Modular Closets Home Organization Expert Shares His Top Tips To Help You Declutter Your Home & Start The New Year Off Right

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I started decluttering January 2nd. It was time and Maria Kondo inspired me like the rest of my friends. We are all decluttering. Lightening up the load has taken a weight off my life. I feel so much better. So I am happy to share this article (with permission) by Marty Basher is the home organization expert at Modular Closets.

Most of us have stress in our lives. It is pretty common. So it is important that we do what we can to limit unnecessary stress, such as messy environments. A messy desk, car, house… a messy whatever can really impede your ability to function at your optimal capacity. So take a few minutes or whatever time you need to get rid of stuff or put things in their places. There is plenty to be stressed out over- don’t let messiness be one of them.

Cleaning up a messy environment gives you a real sense of accomplishment. So many things we do today never really have an end date. They just seem to be ongoing projects that unfortunately don’t provide a measurable point to stop and say “job well done”. Well, cleaning your home, for instance, can give you that “job well done” feeling. It doesn’t take too long and the finished product is a nice, tidy living space that will give you a “well done” pat on the back. Plus, your home is clean!

Clutter can be unhealthy… literally. A lot of clutter may include things that are toxic, chemical-laden or simply just dust-collecting devices. Cleaning out things that you won’t use, and probably don’t need, can reduce dust, thus reducing molds and other airborne irritants. Just cleaning up and decluttering can have a huge impact on the quality of air that you breathe in your home.

Clutter is distracting. A cluttered home can be especially distracting, taking your eye and mind off tasks you want to work on. Clutter has been shown to reduce focus in most adults. Trying to concentrate or complete a task in a room that is full of “clutter/distractions” can increase the time to completion quite significantly. It just might be your cluttered home is also the reason you keep losing things and have to spend time looking for them.

If your clutter is on a grander scale, you may need to ease into the idea of decluttering. Sometimes, the problem with decluttering is the emotional attachment we feel to all our stuff. If this describes you then start with this one tip. Start decluttering with the least emotional items. Take it one room at a time and go through, first removing items with little or no emotional value. Before you know it, you will be moving on to more items and soon be clutter-free.

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Organized and decluttered closets are one surefire way to a more organized life! You will save time and energy not having to painstakingly piece outfits together every morning or searching for that other mitten, soccer shin pad, or you name it. Plus your your mind will feel decluttered knowing that behind your closet and cabinet doors, everything is laid out exactly as you need it to be. Here are a few ways to accomplish getting your closets into shape:

- A hanging shoe organizer is not just for shoes! Attach a clear shoe organizer with pockets to the back of your clothes or linen closet. Use it to store all the stuff that gets lost in most closets. For clothes closets use it to store socks, gloves, swim suits, scarves, and more. For the linen closet, store cleaning products, lost socks, a roll of garbage bags, sponges and scrub brushes.

- With just a few minutes of your time, your clothes closet can be organized and coded to make getting dressed a breeze—it doesn’t matter whether your closet is big or small. Start by categorizing all the shirts. Once pulled together, file them by short sleeve and long sleeved, then match up by color. Next, do the same with pants and skirts. Now, when it’s time to get dressed, you can simply look for a shirt by sleeve length and color. Then you can quickly pair it with a skirt or pants of choice. No more sorting through racks of clothes looking for a missing item stuck between two totally unrelated things.

- If you’re dealing with a small closet, think outside the box and create more space by building up and down. Add storage cubes on top of a shelf. Add a second hanging bar if you need more space to hang clothes. Storage bins fit nicely under hanging clothes rods to store off-season clothes.

- One of the easiest ways to store belts and scarves is by hanging them from simple plastic shower curtain rings. They’re inexpensive, come in big packs and perfectly hold those items that may not have another place to go. Simply snap the ring into place on your closet rod and you’re ready to go!

Bio: Marty Basher is the home organization expert at Modular Closets, the closet units you can mix & match to design your very own custom closet. Homeowners everywhere are empowered to achieve the true custom closet look- for nearly 40% less than standard custom closets. Discover Modular Closets online at

Lety Out Loud by Angela Cervantes #scholasticbooks

Lety Out Loud by Angela Cervantes
For Ages 8-12
208 Pages

1338159348 (ISBN13: 9781338159349)
Release Date: February 26, 2019

Lety Munoz sometimes has trouble speaking her mind. Her first language is Spanish and she likes to take her time putting her words together. Lety loves volunteering at the Furry Friends Animal Shelter because the dogs and cats there don't care if she can't find the right word.

When the shelter needs a volunteer to write animal profiles, Lety jumps at the chance. But grumpy classmate Hunter also wants to write profiles — so now they have to work as a team. Hunter's not much of a team player, though. He devises a secret competition to decide who will be the official shelter scribe. They'll each write three profiles. Whoever helps get their animals adopted the fastest wins. The loser scoops dog food. Lety reluctantly agrees, but she's worried. If the shelter finds out about the contest, they might kick her out of the program. Then she'll never be able to adopt Spike, her favorite dog at the shelter. Can Lety find her voice before it's too late?

