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Set on the remote coast of the Olympic Peninsula in Washington State, 7 WITCHES tells the story of a wedding between two women from two very different families. The BOYLES are your typical American dysfunctional group of broken and clashing personalities. They travel to the bleak, grey beaches of Northwest Washington where the SKLAR family has lived since the area was settled. The Sklars are grim, humorless and seem to adhere to an ancient form of witchcraft. We follow Kate as she reluctantly watches her sister Rose prepare to marry into the Sklars, but things take a much darker turn as secrets emerge from the dark, bloody history of her new in-laws.

Production year: 2016
Running Time: 72 mins
Aspect Ratio: 16:9
Audio Format: stereo
Production Camera: RED

Infatuation: A Novel Of Questionable Taste by Jonathan Harris

Even the most serious thinkers among us need to take a break from time to time—whether it’s in the form of a Will Ferrell or Melissa McCarthy movie, or an internet meme of a cat—sometimes we just need some pure entertainment. That’s exactly what Jonathan Harries’ new novel, Infatuation: A Novel of Questionable Taste (July 6, 2018) provides. Harries wrote the book with no other aim in mind than to provide his reader with some fun and entertainment—and he succeeds in spades. A book that is rollicking, romantic, and more than a little bit absurd, readers will be hooked from start to finish, and will be hard pressed to stop laughing long enough to read through to the end.
 From start to finish, this book is mindless fun, and doesn’t pretend to be anything else.
“I set out to write a book that someone with a two or three-hour flight ahead of them could read and enjoy,” says Harries. “It doesn’t get into politics, it doesn’t expose the dark side of society. It requires very little thinking and, of course, a sense of humor.”
When Fanny Packer, a voluptuous belly dancer steals a mysterious codex that looks like the Kama Sutra on steroids from a notorious mafia family in Rome, total chaos ensues. Fortunately for Fanny, her secret admirer, Charley Brooks, will do anything to protect her. Unfortunately that includes out-maneuvering the mob’s most horrific hit man; the hirsute dwarf, Nano Mortale.

With the help of a dominatrix and traveling in an old bookmobile converted into bordello organized by the Dewey Decimal System, Fanny and Charley make a desperate run from Los Angeles to Worland, Wyoming, where they hope to unlock the codex one position at a time.

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New Picture Book #GIVEAWAY For PBS Series Peg + Cat Entitled: The Eid al-Adha Adventure #WIN

The emmy winning PBS Kids Series Peg + Cat has a new picture book: The Eid al-Adha Adventure and one of my readers will be fortunate enough to win one!

Peg + Cat is co-created by Jennifer Oxley (Little Bill, The Wonder Pets!) and Billy Aronson (Rent, Postcards from Buster) and produced by Fred Rogers Productions. In addition to its six Daytime Emmy® wins, including “Outstanding Preschool Children’s Animated Program” and “Outstanding Writing in a Preschool Animated Program,” the series has been honored with four Parents’ Choice Gold Awards.

I have yet to watch Peg + Cat but hope to look it up this week because we were huge Little Bill and The Wonder Pet fans back in the day. I can't wait to talk about it with my preschool class in September.  It looks wonderful. Amazon has it, so I can watch the first episode tonight.

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