Maintaining a Sober Life in A Sober Living Facility

Making the decision to live a sober life isn’t a simple or easy one, especially for those who have been caught in the cycle of addiction. Whether the addiction is to prescription drugs, alcohol or street drugs like heroin, the price paid is still a very heavy one. People who are caught in a cycle of substance abuse often lose all their connections to family and friends, and can often lose their career and financial stability, let alone their physical and mental health. For all these reasons, coming clean and leaving behind a life of addiction is a wise choice in every way.

After Rehab

For those who choose to recover from addiction by going through a course of rehab at a recovery center, the path usually involves going through rehab and withdrawal from toxic substances, followed by a course of counseling. Once the rehabilitation course is complete, a decision must be made as to how to deal with life as a sober person.

Leaving Rehab and Starting Over

For many people, immediately re-entering their old life can come with many perils. One of the biggest dangers after rehab is in falling back into addiction and relapsing. This is especially dangerous when the newly sober person’s circle of friends are all involved in using drugs and alcohol. All of this is why some people choose to enter into a sober living facility after rehab. A sober house lends ongoing support to the person in recovery. They will be living with a community of other people who are also working to maintain their sobriety, so this support can be crucial. Many sober homes will hold AA meetings or offer support with counseling and by encouraging the newly sober person to attend AA regularly.

Maintaining a sober lifestyle isn’t easy, but as the saying goes, “One day at a time.” By reaching out for ongoing support through life in a sober facility, a person in recovery will have a great chance of staying clean, sober and healthy for the long haul.


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OMG kids I have an artist in my house and I know the pain of spilled paint, glitter and loads of pictures on the fridge.  Paint-Sation is every parents’ dream come true, paint that won’t spill or make a mess! Even if children turn the pod upside-down, the paint won’t drip out. Children simply touch their brush along the specially-designed bristles, and they’re ready to paint. I so wish this was around when my Goddess was little. In fact; she loves it even at 13 years old.  See her artwork below. 

This table top paint station comes with an easel that is easy to put together. Only 3 separate parts. It also comes with red, blue and yellow paint, paper and 2 brushes. 

The paint fits right into the frame and even though it is tilted in the easel it doesn't spill. This is crazy! 

When I told my 13 year old that after this review I was bringing it into my class for my preschoolers she was bumped. She has a real, wood, expensive easel but she loved little table top one with the paint that doesn't spill. My preschool class is going to love this. I cannot wait of them to try it.

The paint in this kit is also washable. Hello..can we ask for anything more? I doubt it.

Goddess thinks kids will love this because it allows them to be independent. They can set it up quickly by themselves, open the paint, there is even a place for your paint brushes. I still think kids need supervision when using unless you know for sure you child will not take the paint to everything in your house. I know a few of my students who wouldn't totally stick their fingers in this paint and take it to everything but you need to know your kids. My own kids would never have done that.

Encourage them to paint, draw, anything that gets them off electronics and creating.  

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Disclaimer: I received a complimentary product for my honest opinion. No monetary compensation was offered.
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