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Pink Panda Candy’s Gummy Candy Taste Amazing With Way Less Sugar And The Best Part, You Won’t Notice!


                    Pink Panda, Gummy Candy for the Health-Conscious, 

 Now Available Online


New York, NY – Pink Panda, the fruity gummy candy made with only 2 grams of sugar and 90 calories per 1.8oz (23-piece) bag, is now available online throughout the United States. Made with allulose, a natural sweetener, Pink Panda currently has 2 varieties (Treasure Chews and sour Astro Blasters), which are available now at https://pinkpandacandy.com/.

“I’ve had a sweet tooth all my life, but as a health-conscious adult who tries to avoid sugar, it’s become a challenge to get my candy fix,” said Pink Panda founder Noah Bernett.  “I still want to indulge in sweets, but I don’t want the calories and guilt that come with it, so I partnered with a world-class confectionary food scientist to create arguably the tastiest health candy in the world and that’s how Pink Panda was born. After lots of experimenting and taste-testing, we found a way to make perfectly fruity, sweet, chewy, juicy gummies, with very few calories and no aftertaste. It's candy made healthy and tasty for everyone.”

The 411:

I received a few bags of Pink Panda Gummy Candy. Astro Blasters which are more of a sweet and sour and Treasure Chews more of your traditional gummies and honestly if no one had told me they were less calories and under 3 grams of sugar I would have never know.

As a mom and preschool teacher I love giving treats to my kids but my conscience forces me to go easy which means the snacks are limited. Pink Panda changed that. Only 90 calories for 23 pieces basically an entire bag and only 2 grams of sugar with all the reasons you love gummy candy. You won’t even miss the sugar.

My kids loved the Astro Blasters while my preschool class preferred the Treasure Chews. I liked them both but probably ate more of the Astro Blasters and I am not even a gummy fan.

I have already placed my order for Valentine’s Day. My class will get treat bags so I am going to add Pink Panda Gummies if I don’t eat them first.

Order from Pink Pandas link above, only $19.99 for a 6 pack. 

Btw I just asked my daughter to take the last bag away from me because I was pooping them in my mouth as I wrote about them. She told me to add this to my review.

About Pink Panda

Pink Panda satisfies the sweet cravings of health-conscious snackers with low-sugar, low-calorie gummy candies. With taste and texture to rival all the famous gummy brands, Pink Panda is a flavorful guilt-free alternative with two delicious varieties available: Treasure Chews and Astro Blasters. Keeping total sugar under 2g and total calories at 90 per bag, Pink Panda’s proprietary formulas represent the latest innovation in candy, reminding sweets-lovers: #DontSweatTheSweetStuff.  For more information, please visit https://pinkpandacandy.com/ and follow on Instagram at @pinkpandacandy. 

Disclaimer: I received complimentary samples for my honest opinion. No monetary compensation was offered.

Welcome Your Kid into Adulthood with These 21st Gift Ideas



The 21st birthday is a time that everybody remembers fondly. In many cultures, its when a parent welcomes their kid into adulthood. Its traditional to give kids an extra meaningful gift that theyll remember for the rest of their life on their 21st birthday. Stuck for ideas? Try these ideas:




In the United States, 21 is the legal drinking age. In the UK and Australia its 18, so they would have had a few years practice, but many bars are 21+ because when youre 21, your relationship with alcohol tends to be a bit more mature. To celebrate this maturity, some drinkware makes a great gift – whether ita personalized set of glasses or a crystal decanter. 


Some Nice Shades


A good pair of sunglasses are both probably out of your kids price range and something that they will be able to wear long into their adulthood if they take care of them. There are many brands to choose from, but there are some that are more renowned than others. 


A Watch


A good watch is one of the classic 21st gifts for men, but its also a good choice for women. Its something that can be used and treasured for many years. A classic choice is a Rolex, but few can afford those – nowadays there are countless interesting and unique options to choose from; as long as its unique, itll be well appreciated. 


A Party


You might not be the best person to throw your adult child a party (its likely that youre not in touch with whats hip) but youll definitely be welcome to bankroll it. Whether its just a house party or something more unique, planning the party with your soon-to-be 21-year-old can be a great bonding activity, great fun and highly appreciated. Just make sure you surprise them with a special cake! Custom cakes are a great idea, but if you cant afford those, 21st birthday cake toppers can make any cake special.


A Special Fragrance 


When you come of age, its a good idea to have a grown-up cologne, eau de toilette or perfume as the punctuation mark for your identity. Being given a scent out of the blue will surely be appreciated, but it will be even more special if you make a day of it and go to a perfume counter to learn more, try out different styles and pick one that suits them the most. They will really feel proud to wear such an extension of themselves. 


