Portion Control Weight Loss Program #PortioControContainers

I have been interested in trying this portion control system. Prefer Green is a 7 piece portion control with different colored containers to represent the different food type such as veggies, fruit, protein, grain, fats and dressings or nuts. 

The color guide is easy to learn but until you do there is a booklet that comes with the set.
Green - Veggies 8 oz
Purple - Fruit 8 oz
Red - Proteins 6 oz
Yellow - Carbs, 5.3 oz
Blue - Healthy Fats, 2.7 oz
Orange - Nuts,Seeds and Dressings, 2 oz

It is easy to use. You simply choose your lifestyle mode (are you active, sedentary) then you calculate your daily calorie intake based on the booklet included. It gives you a range of calories you will fall into. Mine is 1800. They you figure out based on the booklet how many of each container you should use throughout the day. 

The first three days were easy. I even created a little sheet for myself that has the date, the color of the container and then the number of containers for each color I should have each day so I can circle when I have used up that container. It is an easy system and with a lot of discipline would probably work well. You are really restricting yourself by doing this so I have done the three days on and two days off praying I stick with it longer. I would think someone could do very well with this and in fact the first three days I was forcing myself to each more veggies and fruits because I still had containers to eat on my chart.

The system is easy to follow and use and if you follow the system I believe you will definitely teach yourself how to learn portion control. Basically that is what this is. You will be surprised with how much more food you were actually eating prior to starting the program. As someone who had an eating disorder in my youth I don't allow myself to get on a scale. However I can tell you that I felt way less bloated and uncomfortable by my second day.

Each container comes with a lid which seals well enough however I have been afraid to travel with oils and dressings since starting so I brought the dressings to work and use the container as my portion controller.

The only thing that would have made this better would have been an included workout plan.

I know a lot of people who have been successful using a portion control system. I will provide updates as I move along using the system.

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My Truck Is Finally Clean #driveandwin

The Drive Car Garbage Can is a perfect addition to my truck's back seat. I have two tweens and they leave all kinds of trash on my back seat. Candy wrappers, gum wrappers, a broken pencil, etc. I hung this from the back of my driver seat on my daughter's side about 3 weeks ago and there has yet to be a wrapper, piece of paper, etc left on my back seats since. In fact, they are constantly cleaning up the console area of my gum wrappers which I leave in my coffee cup holder. It's awesome.

The strap is adjustable and can go around the headrest of any seat or if you want to place it on the seat that's fine as well. It collapses easily or can be removed if necessary as well. This is perfect for your boat, car, truck, RV, tent. Whatever or wherever. It is very versatile.

Not that I would recommend tossing your drink in there but it is also waterproof so if you need to dispose of a cup or water bottle there is no chance it will drip all over the car either. It can even be used as a drink cooler if necessary. Add some ice and your drinks or snacks for a waterproof take anywhere cooler. There is even a drink holder on the side.

I love that the company sends their own plastic bags too. Perfect!
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Middle School Artists Amaze Me

There is no way I was even remotely as talented as these tweens and teens when I was in middle school way way back....

These gems are hanging in the entry area of the school for all to enjoy when you first walk in. While I'm not sure what the theme is it looks like it has something to do with the color spectrum or use of the colors of the rainbow but whatever it is, I love it.

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Giveaway Winners 2/7/16

The Winner of the Maze Runners Scorch Trials is: Birdie

The Winner of the is: Kung Fu Panda Giveaway is: Cindy Windy

The Winner of the Cockatoo Prize Pack Giveaway is: Suzelle

The Winner of the Lego Girlz Blu-ray Combo Giveaway is: Julie Lundstrom

The winners have both been notified. If you did not receive an email, please email directly within 48 hours or another winner will be selected.

Two River's Coffee 40 K-Cup Mega Coffee Sampler Was Amazing

I just finished my last cup from the Two Rivers Mega Coffee for Keurig K-Cup Brewers, 40 Count Sampler. 

Included in this sampler were some flavors I had never heard of and was so excited to try. The sampler contained something for everyone.  There was Dark Roast, Medium Roast, Light Roast, Extra Bold, and  Flavored coffee. 

Some of the names included were:

Smooth Caffinator
Fully Torqued
Sinful Cinnamon
Vanilla Dream
Cello Cherry
Take It Sleazy
Buckshot Blend 
Andres Mint Chocolate
And more

There was K-Cups from so many coffee factories including Brooklyn Beanery, Bosco, Java Factory, Hamilton Mills, Workaholics Coffee, Realtree Coffee, Friendlys, and so much more.

I had the absolute best time trying out all the different flavors. My favorite was probably Cellos, and Vanilla Dream. They smelled amazing and tasted even better.  

