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MGM Celebrates 90 Years Of Great Family Movies With A Movie Bundle Giveaway #MGMInsiders #Giveaway

I am a huge fan of MGM as they have created some of my favorite childhood movies. When that lion roared my sisters and I would run into the living room which was the room with the only TV, because we know that something amazing was about to happen and this usually meant we would all be together as a family singing or laughing together. Whether it was The Wizard of Oz, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, The Secret Life of Nimh or Singing in the Rain or later, Overboard, The Adams Family, or Prancer, MGM created movies that everyone in the family could enjoy.

My favorites are:

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls start your engines. You're about to take an incredible ride with one of the most wonderful family films of all time! Now celebrating its 30th anniversary, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang has never looked or sounded better. Dick Van Dyke stars as eccentric inventor Caractacus Potts, who creates an extraordinary car called Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. It not only drives but also flies and floats as it leads him, his two children and his beautiful lady friend, Truly Scrumptious (Sally Ann Howes), into a magical world of pirates, castles and endless adventure.

The Princess Bride
A fairy tale adventure about a beautiful young woman and her one true love. He must find her after a long separation and save her. They must battle the evils of the mythical kingdom of Florin to be reunited with each other. Based on the William Goldman novel "The Princess Bride" which earned its own loyal audience.

From celebrated director Rob Reiner (When Harry Met Sally) and Oscar-winning* screenwriter William Goldman (Chaplin) comes "an enchanting fantasy" (Time) filled with adventure, romance and plenty of "good-hearted fun" (Roger Ebert)! Featuring a spectacular cast that includes Robin Wright (Forrest Gump), Cary Elwes (Liar, Liar), Mandy Patinkin (Dick Tracy) and Billy Crystal (City Slickers), this wonderful fairy tale about a Princess named Buttercup and her beloved is "a real dream of a movie" (People)! 

*1969: Original Screenplay, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid
1976: Adapted Screenplay, All the President's Men

Get ready to meet some runaway rodents with an earth-shattering secret! Suspenseful and heartwarming, this beautifully animated odyssey stars Mrs. Brisby, a mild-mannered mother mouse with a plan to move Heaven and Earth (or at least her house and home) to save her family from Farmer Fitzgibbon's plow! Along the way she gets some help from a lovelorn Crow, a busybody neighbor mouse and a fearsome Great Owl. Unfortunately, Mrs. Brisby will need an engineering miracle to hoist her home, and for that she must face a mysterious rat, fend off a ferocious cat and claim a magic amulet! But when Mrs. Brisby discovers the astounding secret of could change her life forever! This timeless tale of love, courage and determination will transport the whole family into an enchanting world where the bravest hearts live in the meekest of mice.  

As a MGM Insider I get to gift one of my readers a gift pack of these three movies.
  • The Princess Bride
  • Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
  • The Secret Life of Nimh
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Disclaimer: No monetary compensation was offered or received.  This is open to the US only. Winners will be notified via email and will have 48 hours to reply.

Giveaway Winners 12-21-14 #winners

The Winner of the Christmas Favorites CD Giveaway  is:

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A New Kinda Christmas Carol Story

Amazon now for $0.99
I just finished Scrooged A Musicals Novella by Laura DeLuca and have to tell you, I loved it! It is perfect reading for my evening of sitting with the Christmas tree lights on and a fire in the fireplace.  A Christmas Carol story especially the one with Mr. Magoo is one of my favorite Christmas stories.  Ebenezer Scrooge gets a message from beyond on Christmas Eve that makes him change his nasty ways before it's too late. It's a book about second chances and how it is never too late to change. Laura DeLuca's take on the story is about the same only this time she uses characters from her Trilogy The Dark Musicals.

In Scrooged, "Scrooge" is Stan the father of main character Rebecca. Stan has never liked Rebecca's boyfriend now husband Justyn and Christmas Eve didn't change that.

Stan leaves his daughter's home early after an argument and falls asleep watching A Christmas Carol. Well, if you are familiar with the story you can imagine what happens. After being visited by various spirits from the past, Stan must decide if he will get the message and change before it's too late.

Scrooged had me laughing, worried and at the end crying because I was so happy.

 If you have not read a Laura DeLuca book yet, I highly recommend them.   You can read my reviews for the Trilogy here , here and here. It is a great series for lovers of Young Adult and romance. I love Justyn and Rebecca and was so happy Laura brought them back in a Christmas book.

