Monday, September 29, 2014

Duck Sitting Is An Interesting Job!

My kids and I take all kinds of odd job over the past few years. Usually it is pet sitting (we have watched birds, hamsters, and dogs) or even yard sitting where we water plants. This time we are watering a yard and plants along with taking care of a Koi pond and geese and find it very interesting.

Beside the fact that the gardens are beautiful; come on look at that Tea House there are the fish and the geese which are so cool.

The kids love looking at the koi while I tend to the geese cage.

And while snapping away, I spottted this lovely door which I hadn't even noticed the past five visits because I am so focused on all the tasks (more on that later).

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Calling All Fans Of Bewitched! - Bewitched Turns 50!


Author Provides Expertise and Insight to New Release
in Time For Series’ 50th Anniversary

Los Angeles (Sept. 18, 2014)—

“Do witches fly on brooms?”

“Can one witch undo another witch’s spell?”

“Do witches have power over one another?”

Answers to these questions will be revealed in The Bewitched Continuum: The Ultimate Linear Guide To The Classic TV Series, a fun, entertaining book by Adam-Michael James that looks at all the details, discrepancies, magic, and spells from one of television’s most popular series of the ‘60s.    The announcement of the book’s upcoming October 21 release was made at Bewitched Fan Fare 2014, a fan event for the series, being held in Studio City, CA, September 17-20, which celebrates the 50th Anniversary of “Bewitched” this year.

“Bewitched” aired eight seasons on ABC from 1964-72, for a total of 254 episodes.   The series revolves around Darrin Stephens, an advertising executive, who marries a beautiful woman, Samantha, only to discover she is a witch with magic powers. He makes her promise him that she will live like a mortal, without using witchcraft and spells in their lives, but her best efforts are thwarted by the constant interference of magical relatives in their lives.  “Bewitched” starred Elizabeth Montgomery as Samantha, Dick York and later Dick Sargent as Darrin, and Agnes Moorehead as Samantha’s mother.

“When I was eight years old, I fell in love for the first time,” says author James, explaining his life-long fascination with “Bewitched.”  “I sat in front of the television and saw a blonde lady wave her hand and make a strange gesture with her nose.  Suddenly, a bucket of water appeared over a man who had been bothering her, and, by the time the bucket emptied itself on him, I was hooked.”

In The Bewitched Continuum, James focuses on the continuity of the supernatural sitcom by comparing and contrasting episodes with each other and exploring consistencies and inconsistencies in individual installments, including special effects, bloopers, and differences in show details.  In addition, he provides fun statistics such as the number of times Endora calls Darrin “Durwood,” a tally of witch illnesses and mortal maladies, and detailed profiles of major characters.

Enhancing the rich compendium of “Bewitched” material, the author offers his personal selection for the top 10 best and worst episodes, and provides his own final episode for the series, which never had a proper finale due to an abrupt cancellation. And, finally, for any witches-in-the making, James compiles a comprehensive look at the show’s spells, who cast each spell and why.

“What better way to delve into the magic of the series than during the celebration of its golden milestone?” adds author James.  “And let’s face it – supernatural is hot right now.  In many ways, ‘Bewitched’ paved the way for the fairy tale, vampire, and fantasy series viewers are watching now.”

The Bewitched Continuum also includes an insightful foreword by author/producer Herbie J Pilato, a leading expert in classic TV and pop culture whose latest book, Glamour, Gidgets, and the Girl Next Door , has just been released.

An expert in continuity, James has a long history in the entertainment industry including writing script coverage for major production companies and writing continuity scripts for radio.   His literary output includes the book and lyrics for the musical drama “The Nine Lives of L.M. Montgomery,” “Extra Extra:  Memoirs from a Piece of Human Furniture,” a humorous how-to tome on being a Hollywood extra, and the novel “Undo the Deed,” a time-travel story that was influenced by “Bewitched.”  Currently, he is a columnist at where he writes extensively about the soap opera, “The Bold and the Beautiful.”

For additional information, please visit

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Fun Fall Reading For Kids - The Scarecrow's Wedding


From the superstar team of Donaldson and Scheffler, a barnyard wedding for the ages!

"Betty O'Barley and Harry O'Hay
Were scarecrows. (They scared lots of crows every day.)
Harry loved Betty, and Betty loved Harry,
So Harry said, 'Betty, my beauty, let's marry!
Let's have a wedding, the best wedding yet,
A wedding that no one will ever forget.'"

