Don’t Allow Illness and Pain to Run Your Life

When was the last time you had a day that was essentially pain-free for you to enjoy?
For countless individuals dealing with illness and chronic pain, days can seem to last much longer than 24 hours when the body is in revolt.

With that being the case, doing whatever it takes to lessen the pain is certainly to your advantage, especially as you get older. As the body tends to have natural pains as you age (arthritis, slower recovery time from injuries etc.), it is important to be doing all you can to limit the problems.

That said are you ready to halt illnesses and pain from running your daily life?

Is Medical Marijuana in the Cards?

In the event you have had it up to here with daily pain, there are several options worth exploring, options that go past the usual doctor recommendations of taking a few pills and call me in the morning.

For one, have you opted to consult a medical marijuana card specialist?

If not, you very well could be missing out on something that could change your life for the better over time.

Keep in mind that not all remedies work for all people, so there is no 100 percent guarantee that medical marijuana will be the answer for you. That said you certainly will not know if you do not try. 

If you do opt to try and get a medical marijuana card, don’t think that you have to work your way through tons of red tape. Actually, the process is easier than most individuals probably realize.

In simple terms, you can set up an online appointment with a physician (typically less than 30 minutes).

The appointment will go over your medical history, your current issue or issues regarding illness and/or pain, and why having access to medical marijuana may help you now and over the long run. In many cases, you will get a thumbs up or thumbs down that same day regarding having access to a card.

As mentioned a moment ago, while medical marijuana may not be the answer for everyone battling pain, it certainly can’t hurt for you to give it a try. In the end, you may discover that this was the solution you’ve been looking for all along.

Are You Getting Proper Exercise?

When you are dealing with regular pain, exercise might be the last thing you want to think about.

That said routine exercise can go a long way in helping you shake some of that pain, especially as you exercise with goals in mind.

For one, exercise is not only good for your heart, but also your brain and countless other portions of your body.

Secondly, exercise can be a great boost to your mental health, especially as you get older and it becomes harder to do some of the things you routinely got accomplished when you were younger. Keeping your memory young and healthy is of course never a bad thing, especially if you hope to live a long time.

Lastly, exercise helps you keep all those muscles nice and loose, muscles that will of course be harder to limber up as age becomes an issue.

If pain has been driving you nuts for some time now, consider your exercise regimen (or lack thereof). 

By having an achievable exercise routine in place, you can help fight pain and lessen some of that financial burden you’d be dealing with if you were refilling pain med prescriptions month after month.

While everyone’s body is different, research has shown time and time again that medical marijuana and exercise are two options that do relieve some pain issues for some individuals.

If the time has come to say no to illness and pain running your life, consider what it will take to do just that.

New Make-Up Makes Me So Happy - Hard Candy Spring 2017 - Woot Woot

I love trying make-up. Back in my teens through my early thirties I adored make-up. My make-up drawer was full. I always bought the newest fad and loved practicing on myself and friends. Then I became a mom and only did a basic eye thing. Never without eye make-up even for a day at home. I love my husband and want him to look at me and still see someone who is trying to keep his eye. Think what you want but I do it for myself as much as I do it for him.

When my daughter was 10 I started thinking about make-up again. I wanted new colors. I wanted to practice again and I options. So many options.

One of my favorite brands is Hard Candy. I know I have wrote about them before.  Like when I spoke about my new favorite lip color.

Here are the latest make-up options in my make-up trunk. Yeah trunk because a make-up case would be too small.

The best thing about Hard Candy is that it is affordable, quality make-up that you can get at Walmart and other places where make-up is sold. 

Fast & Fabulous Translucent Loose Powder

A weightless, translucent finishing powder for all skin tones creates a soft matte finish.
Apply powder over makeup to set your look and control oil.
- See more at:

Fast & Fabulous Translucent Loose Powder

A weightless, translucent finishing powder for all skin tones creates a soft matte finish.
Apply powder over makeup to set your look and control oil.
- See more at:
Fast and Fabulous Loose Powder Only $6.00
Can be applied over make-up and is good for absorbing oil and setting your make-up.

