Saturday, February 29, 2020

Xbox Revisited


Xbox Revisited

Yesterday’s Xbox time went well. When it was time to shut the box off Handsome totally complied after one “I don’t want to.” I told him that I knew he didn’t want to but that the timer went off and unless he wanted me to unplug it he should make the right choice and turn it off.
He did.

We hugged and I thanked him for listening.
But….a few hours before that, we had a really bad moment.

After dealing with him not listening and not staying in time out yesterday I was really annoyed when he decided again not to listen to me. Right now I can’t remember what he said, or what I has asked of him that made me say, “Again, you are not listening to me.” Don’t you remember yesterday? When he yelled back and hit at me. I took him to time out.
He yelled and said, “I don’t want time out.” I told him that I didn’t care what he wanted and that Mommy had asked him to listen and he was to sit in time out until the timer went off.
He fought like a rabid dog and I fought just as hard. It was a street fight right in my hall way. Him fighting and scared and me trying to make my point that he would obey me, not talk back and listen to what I was telling.

We struggled and he wouldn’t sit in time out, I kept putting him back and eventually he knew that fighting and talking wouldn’t get him anywhere but man it was a battle.

When the timer rang I motioned to him and we walk towards each other. I told him that he was put in time out for not listening to me and hitting me. He was never to hit me again and that I was very sad.

He said, “Ok” while looking at me. Our eyes and heart touched and I started to tear. I don’t make a habit of crying in front of my babies but I wanted him to see my emotion. I said, “I’m sad because we fight and we yell. I am sad because I love you and I don’t like us to be mad at each other.”

He was holding something, a little book and asked me what I thought it said. As he asked another tear fell down my cheek. He said, “I think it says, “to make you feel better mom.” which made me tear up more.

I asked him if he knew why I was crying and he said, “because, because…”
My 2 year old came in and she said, “are you crying mom?”

I told her yes then asked my son again if he knew why I was crying. He again wiped my tear and said, “because”.

I turned to my 2 year old baby girl and said, “do you know why Mommy is sad?”

She crossed her arms and then pointed very quickly to her brother and said, “because of Handsome.”

The she said, “did he hurt your belly?”

I told her “no, he hurt my heart.”

They both sat next to me wiping my tears and hugging me. Then my son said, “I love you my heart mom.” Translation: I love you with all my heart. Which I usually follow with “I love YOU with all my heart too.” To which he says, “you’re welcome” followed by a hug.
Ahhhh kids. What you gonna do?

Friday Fun – Sick


Friday Fun – Sick

Over at Friday Fun they had this meme
1. What kind of patient are you? The demanding never happy kind, the leave me the h*ll alone kind, or the grateful kind? Or some combination of them?!
When I was in the hospital I was the grateful, I know you are just doing your job kind except once when a nurse challenged me in regards to feeding my son. Then I was the don’t F with me kind.
2. Are you a good nurse, or do sick people make you want to run for it? I am a really good nurse, even when people aren’t sick I want to nurse them.
3. What is your favorite remedy for the flu? Sleep, warm/hot water and lemon, and toast
Stay healthy!

Friday, February 28, 2020

Mark Your Calendar - March 2nd is Dr. Seuss Birthday AND Read Across America

Innovative Author Inspires Children to Love Reading with Unique First-Ever Literacy Events 
According to research, a person's ability to read is the best predictor of future success both in education and in life. That's why it is so important to foster a love of reading at a young age. But it's difficult to get children to read, let alone love doing it. 