Some of My Favorite Items From #FrostyVoxBox #@Influenster

Last week I received a box full of some awesome products. Some I've heard of and others I am happy to be introduced to. 

When I opened the beautiful red box, I wasn't quite sure what to expect. Here is what it looked like!

Immediately I saw the Celestial Tea which I was a peppermint sample. YUMMMMM. I am a coffee and tea girl not playing favorites to either. I love them both.

I was having a dry eye problem so the eye make up remover was the first thing I used. I was told by the school nurse to go home and remove all my make-up, take my contacts out and rest my weary, red eyes. I did so immediately. Thanks Rimmel! It is about time I got back to taking better care of my skin! I have used it every night since. It is soothing and removes my eye make-up easily.

The first thing the kids noticed was the Vines! They are like Twizzlers but bite size and much wider and chewier. My kids love all gummy type snacks. These are a hit. We have purchased three bags since I got them in this box.

Boots No 7 Protect & Perfect Intense Advanced Serum is a true favorite. It was only a sample but thankfully the price makes it manageable. Honestly, after using I am quite surprised at the price. I thought it would much more expensive. It glides on the skin and if I had more I would have lathered my whole body with it. It felt wonderful and I am sooooo picking up the biggest bottle I can find this week.

The Candy Cane Celestial Seasonings Tea was a two bag sample and they were gone in one day. I love tea but especially when it is different. This was truly different. Nice, clean and minty.

The NYC New York Color Expert Last Lip Color in Sugar Plum is a stunning color and exactly what I would have picked. I like natural color not something that looks like I am wearing lipstick. This was the perfect compliment to my skin and I believe it would be good on all skin tones. It's a nice subdued colored with a little shimmer.

I don't have a photo yet but I am in love with the Rimmel Scandeleyes eye liner that came in the box as well. It goes on so smooth. Lasts all day and doesn't smudge. What more can a girl as for? I am not a huge make up wearer meaning I don't make up my face BUT I wear eye liner and a tiny bit of mascara every day even if I am staying home. Usually I purchase the kind that don't have to be sharpened so I am interested to see how it will be when I have to sharpen it. More on that later.

Can you see how much my kids loved the Fruit Vine Bites. We only got the bag opened and in 5 minutes I got to sample about 4.

Disclaimer: I received a complimentary box for my honest opinion. No monetary compensation was offered.

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In My Opinion, The Best Home DIY Manual - The Family Handyman + GIVEAWAY

This book has been the best-selling DIY Manual for over 40 years. At 517 pages, the newly revised edition covers almost every imaginable home improvement project and includes new chapters on landscaping, outdoor projects, storage projects, updated code/materials and technology, plus more than 3,000 full color photos and step by step directions for each project.  
Way back in the day when we first became homeowners we had a subscription to The Family Handyman magazine. It was awesome. We would tear over it every month wondering what project we could work on next. What we loved most were the colorful photos that broke it all down for you.

This book is just like that! It is a large hardcover book but you can also get a Kindle version for less but there is nothing like being able to just grab this book off the shelf and referencing whatever it is you are looking for.
  • Looking to change a faucet? It's in there.
  • Want to change your toilet, repair a gasket? It's in there! 
  • Not sure how to use a saw the correct, safe way? It's in there!
  • Need to fix broken tiles? Run a cable, Repair a water heater? It's all there.
  • Never put up drywall? You can learn with this book!
There are colorful, step-by-step photos for everything you will ever need to do on your home.

Great book for newlyweds, new home owners, or anyone you know who likes to do it them self!

Complete Do-it-Yourself Manual Newly Updated
By Editors of Family Handyman
Published by Reader's Digest
Hardcover: 528 pages
October 7, 2014; $35.00 US/ $39.99 CAN; 9781621452010