Metal Eye Make-Up Kit Only $10
The kit includes a black eye-pencil, four fabulous shimmery, sparkly shadows, with a shadow brush (a thin side and thicker side), eye shadow mixing liquid and a tiny mixing pan. Mixing the colors is so much fun.

Wet Ever Lip Lacquer  $5.40 
Comes in 7 colors. Lasts long and is not sticky. This one is really dark. I need to blot it or it looks crazy on me. I love the deep color though.

Disclaimer: I received complimentary products for my honest opinion. No monetary compensation was offered.

Photo Friday - The Salt Caves

Orange You Glad It's Friday
Photo Friday

I have wanted to check out Salt Caves or salt therapy ever since I heard of it. Recently Groupon ran a special for Salt Breeze in Fairlawn New Jersey and I thought, why not?  It was only $14 for 45 minutes. When my friend said she and her mom wanted to go I was so excited.  Her mom's birthday was coming up so this was her birthday gift along with lunch.

Look at her mom. I should look this good to have three daughters and four grandchildren! Isn't she cute?

My friend's Mom.

The place was nice looking. Spa like with salt lamps everywhere that you could purchase. The receptionist/clerk or whatever title she holds gave us bags for our pocketbooks. Handed us booties as we were told to leave our shows upstairs. On our way to the cave she told us to grab a towel and brought us down to the Salt Cave.  We were instructed to not eat or drink and if others were to join us we were to put our phones away and refrain from speaking because many like to close their eyes and relax.  Fortunately we were alone because we spoke most of the time.

The floor of the room was covered in course salt and contained 6 gravity chairs. It was comfortable although I often wished that the heat lamps would come on just once. I ended up having to put my socks back on. It was cold. Thankfully we had a blanket. I found myself wishing it was comforter size. The lighting changed often. I loved when it was this pink as we all looked like Voldemort

No Nose or Voldemort

There are my toes all wrapped up because I was cold. There was a mist of powdery salty dust in the air and on our clothes. Our lips taste like dust and I am sure every part of my skin had a salty taste. Basically you are inhaling dry salt. It has been known to help detoxifying your respiratory system as well as assist in better breathing. Not only that it helps with skin conditions, allergies, hay fever, sinusitis infections and colds and other ailments. It is a holistic approach that has been used for over 100 years.

What we all thought:

We didn't feel as puffy.
It was relaxing although 45 minutes seemed long.
We would have loved to have the sound of the ocean playing or warming lamps every once in a while.
Tell us not to wear black next time. There was a white powder of salt all over our pants.
It definitely made us breathe better. I was coming off a cold and laryngitis and felt much better afterward.

A mini tour

Disclaimer: This IS NOT a promotional post. No monetary or any compensation was offered to post this  I just happened to be there and thought you would be interested.  The Salt Cave doesn't even know I am talking about them. was not called the Salt Cave

Moms Can’t Let Pain Get Them Down

For the millions and millions of moms out there, dealing with physical pain on a constant basis is about as fun as discovering your child is flunking in school.

When it comes to physical pain, moms know all too well that pain is not an option on a daily basis.

Whether it interrupts taking care of their children, working for an employer, getting work done around the home, the list can go on and on. When physical pain does interfere with life’s daily tasks, the physical issues quickly can turn to emotional ones. At the end of the day, how does mom fight through all the pain and still prove productive?

Although there are different options on the table, one of them that too many women do not always explore is turning to a pain management center.

Such centers can be the true answer that many moms were looking for, an answer that can change their lives and those of the loved ones around them.

That said are you ready to make sure pain doesn’t get you down?

Taking Control of Pain Through Research

So that you can better take control of the physical pain that has engulfed your life, start first by admitting that you have a physical issue to deal with.

Some moms will just think that physical pain goes with the territory, figuring there really is nothing out there that can turn their lives around. As it stands, there are options out there if you know where to look for them.

For instance, whether you are seeking pain treatment in Michigan or somewhere closer to home, keep in mind that not all pain treatment centers are alike.