And so begin the plans for the best wedding the barnyard has ever seen! The scarecrow couple sets off for a hunt round the farm for everything they need for the festivities -- a big white dress, rings, wedding bells (or, at least, cow bells)... But when Harry's search for flowers takes him far, far away, villainous scarecrow rival Reginald Rake sees his chance to ruin this beautiful day... Hurry back, Harry!

A rollicking read-aloud adventure from the beloved team behind Stick Man, Superworm, and Room om the Broom.

About the Authors or Illustrators

Julia Donaldson is the bestselling author of The Fish Who Cried Wolf, The Room on the Broom, the Gruffalo, and more.

The 411 by Maria and Goddess:

We have been fans of Julia and Axel since The Room on A Broom! This team creates books that are not only fun to read but fun on the eyes.

Betty and Harry are planning their wedding. They make a list of things they need and receive help from many friends such as bees, cows, toads crabs, geese and even a spider and going to help stitch the wedding dress.  While Harry heads out to get water for the flowers the farmer creates another scarecrow to take his place. Betty is worried about her Harry and the new scarecrow Reginald tries to impress her with his fast driving and dancing. Betty is disinterested. Where is Harry? Fortunately Harry does return saving his future bride and everyone lives happily ever after.

What we love most:

The art work is colorful and fun.
Betty tells Reginald that smoking is bad for him when he lights a cigar.
The sweet story of love that is unwavered by a flashy new savvy scarecrow who has nothing nice to say.
A positive message about helping, loyalty and how one should never smoke!

Why kids will like it:
All the details of the animals. Each piece of artwork has animals hopping, flying, smiling or playing. There is so much to point to and look at.

Disclaimer: We received a complimentary copy for our honest opinion. No monetary compensation was offered.

Take A Detailed Tour Through Some Of The Locations Of Your Favorite Horror Movie With Travelogue Horror #tonyurban


 Check out Travelogue of Horror by Tony Urban. Join Tony on every horror buff’s dream road trip across the country hunting down the exact locations where his favorite movies were filmed.

 Here is a travelogue for those whose idea of a perfect vacation doesn’t involve amusement parks and tourist traps, a guidebook for fans of horror and the macabre. Ride along with the author to ghoulish destinations, such as where fright flicks like Friday the 13th and Jaws were filmed, Jeffrey Dahmer’s childhood home, UFO crash sites, and macabre graves, to name a few. See the sites in over 70 vivid color photos. Fifteen states were visited from Maine to Georgia in search of iconic filming locations from movies such as The Exorcist, Silence of the Lambs, The Shawshank Redemption, and The Evil Dead. Along the way, monsters were hunted, vampire graves tracked down, a strange mix of paranormal and odd locations across the Eastern US were visited, and Stephen King was met. Hitch a ride, but remember that you never know what you might find–or what might find you!

Size: 11″ x 8 1/2″ | 90 color photos | 128 pp
ISBN13: 9780764345982 | Binding: hard cover

The 411:

The Travelogue of Horror is such a cool book! I love horror movies and I love trivia. My favorite part of Blu-ray is the behind the scenes or the making of sections and this book is just that! 

Join author Tony Urban (is that your real name Tony) as he takes you to the locations of some of the most famous horror movies. From Friday the 13th Jason Lives to Swamp Thing. He also heads to some of most highly profiled haunted locales as well as areas of gruesome murders rounding out with two of my personal favorite folks (the guys of Taps and author Stephen King). Tony stalks Bangor Maine and gives you his impression of King's hometown and describes his experience while waiting for the Man, The Legend!

Travelogue of Horror is filled with entertaining trivia, photos, descriptions and visitor information.  This is the perfect book for any fan of the genre or anyone who is interested in reading about a man's journey.

I personally love the layout of the book and all the tidbits of Tony's personal feelings about his research. We can only hope that Tony continues his journey through the macabre and gets the respect he deserves with media access, directorial details so he doesn't have to guess on whether he is at the right place and his own travel show. I know I would definitely watch!

If you like this book or want to check our more books in this genre, head over to Schiffer Publishing where you can also order the book.

Follow Tony at Travelogue of Horror on Facebook and for even more coolness hit up his website and Pinterest
 Disclaimer: I received a complimentary copy for my honest opinion. No monetary compensation was received or offered.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Our Summer With Minature Horses

This Summer we were fortunate enough to hang with some long time friends. We have known them since Goddess was 1 or 2.

