Friday, May 30, 2014

#WIN An American Bible Challenge Prize Packs - GIVEAWAY #BIBLECHALLENGE

The American Bible Challenge is back for a 3rd season Thursday May 22nd at 8pm/7C on Game Show Network! If you haven't seen it yet you really should check it out.

THE AMERICAN BIBLE CHALLENGE is a spirited game show that celebrates the Bible and its place in American culture. Bible enthusiasts from all across the country compete in a variety of challenges that put their knowledge of the Good Book to the test. The show’s prizing further reflects the celebration of faith, as teams earn money for the charity of their choice.

The American Bible Challenge returns for a two hour block May 22nd at 8/7c on Game Show Network. Don’t for get to tune in June 5th for the first episode of It Takes a Church premiering right after The American Bible Challenge.  

5 Things you didn’t know about The American Bible Challenge:

1. All the money won in every single episode is donated to charities

2. All of the questions come from the old and new testament

3. Your bible knowledge will be tested in physical challenges as well

4. The American Bible Challenge is the highest rated TV program in Game Show Network history

5. It is nominated for two daytime emmy awards: Outstanding Game Show, and Outstanding Game Show Host Jeff Foxworthy.

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Goddess Sneaks Up On Handsome

Typical day in my house.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Before You Start Out On Your Summer Vacation This Year, Check Out Johnson Family Vacation @foxsearchlight

Maybe not the best family vacation movie. The best for me was National Lampoons Vacation movies starring Chevy Chase but I am OLD. There was also RV with Robin Williams that I thought was hysterical so I was totally willing to give this one a try.

Nate Johnson and his family heads out in an SUV for the Johnson Family Reunion in California. Fun and calamity happen along the way with detours, an ex wife and a hitchhiker.

The movie is well done and doesn't take itself too seriously aiming to be entertaining and not missing the mark. Worth it!


Johnson Family Vacation
Buckle up for the wildest road trip of the year! Cedric the Entertainer leads an all-star cast in this hilarious comedy adventure about a misfit family trying to survive outrageous obstacles (including each other) on a cross-country trek to their annual family reunion. Along the way, they battle a psycho truck driver, pick up a voodoo-loving hitchhiker and expose the dangers of hot-tubbing in a strange hotel. Co-starring Vanessa Williams, Bow Wow, Shannon Elizabeth and Steve Harvey, Johnson Family Vacation is packed with laughs and fueled by fun!

Special Features

Full-Length Audio Commentary by Cedric the Entertainer, Bow Wow, director Christopher Erskin and producers Eric C. Rhone and Paul Hall

Full-Length Audio Commentary by Writers Todd R. Jones & Earl Richey Jones

Deleted and Extended Scenes with Optional directors Commentary

Johnson Family Vacation Blu-ray
Street Date:
March 4, 2014
Prebook Date:
February 5, 2014
Screen Format:
Widescreen 2.35:1
English DTS-HD MA 5.1

Spanish Dolby Digital 2.0

French Surround Dolby Digital 2.0
English SDH/Spanish
U.S. Rating:
Total Run Time:
96 minutes
Closed Captioned:

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

There Is Nothing More Frustrating Than Watching Your Child Suffer Through Allergies #allergyrelief

My kids have suffered with allergies for years. Handsome gets it all over his skin with big welts, sneezing and wheezing. Goddess gets it all over her skin with itchy eyes, sneezing, and watery nose. She is just miserable.

We will try anything to combat the kids allergies and at this point have. This product Kid's relief manufactured by Homeolab USA was delivered and we were super ready to try it out. I took it to the kids Brownie and Scout meetings to pass out to my friends whose kids suffer too. They were so happy to try it.

The Kids Relief line of homeopathic remedies is manufactured by Homeolab USA: Homeolab products include over 200 over the counter formulations (single remedies and combination remedies) developed from more than 1,500 different root substances. We also carry trace elements, essential oils and plant extracts. Homeolab’s homeopathic medicines are manufactured from only the finest of natural ingredients. Our commitment to quality and purity assure that you are getting the finest products available. All Homeolab products are manufactured in strict accordance with FDA and HPUS guidelines. For more information, please visit

Kids Relief Allergy Oral Solution will help relieve your child of allergy symptoms including congestion, sneezing, and itchy throat, eyes, ears and skin. The pharmaceutically formulated homeopathic formula makes it safe for kids of all ages – even infants – without worrying about the risk of overdose, harmful side effects, or drug interaction. Kids Relief Allergy solution is also incredibly easy to administer; simply take the recommended amount of the liquid formula with the included dropper three times a day and watch as your child’s allergies begin to disappear! Kids Relief’s solution also has a great tasting banana flavor that will make it easy for your kids to take every day. Kids Relief Allergy Oral Solution retails for $8.99 and can be purchased at CVS locations nationwide.

The parents I spoke to were most interested in the fact that the remedy was homeopathic and full of natural ingredients. 9 out of 10 parents told me that their kids LOVE it and it worked for them. They stated that their kids take it without a problem. One stated that she can never get her 3 year old to take medication. He takes it whenever she offers it. 

