Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Look What I Found On My Video Camera

This chick loves her Monster High and has quite an extensive collection.

I was surprised to see this during my video camera download which happens at least once a week and usually when I have a review video saved.  This one surprised me because Goddess never told me she did it and I was so happy with how she showcased the details of what she loved about the car. She did a pretty good job for an 8 year old with a camera. What do you think?

If you want to get your own Monster High Travel Scaris Convertible, visit the link.

Crayola Fun Gift Pack Giveaway & Review

We are having the best time with Crayola this Summer.  If you deal with kids you undoubtedly have purchased at least 2 times their weight in Crayola products. I know we have! At almost 47, there still is nothing like a fresh box of crayons for me! LOVE opening a new box and seeing all those beautiful colors and thinking about all the possibilities. As a child I used to use the bottom of the crayons so that there were still beautifully pointed crayons in the box.

Crayola is constantly reinventing themselves and this Summer is no different. The Crayola aisle continues to grow and with these awesome new products, your kids will never complain there is nothing to do and they are bored. 

We received a box containing:

 - (1) Pack of Washable Sidewalk Chalk
- (1) Color Wonder Mini Stow and Go
- (1) Color Wonder Mess-Free Glitter Paper and Markers

Let's start with the Washable Sidewalk Chalk

Washable Sidewalk Chalk:
  • A standout from the crowd -- it’s the first sidewalk chalk featuring 48 classic Crayola crayon colors!  And that’s not all - the chalk is also bolder and more vibrant than ever.
  • With so many colors to choose from, kids can let their imaginations run wild to create beautiful masterpieces that may include “carnation pink” flowers, “sepia” colored tree trunks, “granny smith apple” turtles or “scarlet” colored lady bugs.
  • A new anti-roll shape prevents chalk from rolling away and the wide sides allow kids to draw thick lines.
  • Parents will appreciate that the chalk is washable from sidewalks and driveways - simply spray away with water!

 I can tell you that there are some amazing colors here. This isn't momma's sidewalk chalk by any means.  There were so many colors, I couldn't stop taking pictures of them which is evident in the next few photos. You should see how many I didn't include.

Some of the colors include:

Apricot, Granny Smith Apple, Scarlet, Purple Mountain Majesty, Macaroni and Cheese, Timberwolf and so many more. There are 24 colors in the pack!

Next is the Color Wonder Mess Free Glitter Coloring Pack featuring Disney's beloved princesses. I happened to be babysitting one of my favorite 4 year old girls who couldn't wait to crack open the box.

Color Wonder Mess-Free Glitter Paper and Markers:
  • Crayola’s new Color Wonder Glitter Paper is full of glittery fun but without the mess, since the glitter effects are in the paper.
  • Kids can create dazzling, sparkly masterpieces with their favorite Disney Princesses and Fairies.
  • With Crayola’s Color Wonder system, parents can rest easy since the mess-free Color Wonder markers will only appear on the special Color Wonder paper – not on skin, clothing, walls or furniture.
  • Kids can color and watch in awe as hidden images magically appear on the glittery paper.
Inside the box were these awesome pages full of glitterness and princesses. What girl wouldn't love it? Heck, I loved it!

It also comes with 5 Color Wonder markers! I love Color Wonder. There is absolutely no mess. They take the marker which comes out clear and when it hits the page, it changes to the color of the marker. LOVE IT! Perfect for even 1 year olds.

Little Miss, couldn't wait to color her princess PINK! The whole page was colored pink in fact!

Goddess and Little Miss sat for a while coloring pages. Great start to their playdate.

After that we headed to the deck for some Chalk Play where Goddess got started on a unicorn.

Last but not least by any means is this great...

Color Wonder Mini Stow and Go:
        Mess-free fun hits the road with Crayola Wonder Mini Stow and Go!
        The Color Wonder Mini Stow & Go gives you a portable writing surface and storage for your creations and markers.
        Markers color only on special paper and not on skin, furniture or carpets! 
        Each pack includes a 15-page mini Color Wonder Coloring Pad and 3 Color Wonder Markers

Love it! It came with 3 Color Woonder Markers but Goddess added the Glitter Paper and Markers so they were not lost.

We love it because you can take it with you on trips to the beach, doctors office, car trip, plane or wherever. So easy to keep everything in and go!

Perfect idea for traveling.

If you would like to enter the giveaway for a set of Crayola's newest, coolest products, please fill out the Rafflecopter.

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Disclaimer: I received a complimentary pack for my honest opinion. No monetary compensation was received and all opinions are my own.

5 Tips To Avoid Shady Mechanics

As independent women, we want to know and do just about everything. Where there was once an understanding among us regarding the tasks in our daily lives best left for men, this divide is rapidly closing. While this independence is liberating, it also means there are new things for us to learn – and this can be unnerving.