"Today, many children see reading as a boring activity that just can’t compete with the stimulation of technology...That’s why we need to get creative if we want to encourage a love of reading...”
...says author and literacy advocate Carew Papritz. From his unique series of "First Ever" book signings---on top of volcanoes, on horseback, while river-rafting, and in post-Castro Cuba (carrying with him children’s books and pen pal letters to give to a local Cuban school in Havana, donated and written by American elementary students across the US) -- to his annual literacy-driven charity event, “The Great Book Balloon Launch," and "I Love to Read" YouTube series, Papritz is making waves and promoting children's literacy, all stemming from his desire to live life to the fullest, which is the central message behind his book, "The Legacy Letters."
Last year, Carew and several students most notably created the World's Largest Hand-Written Thank You Letter, Envelope, and Stamp in hopes to break the Guinness World Record!
"At the age of 14, I vowed to live life full of adventure, sharing my unusual life stories, love of the great outdoors, and my passion for books," says Papritz.
Teachable moments like this are few and far between and parents need to strike while the iron is hot. Mixing adventure and education, Papritz offers sage advice for families that is kid-friendly and fun. 
Papritz is on a mission to promote literacy and curiosity in children through his innovative reading/literacy events and one-of-a-kind book signings. These events are a way to bridge the gap between the need for digital stimulation and traditional literacy education. One of the main goals is to provide a new, interesting way to get kids inspired, learn new things, spark childhood fun & curiosity, and most importantly love reading!
In addition, he is very supportive of his community, donating proceeds of the book to Make-A-Wish, The Library Association, Reading is Fundamental, and many other literacy foundations around the country!

Head Shot (Carew Papritz) high res.jpgCarew Papritz, also known as The Cowboy Philosopher, is a national literacy advocate and author of the multi-award winning book The Legacy Letters. Though fictional, The Legacy Letters has won acclaim as a life lessons book for all generations, gaining the distinction of being the only book in publishing history to win awards in both fiction and non-fiction categories. A Renaissance Man in an age that lauds the specialist, The Huffington Post says Papritz "intrigues and enlightens, charms and catalyzes change for every reader."    

How Unconventional Parents Raise Next Gen's Enlightened Leaders

The American family structure has shifted dramatically in the past 50-plus years. Less than half of U.S. children are raised in a traditional setting – nearly a 30% drop since the early 1960s.
What that means in terms of quality of life for children from non-traditional families – chances of a stable upbringing, career success, etc. –  isn’t always clear. But a non-traditional family structure can provide parents a great opportunity: To teach values, such as gender equality, that their children can someday apply in the workplace and with their own families.
“Growing up in a non-traditional family can help children gain sensitivity and compassion for other cultures and lifestyles, and it helps them break free of the gender stereotypes that pervade our society,” says Andreas Wilderer (, a stay-at-home father and author of Lean On: The Five Pillars Of Support For Women In Leadership
They will not distinguish between ‘men’s work’ and ‘women’s duties.’ Such biases have held back countless people from reaching their potential. In a non-traditional family, parents have a prime opportunity to teach their children by example that they need not fit into anybody’s mold. They can help their children to feel more comfortable while coping with a lifestyle much different from that of some of their friends.”
Non-traditional families come in many forms – a single-parent home, a blended family led by second-marriage parents, a same-sex marriage with children, or parents like Wilderer and his wife taking on non-traditional roles. (There are an estimated 2 million stay-at-home  dads in the U.S.) Wilderer offers three ways parents in non-traditional homes can help their children’s confidence as well as their understanding of gender equality:
  • Take them on a business trip. “The mystery of why mom goes away on business is removed,” Wilderer says. “Your son or daughter should feel your enthusiasm and dedication for what you do. It’s a great opportunity to instill a healthy work ethic and attitude, while also demonstrating that any job includes routine moments that aren’t exciting.”
  • Involve them in planning family activities. This could mean vacations, meals during the week, summer camps, etc. “When you give children that opportunity, you strengthen your bond with them,” Wilderer says. “When the children feel they are active participants in the family’s planning and know that someone cares enough to listen to them, their confidence will deepen, and they’ll better understand their family model and their place in it.”
  • Hold open, honest family meetings. Problems come up, as with any family. How they are addressed in a non-traditional family can be tricky. Wilderer says communication, in the form of regular family meetings where both the good and the bad are aired, is essential. “Give your children a voice more and more as they grow,” he says. “Meet as a family at least once a month, go over the good things that happened and the most challenging things. Of key importance is expressing feelings and finding solutions. Through it all, remain respectful and open to one another.” 
“Taking the right steps to help your children cope with a non-traditional family lifestyle is no small matter,” Wilderer says. “As adults in the household gain confidence in themselves through their roles, the children likewise will gain their own confidence. And when the kids are grown up, they will have no misgivings about managing their businesses and families the same way.”
About Andreas Wilderer

