Dementer Felt Part Documentary/Part Horror Movie! Worth the time!

Dementer, the latest film from writer/director Chad Crawford Kinkle (Jug Face) and featuring Larry Fessenden, is NOW AVAILABLE on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Xbox, Vudu, Dish Network and all major cable providers from Dark Star Pictures.

The film follows Katie, a young woman who flees a backwoods cult and takes a job at a care center for special needs adults in her determination to do some good with her life. But despite her best intentions, Katie can't escape the signs that "the devils" are coming for Stephanie, a woman with Down syndrome she cares for, who keeps getting sicker despite Katie's rituals to ward off evil spirits.

Brandy Edmiston, Katie Groshong, and Eller Hall also star in the film, an official selection the Nashville Film Festival and the Chattanooga Film Festival.

Director's Statement

A year ago, my mother mentioned that she had a dream that I made a film with my sister Stephanie, who has Down Syndrome. I don’t think that I told her, but for a few years now I’ve had the idea of building a horror film around my sister.

Back in the late 90’s, I was in film school and even then the idea of making a film with my sister would enter my mind. But what would I do? A documentary? And why would I do it? To make people feel sorry for her? While my sister is “special,” the events in her life haven’t been such that would warrant a film, particularly a feature film.

After watching THE TRIBE, a film set in a school for deaf teens, I slowly changed my mind. What if I did make a film with my sister in the unique environment that she lives in and what if it was a horror film? What would that even look like? I didn’t know, but I felt the idea had something to it.

At first, it was more of a documentary style horror film with my sister as the main subject but that quickly turned into a story that would focus on another character that would come into my sister’s world. This made sense since I would be shooting the film on a tight fourteen day schedule. Because my sister is not a high functioning person with Downs, that is normally portrayed in movies and television, I needed another character for the audience to follow.

I knew that no matter what was in the script, the approach would be more like shooting an intimate documentary with only a few takes. I would be trying to capture as much as I would be trying to create. I needed a small cast and crew that I had one hundred percent trust in for practical and personal reasons. This led me to be the sole camera operator since I was familiar with the locations, which were in my hometown, and the other special needs adults.

After the film had been shot, I ended up being the editor as well. Not that someone else couldn’t do it, it was just that the footage and vision of the film was too specific and personal to properly explain. The resulting film is something that I’ve never seen before. While certainly a horror film, it needed another description like; experimental, abstract, dream-like, nightmarish or even art house. What seemed best is that it is more of a dark poem, since much of the script was written on intuition and not traditional story logic.

In the end, my hope is that DEMENTER will be remembered as a unique horror film, created under equally unique circumstances.

-Chad Crawford Kinkle

The 411:

I just finished this and wow! The lead actress was amazing and while watching I felt like it was a movie based around a real life group home situation and after reading up on it just now, it was just that. 

Reading that writer/director Chad’s sister was in the movie made me love it even more. 

The ending had me a bit horrified and that was the idea. To leave you with a bad taste in your mouth wondering was this woman who was obviously fighting her own demons a vigilante or was she the devil? Shoe string budget, creepy angles, flashing lights and sudden camera changes to bright crisp mornings and that damn tambourine! It was a nightmare and I friggin loved it!

Disclaimer: I received a complimentary screener link for my honest opinion. No monetary compensation was offered. 

How to Find Your Forever Home



Are you more than ready to find your forever home?

The house your kids will grow up in. The house you and your partner will grow old together in. Your final step on the property ladder.

Deciding to look for your forever home can be daunting enough, but the process of actually finding it can be completely overwhelming. That is unless you know exactly where to look and what to look for.

Fortunately, all of this and more is covered below.

From finding a home that will grow with you, to the importance of local schools, to determining the type of community, you will thrive in, keep reading to find out how you can find your forever home in four simple steps.

Find an estate agent you can trust

Entrusting someone to help you find your forever home can be tricky, and you need to find someone who recognizes what you want and will help you achieve it. Unfortunately, there are a lot of estate agents out there that only care about their sales figures.

To prevent being seen as just another number, avoid big brand estate agents and instead opt for an independent company such as Pointons who pride themselves on knowing the local areas they cover and on providing a bespoke and personal service.