Looking after your car can be one such situation. We want to know how to keep our car safe and on the road, but sometimes understanding what goes on under the bonnet is hard to fathom. We can easily organise affordable car insurance from Budget Direct, keep our car clean and maybe even change a tyre in emergencies, but trying to understand the mechanical workings of our car often seems like an alien language.

So how can you choose a mechanic you can trust, one who will do a good job on your car? You hear many stories about dodgy mechanics who say something needs fixing and charge you exorbitant prices for work that doesn’t need doing. Here are some tips to ensure you get the best quality repairs and service for your money.

Read the Reviews
There are now heaps of websites where previous clients of mechanics can post reviews and comments. Many of these review sites offer star ratings system and a comments section where users can post any issues that have come up with the mechanic in the past. Discovering the experiences of real people is the best way to find out what sort of service you can expect.

Ask Your Friends
Seek advice from your friends and family. They may be able to offer reliable recommendations for mechanics they have used in the past.

Check Their Qualifications
Choose a service outlet with qualified mechanics and one that will honour any existing warranties. Ask for quotes and compare the rates of various mechanics before deciding on one. Remember that cheaper isn’t necessarily better, and the opposite doesn’t apply, either. They may be trying to rip you off by adding work that is unnecessary.

Know Your Mechanic
Before agreeing to have the work done, make sure you're comfortable with everything. If your mechanic explained the repairs and you still don't understand, ask him to explain again. Just like you wouldn’t let someone you don’t trust cut your hair, don’t let someone you don't feel comfortable with near your expensive car engine. Ask him to explain the work that he says needs to be carried out, and learn about the process. This way you will be better informed if he attempts to add any more work.

Have You Been Meaning To Start A Blog? Check This Out!


After Years of Blogging, Nazarudin Shares Her Tips and Secrets
 to Success in the Blogosphere

LOS ANGELES, CA (JULY 2013) – Heidi Nazarudin has launched her first e-book, “Blogger Babes Blogging Manual; Intro to Blogging.” The e-book explores the in’s and out’s that beginner bloggers need to know in order to get a blog going, stick with it, and truly make it a success. With making blogging a job, this “how-to” manual will guide bloggers to success. The e-book is complimentary to Blogger Babes members and is available on Heidi and Co. or The Blogger Babes website and for non-members on Amazon and iTunes for $14.99. 

“Always know your priorities, and enforce enough self-discipline to stick to them,” states Nazarudin in her e-book. Nazarudin writes about what blogging can do if you make it a significant part of your life, as well as remembering where your priorities lie and at the same time balance the other things you care about and need to attend to. 

Nazarudin stresses the importance of bloggers keeping blog posts fresh and putting their fresh spin on the things other people are talking about. Nazarudin also writes about an important part of blogging that many can easily forget about; interacting with readers. She teaches how to do this effectively for the benefit of both the blogger and the reader.

In the final chapters of the e-book, Nazarudin reminds her readers to set boundaries in order to balance your work life and personal life. And finally, “get rid of friction.” If it’s not helping you become a more productive blogger, remove it from your life.

Heidi Nazarudin is a writer, public speaker and professional blogger. She is also the President and Co-Founder of the women’s blogging association, The Blogger Babes, which launched in March 2013. Nazarudin blogs about beauty and women's lifestyle topics on her blog, Heidi and Co. (

Nazarudin is launching a second e-book, ‘The Blogger Babes Manual” later this month which gets even more in depth of the do’s and don’ts of blogging.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

#Monster High Pendant Tutorial

OK, I don't know shit about creating a tutorial. I suck at taking photos and usually remember after I start something that Bloggers are only as good as their photos and words. My husband always says, "bloggers are never without their cameras" yet, I jump in like I do everything else in my life and fail to capture all the important things.

SO...with that said, here is my Monster High Pendant Tutorial...

We received a box of crafts, toys, jewelry and miscellaneous items during a friends move.  She usually calls me over and sends me home with boxes and bags of things like clothes, household goods, books and stuff that she and the kids no longer want.  In one of the boxes I found a bag of Rummikub pieces. Never heard of it and had no idea what I was going to do with it but held onto it.

Light bulb moment! I gathered my supplies not knowing if it was going to work but...eureka I did!

Rummikub Pieces
Tacky Glue
X-Acto Knife
Paint Brush
Stickers, pictures, whatever
Foam Sheets
High Gloss Clear Spray Paint

Cut the foam to fit the base like the one above or the one below.

Glue foam to both sides of the Rummikub.

Put glue all around the Rummikub sandwich and dip into glitter

We made lots of them....couldn't stop...addictive...send help!

Next we added some stickers

Glued a bail to the back, added the high gloss clear spray paint and........

Wah La

These were our first twooooo and Goddess loves them. We made some for her friends at school and plan on making many more. We even did some magnets for Halloween. Fun and easy and we had everything in our supplies. Isn't that the best kind of craft?

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