I met Lisa at Mom and Tots along with her little guy Hunter. She has three kids but Hunter is the same age as Goddess so I didn't know her oldest who was already in school by the time I met Lisa and her adorable daughter wasn't around yet. Since Hunter and Goddess are the same grade we see them often. We have never hung out outside of mom and tots or a quick hi at the park or school but since Goddess and Hunter were in the same Summer school reading class this was the Summer to hang and I honesty miss Lisa and her family. We did a lot of new, fun things and Summer wouldn't have been the same without them. Since school started haven't even had a chance to talk.

Lisa and her family have miniature horses and since we have never seen them she invited us over after a day of hiking.

Hunter is going to one day have his own show, I'm, sure. He is barefoot here as he was the whole day. We hiked and he did the whole hike barefoot.

Handsome was very upset over the electronic fence.

Goddess and one of the horses.

Is it my imagination or is this horse giving me the stink eye?

They were so very sweet

Handsome didn't have a favorite!

So cute!

Hunter is getting ready to brush the horses and Goddess isn't fair behind. I think that chicken wants in on it too!

Good times

This was such a great experience for my kids and it made me think of my younger years when my best friend Peggy had a horse. I was a little older than Goddess but it was some of the best times of my childhood.

Camera Critters

Friday, September 26, 2014


DOLE Celebrates The Launch of Its First Ready-to-Serve Soup
With Nationwide Search for America’s Souper Gardener

WESTLAKE VILLAGE, CA (September 22, 2014) – DOLE Garden Soup, a premium line of packaged, ready-to-serve soups launched today.  Inspired by garden-fresh flavors, the full line is made with pure and simple ingredients, is non-GMO and preservative-free.     

DOLE Garden Soup starts with nature’s best ingredients and uses a proprietary innovative, gentle cooking method that protects and locks in the fresh flavors, vibrant colors and smooth texture of a bowl of garden-fresh vegetable soup.  Packaged in BPA-free boxes, the line has no preservatives or MSG, and is available in five low-fat, gluten-free and cholesterol-free varieties:  Roasted Garlic Tomato Basil, Tomato Vegetable, Carrot Ginger, Southwestern Black Bean & Corn and Sweet Corn. 

“Consumers told us they wanted the garden-fresh flavor of home-made vegetable soups, with the ease and convenience of a ready-made product. Drawing on Dole’s rich heritage in growing vegetables, DOLE Garden Soup delivers in a way nobody else can. We are thrilled to provide these delicious, healthy soups that showcase the flavors of the best vegetables nature has to offer,” said Brad Bartlett, President of Dole Packaged Foods.
To celebrate its commitment to garden-fresh flavor, Dole has launched the DOLE Souper Gardener contest to search for America’s best gardener.  From now through October 17, consumers can visit to nominate themselves, or someone else, to win $5,000 and a $5,000 matching donation to a local community garden.  Contest entrants submit a picture of their 2014 garden, with a description of why they should be named the DOLE Souper Gardener.   

The grand prize winner and two finalists will be judged by “Legends” actress and professional cookbook author Ali Larter.  In addition to the monetary prize, the grand prize winner will receive a gardening kit and a year supply of DOLE Garden Soup.  Two additional finalists will win a gardening kit and all five flavors of DOLE Garden Soup.

“Pure and simple ingredients are important to me and my growing family,” said Ms. Larter.  “I’m excited to team up with DOLE Garden Soup to launch the new line, reward Souper Gardeners everywhere and spread awareness about the importance of healthy eating.”
Dole commissioned a national survey to understand more about America’s home gardeners.  Survey stats include:
  • More than half of gardeners say that having healthy fruits and vegetables is the top reason they choose to garden.
  • With the cold months around the corner, 43% of gardeners are concerned about what they can grow during the cold months, as well as the poor weather conditions (41%).
Found in the soup aisle of grocery stores and mass retailers nationwide, a 26-ounce carton of DOLE Garden Soup can be purchased for a suggested retail price of $3.49.  For more information, visit

About Dole Packaged Foods
Dole Packaged Foods, LLC, a subsidiary of Dole International Holdings, is a leader in sourcing, processing, distributing and marketing fruit products and healthy snacks throughout the world. Dole markets a full line of canned, jarred, cup, frozen and dried fruit products and is an innovator in new forms of packaging and processing fruit and vegetables. For more information on Dole Packaged Foods, visit