I wish it worked for my kids but it didn't. Not sure if it is because they tend to need mega doses of meds from the doctor (we do about three doctor visits a season for hives and swollen eyes) because it worked for everyone else.

One of my favorite things about Kids Relief is that creator Michele Boisvert is a Pharmacist who decided there wasn't enough homeopathic products out there and went about creating, manufacturing and marketing them. She is the first woman to open a pharmacy in Quebec. NICE!

You can get Kids Relief at CVS Worldwide!

Disclaimer: We received samples for our honest opinion. No monetary compensation was received.

I Wish You'd Get Out Of My Life And Shut Up #NapoleonDynamite @foxsearchlight

Man I feel old knowing that Napoleon Dynamite is 10 years old? What? I remember seeing it when it first came out. This is not a film for everyone. It is for people who were never uber cool. Get the joke. Can laugh at themselves, enjoyed Beavis and Buthead (Napoleon was always a combination of the two for me) and think spaz's are funny. Napoleon and his deadpan delivery and spaz like moves cracks me up every time. Check out Napoleon Dynamite if you haven't seen it yet. AND if you don't know what Vote For Pedro' means you are missing out. 

The plot, eh but it is so worth your time. This is classic stuff here.

Napoleon's Uncle Rico comes to watch the Napoleon and his 30 something year old brother Kip after grandma has an ATV accident.

The movie focuses on Napoleon and his friends Deb and Pedro who is running for student body president against Summer (Hilary Duff) the popular cheerleader.


Napoleon Dynamite 10th Anniversary Edition
In celebration of the 10th anniversary of Napoleon Dynamite comes this fuzzy, collectible, liger-fur Blu-ray + DVD Combo Pack with a locker-full of special features that are more fun than big sleeves and extra tots!

Napoleon Dynamite is a new kind of hero, complete with a tight fro, sweet moon boots, and skills that can’t be topped. Napoleon spends his days drawing mythical beasts, duking it out with his brother Kip and avoiding his scheming Uncle Rico. When two new friends enter Napoleon’s life – shy Deb and mustachioed Pedro – the trio launches a campaign to elect Pedro for class president and make the student body’s wildest dreams come true. But if Pedro is to beat stuck-up Summer, Napoleon will have to unleash his secret weapon...

Special Features
Disc 1: Theatrical Feature Blu-ray

Commentary by director/co-writer Jared Hess, actor Jon Heder and producer Jeremy Coon

5 Deleted Scenes with Commentary by director/co-writer Jared Hess, actor Jon Heder and producer Jeremy Coon

Still Gallery

Easter Egg - Fan Club Piece

The Making of the Wedding of the Century Featurette

Disc 2 Side 1: DVD

Full Length Feature Widescreen

Commentary by director/co-writer Jared Hess, actor Jon Heder and producer Jeremy Coon

5 Deleted Scenes with Commentary by director/co-writer Jared Hess, actor Jon Heder and producer Jeremy Coon

Still gallery

Easter Egg - Fan Club Piece

Disc 2 Side 2: DVD

Full Length Feature Pan & Scan

Commentary by director/co-writer Jared Hess, actor Jon Heder and producer Jeremy Coon

The Making of the Wedding of the Century Featurette

Napoleon Dynamite 10th Anniversary Edition Blu-ray
Street Date:
February 4, 2014
Prebook Date:
January 8, 2014
Screen Format:
Widescreen 1.85:1
English DTS-HD MA 5.1

Spanish Dolby Surround 5.1

French Dolby Surround 5.1
English SDH/Spanish/French
U.S. Rating:
Total Run Time:
164 minutes
Closed Captioned:

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Goddess Goes To A Harry Potter Party

Goddess was invited to a Harry Potter Party this month. I knew it was going to be great because the invitation was awesome. Even the envelope had a wax seal on it. Her and her friends each had to pull a Potter house name from a hat. Goddess pulled Gryffindor. Harry Potter was playing in the background and the kids headed outside to play a game of Quidditch. It was quite interesting with goals made out of Hula Hoops. They even had a to find the Golden Snitch (an Easter egg painted gold with feathers glued to it.

Goddess asked me to draw a Potter lightening strike on her head. She was the only one with one which I thought would make her feel weird but everyone actually liked it.

I love the ties that everyone was given and at the end the birthday girl's dad had a box of wands. All the kids stood in a line while he searched for the perfect wand for them.

Every time I saw her she was smiling. I loved being able to watch the kids play and taking some photo while making new mommy friends.
Here is the card Goddess made to go with the birthday gift.
Ruby Tuesday Too. Jenny Matlock

Friday, May 23, 2014

Have You Ever Wanted To Write Your Memoir? Do It In 30 Days #GIVEAWAY


How to Write a Memoir in 30 Days
Step-by-Step Instructions for Creating and Publishing Your Personal Story

By Roberta Temes, PhD
Published by Reader's Digest
Paperback: 192 pages


"You should write a book."

