Make It Easy Cupcakes Hits The Shelves Today And You Won't Ever Buy Store Bought Cupcakes Again

From the bestselling authors of Hello, Cupcake! and Cake My Day! comes a collection of brand new, completely irresistible cupcake designs—all of which can be made in just 4 steps!

Let Karen Tack and Alan Richardson show you how to make the most inventive cupcakes—for any imaginable occasion—using easy, everyday ingredients (and tools) from your own pantry or grocery store. The 100+ recipes in Make it Easy, Cupcake will allow you to transform marshmallows into blooming daffodils and wafer cookies into airplane wings, use jelly beans for dragonflies and chocolate cookies as bat wings, and countless other ideas for creative cupcake confections. . .all in four easy steps.

Using a plain batch of cupcakes (from scratch or store-bought) and everyday ingredients available in home pantries and grocery stores, Karen Tack and Alan Richardson prove that anyone can be an inventive cupcake designer. In this collection of brand new, completely irresistible four-step cupcake designs, each eye-catching style is accompanied by gorgeous photos and step-by-step instructions for constructing a cupcake masterpiece.

Tack and Richardson show how to transform marshmallows into blooming daffodils and wafer cookies into airplane wings, and how to use jelly beans to create dragonflies and chocolate cookies as bat wings, with countless other ideas for creative cupcake confections. 

Great for kids, easy as pie, and not to mention, outrageously fun for all ages, I wanted to see if you might be interested in featuring this delightful new book.

I cannot wait to try to make some of these cupcakes. The book layout makes it all seem very easy.  The instructions are easy enough for children and the colorful photos with instructions and arrows make this my favorite "cook" book by far. They should all be like this. I would probably cook more elaborate meals more often. AND I love that these recipes are semi-homemade.

Our take on the football cupcakes is coming soon.  If they come out great I may never use a bakery for birthday cupcakes again.

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Disclaimer: I received a complimentary product for my honest opinion. No monetary compensation was offered.

Perfect Gift For New Dads! Stuff Every Dad Should Know by Brett Cohn #Giveaway

Disclaimer: I received a complimentary product for my honest opinion. No monetary compensation was offered.

A pocket-sized parenting guide for dads and dads-to-be, perfect as a gift.

This handy little book is filled with all the fail-safe fatherhood tips and tricks a dad needs. From changing diapers and burping babies to building sand castles and hosting a sleepover party, this book is the perfect gift for everything from baby showers to Father’s Day. Chapters include:

     •  How to Rid a Room of Monsters
     •  How to Squelch a Temper Tantrum
     •  How to Assign Chores
     •  How to Discuss the Birds and the Bees
     •  How to Save for College

The 411:

I love the size of this book. It is small enough and has graphics with an easy to read layout so if you have one of those guys like mine who loves to read but would not be reading a book about parenting they won't feel overwhelmed.

This is like the What To Expect Books but easier and less beefed up. They are perfect. The book starts with How to Change a Diaper and moves through How To Fix A Boo Boo, How To Host A Sleepover and even How To Teach Your Kid To Drive.

It is the perfect bible for dads and I highly recommend it.

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Heal n Soothe: The Natural Remedy To Reduce Inflammation

For those who have been diagnosed with any kind of disorders that cause a certain amount of chronic pain, finding something that works well to ease the discomfort experienced is always something to look out for. People who experience things like joint problems and arthritis often face a number of problems when trying to find the right medication for them. As always, it is important to find something that works and does what it is supposed to do. At the same time, it is always important to find something that works for your body, and which won’t harm it in the long run. Take allopathic medication for example; This kind of medication is sometimes incredibly harsh on the body. Regular painkillers can’t be given for an incredibly long period of time, which is what can cause a certain amount of worry in patients who have to live with this, long-term. While these may work in the present, they can cause a severe amount of damage to one's body in the long run, making them an unideal approach towards treating conditions that can cause joint pain.

When it comes to natural remedies for pain, there are plenty that exists out there. Natural remedies for pain have always been known to man, and have been used for centuries before the regular medications hit the shelves. There are ways in which nature takes care of us, and Heal n Soothe is one of them. Ever since the product came out, people all over have found an alternative treatment for the pain that they experience in some joint or bone in their body.

One of the reasons why Heal n Soothe has become such a popular option for people all over the world is because of the manner in which it acts. One of the main occurrences that take place when a person is suffering from any form of joint pain is inflammation, which is the expansion of certain constituents of the bone. This causes an increased amount of friction between the bones, which is what causes pain. Normal medications that are directed towards reducing pain often do so by numbing the nerves or reducing the responsiveness to the pain. Heal and Soothe, on the other hand, works on a much deeper level to get rid of the inflammation that causes it. In a way, Heal and Soothe works on a much deeper level as compared to other medications that people are known to use.