Think about the bigger picture

Normally, when people buy a home, they look at how it can immediately fulfill their needs and maybe those of the next five years. However, when you are looking for your forever home, you need to consider your entire future. In a nutshell, you need a home that can grow with you.

This may involve looking for a property you can extend if you decide to grow your family or one that can be easily adapted to suit you as you grow older.

It is also crucial that you look for a home with solid foundations as you want the property you choose to last without undergoing any major repairs.

Consider the community

Many families dream of moving to the suburbs or somewhere more rural once they start a family, but you need to be sure that this is definitely what you want before signing on the dotted line. If you are accustomed to the hustle and bustle of city life, moving to a small village or local community is a huge change, and you may find that it isn’t suited to your lifestyle after all.

It can be a great idea to check the planning rules in your chosen area as you don’t want to pick a home surrounded by countryside only to have it taken over by a massive housing development project at a later date.

Don’t forget outgoings

When you fall in love with a particular property, it can be all too easy to forget about important elements such as council tax and heating bills, but these will impact both your daily life and your future.

If you plan to retire in your forever home, do you want to be having to spend a large chunk of your pension on heating bills because the home you choose is not energy efficient?

It can be hard, make sure you think with your brain rather than just your heart when you are looking for your forever home.

Good luck and happy house-hunting!


6 Ways to Relieve Period Pain Without Medication


Nearly everyone who menstruates experiences some kind of period pain at least once in their life, and many people have pain on a monthly basis. If you suffer from dysmenorrhea (painful periods), you may prefer to treat the pain without taking medication such as aspirin. Here are six ways to reduce and alleviate period pain without taking any pills.

Apply a Heating Pad

Period cramps are usually caused by the presence of chemicals called prostaglandins in the uterus. When you menstruate, these chemicals cause contractions of the uterus and the tightening of its muscles, which can be painful.

Applying heat to the area can help the muscles to relax, reducing any pain you may be feeling. Apply a heating pad to the area, or use a hot water bottle. Taking a hot bath may also help reduce the pain. Try it and see what works for you.


Exercise can help with period pain because when your heart rate goes up, your body releases endorphins—happy hormones—that can help with pain relief. Don’t push yourself too hard; try going for a brisk walk or doing some gentle yoga. Yoga can help you relax, and stretching into the thighs, lower back, glutes, and hips can ease period pain.


Cannabidiol, more often known as CBD, can also be used to treat period pain. It’s derived from the sister plant of marijuana, but it has no psychoactive element, meaning it won’t get you high—as long as you buy it from a reputable source, try Herbal Health CBD.

CBD can be an effective form of pain relief if taken as a tincture, gummy, or capsule, and CBD oil can also be rubbed directly into the skin to soothe aching muscles.

Try a TENS Machine

TENS machines can treat period pain by emitting a small electrical current that reduces pain signals going to the spinal cord and the brain. Just attach the machine to your body, wherever it hurts, using electrodes, then switch on to feel the electrical currents start to pulse. TENS machines are even used during labor, so they can be pretty powerful!

Drink Chamomile Tea

Chamomile tea has anti-inflammatory properties that can reduce the presence of pain-inducing prostaglandins. Drinking a cup when your cramps are particularly bad could help reduce the pain you’re feeling.

Have a Relaxing Massage

Massaging your lower belly when it’s cramping is another method of drug-free pain relief. Massage increases the blood flow to the area and can relax the muscles in your uterus, making the contractions less painful.

Focus on the area that hurts the most, and use this as an opportunity to apply essential oils (lavender, eucalyptus, and chamomile are particularly useful) to reduce the pain even more. You could even book in a “menstrual massage” to alleviate symptoms even more!

If you suffer from painful periods and menstrual cramps, try these techniques to reduce the pain. It’s also a good idea to talk to your doctor to see if they can help in the long term. Do what works best for your body.


