My Life In Pictures - March 24 - March 30

March 24 - My husband sent me this photo from his job. Stressed me out. I mean when you work in a hospital this is how you should look these days. Scary. I hope everyone is staying safe and I am thankful he has gear that hopefully will keep him safe.

March 25 - My daughter and I have been doing a lot of walking. Sometimes I need some help walking up those little hills.

March 26 - I have been giving my kids photo assignments every morning. They were to send me 5 photos of something blue today. My kids will wake to this Photo assignment. Take 5 interesting photos of blue things in the house. Show the entire object in all but one. One photo should have no negative space which means fill up the picture. Focus and make them interesting. Do not just shoot a pic. This is one of my son's submissions.

March 27 - I have been baking and cooking everyday. Since I don't want to waste anything I looked for recipes for the cabbage I had in the fridge. I found a recipe for Haluski a Polish dish. I didn't have the egg noodles but it was amazing and I cannot wait to make it again. 

March 28 - Still cooking! This time I decided to use some of the flour I have and make a giant chocolate chip cookie. OMG it was so good.

March 29 - I received Fruit Snacks from Welch's which are perfect for Easter Baskets or anytime. It even looks lovely with my Easter decorations. Look how cute the look in the giant Easter Egg! Hopefully everyone shopped for Easter early this year. Thankfully I did pick up a few things right after Valentine's Day or there would be empty baskets this year.

March 30 - Goddess looks so comfy in this bubble gum pink Comfy. Who doesn't need one of these once in a while. It has been chilly and damp. We are both wearing our Comfys lately.

March 31 -

My Life In Pictures March 17 - March 23

March 17 - Luna this was supposed to go under the sink to organize shampoos and soap but by all means make it your new bed!

March 18 - We were so happy to find flowers in our front yard during our walk today. Spring is here and even though we are stuck at home due to the Coronavirus.

March 19 - I wake every morning and after my husband leaves for work I smudge the house before my kids wake. My son and husband hate the smell of the burning sage while my daughter and I love it.


March 21 - It was a gorgeous night. Look at those colors. If I could pick a color for my life this would be it!

March 22 - My husband is creating a green house made from our old gazebo, bamboo, tree branches, wire and cinder blocks

March 23 - Goddess and I have been keeping ourselves busy with many games of Pool but we recently switched to Ping Pong! It has been very fun and we are getting much needed exercise.

My Life In Pictures - March 8 - March 16

March 8 - My husband cut some PVC Pipe with I hot glued together for  him. Then he spray painted it purple and wrapped a vine from one of our trees around it. We hope some bees with use it. If not, it is a great lawn decoration.

March 9 - I used these monkeys and a picture of a bed to do "no more monkeys jumping on a bed." I laminated the bed and each monkey individually (Found on Google). Then I cut the monkeys out and added Velcro to each monkey and the bed so that my class could sing and remove the monkeys as they went along. They love it! Now to make sure they don't peel the laminated sheets off the monkeys.

March 10 - The doctor and techs have so much patience for my son when he gets his braces tightened. He has a million complaints as they are doing it. I never had braces but man he has a lot to say about them. I am sure he is uncomfortable but give them a break man.

March 11 - My class loved the marble painting. It looks so cute. I was so happy to see it on the wall. I wish they were going up on my refrigerator at home.

March 12 - My daughter drew this draft for school. She wrinkled it up when she was done saying she hated it. I wish she hadn't. I love it!

March 13 - Art with Goddess. Her bride is amazing. Mine looks crazy.

March 14 - My daughter's very decorated arm. Her artwork amazes me. I have asked her to draw an eye on my arm but she won't. She is afraid to make a mistake. I would totally get my first, much wished for tat if she were to draw it for me.

March 15 - Drawing with Goddess! It is so obvious which one is mine!

March 16 - My husband brought us a bread maker a few weeks ago and I have never made so much bread. It is amazing how delicious it is and how easy it is to feed my family homemade bread.