It's A Beautiful Day

The mind is a funny thing. I will always find the beauty in life. Broken hurt, feeling sick, disappointed, angry, frustrated or whatever, I can always see something positive! It is a gift! I'm sure that doesn't come easy to everyone but if you choose to only see the negative you will only see it, if you open your eyes and allow yourself to see the positive it is there. It may be as a simple as an unexpected phone call or a hug from a friend, it can even be a great cup of coffee, or the sunlight on your face. It is different things for different people and no one can tell you what is the thing that is positive to you. That is for you only you to know, feel and accept! So accept what is, appreciate what's there, acknowledge the past, and allow yourself to be the beautiful person you are. The person God created and wants you to be.

Beauty is all around you!

Kindness Costs You Nothing!

I am often surprised by how some people can be so cruel, unkind, lack sympathy and empathy or are just plain mean. Being kind costs nothing and is good for your soul. Those who don't know how to do it naturally bewilder me. BE KIND! Create Happiness!

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Get Out Your Colored Pencils And Color Yourself Into Relaxation


From the Sanskrit word for "circle," mandalas have been used for meditation and healing for thousands of years.

"Coloring Animal Mandalas" adds the beauty of the animal kingdom-including butterflies, tigers, swans, snakes, peacocks, seahorses and even unicorns-into these intricate designs for page after page of coloring book bliss.

As you transform the detailed shapes in this book into stunning works of art, you'll find yourself relaxing, focused, reaching a higher state of mindfulness and simply enjoying yourself.

Illustrator Wendy Piersall is a lifelong artist who has been drawing mandala coloring pages since 2009.

The 411:

I cannot wait to invest in a really great set of colored pencils. I was using my kids old ones from school last year and they don't really have the amount of different colors I would enjoy using but I did love sitting and just coloring. My daughter came over and asked if she could color too but honestly I just wanted to sit and color comfortably on my lap while watching TV and making a pretty picture. I told her that she could do one after I was done. 

We love the intricate shapes and details to each photo and at first I thought the only thing I didn't like was that the pages didn't come out of the book but honestly this is great because when you are done, you have a beautiful book full of colorful, detailed, pictures that are almost like 3D when you look at them. They seem to raise right off the page as you color them in.

I can't wait to work on this one.

And this one!

We think this book is great for those who love to color but it is really good for anyone who just wants to zone out and create a beautiful picture. There are 31 beautiful designs to choose from and each one is unique.

Disclaimer: We received a complimentary book for our honest opinion. No compensation was offered.

Take Care Of Your Gut and Your Gut Will Take Care Of You

Many of my readers know that I had some severe intestinal issues four years ago that landed me in the hospital for 2 weeks and two surgeries later I am still very careful with my digestive system as well as my family and friends.

Taking care of the plumbing has become something I think about daily. Did I eat enough natural fiber? Was my diet balanced today? Will I have any digestive problems later? It is something I am quite serious about. I hope to be around for a long time and taking care of my digestive tract is important to me. I don't want to pop a pill every day so over the past few years I have researched different methods to aid my digestive tract.

1. Eat lots of fiber! I eat more greens than anyone I know. They are delicious and good for you.

2. Drink loads of water! It is my absolute favorite drink and I drink about 10 glasses a day.

3. Get adequate sleep! It never happens but I do try to go to bed earlier if I stay later the night before.

4. Limit my intake of meat and when I do eat it, I drink plenty of water while eating and eat tiny bites. I gave up my beloved lunch meats. Too many additives and they have given me way too many problems.

5. Probiotics! Probiotics! Probiotics. I take them, the kids take them and I can't say enough about them.  I get them in my yogurt and also take TruBiotics when necessary.

6. Use a digestive aid when necessary. I prefer low potency homeopathic medicine and have taken so many over the years but I am dying to try the Digestion Aid Drops from Puraforce Remedies which  are coming to the states very soon!  My Aussie girlfriend Lyn has told me about this company back when my Goddess was a baby and suffering from colic. She swore by this company and said their baby colic drops were the best. I was unable to get them but I am so excited that they are making their way to the states over the next year.