The leading manual for home improvements is getting an update to address current codes, latest materials, tools and technology.
The bestselling, most comprehensive guide to home improvements has been revised and updated once again since it's revision in 2005. Over 10 million copies of READER'S DIGEST COMPLETE DO-IT-YOURSELF MANUAL have been sold since it's original publication in 1973. In 2005, the manual got bigger and better than ever, when The Family Handyman and Reader's Digest joined forces and completely revised, updated, rewrote, and redesigned this home improvement classic. Now in 2014, The Family Handyman has once again updated and revised this do-it-yourself classic to make it relevant to today's homeowners and DIYers . . .
Written in a style of text that addresses readers in a very accessible, conversational tone for easy, user-friendly assistance with every do-it-yourself task. All instructions and materials have been updated to address current codes (electrical, plumbing and building), and revised to indicate the very latest in materials, tools, and technology. Suitable for beginners and experts alike, this newly revised edition includes:
  • Over 3,000 photos and illustrations to make complex projects and repairs easy to understand
  • Twice as many storage projects that help home owners cut clutter.
  • New building materials that yield great-looking, long-lasting results -- and low maintenance!
  • New technology that lets homeowners save energy, add convenience or improve security.
  • New building codes that make homes safer, more energy-efficient and trouble-free.
The book's tried-and-true instructions provide do-it-yourself solutions to a ton of problems that could cost a fortune if you had to hire a professional. This manual is a "must-have" reference guide for every home-owning man or woman.
About The Family Handyman
The Family Handyman
 is one of the most respected media brands in home improvement. The magazine celebrates the process and pride of a project well done, and gives consumers the how-to and solutions they need to create the home and lifestyle of their dreams. The brand offers accurate, fully tested content by a staff of experts and former pros. A crew of more than 1,100 reader-volunteer Field Editors contributes to every issue. The Family Handyman content is available in print; in books; online at and Haven Home Media; via digital download for iPad, Nook, and Zinio; and FacebookTwitterGoogle+ and Pinterest

To Purchase:

 To Win:

Disclaimer: We received a complimentary copy for our honest opinion. No monetary compensation was offered.

Music Alert - Snowapple Is Worth A Listen If You Like Musical Voices!

For Immediate Release - San Francisco, CA --- DECEMBER 18, 2014 --- Dutch composers, singers and multi-instrumentalists Laurien, Una and Laura comprise budding folk-inspired three piece SNOWAPPLE.    They release their sophomore album ILLUSION via Zip Records on March 10th, 2015 and are set to tour the world in support.  They start off in the UK in February.

ILLUSION holds eleven tracks that are connecting sonic strands of a modern fairytale.   Laurien, Una and Laura use adjectives like “enchanting, alluring and beguiling…..with a few perilous twists along the way” to describe the record and title itself.

Effortless, melodic and adroit are more adjectives to add.  The trio’s consummate folk influences brightly colors their growing catalogue that resembles a reflective and warm patchwork quilt.    Snowapple experiments with incorporating influences of electronica, contemporary jazz, krautrock and classical music while simultaneously attempting to craft the perfect pop song.

Drawing on uncommonly disparate musical backgrounds, Laura, Laurien and Una form a remarkable ensemble.  Their three central voices merge into majestic harmonies and then peel off into soaring solo peregrinations to complete what is an e'r evolving and simply glorious listening experience.

During the making of ILLUSION, SNOWAPPLE worked with a number of different producers, including Chris Hamilton (Kate Nash), Roald van Oosten (Martin Crimp), Biff Roxby (The Bedlam Six, Liz Green, Honeyfeet), Daniel Schaub (Jack Beauregard, Casper) and Joeri Saal (Spinvis, Paul Weller).  ILLUSION releases to the UK on February 3, 2015  via Debt Records and to the US, Canada and Europe via Zip Records, March 10th, 2015.

The 411:

I love female vocalists. The trio definitely have a distinct style and sound. Their voices are very musical. They wouldn't even need the instrument to sound like music. I like the way they use their voices together and the folksy, bluesy sound is interesting but not for everyone. If you enjoy listening to voices, folk music, and appreciate the non top 40 music out there, you will enjoy this.

Check out one of their video's here

"Happiness-boosting" gifts deliver before, during and after the holidays #lastminutegifts

CHICAGO—December 18, 2014—Looking for an affordable holiday gift that your loved ones will remember and appreciate for many days to come?

Consider the gift of fellowship, says IIT Chicago-Kent Professor Christopher Buccafusco, a co-author of Happiness and the Law.

“Spending time with family and friends in social settings receives among the highest happiness ratings," offers Buccafusco. “Overall social time is highly predictive of general life satisfaction.”

Buccafusco notes that many holiday gifts provide only transient joy—perhaps a little fun and surprise when unwrapping the gift, then rapidly decreasing enjoyment over the next several days and weeks.

“I'd guess that the moment-by-moment happiness that children experience in the days after Christmas returns to pre-holiday levels pretty rapidly,” he says. “Having spent hundreds of dollars on your children, are they any happier on January 20 than they were on December 20?”