Some may say that they are the go-to place for pain relief, but can you truly believe that?
The best way to narrow down the selections is by taking the time to do some research, research that can be done both online and by talking others via word-of-mouth, others who have dealt with physical pain.

Although you undoubtedly will have your share of questions, it is best to listen to and review the different information you come across. 

For example, patient testimonials on a pain treatment facility’s website are great marketing tools for the facility. That said do you know if those patients are talking from the heart or were paid to say what they did? 

Given how important reducing physical pain is in your life, make sure you thoroughly vet any treatment facility you are leaning towards using. They can be a wonderful relief to your pain problems, but you want to make sure you know what you are getting for your money’s worth.

Get the Family to Pitch in

As much as you may feel you have to do on your own to keep the family running on all cylinders, take a step back and reassess the situation. I am a firm believer in children doing their share. For example, are your children doing their share of chores around the home? If not, take time to see where your child can in fact be productive within the house. 

My children have had to help around the house since the age of 2. It started with picking up your own toys. By the time they were 3 they were bringing me their plates and cups when done eating. Now at 11 and 13 they do garbage, put their own clothes away, bag groceries, put the groceries away, do laundry, clean their rooms, cook some of their own meals, dust the house and so much more. It is not because I cannot do something as much as it is from teaching them how to be self sufficient. 

In the event you work outside the home (full or part-time), it is even more imperative that your child or kids help out where possible. Whether that means straightening up their rooms, doing light work outside in the yard, always look to see where they can assist. By doing so, that literally take some of the load off of your shoulders. 

Even though most moms are not a super athlete at least that is in terms of 300-pound NFL players getting banged up weekly, many moms do super-human tasks regularly.
As a result, it is important to always remember that physical pain does not have to accompany you 365 days a year.

If you’re feeling like these mom duties are becoming too much, look to see which pain treatment facility has your best interests at heart, giving you the ability to tamper down the pain. Don't be a hero, there is no reason for you to have to do it all. I know it feels as if you do but I assure you there is a better life for you. One where you don't carry the brunt of the work and one were you are managing your pain.

SnapChat Makes Me Laugh


Do You Often Lose Your Keys? How About Your Phone? There Is A Solution

Meet Lapa.

It happens here at least once a week. My keys are always supposed to be attached to a magnet attached to the door but if my husband uses the car, takes snow off it and warms it up the keys don't always end up back on the magnet. Lapa has saved the day two times in as many weeks.  At least once a week I misplace my cell phone in the house. Lapa has helped me find it as well. What is Lapa?

Lapa is a little do-dad that uses a Free App you download onto your phone. Once it is downloaded you press the Lapa to sync with your phone, hear the beep and know you will forever know where your important things are.

When I can't find the keys I simply go to the app, press the Lapa button and the phone will let me know when I am close to them with a "keep moving and you getting closer" messages.

Losing the phone is just as easy. Press Lapa and you will hear your phone ring and light up even if you have the ringer off.  

You can attach the Lapa to everything not just your keys. Put it on your kid, your pet, your luggage and never lose anything ever again.

Lapa is waterproof and shock resistant. Everyone should have a Lapa.

Check and order your Lapa NOW! There's worldwide free shipping, so you're out of excuses to keep losing your things!

Disclaimer:  No monetary compensation was offered to post about this product. I received a complimentary product for my honest opinion.

3 Tips On Bringing Christian Woman Ministries To Your Church

No one can truly understand a woman the way another woman can. This is why women's ministries are so important to build up Christian women everywhere. There are so many different ways to spearhead an effective women's ministry department at your church and if you're in need of ideas, consider the following options  

1. War Room Parties War Room was a powerful movie that displayed the power of prayer in a woman's life. She faced issues with her husband and their marriage and wasn't sure how to handle it. An older woman led her to start praying and seeking God for encouragement. Through this practice, she builds her own spiritual war room. Since this movie debuted, women all over the globe have created their own personal war rooms. To minister to the women of your church, host a war room party. In this party, choose a spiritual leader to guide the women in learning how to war on their knees for their needs, wants and desires. This exercise can be a life-changing experience for those in attendance.  

