Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Life Can Be Crushing

Trying to always be strong can be completely crushing. I have spent the past almost two years trying to be strong. Strong for me, strong for my kids, strong for life.

Faith in God's plan can only do so much. Sometimes you have to allow yourself to fall. You have to allow yourself the feeling of pain, grief and the unbearable fear of the unknown.

One cannot heal if you continue to pretend that there is nothing going on or you suppress those emotions. It will eventually come out and you would have gotten nowhere because you failed to deal with it head on. 

Tears are not a sign of weakness. They aren't. Many can't cry. They don't allow themselves that gift of cleansing. They fear it. They fear once they open the damn it will not stop. They fear the feeling of vulnerability. Allow yourself to purge all that you need. Allow yourself to fall into the ugly cry if you need. Allow it! Purge all your pain through your tears. BUT eventually you do have to stop crying. You do have to move, breath and live. You have to! 

You can do it!
I know you can, I am!

Yes, life is crushing and at times feels unbearable, painful and unfair. How much pain does one person need to have in their life? This is a question I often find myself wondering. 

Experience your pain, you are allowed. 
Move through your pain, you are allowed.
You will have hard days but some will make your forget for a moment, you are allowed
It is your journey!  Only Yours! No one else is feeling what you are feeling, experiencing what you are dealing with. Allow yourself to feel and live. Take a deep breath now move! One foot in front of the other. You can do it!

If on the outside; know that you cannot fathom the pain of another. You cannot help them. You can be there for them. You can listen. You can just be. Sometimes that is all we have. So, just be!

Good thoughts to all who read this.

Perfect Body, Mind and More Essential Oil Aid #RadhaFrankincense

From The Company:
One of the oldest medicines know to man used in sacred aromatherapy practices for, massage, relaxation uplifting mood and heightening your awareness. Great disinfectant that alleviates aches and pains and contains anti-aging properties.

From Maria's Space:
I love the blue bottle! It is a thick, glass bottle with a vibrant blue color. It came bubble wrapped with a dropper that can be used to close the bottle when you remove the cap.

The bottle is impressively large at 4 oz. 

Frankincense comes from a shrub and is collected by small incisions in the flower of the plant and starts out as a milky white residue before being refined into essential oil.

Besides being used in religious ceremonies Frankincense has many uses.

It can be used as:
  • Astringent
  • Sedative
  • Antiseptic 
You can use Frankincense on skin for burns, rashes, cuts besides being fabulous for aging skin.

Simply combine Frankincense with your base of choice. I  have been using argon oil since it is what I have and I have been using it as a massage oil for my husband's sore back but you can also add it to your shampoo, conditioner, soap, body scrub, your bath water or just on a washcloth, use as you would any other essential oil.

Frankincense has many purposes. It also makes a great facial steam, add to water and sit over a hot pot of water. 

Can aid concentration, simply use some on your neck or on your palm and breath deeply. 

As an anti-inflammatory. Mix with another base and use directly on skin to calm, soothe and relax.   My husband's sore muscles love this stuff! 

Sustainable Baby Steps has 40+ uses for Frankincense on their website that I never even heard of. Check them out. 

To Order for Yourself:


Disclaimer: I received a complimentary product for my honest opinion. No monetary compensation was offered.

Monday, June 29, 2015

Decorate Your Laptop With Works Of Art By #Vati

I love personalizing my laptop, phone and Kindle and was thrilled to get a laptop sticker from Vati.
This is just one of the many amazing decals they have and all are cool in my opinion.

This is the World's Famous Buildings decal. As you can see it comes in a non bendable cardboard with a see through insert. 

These decals are created for Apple, Samsung, Lenovo, HP, ASUS, Chromebook, Toshiba, Dell, Acer And Other Laptops and come in three sizes 13, 15, and 17 inch depending on the size you need. This one would be really cool with an Apple laptop because the earth would have that awesome blue light on it. 

The decal is easily transferred from the decal paper to your laptop, chrome book or wherever you decide to place it.  

Here is a photo of the paper it comes on. Nice and sturdy. This is some thick vinyl. Definitely quality!

The directions simply state to dust your computer and affix your decal by placing down and removing the transfer paper.   It was as easy as playing a sticker except this is a great grownup sticker that has many recognizable buildings such as the Easter Island, Big Ben, The Statue of Liberty, The Colosseum in Rome, The Taj Mahal and more. 
We have an Acer and I as I went to put it on my daughter's laptop she insisted it go on her window.  She said she would see it more often since her computer is always open. She is probably right!