The 411:

Lety's first language isn't English and she is working hard to learn as much as she can. She and her friends are volunteering at an Animal Shelter and need to apply for specific tasks. Lety decides to be the writer for animal profiles. These profiles will help the animals get adopted and must speak about the personality of the animal and drew the adoptee in to that the animal has the best chance at a successful adoption.

Lety is not the only one who wants to write. Hunter thinks he is better and devises a secret competition between he and Lety. They are each to write three profiles and which ever one's animals gets adopted the fasted wins.

This is a great book for middle schoolers. I enjoyed everything about this book and think kids will enjoy the animals, the friendships, the competition and that everyone has a reason for the way they act at times including Hunter.

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Goosebumps 2 GIVEAWAY Plus Science With Slappy #goosebumps2 #ad #giveaway

Disclaimer: I received a complimentary product for my my honest opinion. No monetary compensation was offered.

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Traveling with an Emotional Support Animal

Let's be real, the act of traveling can be crazy stressful. Despite the awesome payoffs of being able to see family and friends or experience a new country, or even new state of our beautiful country it's still a lot! But traveling with your emotional support animal can take the stress up a whole other notch, especially when you don't know what to expect.

Despite this, with a little preparation (and the help of this article!) you can totally nail this whole traveling with your ESA thing! We're going to take you through the process of getting ready to travel by plane with an ESA step-by-step, so that a trip with your emotional support animal will be a piece of cake.

We'll be focusing on air travel here, as unfortunately bus and train travel can be a little more limited for ESAs at this time. Get ready to travel!

Documents at the Ready!

A key part of flying with your ESA is having all the paperwork you'll need ready to go. What you will need depends on your airline, but as a general rule you should have:

An ESA letter

A copy of your airline confirmation that you will be traveling with your ESA
A signed statement that confirms your liability for your animal and your animal's behavior
A printed copy of your airline's policy and the Aircraft Carrier Access (ACA) act for your records
Having all these things ready to go before even popping 'airport' in as your Uber destination is going to make your trip much smoother!

Prep at Home

The location that makes the most difference to your travel stress level? Believe it or not, it's actually your home. With some preparation at home before leaving to travel, you will have a far better experience than just winging the whole things. Here are some tips to help you get your ESA ready before jetting off.

Carrier Training: A Must

Many pet parents will be quick to agree that carrier training, in general, is an excellent step in owning a well-adjusted pet. Carrier training can help an ESA to feel safe and calm, which is a great thing day-to-day, and especially at the airport! Start by letting your pet become familiar with its carrier, by leaving it open in the room where you spend the most time. You can then entice your pet into going inside using snacks and treats.

Keep using positive motivation to get them comfortable with the door being shut. The aim from here is to build up the time that your pet spends comfortably inside their carrier to real flight plus airport admin time, in order to be prepped for your flight. Just remember—treats are your friend during this training exercise!

Socialize Your Pet

Every owner should take the time to socialize their pet, for the good of their pet and their own peace of mind. Well-socialized pets are happy pets, that are adaptable in many different situations, exactly what is needed when encountering a place as hectic as the airport!

Try taking your ESA to the park, having friends over and other challenging situations to expose your pet to new situations, building up their acceptance and tolerance to these and improving their behavior.

Do a Test Run

An excellent tip when traveling with an ESA is to do a 'dry run' of your trip. Try getting your pet into its carrier and going on a long drive to simulate air travel. It's a great way to accustom your pet to the rumbling vibrations of a vehicle that they will experience during a flight.

Remember, try not to interact with your pet during this process, as it's vital they are comfortable in their carrier during transit without you to comfort them.

Airport at Home

We love a sneaky hack, and this is definitely a great one! In order to get your ESA used to the terrifying sounds of an airport (seriously, they can be scary for our fur buds!) try this handy tip: play ambient airport sounds at home. This helps your ESA to get accustomed to the noises they will hear on the big day which should hopefully lessen their anxiety.

Pack Everything, and Then Some

When traveling with your ESA, it's essential to over pack rather than under pack. You'll feel a weight lifted off your shoulders when you know you've got everything you need and more to cover every situation that may arise. Just follow this handy list:

Your pet's favorite toys and bedding
Litter box or waste bags
Travel carrier
Food and treats with collapsible travel bowls
Drinking water (Especially if you’re going to be on a long road trip or journey during which water wont’ be readily available)
Medications and medical/vaccine records
A formal health certificate from your vet if necessary (many airlines require one)
Towel (for cleaning up messes or wiping wet paws)
Travel throw (to serve as a blanket or car seat cover)
Grooming supplies
Pet first aid kit

Traveling is a vital part of our lives in this day and age, and doing it without your pet is not always feasible, or desirable! With these tips to help prep your ESA for flying, you don't need to have fear of travel anymore. Remember to always do your research on the airline (american airlines pet travel)Feel free to bring your best bud to enjoy your wanderlust and time with loved ones!
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