My Life In Pictures - June 21 - June 30

June 21 - Took the class on a walk in the rain. They really needed to walk.

June 22 - Our first family dinner on the deck for the summer season.  My husband's idea of getting Chinese food was wonderful. I wasn't in the mood but enjoyed that we were all at the same table.

June 23 - Weekend project. Free shelf from work that will now be part of our deck furnishings needed a waterproof coating.

June 24 - S'more's bar set up for the 8th grade Graduation party. I assisted in set up but the whole idea was by one mom who does this for parties. It looked amazing. There were about 15 of us on hand to help move chairs, tables, set up lights, backgrounds, etc.

June 25 - My beautiful baby's 8th grade graduation. I had her hold a photo of her from kindergarten and while she hated every moment of posing she allowed me to take about 300 photos. I am so proud of her. She had a wonderful year at school.

June 26 - My beautiful baby waiting on the bus stop for her last day of school. I ended up driving her that morning but I couldn't miss the obligatory bus stop photo. It will be the last time she stand here heading to the middle school. I cannot believe she will be a high school in September.

June 27 - Goddess grabbed this shot of the sibs hanging out under the table.

June 28 - Summer Break is in full effect. Late nights means. A bit blurry but it was dark in the room except for a sliver of sun coming in.

June 29 - I love taking shots of water droplets on the plants in the morning.

June 30 - Today was the day we took down the trampoline. It was a big part of the kids life for a few years but they haven't used it in a year. Goddess rolled her ankle and never got back on and Handsome just said, it was too much work to clean it for the times he wanted to use it. I am sad to see it go but why leave it there when other kids could benefit from it. We posted on a tag sale site and got $90 for it.

My Life In Pictures - June 12 - June 20

June 12 - Goddess artwork makes me happy. The girl in the background is Goddess' friend who was drawing the other side of the hallway.

June 13 - The only photo I took was of some beautiful colored roses at Shoprite.

June 14 - I took this photo to show the sky. The morning started out as a totally different day full of fluffy clouds but on the way home it was a gorgeous blue sky.

June 15 - My son's newest haircut is a "modified Mohawk". He finally talked us into allowing him to have a Mohawk but the barber didn't understand us. I was happy with this instead. I am not ready to see him with bald sides.

June 16 - My daughter standing next to a tree my son brought home from a field trip. It was in a small pot and every kid brought one home to plant. Not sure about everyone else's tree but ours is doing wonderfully.

June 17 - Not a single photo! Wahhh

June 18 - I did this compilation of my daughter and her very first friend after their 8th grade semi-formal dance. The girls know each other since they were 3 years old in the same preschool.

June 19 - It may never work again but found a short goodnight animal animated video on You Tube. Narrator introduces the animal who is yawning. They shut a light while the narrator says Good night. At the end he tells you it is your turn. I shut it down and every kid went right to their mat. All 10 asleep within 15 minutes.

June 20 - We took the class on a scavenger hunt. They had to find grass, trees, a bird, a flower, butterfly, ants, etc. They loved it.

My Life In Pictures June 1 - June 11

June 1 - June 3 - It has been crazy lately. Semi Formal things, late nights, work and school coming to a close and volunteer work at the shelter. Soooo we didn't take a single photo which is crazy to me.

June 4- Our deck garden is growing. My husband is constantly shifting and re-potting as the plants grow.

June 5 I started couponing and while I don't feel this is an amazing haul I was proud of it. My trip to Walgreens was to get these items specifically. The Total was $24.29. What do you think? I got those 4 paper products, 2 hair products, gum and a pair of socks.  

June 6 - While taking photos of a farm stand items this butterfly decided to land on this angel stone. I took it as a divinity sign as I had been thinking of my dad who was sick at the time and in the hospital. I was told that I may want to say goodbye.  He is since home and while not wonderfully healthy. HOME!

June 7 - My girl came to work with me and drew an adorable cat on my dry erase board. My toddlers noticed it immediately. They notice every "new" thing in the room.

June 8 - My Dollar General Haul ended up being way more impressive that my last haul and was done with digital and paper coupons. The total was only $21.78. Not as good as what I see online but I was proud.  

June 9 - Set up my office outside for the day. It was only about 6:00 am and the whole house was sleeping.

June 10 - Me in a snapchat filter always makes me smile. I wish my skin was as smooth.

June 11 - I took 100 photos of my girl before her Junior Leadership Dinner in this hand-me-down dress but they are mostly out of focus because she was so nervous about having to make a speech (she ended up not as they gave her a choice). Most of them were of her with her arms up to her face. Turning away or just whizzing by. This one is out of focus but I love it so much.

My Life In Pictures May 15 - May 31, 2019

May 15 - This was the day I found my favorite drink ever. It taste like someone took a watermelon and liquefied it. SOOOO good.

May 16 - My daughter took this shot. We never get the three cats in one shot!

May 17 - Goddess art makes me happy.