The key to a “happiness-boosting” gift is the sustained joy the recipient feels when anticipating the gift, actually receiving the gift, and remembering the experience afterwards, says Buccafusco.

To prolong holiday happiness for children, try mixing gifts of special toys or games with festive cards promising afternoons together at the playground, visits to a favorite ice cream parlor, or walks together after dinner. For adults, try holiday cards or letters inviting your loved one out to lunch or to visit a favorite museum or nature site with you.

“Forget the focus on fancy gifts and must-have toys and find ways to spend enjoyable time with the people you care about,” says Buccafusco. “If you do decide to purchase normal gifts, look for items that promise little jolts of pleasure when used by the recipient. A slightly larger television or a once-read book are quickly adapted to.”

Buccafusco, who admits his tastes are idiosyncratic, reports, “I love grabbing a funny coffee mug out of the cupboard or pulling colorful socks out of my drawer.”

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Smarty Had A Party #81 Elegant Champagne Party Tablescape Giveaway #Tablescape ($50 ARV)

Sponsored By: Smarty Had A Party
Hosted By: Deliciously Savvy
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Plus a BIG Thank You to all other blogs helping to promote this giveaway!
Champagne Tablescape 1
Deliciously Savvy Received This Set For review and everything is amazing and gorgeous! She is going to use it for a Special Christmas Dinner While Her Sister Is Here! Be on the Lookout for her review to be posted after they set up their beautiful tablescape!

Pre-Review HERE

Here Is A Little More Info About Smarty Had A Party!

Smarty Had A Party is the nation’s top-rated online party store for entertaining, from back yard pool parties to weddings, bridal showers, holiday dinners and special occasions. Smarty offers the widest selection of budget-friendly, elegant disposable dinnerware, eco-friendly party supplies and table linen on the web, enabling party and event planners to save the expense and hassle of rentals.
In addition to humorous, friendly product pages, Smarty’s helpful blog guides people planning events with illustrated party inspirations and ideas, creative recipe suggestions, and DIY instructions. Smarty also sells beautiful decorations to create a unique wow effect for guests, and preserve a lifetime of memories.
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Champagne Tablescape 1  
This Giveaway For 1 Lucky Winner Will Include: 1) 1 Each Champagne Satin Rosette Table Runner 2) 1 Pack Venetian Ivory/Gold Disposable Plastic Dinner plates (10/pk) 3) 1 Pack Venetian Ivory/Gold Disposable Plastic Salad Plates (10/pk) 4) 1 Pack Willow Green Satin Napkins (5/pk)
5) 1 Pack Classicware Disposable Plastic Wine Goblets (6/pk) 6) 1 Pack Baroque Silver Look Disposable Forks (20/pk) 7) 1 Pack Baroque Silver Look Disposable knives (20/pk) 8) 1 Pack Baroque Silver Look Disposable Spoons (20/pk)

A Big Thank You To Smarty Had A Party For Sponsoring This Giveaway!

Giveaway Dates: 12/19 12AM EST until 1/09 12AM EST

Giveaway Valid for Continental US Residents ONLY and must be 18+ to enter

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Twitter or any other Social Media Networking Site. This giveaway is valid only
in the Continental United States (48 states). Entrants must be 18+ years of age to enter.
This giveaway will end at 12:00 AM (EST) on 1/10/15.

And Now The Giveaway!!!

Good Luck!

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Giveaway Winners 12-17-14 #winners

The Winner of the Jingle All The Way Giveaway  is:

The Winner of the Free Bird DVD is:
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Who Doesn't Like Free Stuff?

Hey it's the holidays and we could all use a little extra in our pockets or wallets. I just joined Listia to see what it's all about because I heard you can make money by getting rid of the stuff you no longer want. The Listia community is made up of people from all over the world who transform their excess items into things they love & actually use, for free. 

Basically you sell your stuff that you no longer want for stuff you do want.

It can be done in three easy steps:
  1. Declutter and toss anything you no longer want or need into box
  2. Turn it into credits which you get when other Listia folks win your auction listings (kind of like Ebay.
  3. Reward yourself with something you love, want or need.
Sounds easy to me. I can't wait to start and I already took the first step and signed it is your turn...go to Listia sign up and declutter. Time is a wasting! I already raked in 250 points just for signing up. 

Good luck everyone! Let's declutter and get some things we love!!!
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