Andreas Wilderer ( is the author of Lean On: The Five Pillars Of Support For Women in Leadership. A business leader and entrepreneur, Wilderer worked in the event and marketing field and in 2016 founded GLOBULARiTY LLC, a business coaching company that helps leaders grow and learn how to strengthen their Adaptability Quotient (AQ). While working on his business pursuits, Wilderer stayed at home and cared for his two children while his wife pursued her career. Recognizing that women can be providers and men can be nurturers, Wilderer began focusing on coaching female leaders while teaching men how to actively support them. He is also a Gallup-certified strengths coach.

Thursday, February 27, 2020

Cuteness By Handsome


Cuteness By Handsome

The other day I came out of a much needed shower after scrubbing the tub. I have a bathrobe hanging in the bathroom that I never wear. It was given to me at my bridal shower and it is much too big, much to bridal and much too silky. It looks like a big wedding gown.
I headed down my 6 foot hallway toward my bedroom. When I got there my son was walking out, probably jumping on my bed which he is not allowed to do, heard me coming and high tailed it out. Since I was in the shower he must have thought it was ying yang party time and jumped with full abandon.
My son looked at me and just as I was about to ask “were you jumping on my bed?” He said, “your dress is sooooo beautiful. You look like a princess. Are you a princess?”
Taken in by the total cuteness, yes I am a terrible mother, I said, “no honey, I’m not a princess.” He said, “Yes, you are. Can I have a kiss?”
I kissed him and told him “thank you.”
He ran out of the room and it was then that I remembered that he was probably jumping on my bed. Oh well, compliments are an important childhood lesson right?
This afternoon I asked Handsome if he wanted lunch. He said, No.
Being his mom, I know that he needs to eat and it is my job to get food into him that isn’t orange and in the shape of a fish so I started rattling off the options. When I got to hot dogs he said, “No, thank you, too spitty!”
Last week he had an upset stomach for a few days. On the morning that he actually threw up he had hot dogs the night before.
So I told him that they aren’t too spitty but that he needed to eat something for lunch.
He again said, “Not hot dogs. They made my stomach hurt. They made me spit.”
I love that he calls vomit “spitty.” I think it’s a much cuter term.

Dialogues with Handsome – The Penis Convo


Dialogues with Handsome – The Penis Convo

Check this meme over at My Splatter Painted Life. Love it!
Saturday morning my son was lying in my bed drinking his milk and I was getting dressed.
Handsome: Mom, do you have a penis?
Me: No, I don’t have a penis.
Handsome: Do you want to go buy one at the store?
Me: No, sweetie. Mommy doesn’t want to buy one at the store.
Handsome: Mom, you have a bagina?
Me: Yes.
Handsome: Daddy has a penis?
Me: Yes.
Handsome: Daddy and I have a penis.
Me: Yes.
Handsome: Mom, you don’t want a penis?
Me: Yes, No, oh never mind. Honey drink your milk.