7. Be happy. The brain and the gut are truly connected and I can tell you I wear all my stress in my belly. If I am unhappy so is my belly.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Parents’ Choice Award Recipients Chloe’s Closet, Dive Olly Dive and ToddWorld - Kabillion 13 Episode Giveaway


Parents’ Choice Award Recipients Chloe’s Closet, Dive Olly Dive and ToddWorld Available Immediately with Additional Series Accessible on a Weekly Basis Effective September 8

WOODLAND HILLS, CA – September 8, 2014 – Kabillion, the only independently owned company ranked among the U.S. Top 10 Kids Free On Demand TV Networks currently in over 45 million homes and owned by Splash Entertainment, announced today that the company is offering parents the opportunity to download and own episodes of their kid’s favorite Kabillion series for streaming on multiple devices. Chloe’s Closet, Dive Olly Dive and ToddWorld, all recipients of Parents’ Choice Awards, are the first three programs available for download at  Upcoming series include Wendy, Hero 108, Cosmic Quantum Ray, Mix Master and The DaVincibles. The series will be released on a weekly basis beginning September 8. The announcement was made by Nicolas Atlan, President, Kabillion.

With 75% of today’s kids in the U.S. having access to some type of mobile device (eg. smartphone, tablet), Kabillion’s vast library of educational and informational series will be available for download at 4, 6 or 13 episodes at various prices. Instructions on how to download free coloring pages from the various series will also be posted on their website.

Targeted to preschool children 3 to 5 years old, Chloe’s Closet and Dive Olly Dive have enjoyed international success with licensing, merchandising and DVD deals as well as a 3D feature film for Dive Olly Dive. Below is more information on each series.

Chloe’s Closet - Follows the fun-filled adventures of an adorable, imaginative little girl named Chloe, who discovers magical new worlds while playing dress-up. Chloe’s exploits encourage the audience to celebrate how delightful it is to be a child embarking upon a fabulously fun and fearless, anything-can-happen journey.

Dive Olly Dive – The series follows the fun-filled underwater escapades of Olly and Beth, two young, unmanned research submarines in training. Under the guidance of their human supervisor Diver Doug, they discover the marvels of the world they live in.

ToddWorld – Based on Todd Parr’s acclaimed children’s books, ToddWorld is a celebration of imagination in a world where everyone is welcome.

We received a bundle of Chloe's Closet to check out for ourselves. I love the adorableness of it all. It was so much cuteness. 

Chloe and her friends Danny, Riley, Mac, Tara, Jet,  Lil, and Carys along with her toys; Lovely Carrot, Wizz and Soggy play dress up and go on magical adventures through her closet. Chloe sings a song and is transported to another location where she and her friends join whatever fun is going on over there.
We also love Dive Olly Dive which is about a little submarine and his friend. They teach kids all about animals and places by taking them on different adventures.

These shows are perfect for kids. As a mom I always search for kids that are age appropriate, interesting and fun. Now that my kids are older I still follow the same premise but when they were preschoolers they would have absolutely loved this channel.

Enter the giveaway below and find out why Kabillion rules!
About Kabillion
Kabillion® and Kabillion Girls Rule™!, a subsidiary of US based Splash Entertainment, is a ranked Top Ten U.S. Kids Free On Demand TV Networks, reaching over 45 million US households and available on Comcast, Time Warner & Charter, among others.  A network and marketing platform, Kabillion’s reach, with over 350 million views, extends across their multiple platforms, including Kabillion, Kabillion Girls Rule!, and the Kabillion YouTube channel which operates in direct partnership with YouTube.

About Splash Entertainment
Specializing in children’s entertainment, Splash Entertainment is an innovator, developer, and producer of original animated television series, properties and brands that are implemented across all digital platforms of the media.  The company’s library (500 half hours) contains content airing in more than 160 territories worldwide.   Among Splash Entertainment’s key brands licensed in markets worldwide and produced by their talented animation production staff include: Chloe’s Closet®, Dive Olly Dive!, Hero:108®, Growing Up Creepie®, Pet® Alien and Todd World®Splash Entertainment’s current new series production slate includes: two iconic Archie Comics brands, Sabrina Secrets of a Teenage Witch and It’s Archie, Chloe’s Closet - Season 2, and Master Blaster.  As a production company hired by outside content owners, Splash Entertainment has produced animated series for a number of high profile brands, such as Care Bears™, Clifford The Big Red Dog, Lalaloopsy™, Strawberry Shortcake™, Bratz®, Zhu Zhu Pets® and He-Man Masters of the Universe.

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Disclaimer: I received a complimentary copy for my honest opinion. No monetary compensation was offered.