Hawk & Rev: Vampire Slayers Out On VOD and DVD March 16th + A Review


Horror-Comedy Debuts on North American
VOD Platforms and DVD on March 16th

Los Angeles, CA – February 22, 2021 – Freestyle Digital Media, the digital film distribution division of Byron Allen’s Entertainment Studios, has acquired North American VOD rights to the horror-comedy HAWK & REV: VAMPIRE SLAYERS.  HAWK & REV: VAMPIRE SLAYERS will be available to rent and own on North American digital HD internet, cable, and satellite platforms and DVD on March 16, 2021 through Freestyle Digital Media.

HAWK & REV: VAMPIRE SLAYERS tells the story of Philip "HAWK" Hawkins. Hawk doesn't just dream about killing vampires, he eats, sleeps, drinks and freakin' breaths it! After getting kicked out the army for staking a fellow soldier with a blunt two by four, Hawk almost dies of boredom working as a night security guard in his hometown of Santa Muerte, California. Just when it looks like all Hawk's options in life have expired, filthy blood-sucking vampires appear and of course -- nobody believes him! With his back up against the wall, his sweaty Karate Kid headband on and hordes of murderous vampires closing in, Hawk enlists the help of the one person who kind of believes him: Revson "REV" McCabe, a dimwitted, vegan-pacifist groundskeeper. Together they join forces to save the whole entire freakin' world! Well, at least their hometown anyway.

Written and directed by Ryan Barton-Grimley, HAWK & REV: VAMPIRE SLAYERS features an ensemble cast including Ryan Barton-Grimley (‘Hawk’), Ari Schneider (‘Rev’), Jana Savage (‘Theo’), Richard Gayler (‘Jasper’), Casey Graf (‘Arnold’), Kevin Ocampo (‘Terry’), and Jeff Lorch (‘Deputy Jack Scroggins’).

HAWK & REV: VAMPIRE SLAYERS was produced by Ryan Barton-Grimley, AJ Gordon, and Ari Schneider. Joel M. Schneider is Executive Producer.
“I made HAWK AND REV: VAMPIRE SLAYERS because I was looking for a laugh and something truly heartfelt, some much-needed levity and humor. It is quite simply a love letter to my childhood in the mid-1980’s, a more innocent and clueless time when everything seemed possible,” said Ryan Barton-Grimley. “I really just hope viewers enjoy the ride and have a nice heartfelt feeling and the knowledge that maybe, just maybe, we’ll all be OK.”

Freestyle Digital Media negotiated the deal to acquire HAWK AND REV: VAMPIRE SLAYERS directly with filmmaker Ryan Barton-Grimley.


The 411:

I thought this was hysterical. Hawk played by Ryan Barton-Grimley who also wrote and directed this movie wants to be a vampire slayer. He lives in a tent in his parents back yard and catching and reporting on blood suckers. He enlists the help of The Rev a sloth like, groundskeeper, tai chai like Napoleon Dynamite dude who although doesn't believe him at first is soon on board. Hawk refers to the The vampires as The Lost Boys and that is not the only reference to pop culture. That was probably my favorite part of the movie!  I loved the montages of these dudes getting ready to kick some vamp booty as well as all the music. I also enjoyed the way it was filmed. Quick snippets that keep the eyes moving and the viewer interested. 

The acting was fun and comical. I loved the ridiculousness, hokey script that although silly was really a fun time. The Cobra Kai headband was the icing on the cake of a really fun movie! I loved it!

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Disclaimer: I received a complimentary product for my honest opinion. No monetary compensation wasprod offered. 

Ways To Take A Mental Break


We’re heading into a full year of a pandemic and everyone is at their wits end for what to do to get a mental break, parents especially. Many don’t have oodles of money, free space or extra energy to get creative in how we can mentally feel better. Below are a few “outta the box” ideas for how to get a mental break and feel refreshed even if it's only for 5 or 10 minutes.

Try to do something which stimulates the senses in unusual or unique ways to create novel experiences, whether big or small. 