2. Special Guest Speakers One of the most refreshing parts of being a Christian is hearing the testimony of others. This is especially true for women within a women's ministry group. A great idea involves hosting an event at your church. For each event you host, invite all the women in your congregation and book powerful speakers for christian speaking engagements. As speakers share their wisdom and knowledge, they'll simultaneously lift up their fellow sisters and encourage them to continue on the path that God has laid out for them.

3. Small Groups Even though having women listen to a guest speaker is wonderful, in many cases, women would like to speak and connect with one another. One of the best ways to make this happen is through small groups. Consider dividing the small groups into special interest groups. Women who are mothers of young children might want to connect and draw encouragement from one another. Women who are dealing with menopausal issues might want to build up one another and discuss tips. Other topics that women like to connect on involve relationships, singleness, careers and ministry. As the women connect and build strong bonds with one another, this strengthens the ministry and leaves women feeling loved and cared for. There are so many moving parts with leading an effective women's ministry. Knowing this, don't be discouraged when things get a little messy or overwhelming. Take it one step at a time and know that your efforts aren't in vain.

I love getting together over coffee with my friends and think they will love the idea of continuing our discussions on Sundays after mass. Can't wait to bring this idea to the Church to see what they think.

8 Steps That Can Lead You To A More Fulfilling Life

There’s a reason people love the start of a New Year – or the first day of spring, or maybe the first day of school.

The idea of a clean slate – of making changes or starting over fresh – can be exhilarating.
“It isn’t necessarily that you don’t like the life you live,” says John C. Neyland, author of How to Live the Life You’ve Yet to Dream ( “It’s just that you suspect there’s something you’re missing – something more fulfilling.”

The truth is, those possibilities are always within your reach, Neyland says. “But to have the life you want means you have to change course.”

Here are some ways to make that turn in your life, using what Neyland refers to as “pivots”:

• Put fear in its place and understand it. Fear has no power unless you lend it power. It doesn’t change the end result, and often it causes more damage than whatever it was you were so worried about. Neyland suggests you think about the biggest fear you’ve ever had. What was the outcome and did you recover? Chances are you came out the other end just fine.

• Courage is not the lack of fear but going forward in the face of it. Courage is like exercise: The more you use it, the easier it becomes – and the more you benefit. We are taught to avoid pain and danger. You have to choose to face life with courage – but in the end, it’s how you handle fear and how you respond to it that can change your course.

• Compromise is a dirty word. It can steal your life and dreams. To work for or spend time with someone who doesn’t share your values is a compromise, Neyland says, and compromise robs your energy and affects your momentum.

• There is great value in having mentors. It’s less painful and more efficient to learn from the mistakes and successes of others: a family member, teacher or business leader you admire. Learn from them and emulate them in your everyday life.

• Dream without restraint. Thinking about what you want to do only in the context of what you know you can do is more of a nightmare than a dream. Pursue your goals with all you have.  Don’t be concerned with failing. “The journey and the struggle can be extremely satisfying,” Neyland says. “It rivals the attainment of a goal. 

• Be honest with yourself. Many people lie to themselves about whom or what is most important to them. Lying sets off a chain reaction that stalls momentum and makes your life a little less than what it should be. Even small lies chip away at the person you want to be.

• Be impatiently focused. We have a limited a number of breaths to build the world around us. Focus on a goal and don’t wait for the right moment or perfect conditions to go for it. Time matters.

• Control what you can control and forget about the rest. Every moment you spend lamenting a situation you couldn’t control, you’re stealing from yourself. Direct your energy and momentum to something you can manage instead.

Before you start over, spend some time revisiting what matters most to you, Neyland says. What are your values? What are your likes and dislikes? What do you want to do with your life?

“Make a list of all these things,” he says. “Then dream boldly and take action.”

About John C. Neyland
John C. Neyland, president and Investment Advisor Representative at JCN Financial & Tax Planning Group, is the author of How to Live the Life You’ve Yet to Dream (, which is part memoir and part blueprint for readers who want to get more out of life and leave a positive mark on the world.
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