GIVEAWAY - “Snoopy Doghouse Edition Of A Charlie Brown Christmas CD

We LOVE this special “Snoopy Doghouse Edition” of the multi-platinum selling Yuletide classic A Charlie Brown Christmas, one of the most popular and beloved holiday albums of all-time! The remastered CD includes 3 bonus tracks that did not appear on the original 1965 LP plus a 20-page booklet filled with iconic images from the program and in-depth liner notes by Guaraldi historian Derrick Bang. This special deluxe package for A Charlie Brown Christmas comes with the CD housed in a customized sleeve that folds out to form a replica of Snoopy's colorfully decorated domicile and comes with cut-outs of the Peanuts gang - Linus, Lucy, Snoopy, and Charlie Brown himself - with stands for each figure, which is currently available on Amazon for under $10!

My kids love playing with the Snoopy dog house and the Peanuts Gang! What a wonderful way to celebrate the holidays! This set is adorable as a gift from a friendly elf, a stocking stuffer or just because.

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Giveaway - A Charlie Brown Christmas 50th Anniversary Gift Pack

A brand new 50th Anniversary gift pack for A Charlie Brown Christmas has just hit stores. This deluxe package is exclusive to Walmart and consists of 2 CDs (A Charlie Brown Christmas and Peanuts Portraits), a reproduction of the 1965 book A Charlie Brown Christmas, plus 4 double-sided postcards featuring Peanuts charactersAND it’s currently being sold for just $19.88 at Walmart stores!  

A Charlie Brown Christmas  50th Anniversary Gift Pack Includes:
A Charlie Brown Christmas CD (original 1965 track list and cover art)
  • Peanuts Portraits CD
  • 4 double-sided postcards featuring Peanuts characters
  • Reproduction of 1965 children’s book A Charlie Brown Christmas
Track Listing:
A Charlie Brown Christmas
  1. O Tannenbaum 5:03
  2. What Child Is This 2:20
  3. My Little Drum 3:15
  4. Linus And Lucy 3:03
  5. Christmas Time Is Here (Instrumental) 6:06
  6. Christmas Time Is Here (Vocal) 2:44
  7. Skating 2:24
  8. Hark, The Herald Angels Sing 1:55
  9. Christmas Is Coming 3:22
  10. Für Elise 1:02
  11. The Christmas Song 3:15
Peanuts Portraits
  1. Linus And Lucy 3:09
  2. Sally’s Blues 1:59
  3. Blue Charlie Brown (Version #2) 2:05
  4. Peppermint Patty 2:39
  5. Charlie’s Blues (Variation) 2:30
  6. Joe Cool 2:57
  7. Frieda (With The Naturally Curly Hair) (Alternate) 6:07
  8. Schroeder (Alternate) 2:57
  9. Little Birdie (Vocal Vince Guaraldi) 3:16
  10. The Masked Marvel 5:37
  11. Linus And Lucy 3:15 (From Linus And Lucy: The Music Of Vince Guaraldi By George Winston)
My Kids Loved this! Who doesn't love the music of A Charlie Brown Christmas? It never gets old and from the first few notes you know exactly where it comes from.

We listened to the whole thing and then they asked if we could put this on when we opened presents Christmas morning. We always play music for our present opening but usually just toss on the music on the cable holiday channel. I  love that they thought about this and already have thoughts about what we will listen to Christmas morning.

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Mr. Warmth: Don Rickles The Ultimate TV Collection: Contains four classic one-hour network television specials from the 1970s featuring Mr. Warmth with an impressive list of guest stars specials include the hilarious shows Mr. Warmth: The Don Rickles Special and Don Rickles: Alive and Kicking. In addition to the specials this set includes the complete series of his beloved show CPO Sharkey. For two seasons (1976 1978) and 37 episodes, Don Rickles brought his distinctive brand of comedy as the star of CPO Sharkey. Includes Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Jack Klugman, Bob Newhart, John Wayne, Helen Reddy, Loretta Swift, Rip Taylor, Don Adams, James Caan, Michael Caine, Jose Ferrer, Arthur Godfrey, Elliott Gould, Michele Lee, Larry Linville, Jack Palance, Otto Preminger, Bobby Riggs and Loretta Swit.

Movie spoofs of For Whom the Bell Tolls, Tarzan, Midnight Cowboy, and the Ten Commandments
A dramatic performance of a scene from Inherit the Wind with Don and Jack Klugman
Don instructing John Wayne in the art of joke telling
Never-before-seen outtakes and unedited scenes
New introductions from Don
The Tonight Show clip with Johnny Carson's surprise visit to the CPO Sharkey set
Don receives the TV Land Awards Legend Award presented by Jimmy Kimmel

The 411:

I sat down happily to review this collection of Don's shows including CPO Sharkey. Let me start by saying I am a huge Don Rickles fan. This is a wonderful collection of the best of Don!  I know a lot of people know Don Rickles as the voice of Mr. Potato Head in Toy Story but I have been watching him from the past 43 of my 49 years at least.

From the very beginning with Don Rickles, Don Adams, Harvey Korman and that hot guy who I can't remember...It was so fun. Just a bunch of friends sitting in chairs chatting with an audience. It seemed very real, unscripted and funny. 

This is a great gift for anyone who loves Don or loves comedy. 

I loved CPO Sharkey. Don played a Navy Chief Petty Officer in charge of new recruits.  The running jokes were usually about Don's height as opposed to his assistant Seaman Lester who was very tall.  My sisters and I loved this show!

