Friday, December 29, 2006

Gift I made my niece - Wall Scrapbooking

Tantrum that took down the tree

This day sucked. I would never have thought he could manage this.

Little Santa

December 6, 2006 (1)
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I love this picture

December 7, 2006 (7)

December 7, 2006 (7)
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This was my Christmas Card 2006

December 8, 2006 (34)

December 8, 2006 (34)
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God, how I love this dress. So pretty

December 8, 2006 (19)

December 8, 2006 (19)
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This was on my holiday card

Christmas 2006

Geez..It has been so long since I was able to get on here. I have been trying to keep up with the blogs I read but I have been unable to commit time for myself.

Anyway, Christmas was great. My kids got WAYYYY to much stuff. We spent the Eve as we have for the past 14 or more years, at my in-laws. This will be the last year that we do that. Not that anything happened, I just would love to try to duplicate some of my childhood memories. My in-laws eat late, then start opening gifts after 12:00. We live over an hour away and don't get home until the kids are long asleep. I really want them to put out milk and cookies for Santa, put on their new Christmas Pj's, watch a movie with mom and dad, put out reindeer food and go to sleep because Santa can't come unless little kids are sleeping. Next year the kids will be 4 and 2 and a little more aware of all that goes along with the holiday and I want to give my kids the fantasy for a little while.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Pee-Pee on the Potty

Holy friggin crap, I am ready to jump on the roof. My kid pee-pee'd on the potty tonight. No, not the friggin 3.6 year old whose diapers I will be changing until his wife takes over the honor but it was my angel baby girl.

Last week I had this idea that since my kids want to copy each other, maybe if I started the girl on potty training the boy will follow. I sat her on the potty yesterday and the boy went crazy, he wanted to go too. He was doing everything to get in the bathroom. Umm maybe I am onto something I think to myself. Cocky yes, but I am hopeful. He sits for about 2.3 minutes, says all done ( he didn't) and he flushes and leaves. I try to follow but my daughter wants to stay. So we sit for another 15 minutes, I pull up her clothes and tell her good trying.

Tonight my son not feeling well goes to bed at 7:30. I head to the bathroom for a pee break. My daughter follows and sits on her potty. I go to leave the bathroom and she yells "potty." I allow her to sit there for another 10 minutes (never taking off her pj's or diaper because I thought she was just sitting for the sake of sitting). Getting bored sitting there, I head to the door. She yells, "potty." I pick her up and walk with her to the living room. I place her on the couch and she yells, "potty" and throws herself down, whining. I walk with her to the bathroom because I don't dare let her cry long enough to walk her brother (God forbid). As I enter the room I have a light bulb moment. Wait, maybe she really has to go. I remove her pj's and diaper. She sits and the next thing you know.... I hear it! Holy crap. In the highest voice I have ever uttered I scream "Are you peeing?" I am not even sure how she managed to continue the flow with my celebration going on but she did and I was so proud. I actually called her Godmother, my sister, her grandfather and my mother-in-law to tell them. I am sure they all think I am a freak but they should know that already.

Goddess, I am so proud of you baby girl. You shock and awe me everyday. You rock! Your strong will, and fierce spirit frustrate and impress me at the same time. My only regret is that your brother was not awake to tell him and your daddy was working.

I love you ladybug. Mommy

Monday, December 11, 2006

Playing Catch-Up

Damn it has been so hectic lately. Time has totally gotten away from me. Kids still crazy.
Went out Saturday for my annual get-together with my girlfriends for a much needed chick only lunch. Once again, thank God for good friends.

Christmas shopping done and 95% wrapped.

Tree up and decorated with as many unbreakable ornaments as possible.

Still working on a project for my niece and hope to have it completed by Saturday.

Still talking potty training with the boy, he is totally against it. So I will be changing diapers until his wife takes over.

Finally sent in my holiday pictures of the kids. It took about 100 shots to get one where they were both looking at the camera at the same time. By the end of the photo session, one was in tears (Goddess), one was screaming for milk (PT), and my voice was hoarse from yelling their names.

Got picture with Santa taken..yippy. Second in line, waited about 15 minutes for late Santa. Got up to Santa, placed girl on his lap. Toddler decided he didn't want anything to do with Santa. I moved away, photographer runs up to Santa with a picture, they tell him that the printer is not working and they will fix it in 15 minutes. Santa still holding my girl, talks sweetly to my son and daughter for roughly 20 minutes. The camera people say they almost have it fixed. Santa talks to the kids some more and finally coaxes my son into his lap. The photographer says ready, I moved away and the rest as they say folks is history. The first picture of my son on Santa in 2 years. Ok, my kids are not smiling in the picture, they actually look like deer in a headlight, but the point is this..a picture was taken of my two kids sitting on a smiling, rotund gentleman who goes by the name of Santa. Finally!

Reported someone for inappropriate behavior online. Those of you who know me; know that this piece of Shit had to be really bad for me to report them to the proper authorities, but I did and I would do it again.

Became a Nielsen Family. Big brother records what I watch on TV and listen to on the radio. Not so hard. I just wear a little device around my neck all day then plug it into it's charger at night. Easy as pie!