Everyone has a story to tell. If you've ever thought of sharing yours but don't know where to begin, How to Write a Memoir in 30 Days gives you the perfect framework. Step-by-step techniques, culled from writers' workshops taught by the author are presented in a series of fun writing exercises, including:
  • crafting your three-sentence memoir
  • identifying an incident that changed your life
  • creating stirring scenes 
You'll figure out the major themes of your life, mine your memory for dramatic incidents, stitch your assignments (and diary entries, blog posts, and other writings) together into a compelling plot, and polish your prose into believable dialogue and exciting action. The book also includes quick "clear communication" lessons about spelling and grammar, plus information and advice about different publishing paths. Simply follow the daily directions and in just one month you will have a memoir ready to submit for publishing.

Whether you're a seasoned writer or a novice, dream of hitting the bestseller lists or just want to pass a little wisdom on to your grandkids, How to Write a Memoir in 30 Days is a fun, easy guide to writing the Next Great Memoir -- yours.

The 411 by Maria:

I have written numerous things over the years and none of them ever go anywhere. Ending them is difficult for me for some reason. Keeping my blog going has been my way to tell a story to my kids in the future. A way for them to learn about me, what I thought, what I liked, who I was. Losing a parent very young does that to you. I want to know mom but she died when I was 12 and I don't know anything about her. Creating a memoir is something that is dear to my heart for so many reasons and I think this book is perfect.

Author Roberta Temes easily breaks down a game plan and agenda for you to get started if this is something you have always wanted to do. Just follow the assignments and you can't go wrong.

Days 1 – 5 she suggests identifying major themes. What kind of book will this be. Challenges, life story, your past, whatever your major event focus will be. There are easy exercises to help you identify the themes.

Days 6 – 10 she includes exercises to help you identify and create the plot.

Days 11 – 15 you are writing about personalities.

Days 16 – 20 my favorite days you are focused on your experiences.

Days 21 – 25 includes exercises that analyze responses to events that took place in your life. This is the therapy part of writing.

Days 26 – 30 include exercises focusing on parting your story together.

On Day 16 you are asked to identify a something that may be too painful, humiliating or frightening. I have them all so I think this day would be especially hard but useful for me to live my best life.

Each chapter has wonderful tidbits of grammatical information that would be necessary for any writer. AND samples of writing that is based on that assignment. 

This is a great resource for anyone trying to write a memoir.  While I doubt I will accomplish a complete memoir in 30 days, it is a great motivational book that will help me get started.

Here is a video with a bunch of other products including this book. Oh and check out that face! Grrrr.

Author Bio
Roberta Temes, Ph.D.
 is an accomplished author, editor and writing instructor, as well as a seasoned psychotherapist and psychology faculty member. She lectures around the country at corporate meetings, medical conferences and health spas. Dr. Temes' newest book, How to Write a Memoir in 30 Days is available now on Amazon and everywhere books are sold. She is also the author of the award-winning Living with an Empty Chair and The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Hypnosis.
Temes lives in New Jersey and Florida, with her husband David Lyons, a university financial systems consultant. Temes is a mother and grandmother, too. For more information please visit

Disclaimer: I received a complimentary copy for my honest opinion. No monetary compensation was received.

Make Your Face The Perfect Canvas Prior To Your Makeup Application!

SKINDINAVIA’s The Makeup Primer Spray and The Makeup Primer Spray Oil-Control are applied as a micro-fine mists that energizes skin and preps your face as an oil-free canvas for long-lasting makeup wear.

This new lightweight, breathable, silicone-free and paraben-free makeup primer sprays are loaded with vitamins, antioxidants and our proprietary temperature-control technology. Clinically-proven to soothe redness, prevent breakouts, control the appearance of oil, even out skin tone and reduce large pores over time!

I received a Skindinavia The Makeup Primer Spray to find out for myself what all the rave is about.
My niece is a huge fan of make up and I sent one to her and kept the other.

We feel that the primer spray is perfect for setting makeup as well as starting with a nice clean face. 

What she loved:

The product is light and breathable - When I am putting make up on the last thing I want is to feel my pores are getting clogged and I will end up with a face full of zits tomorrow. 

The spray goes on very light. A quick shake of the bottle, I spray and the fine mist settles over my face. I carried it in my makeup bag for two days only to take it out because it isn't needed. Once in the morning and my makeup is set for the day. I work very long hours and there is no need for reapplication.

What I loved: 

Personally I don't wear a whole lot of makeup like my niece who works in a professional office all day. I mostly wear sunblock, sometimes blush but always eye makeup. I also do a quick spray in the morning apply my sunblock and the rest of my makeup before heading out to the gym. I only have an  hour before work to work out and I feel this keeps my makeup from running off my eyes. I used to have to reapply my eye make or in the very least fix it because it ran but now I trust that I can literally walk right into work and there will be no raccoon eyes.

The best thing I use for my face besides my sunblock!

I show it a little bit in this video around the 4:20 mark. Check it out.

Thanks for reading!

Disclaimer: I received a complimentary product for my honest opinion.