going to be a good day. Sometimes it is! Sketch 6. I don't hate her. She is okay for my 6th sketch right?!

January 28 - Nada

January 29 - This is what my chiropractor uses on my back. I seriously need one!  The next time my husband asks me what I want! I am sending this link.

January 30 - Valentine's Day Cards from my class that we were sending to the vets.

January 31 - My preschool celebrates Chinese New Year. These puppets were a favorite craft we created during our week of Chinese Culture.

Tuesday, February 18, 2020

My Life In Pics Jan 8 - Jan 17, 2020

January 8 - The only pics I took were of my students and I cannot share them without permission. They are adorable and I wish I can show you.

January 9 - A sketch found in my daughter's notebook. They are so cute!

January 10 -  My Dollar Tree as I prepare for my classroom Valentine activities. I love all this pink and red.

January 11 - These two cats are not friends. My Luna usually is hissing at Jinxy but on this warm day with the door open they are willing to sit next to each other. Miracles do happen!

January 12 - My CVS Clearance Haul. $11.44 for all of this!

January 13 - The only pic on this date is a Snapchat filter of me and Goddess!

January 14 - Picked this up at CVS on clearance for $2.99. I really wish I had purchased all of them! So cute and I could have resold or donated. My daughter loves it!

January 15 - Took Jinxy to the vet for a check up! He is doing well but he does not like the vet. If he could have crawled into Goddess' jacket, he would have.

January 16 - Some of my pink, piggy plates done by my 2 year old students! Aren't they the cutest?!

January 17 -  The Letter of the Week was P! We painted a P with a Pom Pom. My toddler students love any and all art projects!