Some Meaningful Art 


Art is a very mature gift to receive and a piece of art that really speaks to the recipient will be treasured for the rest of their life. This doesnt have to be an expensive piece by any means, it just has to have great personal meaning. If you have any artistic talent, it could even be something that you make yourself – perhaps a portrait of your family or your pets! Whatever it is, as long as there is thought, care and love it is sure to be thankfully welcome.

Monday, December 28, 2020

How To Land Your First Gig

There are many musicians who hope to make it big. Success starts with landing your first gig. It's not always easy to do, but with dedication to your art and the help of others, you can find places that are likely to give your band a shot.

Support Local Scene

The big-name artists that John Branca represents started by getting to know their local music scene well. Before you ask for support for your own music, you need to offer support. Attend every performance you can, and make a point to meet the members of the band afterward. Give the attention you hope your music will get someday.

Collaborate With Other Artists

Getting to know other musicians in your area comes with certain perks. They may start inviting you to parties or jam sessions where you get to showcase your own skills. They may need an opening act for a booked show when someone cancels at the last minute. Attorney John Brancaadvises that continuing to cultivate relationships in the industry can be your key to success.

Record a Demo

Before they hire you to play on their stage, most venue representatives are going to want to hear how you sound. This is why it's important to have a demo ready to go. Make sure it is accessible in a digital format rather than just handing them a CD that they have to keep up with. As an added bonus, you can upload your demo on Bandcamp or some other streaming service, which not only gives you an internet presence but also makes it possible to start generating income.

Look for Opportunities

The first time you play in public is probably not going to be in front of a large crowd in your city's biggest venue. It's more likely going to be an open mic night in which you swallow your nerves so that you can get through the song you planned before the next hopeful artist gets to the stage. Don't discredit these experiences. Whether you are playing for hundreds of people or just a few fervent fans, every performance counts. It teaches you how to relate to the audience and may even make you a better musician. You never know which event will spark the interest of someone in the industry who wants to invest in your success.

When you are a new musician, getting the first gig may seem like a pipe dream. With hard work and dedication, though, you can make it happen.

Sunday, December 27, 2020

Christmas 2020 Was Amazing!


I was pretty excited about Christmas. I had started shopping in September because I was worried about things being shut down or prolonged due to COVID. With every paycheck I did a little shopping so that by Christmas my kids, husband and family members would be taken care of. We mailed so much out this year because we weren't getting together with my husband's family. Usually we go there Christmas Day but this year was going to be different. It was nice. We kinda liked not having to get on the road after opening gifts. I felt bad that we wouldn't see my in-laws but always hated that I had to drag the kids out after they opened their gifts. 

This year with the kids being older I did my second year of having a different colored paper for everyone. No tags and they don't know what their color will be in case they find the wrapped gifts or wake before us they don't get to shake all their gifts trying to find out what is in it. 

I was really excited about my stocking this year. As a teacher I often get gifts from my students which I give to my daughter who will check it for homemade goods. If there are goods we put that out for all of us but if not she sticks it in my stocking so that I have something to open on Christmas Day. It isn't hard for me to hold off. A lot of my co-workers open as soon as they get them but honestly I love waiting. I don't get many surprises and it is so sweet of these families to give me gifts from their children. They are so sweet and really appreciate the love and care their kids get out the center. This year was overwhelming. I love opening them on Christmas morning and thinking about my students as I open each one. 

My son woke ahead of his sister so I asked him to sit by the tree. Lighting
 was an issue but I don't mind. We had lost power at about 1:00 AM and got it back by 7:45AM thankfully. I felt bad for the power company guys who had to leave their families to work on lines but I was so thankful for their service that the moment the lights came back on, I wrote a thank you online.

She looks crazy but in my daughter's defense she had just opened her eyes 5 seconds before this photo. We always start with stockings but I wait for mine so that I can make a list after each gift to help me with my thank you cards.

I love this picture of my husband. He is a big baby and loves a lot of gifts! I mean who doesn't?! He gives me some of my favorite gifts ever except that time he gave me a frame and a candle and not even a candle I would have picked for myself but my most epic gifts have come from him. 

He looks like he is holding a baby! Come to think of it, I don't think he ever looked like this holding our kids. LOL. He is beyond excited because most of the things in his stocking were from his WISH LIST. Does everyone else do this? I love when people have wish lists. It makes shopping for them so much easier.

I love how my kids try to put their paper in the bag after they open a gift.  I always worry about things getting lost so have trained them to keep the area clean. It started out that way but didn't stay like this for long. 

My son tends to open quicker than my daughter and over the years he always thought she had so much more than him. I always count to make sure they are equal. He was trying so hard to go very slow and did but she really loves taking her time and looking at everything. Showing me. Talking about it while he just opens and moves on. He did well. It took all his patience although he was very quiet so probably focusing on keeping it S L O W. 

This was a new comforter which I noticed was still not on his bed tonight.