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Fantastic Four on Digital HD NOW & Blu-Ray, DVD And Digital Combo Soon! #Giveaway #FantasticInsiders

The FANTASTIC FOUR make a triumphant return with MARVEL’s next generation of heroes — four young outsiders who teleport to an alternate universe, their physical forms altered in shocking ways. Their lives changed forever, Reed Richards (“MR. FANTASTIC”), Sue Storm (“INVISIBLE WOMAN”), Johnny Storm (“THE HUMAN TORCH”) and Ben Grimm (“THE THING”) must harness their incredible new powers and work together to save Earth from a former friend turned enemy, the infamous DR. DOOM.

I cannot wait to see this movie. We are huge fans of the Fantastic 4 and while I am sad to see our beloved regulars are not in this one, I am excited to see the new generation.

While you wait for the movie to come out on Blu-ray you can watch it on Digital HD! If you want to wait, how about some activity sheets?

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2 Way Drain Catcher Giveaway

This is a great accessory for my drains especially in my kitchen sink and bathroom sink. My 10 year old has very long hair and has trouble washing it in the shower so I usually scrub her really good at the sink and before her shower. She never really gets all the shampoo and conditioner out on her own. My husband LOVES this product because since we started this kitchen sink thing he has had to unclog the drain over 3 times this month.

This traps the hair allowing none of it to go down AND my daughter says she loves looking at all the little white hearts as I wash her hair. We are using another in the bathroom sink for the same reason. This captures all my husband's hair when he shaves. It is amazing. I don't know if it is because of the heart shapes or because of the size of the heart shapes but if you never had to clean out the bathroom sink you know that hair gets down right gnarly when it is wet and trapped in a sink where everyone spits out their toothpaste. UGH...just the thought.

What we love most: The flexibility of this makes it easy to fit in all drain sizes. My bathroom sink drain is tiny! My kitchen sink drain is really wide and my tub drain is just a hole. It works for all of them.

So far we are really pleased with this product!

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I Do Believe French Press Coffee May Be My Favorite

I remember many years ago before my dear friends moved much further away, whenever I visited they always made French Press Coffee. It was always a good cup off coffee and it seemed that they put that little bit of extra effort into serving coffee. They didn't just toss some water and coffee into a drip pot and hope for the best. There was timing involved with the perfect cup and I felt special drinking it.

It isn't difficult at all as I learned today when I tried to make French Press Coffee for the first time.

  • You heat up some water not to the point of boiling.
  • Measure out the coffee grinds. Two tablespoon fulls for every 8 oz of coffee
  • Slowly poor the water into the press (the coffee grinds may float around but that is OK)
  • Stir. The coffee will settle
  • Percolate - Basically this means return the lid which has the plunger already attached. Wait about three minutes and the slowly depress the plunger to the bottom. This will trap all the coffee grinds.
  • Pour and enjoy!

It is super easy and the coffee tastes amazing.

I can't wait to serve this to friends.

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My 100% Copper Mule Mug is HOT!

This Moscow Mule Copper is a gorgeous of craftsmanship. I love everything about it. Really impressed with the mug, the coaster and the box which my daughter and I fought over.

The mug is a perfect 16 oz. The handle is attached to the outside of the mug securely.

As if the mug wasn't enough, the packaging is incredible. The mug and a coaster come in a wooden box with a wonderful clasp that makes it look antique.

 The box is wrapped in plastic and once you open it that is where you will find the mug which is wrapped in paper, plastic and then bubble wrap. The coaster is wrapped in paper. All is well protected for shipping.

Honestly, this is a nice gift for just about anyone. I am keeping this one for myself and getting my grandfather one because I think he will love the whole idea of the packaging and the beautiful 100% copper cup.

The box can be used to hold all kids of things depending on who is using. I am keeping my Christmas money in it but I believe Gramps will use his for his glasses.

I know it seems like I am reviewing the box but it really adds to the presentation of the mug which is quickly becoming a favorite in my house.

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Breakfast and Star Wars Perfect Together

For a limited time...some of the most popular Big G cereals have mashed together! You can see this historical mashup on Honey Nut Cheerios, Trix, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Reese Puffs and Cookie Crisp.  Buzzbee is Darth Vadar, The Trix Rabbit is Princess Leia and Chip the Wolf is a storm trooper. Besides the cereal boxes being changed this partnership includes one collectible prize in the boxes that is beyond cool.

There are six different Droid viewers along with a limited edition BB-8 Droid that can be found only in select Target stores. Each viewer will reveal an image from “Star Wars: The Force Awakens,” which is opening in theaters a week before Christmas on December 18.

My kids were beyond excited when we got the box.

 Handsome opened it for us and started reading

We had a blast opening the box and looking at the changes on the cereal boxes.

We LOVE the droids as has every kid that comes over. They will be asking their parents to get these cereals because they want their own collection!

We can't wait to see the movie when it comes out....but until then...May The Force Be With You.

Disclaimer: I received a complimentary product. No monetary compensation was offered. 

Happy Thanksgiving Winners

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Twinkle Twinkle Little Star - A Children's Classic

Looking for that perfect bedtime story to read with your little ones? We've created an innovative new "spinning star pop-up book" that will surprise and delight them! We already have a fan in little Savannah.

I love this book. It is short and sweet and absolutely adorable. The colors of blue and silver are my favorite combination and the dancing stars make it even better. 

The book has nice thick pages, perfect for little hands. Very well constructed. This classic is one of the most perfect bedtime books. 

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