May 18 - My new S'More filler!

May 19 - I am in love with the colors of this photo.

May 20 - Oh that Sky!

May 21 - Our newest photo accessory makes the perfect monocle.

May 22 - I only took photos of my class today and unfortunately I cannot post them.

May 23 - My deck is ready and we cannot wait to see it in full bloom.

May 24 - We were all taking photos of things on the deck. My husband grabbing a photo of his beer.

May 25 - Our new oasis. This is where we will be spending a lot of our time this Summer.

May 26 - OMG...I found this little guy at Rite Aid and I love him so much. Look at that adorable face being so happy to be around the purple flowers.

May 27 -  Jinxy...that's it!

May 28 - I took photos of my class on the playground unfortunately I cannot post them.

May 29- Just an ugly bug at the playground but those eyes!

May 30- not a single photo was taken. WHYYYY!

May 31 - Semi Formal photo of my girl were hard to choose from. How could I pick just one? Maybe it needs it's own post. I do this for me as a way of remembering life and writing for the kids soooo perhaps but for now...this one of my girl is love.

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Why You Should Consider Switching Your Contacts for Glasses More Often

Contact lenses are a great way to correct your vision without having to worry about wearing glasses, and they can be great when you don't want to include glasses in your look for the day or when you are doing something that is inconvenient with your glasses on, like some kinds of sport. However, if you wear contact lenses all of the time, you may find that it can be nice to take breaks from them sometimes and wear glasses instead.

Here are some of the reasons to consider wearing your eyeglasses more regularly:

Save Time!

Whatever type of lenses you use, even if you have disposables and don't need to worry about cleaning them, there is a time overhead to putting in lenses and taking them out every day that can be a real annoyance when you are in a hurry. Wearing glasses is faster, unless of course you are in the habit of misplacing them! You can make your routine of getting ready for work a lot simpler - even when you are tired and bleary eyed - by going for the glasses, and you won't have to worry about taking out lenses after a night out, either.

A New Look

Glasses aren't just practical, they can also be a cool fashion accessory. If you choose some stylish designer frames or some sporty Nike glasses, you can add a new accessory to your rotation that can update how you look. If people are used to seeing you wearing your contact lenses, then wearing glasses may make them take notice of the difference, and so you may find you get a lot of compliments! Although nobody really knows why, given having eyesight that needs correction shouldn't really have any effect on intelligence, studies have shown that people do perceive those who are wearing glasses as smarter, more serious and more professional, so it could be a good look for work. Equally, some people find glasses really attractive, so you may also want to try out your new look on a date!

Give Your Eyes a Break

Having contacts sitting on your eyes can lead to dryness and irritation, and it is generally a good idea to leave them out from time to time so that your eyes can have a break. When you wear glasses, it is a lot gentler for your eyes, and you are also protecting them from the drying effects of things like wind and fans indoors. Making it a regular thing to wear glasses sometimes can give you better overall eye health, and also be a good idea if you are prone to dry eyes or infections. As well as taking breaks from lenses, you should also do what you can to take care of your eye health by using good eye drops to keep them hydrated, and using an eye bath sometimes.

As you can see, it can be both healthy and fun to wear glasses instead of your usual contact lenses from time to time, especially if you invest in some glasses that you really like the style of. Why not consider looking out for some stylish new frames now!

What You Don't Know About Your Child's Bite Can Cause Long-Term Problems

Looks can be deceiving, and such is the case sometimes with children’s teeth. They may appear straight and without the need for braces, but problems can be lurking that require orthodontic treatment after all.

One issue may be with the bite. Orthodontists say it may not be readily evident to the naked eye, but a parent can detect the problem when closely observing their child’s chewing habits with certain foods. 

“So often we parents miss what’s right in front of us, and our children don’t bother to tell us because it’s just the way it’s always been,” says Dr. Kelly Giannetti (, a Sacramento-based orthodontist and co-author with Dr. Thais Booms of Beyond Braces: A Consumer’s Guide To Orthodontics. 

“When most people think about reasons for orthodontic treatment, they’re thinking about the problems you can easily see – protruding teeth or teeth that overlap each other, for instance. But every bit as important is the bite, and while problems with your bite aren’t always as noticeable, they do have consequences.”

Left uncorrected, an uneven bite can lead to numerous problems, including headaches, broken teeth or gum recession. 