Awww Jinxy hung out with us while we opened the gifts. The other two cats hung under the bed I guess. He definitely was very interested in the papers and boxes.

From my seat it was hard to get all three of them in the picture. I managed if I stood behind the couch. The living room is pretty small.

I had asked for a laptop and a Fitbit. I knew the laptop would cost but figured Fitbits are under $60. NOPE he got me an iWatch which I thought about taking back at first because they are so expensive and I know that the Fitbit does so much. The laptop wasn't what I had expected either. I would have killed for an iMac because I wanted to do more editing than what I do on my iPad but he got me a Dell which is really nice too! He also helped me load some video editing software that I purchased after researching. Hopefully I can learn it. 

As the kids have gotten older. I always feel like they aren't getting a lot of things. They would say differently but I guess things use to be so much cheaper when it was just toys. Now I don't even get to shop in the toy aisle. SOB!

I have to say I was very spoiled this year from my preschool kids. It was completely overwhelming and this weekend I made sure to write out 25 thank you cards! These families are very special to me and they were so sweet. My favorite gifts were the long notes some of the moms wrote about how much we love their children and how grateful they are that they KNOW and feel their children are loved. YES! I love their children. They are my daytime kids and I think about them when I am not with them. It is beautiful that the parents actually feel that too! As a teacher that is what you hope for. I want them to know their children are being taken care because that is what I would want as a parent with a child in daycare. I just treat them like they are mine. 

COME on! Can you even imagine? This is so generous!

My favorite gift had to have come from my daughter though. She wishes her daddy would take her shopping for me so she can pick something out and wrap it but he hasn't yet and she is 15 so she makes me something. 

She made US this very sweet card.

AND on the back of the card...

How did she know I would turn it over?

A few hours after cleaning up, I went into my bedroom to put some stuff away and she ran in with this very special treat.

Is this not adorable?! So sweet!

All in all it was an amazing Christmas and I am typing this right now on my new laptop! 

OH BTW at the end of the night I said, "the only thing we didn't do was take a family picture." The next thing I know, my husband has a selfie stick and we are all in the living room posing for a photo. It was a quickie but I got my photo nonetheless. 

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas filled with laughter and love!

Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Start a New Holiday Tradition With Envirokidz Gingerbread House

The holidays are right around the corner, and with many families sheltering at home due to the pandemic, holiday traditions have been put on hold. To keep the kids busy this season, Nature’s Path Envirokidz – the leading family-owned organic breakfast and snack food company – created an original Gingerbread House recipe to get the whole family involved in a fun, festive activity. 

Using their animal inspired cereals such as Turtle Splash, Cheetah Chomps, Leapin’ Lemurs, Koala Crisp and Amazon Flakes, Nature’s Path’s vegan, made-from-scratch ginger bread house will get kids in the holiday spirit, and it tastes so good they won’t even know the cereals are packed with healthy ingredients too.


EnviroKidz mission is not only to make delicious organic food for kids, but to help save animals and the planet. That’s why each box features real life animals – animals who they support every time you choose one of their cereals.


Monday, December 14, 2020

What Boys Secretly Want To Be When They Grow Up

There’s plenty of research on the subject and for many years they’ve been coming up with pretty much the same results. We’re told boys want to become doctors or, at a push, the sage old choice of a train driver.

The reason for this is that if you put any 10-year-old boy on the spot you won’t get the answer they really mean and probably they’ll tell you what you want to hear. As I’m sure all boys will tell you, especially those that are no longer anywhere near 10 years old, the real list is much different.

I should point out that while all of these things, predictably, involve a great deal of running around, loud noises and blowing things up – they are in no particular order.

X-Wing Pilot or Jedi

Of course, it’s a fantasy, but you can virtually guarantee that more 10-year-old boys spend their nights dreaming about blowing up the Death Star than being in an operating theatre. In all seriousness though, things like Star Wars have been the catalyst for the careers of many of our greatest scientists, both male and female. 

This mantle is rapidly being taken over by ‘Superhero’, so we may well have Marvel to thank for our next generation of scientists.

Racing Car Driver

Even from a young age, every boy can turn almost anything into a pretend car, and pull off the job of making the noise of the engine, including revving, gear changes and a spectacular screech of brakes. 

The bigger the car the wider the eyes get, and the desire to be a racing car driver is the apex of this fantasy. Very few get to do this, but even the ones that find success in other fields still dream they can drive the latest Ferrari or Meet the Maserati Trofeo Lineup.

Become a Sportsman 

This one you might actually get as a real answer from a 10-year-old, even if it is broken down into Football/Basketball/Baseball player. This is before the money even matters and it’s all about the roar of the crowd and the exhilaration of winning.

Once the reality of that dream has passed though, you can still see it evidenced in the crowds and in front of TVs during every sporting event.

