THE NEW NEIGHBORS A Psychological Thriller By Simon Lelic #TheNewNeighbors #NetGalley


The 411:

ONE NIGHT AND DONE! I loved this book. 

The chapters are broken down into our two lead characters; Jack and Syd's prospectives which really adds depth and detail to the story. I love this format. It helps me really understand each character better especially when their view overlaps. One of my favorite story writing formulas but this one was different. They are actually responding to what the other writes. I LOVED IT!

Jack and Syd are searching for their dream house. While looking at the  house of their dreams they realize when looking around there will be no way they can compete with all the action this house is getting. There are so many interested families but like in a dream they are the winning bid!  Not only do they get an amazing house but they also get all the things left inside it by the previous owner. 

One night Jack finds something in the attic that chills him to the bone but keeps it to himself only giving Syd half truths. Syd makes a friend in a troubled teen who lives next door and finds their lives are very similar and not in good ways. These girls both have suffered at their hands of their fathers.

Past and present dance beautifully in this dark, psychological thriller about dealing with your past and payback! It was literally surprised with the twist that came toward the end. AGAIN...Did I say I LOVED IT? 

Great book! Great writing! Great characters.

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Disclaimer: I received a complimentary eBook from Netgalley for my honest opinion.

Maria's Space Mother's Day Gift Guide

I love Mother's Day. It is never quite what I would want it to be but maybe as my kids get older they will compensate. However, with that being said here are some of the gifts I believe mom's would appreciate if you plan on giving her the day she deserves.

Better Than Breakfast In Bed - Rockabye Baby CDs. Baby's Nap time music that you won't hate.  Lullabies featuring Pink, Michael Jackson, The Boss, Taylor Swift, David Bowie, Pearl Jam and more.

CauseBox (A subscription box that offers products that give back)

CoobieBras make gift giving easy with lots of fun colors and styles to choose from. Plus, you’ll never have to worry about giving the rightsize,because most Coobie Bras are one size fits all.

• Scoop neck: Versatile style looks great under everything. Comes with removable padding and adjustable, removable straps for lots of clothing styles. One size fits nearly everybody. It comes in a full size too.
• Lace Bralette: Ever so comfortable, with a feminine touch of stretch lace. Available in S, M, L.
 V-neck with Lace: Take the plunge with this option. Great with low cut sweaters and dresses. Comes in several color options with a hint of lace.
About Coobie:

Gift mom a unique handcrafted blanket from Ecuador. Each Ecuadane blanket is made with love in the heart of Ecuador by native OtavaleƱos living amidst the Andes Mountains and volcanoes.  The blanket combines a blend of rich earth tones creating an exquisite pattern that will travel and carry the history of your many adventures.  

Give your mom the gift of chocolate with gourmet chocolate gifts from Chocolate Pizza Company. The hand-decorated, heart-shaped Chocolate Pizzas will have her swooning. Featured on Food Network, Food Network Canada, NBC’s Today Show, ABC News and other major media, Chocolate Pizza Company has been America’s gold standard of Chocolate Pizza for nearly 3 decades.

Pamper your mom with Biotene H-24, a complete hair care system designed to help hair look and feel thicker and healthier. Free of parabens, sulfates and gluten, this line uses the finest natural ingredients to increase fullness, strength, body and shine!

Gift your mom with a beautiful necklace that will remind her of the blessings she has. Dear Heart Designs is a faith-inspired jewelry brand whose feminine yet minimalist pieces have garnered the attention of celebrity designer Joanna Gaines. The Showered in Blessings necklace is one of our personal favorites.

Is Mom always complaining about the smell in the bathroom? How about gifting her some DooDoo Juice. I swear I will never NOT have this spray in my bathroom. It is truly amazing! See my review here

If your mom loves tea, teaspressa is the perfect gift. Teaspressa is tea that is brewed like coffee. It has the same amount of caffeine as coffee, along with the same robust flavor. The Charles Gray is modeled after the classic Earl Grey Tea, it is a specially crafted loose leaf black tea with a brilliant aroma and sophisticated tastes.

Bonding Bees is a refreshing way to experience new things with your partner, and also make sure to put aside some time to enjoy each other’s company while staying in. Every box is a surprise, so you can both look forward to what’s getting delivered to your front door each month!

  • Activities include couples trivia games, painting activities, cocktail recipes, and more! 
  • Three levels of subscriptions include: Curious (month to month), Crushing (3 months), and Committed (6 months).
Learn more, challenge each other and rekindle the spark from the comfort of your own home

If your mom is a die hard coffee lover Swell Coffee Co. is sure to have the perfect blend for her. Each week they’ll deliver freshly San Diego roasted beans straight to your doorstep, so you can savor your morning sips at the peak of freshness. Each of Swell Coffee Co.’s roasts are made with responsibly sourced, single origin beans that are sent straight from the farm to the roaster in San Diego, California.

Mom is exhausted! Help her get a better nights sleep with Dreampad. The Dreampad is the tech-based solution to getting quality snooze time and drifting off to sleep quickly! Each Dreampad pillow comes with a free Dreampad music app that features eight different soundscape options as well as the ability to program one’s own music. It also includes a timer, alarm, and listening settings. Available in Memory, Medium, Firm, and Slim (Travel). 

Bosom Couture is the perfect solution for outfits where traditional bras won't cut it. A gentle roll-on skin adhesive that keeps breasts lifted up and positioned perfectly in place in clothing. It is an "Uplifting" must have for strapless bras and dresses! Bosom Couture gives gravity-defying results by keeping breasts lifted up and positioned perfectly in place, adhered to and held up by the garment. Your breasts are not going anywhere!


If your mom needs help staying organized she needs SockSync. Its ergonomic design makes sock matching easy. With a 360° spinning top, eight sock-pairing cups and two additional kids-size cups, SockSync helps you sort your sock pile in no time!

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