Clinical Psychologist, Health Service Psychologist, a Board Certified Music Therapist, Dr. Bethany Cook emphasizes ways to take a mental break:

  1. Buy yourself a nice, large, juicy orange and take it with you to the shower. Peel it, smell it, eat it. Squeeze the skin on your face and smell the beautiful scents.
  2. Listen to a lush classical piece of music the entire way through with earphones on so there is nothing between you and the music. I suggest classical because we often don’t have strong associations or memories with these pieces of music. Allow yourself to sit or lay in a comfortable spot, close your eyes, and allow the music to take you on a mental journey. Obviously, if listening to classical music sets you off, pick anything you enjoy. Just set aside time to listen. Suggested songs:
  3.  Overwhelm your taste buds with a simple, easy treat. Take a small microwaveable bowl and add a few spoonfuls of peanut butter/almond butter/cashew butter, add 2-3 squares of  dark chocolate throughout the bowl and lightly sprinkle some sea salt on top. Place the bowl in the microwave for 15-20 seconds just long enough to melt the chocolate. Slowly drag your spoon through peanut butter grabbing some chocolate on the way.
  4. Surprise your Tongue: This one you will need a partner (or more than one). Have a “taste test” with shot-sized portions of a variety of beverages. Lemon juice, pickle juice, prune juice, Dr. Pepper, Sprite, cold coffee, vodka, Monster drink, etc. On a sheet of paper write the number of glasses. Cut them up, fold them over and put them in a bowl to draw from. Then do the same thing but this time don’t fold them but randomly place one in front of each glass. During your turn you wear a blindfold and pull a number from the bowl. The other person hands you the corresponding shot and you have to guess what it is. Person with the most correct identifications at the end wins. 
  5. Run yourself a nice hot bath and grab a bucket of ice cubes. Find your sore spots and hold an ice cube there until it melts. Not only is this a shock to your body and brain but it’s also going to help heal sore muscles. Play some calming music and burn some candles if needed.
  6. KITS- Order a self-care kit for you or someone you love.  Immerse yourself in another culture by ordering an assortment of foods from other countries or if you're more of a snacker get yourself some snacks!!!  Or if you have some extra cash and wanna go lush try chocolate, Gems and affirmations from Vogue Chocolates.  Or make up your own!  This is about finding a way to make the ordinary “extra”. 
  7. Get in touch with a childhood hobby/activity or begin one.  Youtube has made it easy to teach yourself skills.  Hell, my wife just taught herself how to patch a huge crack in our 100+ old Victorian cedar beach house from watching Youtube.  I’m gettin back to playing the piano for pleasure.  What did you love?  Model airplanes? Paper airplanes are “cheaper” so lookup some online origami and reconnect to a childhood dream.

At the end of the day I know we all could use a month’s vacation and mental break from the realities of life.  Since most of us can’t take a month off from our lives, we need to learn how to harness the power of our minds and find ways to grab mini-mental vacations whenever possible.  Taking 5-10 minutes doesn’t sound like a lot of time. 

Trending Girls’ and Boys’ Birthday Party Themes for 2021 from Shindigz

Shindigz has everything you need to throw the best virtual or socially-distanced party!  Here are the parties themes trending now.


Trending for Girls

Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures

Dare your birthday girl to dream big with a Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures party. Set the scene with this larger-than-life 3D Barbie Dreamhouse. After blowing out the candles and having a birthday lunch with custom Barbie tableware, the girls will love to pose with the Barbie Doll Box or Barbie’s Convertible photo opps. And even after the party, dreaming about Barbie adventures won’t stop with these custom favor bags, water bottles and tumblers.

JoJo Siwa

Your birthday girl will love this JoJo Siwa theme party. From colorful tableware like plates, napkins and table covers to personalized candy bars, favor bags and cupcake wrappers, Shindigz has everything you need to throw a birthday bash that is as beautiful as JoJo Siwa herself.


Sweeten up any party with our Candy Land birthday party supplies. Decking your yard out with our Candy Land Happy Birthday yard sign expression set and Candy Land gingerbread piece yard signs are a great way to show your guests where to go. Make an entrance for your party with the personalized CandyLand door décor kit. Whether it’s a Sweet Sixteen or Sweet First Birthday adding customizable items, like the Candy Land Logo Banner or Candy Land Castle pop in standee adds the perfect personal touch to their party. Have the sweetest Candy Land Birthday party with Shindigz. 