My Beautiful Baby Girl


My Beautiful Baby Girl

 I still can’t believe I helped make this…

Single That: Dispelling The Top 10 Myths Of The Single Woman By Acamea Deadwiler

Acamea Deadwiler offers a practical guide for the single woman and serves as a reminder that we are more than a relationship status. It’s a must read for every past and present single woman, as well as every man who would like insight into what being a single woman really means. 
Some of the myths that Acamea puts to rest include:
  • Being single means a woman is desperate
  • Single women are bitter or crazy
  • Single women are lonely or hard to love
  • And more
Single That: Dispelling The Top 10 Myths Of The Single Woman offers an unapologetic look at the single woman, with straight-forward advice. It’s empowering, enlightening and insightful.
About Acamea Deadwiler
Acamea Deadwiler ( is the author of Single That: Dispelling the Top 10 Myths of the Single Woman. She is an accomplished writer and freelance journalist who has appeared on the FOX television network talk show, MORE. Deadwiler was designated as a Top 100 Contributor on Yahoo! with more than 1 million page views, and she has held Top Writer status in both love and feminism for Medium. She is also an event speaker who covers overcoming hardships, love and relationships. Deadwiler is a graduate of Valparaiso University with a background in communications.
 Single That: Dispelling The Top 10 Myths Of The Single Woman
By Acamea Deadwiler
Paperback: 149 pages
  • Publisher: Independently published (September 26, 2019)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1687069786
  • ISBN-13: 978-1687069788
  • Product Dimensions: 5 x 0.4 x 8 inches

Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Zombies 2 Soundtrack Is Available

If you never saw Disney's Zombies and you have tweens, I will be shocked. My daughter and I watched it and loved it. I cannot say I ever heard there was a Zombie 2. I seriously need to catch that. It stars Milo Manheim whose mom is Camryn Manheimand Meg Donnelly from American Housewife. Damn I love that show! 

Anyway Zombies was great with tons of catchy songs and great dance scenes so I cannot wait to see what is up. 

Check out the Press Release for the Soundtrack below



Burbank, CA – February 14, 2019 –  Walt Disney Records releases the soundtrack for the Disney Channel Original Movie "ZOMBIES 2," the sequel to the #1 cable TV telecast of 2018 with Kids and Girls 6-11 and Tweens and Girls 9-14. Featuring original songs performed by the cast, the soundtrack is available today, in conjunction with the movie's premiere on Disney Channel (8:00 p.m. EST/PST) and DisneyNOW. 

The "ZOMBIES 2" music spans the cheerleaders' pop beats, the zombies' hip-hop flow, and the werewolves' world beat style in nine original songs and one reprise of the “Zombies” hit “Someday.” Four songs were written by Rock Mafia (the team that wrote and produced the hit "Queen of Mean" for "Descendants 3").  The first single and companion music video, “We Got This,” co-written and produced by Mitch Allan ("Descendants 2") are available now. "The New Kid in Town" performed by Baby Ariel will be available January 31. The score was composed by George S. Clinton ("ZOMBIES") and Amit May Cohen ("Wrestling Za'atari" documentary).

The "ZOMBIES 2" digital and physical album is available here. The "ZOMBIES Complete Playlist" can be heard here.

“ZOMBIES 2” tracklist:

1. “We Got This” - Performed by Milo Manheim, Meg Donnelly, Kylee Russell, Trevor Tordjman, Carla Jeffery, Emilia McCarthy, Jasmine Renée Thomas, James Godfrey and Noah Zulfikar
2. “We Own the Night” - Performed by Chandler Kinney, Pearce Joza and Baby Ariel
3. “Like the Zombies Do” - Performed by Milo Manheim, Kylee Russell, Chandler Kinney, Pearce Joza and Baby Ariel
4. “Gotta Find Where I Belong” - Performed by Milo Manheim and Meg Donnelly
5. “Call to the Wild” - Performed by Meg Donnelly, Chandler Kinney and Pearce Joza
6. “I'm Winning” - Performed by Milo Manheim, Kylee Russell, Trevor Tordjman, Emilia McCarthy, Jasmine Renée Thomas and Noah Zulfikar
7. “Flesh & Bone” - Performed by Milo Manheim, Meg Donnelly, Kylee Russell, Carla Jeffery, Chandler Kinney, Pearce Joza and Baby Ariel
8. “One for All” - Performed by Milo Manheim, Meg Donnelly, Kylee Russell, Trevor Tordjman, Carla Jeffery, Chandler Kinney, Pearce Joza, Baby Ariel, Emilia McCarthy, Jasmine Renée Thomas and Noah Zulfikar
9. “Someday” (Reprise) - Performed by Milo Manheim and Meg Donnelly
10. “The New Kid in Town” - Performed by Baby Ariel