When I had posted about this reviewing coming in on my personal Facebook page one of my friends commented that some of them may not work in my Keurig 2.0.  The box is available on Amazon and does read that it is compatible with the Original K-Cup Brewers not with the 2.0. However, I am happy to report that out of all 40 only 2 did not work and thankfully I had a K-Cup coffee filter for my Keurig 2.0 that allowed me to use those two K-Cups without wasting them.

Having such a variety has made the past two weeks exciting. I love trying new things and now I know the flavors of coffee I want to look for without having to purchase a box and possibly not loving it. This house uses the Keurig about 4 times a day Mon-Friday and on weekends probably 6-8 times a day. We go through a lot of coffee and this was probably one of my favorite reviews in the past year.

If you love coffee check this out! I highly recommend it and found it really fun! Maybe make up a Valentine treat featuring fun and interesting K-Cups for someone you love.

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Disclaimer: I received a complimentary product for my honest opinion. My reviews are 100% honest and true based on my personal opinion not on a companies description or request. No monetary compensation was offered or received.

My Dear Daughter Is Going To Be The Death Of Me

I love my Goddess and any friend or reader of mine knows this is no lie. I spend way more time with her than any other person on the planet. She is my baby girl and will be forever. I absolutely love being with her, find her to be one of the funniest people I know and feel sad when she is not around. She is the reason I know there is a God and would do anything for her. However with all that said, she makes me angrier than any other person I know.

Let me explain....mornings are not a friend to this girl. She becomes a completely different person when she is woken up. She is angry, mean, and at times tries to hit me.

Every morning the process takes at least 20 minutes with me starting with "Good morning beautiful. Come on honey, time to wake up and usually ends with me yelling and angry. It is not the 20 minutes that make me crazy is it her thinking that at 10 it is OK to yell, scream or what hit at me?! She must have lost her ever loving mind.

It is never OK to hit your parents. Especially when they would die for you.  The rest of the day this chick is chill. My little buddy. Someone I look forward to being around but the mornings.....

UGH...we had a long talk in the car after handsome went into school, (he loves running in the moment we get there and she loves waiting until the last possible moment), but I doubt there will be a change. It's not like we haven't had these talks a million times before.

Her teenage years are going to kill me but until then...our morning car time selfies.


Daybook - Feb 2, 2016

The Simple Woman's Daybook is back at it's original home, The Simple Woman's blog.

I am thinking... About my kids and how happy I am to be working in their school today. We leave together which makes working so much easier today.

I am thankful... That I was called into work the past 6 work days with only one day off. Being a substitute means you never know which school you are working at or when but I am so thankful when I do get to work

I am wearing...Always dressed for work just in case I get called. Today a pair of black pants with a white waistband, grey short with salmon triangles and black knee high boots

I am creating... a blog post about my son and how much I love him.

 I am going... to leave for work in a bit. Excited to work with this class again

I am reading... V.C. Andrews My Sweet Audrina

I am praying for... strength and wisdom

Pondering these words...

I am hearing... songs from Grease Live.

On my TV..... I am watching Grease Live for the second time. It was awesome.

I am hoping... That I get another two days of work this week.

In my kitchen... DINNER
Monday ~
Tuesday ~ tuna and salad
Wednesday ~ salad and chicken
Thursday ~ scrambled eggs
Friday ~ pizza
Saturday ~ not sure yet
Sunday ~ steak and salad


A favorite quote for today...

A peek into one of my days...


One of my favorite things... spending time with my daughter looking at all the amazing things on Etsy.

A few plans for the rest of the week:
Monday ~
Tuesday ~ homework, yoga and strength training, dusting the living room, movie with the kids
Wednesday ~ work, yoga and strength training, dusting the bedrooms
Thursday ~ yoga and bike, cleaning the floors and vacuuming
Friday ~ yoga, and strength training, bathroom and kitchen cleaning
Saturday ~ grocery shopping, hanging out, movie night
Sunday ~ doing my best to avoid hearing or seeing the Superbowl

My Son Holds My Heart In His Hands

I don't know another kid who tries as hard as he does to fit into our world. He is completely unaware that he is any different from anyone else. He just knows he is always either in trouble or praised. I can only imagine how confusing his day to day can be sometimes. The world can be cruel to kids like my son. He thinks differently and that is not his fault. It is who he is and I wouldn't have him any other way. As a spectrum kid he is constantly under the microscope for everything sometimes too much in my opinion. I feel there are a ton of mainstream kids that could use the services he thankfully receives.

My son sees things very literally which means influencing, predictions, figures of speech and thinking outside the box are very hard for him.  He knows what he can see. He has come a long way since his early intervention days which makes me a huge supporter of Early Intervention especially if done right.

I started him a month away from his 3rd birthday. Knowing what I know now there are many things I would have changed especially certain therapists I would have had removed and switched. I can't go back but I know that starting his was the right thing to do.