Trending for Boys


This party is gonna be a blast! For a day that your son and his friends will surely remember, throw a Nerf-themed birthday party. Fill your venue with our Nerf decorations like stacked barriers and building backgrounds for kids to hide behind during the coolest Nerf gun battle ever. After all the running around, the kids will surely be hungry! Our Nerf Birthday Party Packs contain the supplies you need to set a super cool table where the little ones can eat. Our Nerf birthday party supplies are personalizable and can be edited to include names and images of the guest of honor. Grab your Nerf guns and get ready for a Nerf War with Shindigz Nerf Birthday party!

 Let’s Roar Dinosaur

Let's Roar is the perfect theme to give your party a prehistoric presence! Delight dinosaur fans with theLet's Roar Yard Sign Expression Set. Personalize this Dino-mite party with a Let's Roar Horizontal Banner or the Let's Roar Pop In Standee. This T-Rex Pop In Standee let's you add a photo of your child and creates the perfect photo worthy moment. Dig up some fun with the best centerpieces, like the Brachiosaurus Table-Top Pop Up. Stomp, Chomp, Dino-ROAR! 

Paw Patrol

“No job is too big" with our items for your Paw Patrol party! Adventure awaits your little pup and friends. Bring your pups favorite Paw Patrol characters to life with giant Paw Patrol standees and decorations. Choose from Paw Patrol tableware, centerpieces, favors, banners, and more! You'll never be in the doghouse with your little pup again! If you aren't completely set on having Marshall & the rest of the gain join you for a Paw Patrol party, head over to our other Boys

Birthday & Girls Birthday themes for more awesome & unique kids birthday themes from Shindigz!

April Is Autism Awareness Month - 3 Mask #GIVEAWAY - Ends 3/14 @EastersealsSoCal #SensoryFriendlyMask


Easterseals Southern California has teamed with socially conscious lifestyle brand Rafi Nova, pioneer of the clear Smile Face Mask, to develop a Sensory-Friendly Mask to benefit children and adults with autism and other disabilities or anyone who finds wearing a conventional mask uncomfortable.

Did you know?

·         About one-in-54 children has been identified with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

·         About one-in-six children aged 3–17 years (17%) were diagnosed with a developmental disability as reported by parents, during a study period of 2009-2017. These included autism, attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder, blindness and cerebral palsy, among others. The Autism Society

The premier New England mask maker partnered with ESSC to design a mask with reduced stimuli to address the concerns of people with sensory sensitivities, consulting more than a dozen of Easterseals’ therapists and other licensed and certified staff and working with people who receive services from ESSC, as well as their families and other community members. Over a three-month period, multiple prototypes were tested and revised to achieve a maximally beneficial mask—soft, structured, safe, secure—that provides both comfort and function.


The 411

As a mother as an Autistic child and a Preschool Teacher I can tell you that Sensory-Friendly masks are so important. The kids at school have so much trouble keeping them on due to how "rough, hard, and uncomfortable" they feel on their faces. The loops behind the ears are bothersome for many. Many already wear glasses so having something else on the ears is too much.  People with ASD are already filtering out as much stimuli as possible to get through the day to day responsibilities of their lives that any more is overpowering. I love these masks so much. My son loved the adjustable band around the head. He has been complaining of the backs of his ears being "itchy and annoying" with his glasses and mask. Having the adjustable band means he fiddles much less.  He likes the fit under his chin as well. The mask is made to keep everything exactly where you need it. Across the bridge of the nose, around your face and under your chin. It is a perfect fit!

Being a teen he would not let me take a photo of him in his mask so I asked my teaching assistant.

After wearing it for a week she says it is very comfortable and when she first put it on thought it was harder to breathe through but now says "no, it was just softer than other masks".    My assistant being a  girl  has to wear children's masks or they are too big for her. This was perfect.  Most of her masks fall down her face or are always open near the nose. She was constantly pulling it back over the bridge. She loves it.  She also thought that the band would be a problem around her head because she "never wore one like that." She loves it. It stays exactly where she needs it to stay!  