Giannetti and Booms say while genetics is a common culprit for a poor bite, environmental causes can also play a role. A few of those include:
  • Thumb-sucking. Prolonged thumb-sucking or the use of pacifiers beyond the age of 4 increases the risk of altering the bite. “In a proper bite pattern,” Booms says, “the upper teeth slightly overlap the lower teeth. But dependence on thumb-sucking or a pacifier for extended periods can prevent that from happening. The back molars may touch when the jaws are closed but the front teeth don’t. And the frequent presence of a thumb, finger or pacifier while the two front adult teeth erupt can cause them to come in improperly.”
  • Mouth-breathing. The inability to breathe through the nose can be a major cause of growth-related bite problems. “This happens to a lot of children who have precursors to sleep-disordered breathing, such as enlarged tonsils or adenoids, or allergies,” Giannetti says.
  • Damaged or prematurely lost baby teeth. Booms and Giannetti note that many parents undervalue the importance of baby teeth in regard to how they can affect the bite. For one, accidents can affect the development of a child’s teeth and bite. “When a child knocks a baby tooth out, the buds of the permanent teeth grow underneath the roots of the baby teeth,” Booms says. “So sometimes trauma to a baby tooth can dislodge or move the developing bud of the permanent tooth, which eventually comes in crooked.”
  • Cavities in baby teeth. “When children get cavities that cause their baby teeth to crack or be lost, if the baby tooth isn’t fixed, or a space maintainer is not put in, the teeth just drift around,” Giannetti says. “Teeth grow until they touch another tooth, and this process can be the root of most problems when it comes to environmental causes.”
“Getting your child examined at an early age by an orthodontist can uncover a problem, such as a bad bite, before it causes damage,” Booms says. 

About Dr. Kelly Giannetti and Dr. Thais Booms
Dr. Kelly Giannetti ( operates a private orthodontic practice with Dr. Thais Booms in Sacramento and they are co-authors of the book Beyond Braces: A Consumer’s Guide To Orthodontics. Dr. Giannetti graduated from Harvard University with a doctorate in dental medicine and a master’s degree in public health, and furthered her orthodontic specialty education with a master’s in oral biology at the University of California at San Francisco. She is the director of the Orthodontic Assisting Program at the FADE Institute. 

Dr. Thais Booms ( operates a private orthodontic practice with Dr. Kelly Giannetti in Sacramento and they are co-authors of the book Beyond Braces: A Consumer’s Guide To Orthodontics. Dr. Booms graduated from the University of Michigan with a master’s in orthodontics. She served as an assistant professor of orthodontics at the University of Michigan and has practiced orthodontics with Dr. Giannetti for over 10 years. 

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My Life In Pictures - May 1 - May 14

May 1 - NADA

May 2 -  Made up for nothing from May 1st with this interesting story of my Grandma's lost ring
Lost this ring yesterday. It was a Cubic Zirconia I Had brought my grandma. I wear it everyday since getting it from her house when she passed. During a messy diaper change at work yesterday I pulled my gloves off and thought “OMG my ring”. I wasn’t going to dig and thought maybe I left it home. I wear it every day but maybe today I didn’t. When I got home I looked in the 3 places it would be; my dresser, the shelf above the kitchen sink and the bathroom sink. Nothing. I looked again this morning nothing. Tore about the top of my dresser, taking everything off and turned up nothing. Finally figured that was that and told myself I would have to be okay with never seeing it again. Walked into my bedroom 5 minutes before it was time to leave for work and saw this right on my dresser. Not only was the ring on the dresser but it was standing up on it’s stone. I yelled for my daughter to come see what my ring was doing. She knew I was upset that I had lost it. She came in probably thinking it was spinning because of the way I yelled. I still get chills thinking about looking at it in shock. Looking up and saying “thank you” before putting it back on. My daughter asked who I was thanking and I said “whoever put it back.” I am still so shocked and could cry over this. Craziness but blessed #feelingblessed #myparanormalexperience #grandmasring#love

May 3 - Goddess is at it again! I love her cat girl artwork.

May 4th -  Let's take a moment to enjoy these semi-formal boots I picked up for Goddess. I never had a shoe thing but man I love these boots. My whole life I never owned a pair of Doc Martens and so happy I was able to get her a pair. Are they not glorious?! So sparkly!

May 5th - I made a blueberry loaf to go with my Blueberry K-Cup review. It was delicious.

May 6 - Snapchat filters strike again!

May 7 - Taking photos of songs that play on my radio so I can check them out when I get home.

May 8 - When your kid won't pose for a photo as she gets ready to board the bus to Washington for a school trip, you enlist the help of her friends.

May 9 - Anxiously waiting for photos from my Goddess who is in Washington and suddenly get a text with a photo. Think it is her and friends but alas it is of a ICEE cup she got for herself. NICE!

May 10 - Took my boy to Burger King for dinner since it was just him and me. He did not want this photo taken. What is up with kids and cameras?!

May 11 - Awww my Handsome turned 16! I can't believe how fast time flies and hello...time to change my Maria's Space banner already!

May 12 - My girl picked up Mother's Day gifts for me in Washington. Made me so happy and surprised but felt bad that she ended up not having enough money for herself. She knows I love dark chocolate and she also picked me up pretty Cherry Blossom jewelry which I have been wearing ever since.

May 13 - More art work. How could I not share?

May 14 - Using my new WISH light box for the first time. Used some of Goddess' crystals.

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