My Life In Pictures - March 1 - March 7

March 1 - Goddess's digital art work is amazing. She drew this as an original character for a book she is writing with her friend.
March 2 - My daughter and I went to a drug information meeting at the local school. We were shocked with the table of drugs displayed on a table in the front of the room. All these items were confiscated from schools in my county. Totally disturbing.

March 3 - I love this photo. While waiting for the kids to come out of school I looked out the window and noticed how much everything looked like a water color painting. 

March 4 -  One of the Dr. Seuss days was to wear as many colors as possible. I felt like a crazy person but my toddler class loved it.

March 5 - My kids loved making a sequence stack using the colors of Dr. Seuss' hat. This is so good for their cognitive and thinking skills. 

March 6 - The squirrel show keeps the cats entertained all day long.

March 7 - Some friends invited Goddess and I to see Onward from Pixar. It was fantastic but we went on opening day and the only seats were front row. It was a great movie and I only feel asleep for about 2 minutes. LOL. Those damn chairs are too comfy.

My Life In Pictures February 20 - February 29

February 20 - Goddess brought the cats this tunnel a few weeks ago. The only one who seems to be allowed to sleep in it is Luna. She has claimed it and I think the other cats know it.

February 21 - My daughter and I sat on my bed talking about the bible. This is my mother's bible. It is full of mass cards. She always put any mass cards she received in the pages. I have carried that on and inserted any I have gone to.

February 22 - My girl and I have been spending a lot of time outdoors. We were hanging out on the rock next to our house and finding rocks and leaves that spoke to us. She is my favorite person to hang out with.

February 23 - Jinxy! No other words necessary

February 24 - My 3 Cats! Look me up on Instagram @my-3-catsss

February 25 - I love this girl so much!

February 26 - My daughter was laughing at how long this mirror makes her look! It does because just now I thought it was my son at first!

February 27 - A is for Alligator. I was so happy with this alligator I drew for my class I just had to take a photo.

February 28 - I won this from Mr. Canary. It is the best. It works for the birds outdoors and for our cats. We put it near our sliders so our cats could watch the bird and squirrel show all day.

February 29 - More of Drawing with Goddess. It is not hard to see which ones are hers.

My Life In Pictures February 8 - February 19

February 8 - Luna looking into the night light in my daughter's room.  This is a review light from a few years ago and it has been used since getting it. It is on every night. Why has Luna suddenly decided to stare at it?

February 9 - My daughter and I fell in love with this kitty as we do with so many of the cats we see a the shelter we clean. Look at that face? How could you not love it?  This kitten of course was adopted that same day. Thankfully!

February 10 - I had to zoom in on the only photo I took on this date because I couldn't remember why I had taken it. See that Blue Jay?  It stayed in the tree for hours.

February 11 - Just me but better with a Snapchat filter!

February 12 - Nothing. I didn't take a single photo.

February 13 - An empty sketch book page. I need new pencils and more confidence to start!

February 14 - My daughter started teaching me art. We do the same thing but at our capability. Her sketches are so cute. Mine? Well...I am a work in progress.

February 15 - My girl and I got her hair cut then met some friends. We headed to an antique shop then found an oil and incense shop which was really nice. We spent too much money there LOL. We both got an incense burner and some cones for them.

February 16 - I tried to drew a dude. I was told he looks like Jesus from Walking Dead. He is hot so that's not bad.

February 17 - My cats love hanging out in windowsills or in the chairs under the table. How about yours? She is so cute!

February 18 - This is a photo of the sheet I use with my preschool class. We talk about emotions every day and what face we are wearing for the day. I do not remember where I originally got it from. It was on Google. It is so important for toddlers to learn about reading facial expressions and understanding their own feelings or how they make someone else feel. My kids love pointing to the faces every morning.

February 19 - My son ran into his gym teacher from Elementary and Middle School. He sent me this during my day. I was so happy to get his text. They both look so happy.

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