This is the third location she has placed it so far. I believe this would even look great on my truck! 

Easy to place
Easy to remove
Quality paper
Looks amazing
Great price

I can't think of any!

To Purchase:


Disclaimer: I received a product at a discounted rate for my honest opinion. No monetary compensation was offered or received.

Please Consider This Wristband As You Head Into The Water This Season #lifesaver

Drowning is one of my biggest fears for myself and for anyone I know. As someone who lives in a lake town I can tell you that the Summer season brings fun but also stress as I fear that someone I love, care about or just know will drown. 

We all head to the lake in my neck and partake in the main reason a lot of us have moved here. We fish, swim, sail, boat, jump, and more into this huge lake and unfortunately every year there is a drowning. 

Safety first is what I tell my kids and this means that while they are good swimmers, it is a big lake and safety needs to be a priority. 

They are not allowed to swim past a certain point (meaning I need to be able to get them), they can not go in the water alone, they can not throw rocks, they cannot jump off the dock without one of us out there with them. Yeah, it sounds like they cannot have fun but this is far from the truth. I want them to know that fun and games are wonderful but it takes one slip up, one accident, one bad judgement for everyone's life to change. 

This is why I am so jazzed about this wristband!

An American-German team revolutionizes the fight against drowning by developing of the world’s smallest inflatable that keeps you safe when life vests aren’t practical

CALIFORNIA/HAMBURG - June 29, 2015: Kingii, a portable floatation device, launches on Indiegogo today with the ultimate goal of reducing global drowning rates, which have grown to 372,000 a year. Through its small and unobtrusive design, this advanced water safety tool secures to a user’s wrist to provide the reliability of traditional life vests without restricting mobility during water activities. When it’s needed, the highly buoyant Kingii inflates in just one second to help users swim back to safety. Kingii is ideal for keeping swimming, sailing, surfing, kayaking, paddling, fishing and any other activity in, or around, the water safe and enjoyable.
“After I lost a friend in a preventable drowning accident, I developed Kingii as a way to promote the importance of water safety and, hopefully, end this type of tragedy once and for all,” said Tom Agapiades, Founder of Kingii. “Kingii is the perfect alternative to life jackets for beginner and advanced swimmers of any age.  Now, for those who would previously forgo wearing a life vest, they can have the same security without the restrictions or discomfort.” 

Kingii’s durable, nylon inflatable is conveniently stored inside a small pouch next to a CO2 cartridge called the Kingii Cylinder. When the lever on top of the wristband is pulled, the Kingii Cylinder is triggered to fill the floatation device. The Kingii has an attached whistle that can be blown to draw attention to the user, and its built-in compass reorients the user and directs them back to land. Once the used Kingii Cylinder is removed, the Kingii is deflated and packed back into the pouch. The reusable Kingii is ready to save another life when a new Kingii Cylinder is installed.

Kingii is the world’s smallest floatation device that revolutionizes water safety for all. After his best friend tragically drowned, Kingii’s founder, Tom Agapiades, set out to develop a more convenient water buoyancy aid that provided more comfort than traditional life vests and other inflatables. The result was Kingii, a simple wrist band that only needed to be activated when a user was in danger. Through this simple device, Agapiades and his team continue advocating and revolutionizing water safety throughout Europe and the United Sates. For more information, visit www.kingii.us or www.kingii.eu.

Current Kingii Indiegogo consumer packages include:
  • Kingii Unit Early Bird: One Kingii unit, plus two Kingii Cylinders ($69 – limited to 300 units)
  • Save Yourself Package: One Kingii unit, plus two Kingii Cylinders ($79)
  • Save Your Friend Package: Two Kingii units, plus four Kingii Cylinders ($155)
  • Save Your Family Package: Four Kingii units, plus eight Kingii Cylinders ($305)
  • Impact Package: Ten Kingii units, plus 20 Kingii Cylinders ($749)
  • Kingii Recharge Package: Two Kingii Cylinders ($6)
  • Kingii Family Recharge Package: Five Kingii Cylinders ($14)
Current Kingii Indiegogo retailer packages include:
  • Big Impact Retailer Package: 20 Kingii units, plus 40 Kingii Cylinders ($1,399)
For more information on Kingii and its campaign, visit http://igg.me/at/Kingii.