About "ZOMBIES 2"
Set in the newly united town of Seabrook, "ZOMBIES 2" resumes the story as cheerleader Addison and zombie football player Zed are readying for Seabrook High's Prawn, the school's supersized prom. But when a group of mysterious teenage werewolves, led by Willa, Wyatt and Wynter, unexpectedly arrive in search of an ancient life source buried somewhere in Seabrook, a fearful city council reenacts Seabrook's anti-monster laws making it impossible for Zed and Addison to attend Prawn together. Determined to keep their plan to be the first zombie/cheerleader couple to go to the prom, Zed runs for school president against cheer captain, Bucky, in order to change the rules. While Zed launches into his campaign, Addison is drawn into the werewolves' circle sensing this might be where she finally fits in. Fearing he might lose Addison to the werewolf pack, Zed sabotages Addison's effort to find out if she really belongs amongst them. When his deception is revealed and Addison confronts the truth about her identity, zombies, cheerleaders and werewolves all discover the real meaning of community and acceptance.

“ZOMBIES 2” star’s Milo Manheim (ABC's "Dancing with the Stars") and actress/recording artist Meg Donnelly (ABC's "American Housewife"), reprising their singing/dancing/acting roles as star-crossed couple Zed and Addison, whose endearing love story illustrates that being your best self is the truest way to find happiness and belonging.

Also reprising their roles are Trevor Tordjman as Bucky, Kylee Russell as Eliza, Carla Jeffery as Bree, James Godfrey as Bonzo and Kingston Foster as Zoey. Joining the cast are Chandler Kinney as Willa, Pearce Joza as Wyatt and Ariel Martin (Baby Ariel) as Wynter.

The “ZOMBIES 2” soundtrack is available now.  For more information on Walt Disney Records’ releases become a fan at or follow us at and

To Purchase:

Leap Day - This Saturday February 29th! Celebrate With Friends #OwnFriendsTV

Did you know that this Saturday - February 29 - is Leap Day? It’s a date that only comes around every 4 years to help synchronize the calendar year with the length of time it takes the Earth to complete its orbit around the sun - which is 365.25 days! It’s an extra 24 hours to do whatever you want, without feeling guilty that you don’t have the time.
In the word’s of Chandler Bing – “Can I BE anymore excited?!”
Some fun facts about Leap Year:
  • Leap Year was first introduced by Julius Caesar in 45 BC.
  • The odds of being born on Leap Day are about 1 in 1500.
  • There are about 187,000 people in the US, and 4 million people worldwide who were born on Leap Day.
  • Leap year babies get their driver's licenses when they are officially four years old (or 16 calendar years)!
  • How do you know if it’s going to be a Leap Year? Most years that can be divided evenly by 4 are Leap Years, with the exception on Century Years. Century Years are not Leap Years unless they can be evenly divided by 400.
So what are you going to do with your extra day this year? On behalf of Warner Bros. Home Entertainment and the Digital, Blu-ray & DVD releases of Friends – we wanted to wish you and your family a Happy Leap Year. Since this day only comes around once every 4 years – it’s a day to sit back, relax and binge with your “friends.”
I will watch Friends every time it is on. If you need your Friends fix and want to see it commercial free all Seasons are available . All seasons are also available to own at all major digital retailers; including iTunes, VUDU, Amazon Prime, and Google. DVD and Blu-ray sets can be purchased from all major retailers - including Amazon, Target and Walmart.
Friends is an American sitcom about six friends struggling to survive on their own in Manhattan. In each episode, they find the companionship, comfort and support from each other to be the perfect solutions to the pressures of everyday life. The series stars 'The Ones That Were There For You' for ten seasons strong: Jennifer Aniston as “Rachel Green,” Courteney Cox as “Monica Geller,” Lisa Kudrow as “Phoebe Buffay,” Matt LeBlanc as “Joey Tribbiani,” Matthew Perry as “Chandler Bing,” and David Schwimmer as “Dr. Ross Geller.” Friends has also featured many notable guest stars including Tom Selleck, Aisha Tyler, Jon Favreau, Anna Faris, Hank Azaria, Bruce Willis, Reese Witherspoon, Christina Applegate, Sean Penn, Jon Lovitz, Alec Baldwin, and many more. Friends was created by David Crane and Marta Kauffman and aired on NBC from September 22, 1994 to May 6, 2004. The series was produced by Bright/Kauffman/Crane Productions, in association with Warner Bros. Television.
Friends Merchandise:

Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Free Spirit

I adore this picture of my girlfriend Sheress’ daughter.  We hoped to enjoy of nice, crisp spring day at the Botanical Gardens but instead it was hot and very, very buggy.  You had to keep waving your hand in front of your face, to keep them away from your eyes. Even with that, this will be one of my favorite days. We leisurely strolled and I got some beautiful pictures of the kids.

Never Too Old To Learn Something New

I will be 54 for year and have always wanted to have a sketchbook with art that I have created. Often I found myself thinking how cool would it be to just draw something and have it look good. Sooo when I bought my daughter a sketchbook for Christmas I grabbed a cheap one for myself.

In January I made myself a promise that every week I would sketch at least 2-3 times. I wanted to watch myself get better with each sketch. I know it is possible. Howard Stern is an amazing artist and a few years ago he said he couldn't draw a straight line. Soooo here is my art. Don't laugh too hard. I find it fun.

Sketch #1

Sketch #2

Sketch #3 & 4

Sketch #5

Sketch #6

Sketch #7

Sketch #8 & 9 Were really fun. Goddess asked me if I wanted to draw what she did. We passed the sketchbook back and forth as I tried to follow what she did. This page took us about an hour to do this page.

Sketch #10

Sketch #11

Sketch #12

Yeah I know I have a long way to go but I find it fun and hey you can't get better unless you practice right?

Monday, February 24, 2020

Friday 5 for March 28: Odd Jobs


Friday 5 for March 28: Odd Jobs

Fun Meme – Head over Friday 5 for more participants
Who in your life would make a really good butler? Clarissa

Who in your life would make a really good head of state? My Hubby

Who in your life would make a really good TV talk-show host? Teresa

Who in your life would make a really good astronaut? Ohio

Who in your life would make a really good movie director? Sheress
Thanks for playing, and have a wonderful weekend!

The Lotus Trolley Bag #GIVEAWAY - Ends March 22

A few months ago I spoke about NY State's Bag Waste Reduction Law going into effect next month. I have been taking my Lotus Trolley Bags to Shoprite with me since I got them a few years ago.  This bagging system can transform our shopping carts into our own personal assistant! These bags save steps—time and energy, all the while eliminating millions of wasteful, harmful plastic bags from our environment.  

The Lotus Trolley Bag is a reusable bag system for your shopping cart. The bags go from cart to car easily and seal up when not in use to the size of a long briefcase. They have a handle making it easy to carry from your car to the store. 

The bags are made of a sturdy canvas and sit right on your cart.  There is a produce bag with a netted bottom, pockets for bottles or other things, I place my eggs in them and a cold food bag with insulation too. I found it easier to organize my groceries, empty each bag for the cashier go to the other end of the conveyor and refill the bag replacing everything right back in.  My trunk was so organized and instead of 10 trips to the house, it took 2. When we got home we took the bags in and everything was already separated making things easy to put away. 


The bags are large
There is an insulated bag for frozen items. 
The bags all Velcro together so you are not grabbing a bunch of bags.
Each bag has reinforced stitching so they won't break due to the weight of your groceries.  
The bags are washable. just remove the rods and toss in the wash.
You can even use the bag alone without the rod if you need a really large bag making them very versatile.


I wish they didn't stick out so far. I understand it is so the bag doesn't fall as you place things inside it and so that it will fit many different size carts but I worry that I am going to hit someone when I go by. They are much wider than some carts. 

I think this is a great gift for you or someone you know and I am so happy to be able to be able to give a set of 4 away to a lucky winner.  

To Purchase:

To Enter The Giveaway Fill Out The Form Below

Disclaimer: This is a Maria's Space sponsored giveaway.  I purchased these bags myself for one of my lucky winners.