People all over the world have vouched for the effectiveness of Heal-N-Soothe. Countless customers from America have come forward to state that Heal-N-Soothe was the one thing that managed to help them with the pain that they often experience as a result of some form of ailment or some form of disorder that they may have been diagnosed with. Combing traditional means of helping reduce pain, coupled with a modern scientific approach, Heal-N-Soothe has been able to give freedom to countless people who otherwise felt limited by the pain that they experienced as a result of their ailments.

Reasons To Hire An Event Planner

There is a lot of work that goes into planning an event, such as finding a venue, creating a guest list and building a menu. You can lighten the load by hiring a professional to plan your event. If you are unsure of this decision, here are several reasons to hire an event planner.

Years of Experience

A planner has years of experience in parties, banquets, fundraisers and other important events. They keep up with the latest trends, color schemes and venues that are right for your party. A planner knows how to be creative while staying organized. They can also get the best deals on food, decorations and venues, which is great for saving money on your event.

You Save Money

You may think hiring an event planner is going to break the bank, but hiring an event planner is going to save you money in the long run. A planner with a large network can find a photographer, florist or caterer at a discounted price. They also have their own money-saving techniques from years of planning events. The best part is you do not have to worry about an impulse purchase that takes you over your budget.

Reduces Your Stress

When you hire an event planner, you are reducing the stress that comes with hosting a party. Your planner is handling the details of your event, from selecting a venue to hiring the entertainment. They also stick around during the event to ensure there are not any problems, and they are very quick to fix any problems that do come up. Hiring an event planner allows you to take an hour for yourself before your guests arrive. When it is time for your event, you can focus on mingling with your guests.

It is better to spend the money on an event planner than to take on too much at once. There are plenty of planners who are ready to plan an elegant wedding, birthday luau or team building event. You can learn more by contacting a company such as Any Excuse For A Party.

Older Americans Who Neglect Oral Care Put Overall Health At Risk

Conscientious parents constantly remind their children to brush and floss, and routinely schedule dental checkups to make sure their teeth and gums are healthy – and staying that way.

But youngsters aren’t the only ones who who can use such reminders. Older Americans need to put a priority on their oral health as well, and research shows that as a group they aren’t doing so.

In fact, the statistics are grim. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that almost every single American over age 65 (96 percent) has had a cavity, and 20 percent have untreated tooth decay. Another 65 percent suffer from gum disease, an ailment that has been linked to a host of other problems, such as strokes, heart disease and diabetes.

“Anyone who thinks they can ease up on dental care as they age is making a big mistake,” says Dr. Harold Katz, a dentist, bacteriologist and developer of TheraBreath Healthy Gums Oral Rinse (

“Not only do poor dental habits affect what’s going on in your mouth, they also affect your overall health.”

Some of the CDC’s findings that Katz says are troubling include:
  • Tooth loss. Nearly one in five adults aged 65 or older have lost all of their teeth. Complete tooth loss is twice as prevalent among adults aged 75 and older (26 percent) compared with adults aged 65 to 74 (13 percent).  The CDC points out that having missing teeth, or wearing dentures, can have a detrimental effect on nutrition. “It’s not surprising that people who have lost teeth, or wear denture, often are going to choose soft food they chew easily,” Katz says. “They will pass up fresh fruits and vegetables that are more nutritious, but are more difficult for them to eat.”
  • Oral cancer. Cancers of the mouth (oral and pharyngeal cancers) are primarily diagnosed in older adults; median age at diagnosis is 62 years. “That’s another reason it’s important for older people to have regular checkups,” Katz says. “Your dentist can check for signs of oral cancer during those visits.”
  • Dry mouth caused by medications. Most older Americans take both prescription and over-the-counter drugs, many of which can cause dry mouth. Reduced saliva flow increases the risk of cavities. Saliva helps prevent tooth decay, gum disease and bad breath, and also lubricates the mouth, making it easier to eat, swallow, speak and taste food. “Sometimes dry mouth might just cause mild discomfort,” Katz says. “At other times it can lead to significant oral disease that can compromise the person’s health, dietary intake and quality of life.”
“As  you age, proper oral care is just as important as ever,” Katz says. “It’s not something you want to ignore because your overall health is at stake.”

About Dr. Harold Katz
Dr. Harold Katz (, developer of TheraBreath Healthy Gums Oral Rinse, received his degree in bacteriology from UCLA and is the founder of The California Breath Clinics and author of The Bad Breath Bible. He has been featured on ABC’s “Good Morning America,” CBS’s “Early Show” and “The View” with Barbara Walters and countless other TV shows. Dr. Katz has developed oxygenating compounds that have been used by millions around the world to eliminate bad breath. He is also the bearer of the now famous “Halimeter,” which tests the sulfur compounds in the mouth that cause bad breath. Dr. Katz’ website offers a free online bad breath test – as well as a sneaky way to tell someone they have halitosis.

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