My son is now 12 and one of the best people I know. He makes my heart sing. When he says something you know he feels and means it.  Even writing this I am tearing with the amount of love I have for this boy.

Currently he gets speech, occupational therapy and group and solo counseling for anger control. He is not an angry boy by nature but his inability to fully understand a situations frustrates him. However this kid knows how to calm himself down and when he does, especially if given the proper amount of time to do so he will come around, apologize with his whole heart and beg you to forgive him.

This is something I am constantly saying to my daughter who will never forgive him even though he should be asking for her forgiveness for the things she says and does to him. At 10 she doesn't understand no matter how many times I tell her that the world is hard enough on him and he deserves a break at home.  I must have explained to her that getting apologies from anyone is not something that occurs often and that when he says it, he truly means it.

Now if I can get the rest of the world to see how amazing this kid all will be well in my life.  My heart breaks for him. He wants friends and doesn't have any real ones. Thankfully he is a loving boy who knows his family loves him. He loves hugs and has no problem cheering for someone else. I can only pray that one the his peers see what an amazing friend he can be if they allow him in.

Handsome, if you ever read this...your mommy is so very proud of you and how you handle every situation in your life. You make me smile every day. I love you so much!

Learning Is Fun! #videoreview

Silver Dolphin Books, publisher of high-quality, activity-based books for children aged 2-12, is proud to announce the launch of an exciting new series of educational books in collaboration with the Smithsonian Institution, the world’s largest museum and research complex, and child literacy expert Dr. Adria Klein: Smithsonian Readers (Paper over board; $14.95; 200 pages). This series is designed to strengthen reading comprehension with structured levels that build upon previous skills, paired with informative content that will keep even the most reluctant readers engaged – from outer space to dinosaurs to Ancient Egypt.

Smithsonian Readers: Early Adventures Level 1(ages 4 and up) lays the groundwork with simple sentence structure and familiar content, divided into six 32-page topics: Vehicles, Reptiles, Outer Space, Animal Habitats, Insects, and Safari Animals. Full-color photographs highlight concepts in the text, while multiple-choice quizzes emphasize comprehension. A glossary of terms and 36 illustrated fact cards inspire further exploration of young readers’ favorite subjects.

Smithsonian Readers: Seriously Amazing Level 2 (ages 5 and up) builds on the skills developed by the Level 1 reader by introducing varied sentence patterns and more advanced vocabulary, such as contractions, possessives, compound sentences, and three-syllable words. Children can also explore new areas of interest with sections on Nighttime Animals, Sea Life, Dinosaurs, the Solar System, Baby Animals, and the Human Body.

Smithsonian Readers: World of Wonder Level 3 (ages 5 and up) engages burgeoning readers with more detailed content about the world around them: Ancient Egypt, Wild Weather, Rain Forest Animals, the United States, the Planet, and Sharks. The Level 3 reader features additional resources to underline concepts and teach new skills, such as maps, diagrams, and illustrations, as well as more complex spelling patterns and longer sentences.

Smithsonian Readers: Endless Explorations Level 4 (ages 6 and up) combines the knowledge of the first three levels, urging children to apply their newfound skills with subjects designed to challenge them: Predators, Space Exploration, Natural Disasters, World Wonders, Ocean Habitats, and Flight. Fewer photographs encourage readers to focus on the text for information, while pronunciation guides familiarize them with the more complex vocabulary.

Each title in the Smithsonian Readers series features six 32-page sections on high-interest topics, colorful illustrations, multiple-choice quizzes, a glossary, and 36 removable fact cards for additional, on-the-go learning, making these leveled readers the perfect gift for beginning or reluctant readers who are fascinated by history, science, and the world around them.

Also available: Smithsonian Magnetic Adventures: Jungle, Smithsonian Magnetic Adventures: Solar System, Smithsonian Sticker Creations: Wildlife, and Smithsonian Everything You Need to Know: Grades 4-5.

Video Review:

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Disclaimer: I received a complimentary product for my honest opinion. My reviews are 100% honest and true based on my personal opinion not on a companies description or request. No monetary compensation was offered or received.

One Quick Stop In The Candy Shop

My favorite candy store makes me happy the moment I walk in. Thankfully it isn't close to me and I have to travel to it. Also, when I go, I am financially able to make rational decisions even though the little kid in me wants absolutely everything.  However, the one thing I cannot stop myself from doing is taking a hundred photos when there.

The set up makes me smile. It is so colorful. There is always something new and even the name makes me smile. Fizzy Lifting Drink. If it sounds familiar it should. You may remember it from Charlie and The Chocolate Factory.  The store totally reminds me of the movie and when I do visit, I stay no less than 30 minutes because there is so much to look at.

Check this place out.


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