She is going to get a few more colors so she has more available on washing days. That has been the problem for us too. Having more available so they can be washed frequently but it is so worth it. 

Features of the Mask Include:

  • Softness:  100% Mulberry silk lining reduces friction and adjustable jersey knit straps clasp behind the head instead of pinching the ears.
  • Structured:  Minimal design and limited seaming. 
  • Secure:  Adjustable nose bridge ensures the perfect fit and decreases glasses fogging. 
  • Safe:  Special construction lifts the mask off the mouth and highly breathable cotton is used on the exterior.
  • Durability: The mask has an antibacterial layer and is reusable and machine washable
  •  Ease:  A clasp on the back ensures ease of putting on and removal. When not on the face, the mask may safely remain on the person and not be lost thanks to an extra strap feature that fastens it behind the neck. 
  • Social Story:  Comes with a visual storytelling designed by therapists that helps children understand mask-wearing necessity. 

The Sensory-Friendly Mask retails for $14 (child sizes) and $16 (adults). Available in light blue, light pink, hunter green, black and “Over the Moon” (kids sizes only) at:

Little Kids - 5-8 years

Kids - 9-13 years

Adults 14-99+ years.

I tried the Smile Mask because as a preschool teacher my class needs to see my mouth. 

It has been almost a year that many haven't seen anyone's mouth but their parents. It was kind of sweet and sad that every time I opened the door to admit a student into the school,  each and every kids stared at my mouth through the window in the mask.  Many toddlers kept asking about my mouth and "how do you have that mask on?" It must be so confusing after seeing everyone covered up for so long. They can see me smile and that was sadly confusing for them.

The mask is very comfortable and while it doesn't fog up because I used dish detergent on the plastic part I do need a little windshield wiper inside. Every time I wear it in no time the humidity builds up and I need to slip a tissue in just to get the moisture off. Not sure that this will work long term or if on someone who isn't always hot maybe things would be different but I end up with moisture all over the mask even while doing paperwork and not talking.  It's sad because I do love it and think it is so important for many to be able to see your lips. I remember at the beginning of this being at the grocery store and a man was trying to order something from the butcher. He couldn't hear them behind the counter and kept telling them, I am sorry I can't hear, I need to read lips. They were both so frustrated. 

You can definitely read someone's lips in the Smile mask.

Masks must be comfortable and functional for everyone. It's that simple," said Rafi Nova CEO Marissa Goldstein. Earlier this year, the company pioneered transparent masks with their Smile Mask launch to restore visual cues to masked communication. In partnership with ESSC, the Sensory-Friendly Mask represents the next generation of the company's inclusive face coverings designed to protect and reconnect communities.


 About Rafi Nova:

Rafi Nova is a socially conscious lifestyle brand on a mission to outfit families with products and accessories designed for everyday adventures while empowering them to connect, have fun and do more good in the world. Founded as a fair-trade fashion brand to equip adventurous families with sustainably made travel bags, the company shifted focus to face masks to solve the urgent needs of families and communities. Veterans of sustainable product manufacturing, Co-founders Marissa and Adam Goldstein named the company after their two sets of twins and travel partners: Raya, Efi, Noa and Eyva.

About Easterseals:

For more than 100 years, Easterseals has been an indispensable resource for people with disabilities and their families. Each year more than 1.5 million people benefit from Easterseals services across a network of affiliates in communities nationwide. Easterseals makes profound and positive differences in people's lives every day, helping them address life’s challenges and achieve personal goals so that they can live, learn, work and play in our communities. 

Easterseals Southern California (ESSC), the largest affiliate of the national Easterseals organization, provides services in Los Angeles, Orange, San Diego, Imperial, Kern, San Bernardino, Riverside and Ventura counties. With nearly 3,000 employees, 60+ service sites and hundreds of community partnership locations, each year ESSC assists more than 13,000 people, providing adult/senior day services; autism therapy; child development/early education; employment services; veteran employment support; independent living options; and more.

For more information, visit:

Enter for a chance to win three (3) masks (value: $42-$48)

Disclaimer: I received complimentary masks for my honest opinion. No monetary compensation was offered.

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