A You Tuber

This is a new one on the list, but a desire that is becoming more prevalent. Out of all of the things you are most likely to be, this seems the most possibleIt’s not as fantasy-based, as anyone with a phone (which is everyone really) can make videos and post them.

In time, it’s easy to see this actually expanding to becoming an ‘influencer’ and becoming their own brand – all of which, it has been proved is more possible than having Darth Vader in your sights.  

There are also ‘wannabe’  train drivers, secret agents, and astronauts out there, but the chances are they’ll grow up to be mechanics, fashion designers, or yes, doctors – which is no great shame as there are very few vacancies for a Jedi.

How to Achieve Your Saving Goals


Everyone has something to save for, but it’s not always that easy to hit your goals. It could be due to unforeseen expenses like having to call out an emergency locksmith, or your kids needing something for school, or perhaps there were a lot of birthdays in the family that month. Whatever the reason, it can be disappointing to get to look at your bank account and notice that your savings aren’t as high as you’d like. While certain expenses might be unavoidable, below are a few tips to help you achieve your saving goals quicker.

Be Realistic

The first thing to consider when trying to save is whether or not your goals are realistic. Can you honestly afford to save $5000 in year and still manage to pay your monthly bills, buy your groceries, and cover other general living expenses? How much you can save is all relative to your outgoings and your income, so try to set yourself a realistic saving goal so you’re not having to dip into them to cover things like your food or transport costs for the month. Even if it’s something as little as $10-$20 a month, gradually, over timeyour savings will build.

Look Through Your Bank Statements

Can’t figure out where all your money is going? It’s very easy to spend more than you realize, especially if you’re paying for the majority of things on your credit card or an app on your phone. Sit down and look over your previous bank statements from the last few months and highlight all the things you have bought that are non-essential items. You might be surprised to see how much you spend on unnecessary things like a cup of coffee on your way to work or a Friday night takeout. They might not seem like a lot as singular purchases, but they all add up. Once you have identified these things, make a conscious effort to cut back on them, and you’ll soon see a big difference. 

Make the Most of Sales and Deals

Searching for online sales, deals, and coupons is another good way to save some extra money. You can still treat yourself to a few luxuries, but you won’t be breaking your budget to do it. They’re perfect if you have a lot of gifts to buy for birthdays or the holidays or need to replace household items quickly that might be expensive appliances. You could also look into paying monthly for things if that’s easier, although always check the interest rate before you do this.

Open a Separate Account

Finally, opening a separate savings account if you haven’t done so already will help you to achieve your goals. Splitting your money up in this way means that you’re not accidentally spending what you want to save, and once you have put the amount you want to save each month into the separate account, you can see what you’re left with and figure out your budget. Some banks also offer good interest rates on savings accounts, so shop around to see what deal is right for you.

If you’re tired of feeling disappointed that you haven’t reached your saving goals, try some or all of the tips above to achieve them.


Sunday, December 13, 2020

Endless Games’ Expansion Now Includes Puzzles


Endless Games has announced the early launch of two new jigsaw puzzles to its product line.

“We had already planned an expansion of new puzzles for 2021, but when we saw the tremendous increase in demand, we quickly moved to make sure that we could provide our new puzzles for families to enjoy this year,” Mike Gasser, President of Endless Games, explained.

This Spring, Endless Games saw complete sell-out sales on its 1000-piece Playbill Broadway Cover collage puzzle and a blast of quick sales on the new product launch of The Korner’d Challenge, a game that is also a puzzle. “Playbill has traditionally been a good seller for Endless Games, but with the stay-at-home health and safety conditions, families turned to jigsaw puzzles, as well as our board games, for some quality family entertainment,” Brian Turtle, National Sales Manager of Endless Games, said. “We were fortunate that our inventory was able to be a resource for affordable, fun-at-home options.”

The new puzzles, The Patriot and Peace on Earth are 1000-piece nature graphic scenes by artist Malcolm Watson. They will join Playbill and The Korner’d Challenge in Endless Games expanding puzzle category.

Kevin McNulty, Vice President of Sales of Endless Games, added, “Our line now has some great new puzzles as well as some of the most incredible, original board games and card games. While holiday shopping this year, families can roll the dice on some cool new board games and challenge their skills with new puzzles too.”

My daughter and I love doing puzzles together but have to say this was a challenge in fact, we are still working on it. It shocks us since we usually do 1,000 to 5,000 piece puzzles but that just means we will be spending more time together which I am always happy about.

When we do a puzzle, we like most start with all edges and once we get the border done, work on large inside sections until we are done. So far, we have not completed the outside and. moved onto large sections hoping to get more of the outside as we move along. As I mentiond this is a challenge. My puzzle loving co-worker asked for it when we are done because she wants the challenge and to beat our time which is already two weeks. UnHeard Of!

To Purchase Disclaimer: I received a complimentary product for my honest opinion.