BoxiTale, New Gaming Concept for Kids Combines Craft-Based Imaginative & Our Video Unboxing

Imagine blasting off in a galactic universe and investigating the existence of an unknown space station found on an asteroid near Venus. Upon arriving you realize that the space station needs your help to save the earth. Through your cutting, pasting, taping, and coloring, you too can save all mankind!

BoxiTale brings stories to life on smartphone or tablet and allows children use their crafting skills on the gameboard.  

Akibabus Ltd has launched Boxitale, a unique gaming concept that blends craft-based imaginative play with digital technology for an immersive story-based experience that is streamed on a tablet or smartphone and solved on a board game.

Available now through, BoxiTale is also available to retailers for immediate orders. In addition, Akibabus has partnered with Publisher Services, Inc. (PSI), a leading supplier of quality games, toys, books, and collectibles for retail distribution.

The BoxiTale stories lead players into original, animated adventures where they are the heroes, building, designing and solving the challenges presented to them in the story as they try to save the day. Once the player’s design is ready on the board, they take a picture of it and upload it using the BoxiTale app; the picture is reflected in the story.  BoxiTale stories available now include Knights of Nature, Elite Explorers (each $39.90), and Boxitale – Mini Stories ($20.00). Additional stories are available through in-app purchases.  More stories will be released in 2019.

“Boxitale is a game kids and parents alike will love and we are excited to be releasing it now in the North American market,” said Nir Kessler, CEO and Founder, Akibabus LTD.   “The BoxiTale combination of technology, logic, crafting and gaming is unique and will stand out in the marketplace.”

BoxiTale is designed to help kids seven years old and up grow and learn while having fun. The game helps expand general knowledge through facts imbedded in the stories. BoxiTale also improves cognitive and motor skills, enhances creative thinking, sharpens focus and concentration and improves hand-eye coordination.

About Akibabus Ltd.
An Israeli start-up launched in 2016 by Nir Kessler, Akibabus Ltd, the owner of BoxiTale, is a game publishing company with a unique and interactive gaming concept that re-defines creative craft gaming.

The 411:

The best part of this game was that we were literally unplugged so much so that I didn't take any video of us even playing it for the sake of this review. I was so engrossed in playing with the kid and involved that my thought was never in picking up the phone to film.  I should have set a camera up on a tripod and just filmed us to use. Next time. 

There is a little assembly required which didn't take us long at all once we got going. While my daughter was working on that I was downloading the app and getting us ready to play. There are story boxes that come with the game and others that you can purchase later that move that story segment along. The game came with 2 story boxes with each one taking about 45 minutes. 

We selected a character to use from a drawer of toys. It ended up being Dr. Heinz Doofenshmirtz from Phineas and Ferb. We thought it was pretty funny. 

We loved playing and snapping pics along the way as requested by the app. At the end of your segment you get to see all of the shots. 

It was fun and together we watched the animation that moved the story along and told us what do next. We worked to create a ladder, zip line, worked on a puzzle, created a costume and more and solve the challenge to end the game. 

Goddess and I highly recommend this game for families. It was a blast, there is no rule book or instructions and I can't wait to play the next box now that we are officially on Summer Vacation. 

Our Video Unboxing:

Disclaimer: I received a complimentary product for my honest opinion. No monetary compensation was offered.

Brand New Wooden Toys & Jewelry Kits From Award Winning Toy Company!! - Video Review

Award winning toy company Adora has done it again.  Introducing their brand-new line of wooden jewelry kits and playsets.  These fabulous pieces are not only ADORAble, but durable too!  Stick with the company you can trust to make playtime creative AND fun with absolute top-quality materials for years of play!  Whether you are feeling crafty, or looking for a compact set for fun on the go….Adora has you covered.  Now available at and

For creative and imaginative play, Adora’s Teapot Café is open for business! Adora’s Teapot Café Wooden Play Set is a 17-piece play set, perfect for pretend play. This ADORAble Teapot opens into a Café and comes with 2 figurines, 1 table, 2 stools, 1 counter table, 1 teapot, 2 cups, 1 menu sign, 1 shaded umbrella and 5 felt desserts. Your little one will have so much fun playing and creating an imaginative story using the chef figurines and additional pieces. When they are done playing, easily pack up the pieces into the teapot for storage or take it on-the-go! Also available are the Sunrise Farm and Owie Hospital Playsets! ($39.99)

Adora’s ADORAble Scenes “Outdoor Adventure” Play Box comes with 70+ pieces and 3 different scenes for an unlimited amount of play! Magnetic play board lid can be propped up at an angle or laid down flat on the box for easy play. Place and play the assorted magnetic & wooden pieces to create a sunny spring oasis, summer beach outing or a snowy winter wonderland! This outdoor adventure-themed play box will inspire adventure and imaginative, pretend play. Comes in a multi-purpose play box, perfect for play and can also pack up neatly for storage or take on-the-go! Your little one will love dressing up the dolls and their animal friends as they mix & match the colorful pieces on the seasonal backgrounds while creating a fun and imaginative story. The possibilities are endless with this adorably cute play box! ($24.99)

The 411:

We were sent one of the cutest play sets I have ever seen called the Sunrise Farm. It features 15 color play pieces including people, animals and more. I love that everything fits inside the house. When my kids were toddlers I loved these kind of playsets because they were easy to put away and easy to take with us to the grandparents and doctor visits too. Anytime my kids were offline and using their imagination I was happy.


There are two figures, multiple animals a pig, duck, cow, horse, chicken and sheep. I love the size of the pieces are perfect for toddler hands. I think this is sized perfectly for 15 mos to 3 years. My preschool class will love this set. The only thing they will have a problem with will be the closure which is like a button. I wish it was a latch because I feel I will be opening and closing for the kids all day.

My Video Review:

To Purchase visit Sunrise Farm

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Disclaimer: I received a complimentary product for my honest opinion. No monetary compensation was offered. All opinions are my own.
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