Friday, June 30, 2006

Time to spare

Spend about an hour seeing which celebrity you resemble most at My Heritage

I did it for the precocious toddler and the Goddess

As for myself, using this picture..they say I look like

Kristin Kreuk... After laughing...

I just have to say...I wish

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Mini Pool Party

Today I had a mini pool party for the kids and me. We emptied the pool of the 800 pounds of rainwater that made its way in there in the past four days. We fortunately dried out pretty well compared to some areas. This morning I got in the car with the kids and headed out with no destination in mind. We went to a park, then for a walk to a pet store. My son was loving checking out the fish, rabbits, birds and various other furry critter types. He spoke to a MacCaw name Sushi who basically says hello. On his first "Hello" my son said "God bless you" he must have thought he sneezed. After that he just kept repeating "hi bird, hello bird." The banshee girl on the other hand hated everything about the pet store so we eventually made our way to the door and I noticed a Party Store. We went there, I picked up a balloon for each kid, a ball and some invitations for my 40th birthday which I am planning for August 12th (more on that some other time). We got the kids a happy meal and myself an ice coffee and headed home.

With balloons, bubble machine and radio we headed to the deck for some pool time. The kids had a great time and I got to take more pictures (nothing better than that..I love me some pictures).

Funny story - Whenever I nurse my daughter, my son comes over and says, "Baby eats" I always say "Yes, baby eats" and the conversation is over after he nuzzles her head for a moment. The other day he saw her nursing, he came over to say "Baby eats" but this time my daughter sat up because she heard his voice. He took my shirt, pulled it down over my boob and said, "bye eats!" Ha...I love kids, they friggin crack me up.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Got to love happy kids

The past two days the kids and I spent our rainy day fingerpainting, dancing, singing, laughing, playing with Little People, running through bubbles and now I just want to pass out on my couch. Damn kids, I am too old for this shit!

Jesse and Skye have a snack. Jesse found something really funny!

Skye's first coloring experience

Bubble Time

I love this picture. My son looks like he has had too much time in front of the bubble machine and my daughter looks like she is doing the twist!

Thursday, June 22, 2006

I was tagged

My 7 things

I was tagged by Lala to do this list of 7 things so here it goes

7 things to do before I die:
Write a book
See the Aurora Borealis
See a space shuttle take off
Swim with the dolphins
Take my kids on vacation
Be a grandma
Learn to play an instrument proficiently.

7 things I cannot do:
Speak another language
Pilot a plane
Play Chess
Lift an elephant
Walk on water

7 things that attracted me to my husband:
He honestly loved me
He was attracted to me
He has a good heart
He is hot!!!!
He is smart
He is funny
He takes care of me - I was living with a real a**hole, in an unhealthy relationship, and he always made sure I was always ok. He made sure I ate, he helped me move, gave me money for rent, made sure I had things to do, supported my passions, thought I was funny, smart, and "the most down to earth person I know" (I wonder if he would say that these days) I finally looked around and thought why am I looking around when the love of my life is right here!?

7 things I say often:
I love you
Don't make me yell, I don't like my voice like this
Give me a break
You guys are taking years off my life
You are killing me

7 movies I can watch over and over:
Young Frankenstein
One Fine Day (George Clooney is hot)
History of the World
Meet the Parents
Saving Private Ryan
My Fair Lady
Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

*Sigh* I don't feel like voting.

Damn why is this picture so small??

So Big Brother 7 is pulling out the new edition of their sleeper Big Brother. I have to say I do love this hamster cage soap opera, however.. after watching last night's show where Julie Chen tells us who our 20 choices will be; I was left sitting in my living room, shrugging my shoulders asking myself why I am so interested in this crap. I was (BK - before kids) an avid player of SIMS. What?! Don't even get me started. I LOVED THIS GAME! Creating perfect families to live in my perfect neighborhoods was the most fun I ever had playing a game. Maybe this is why I love these stupid reality shows. Since I can't play anymore this is my way of watching little fake people live their little lives in front of my own little eyes. Or maybe I liked Sims because I loved reality shows. The point is this...oh nevermind really who cares what the point is? What is that I hear crickets? Oh whatever.

We vote on 6 and the Producers will pick the other 6 to be in the house.

Our choices are..

From -
Big Brother 1
Chicken George - Ok, while I found him sweet and kind of enduring in the beginning, his mid-life crisis during the show (changing his hair every other day) made him a bit odd.

Big Brother 2
Mike "Boogie" - God I hated this guy and his side worn tennis cap. He was annoying and an attention hog. I hope his stupid ass is the first to go!
Monica - Always seemed to be angry
Will - The Winner of BB2. Will was pure evil. He was a great player and I loved watching him scam everyone. He calls himself the evil doctor and he is not lying.
Bunky - This guy was always crying

Big Brother 3
Lisa - Winner of BB3. I liked Lisa and was happy she won. She had a good time in the house with the hot firefighter Eric.
Danielle - This chick was so annoying. She
Marcelles - He was interesting to watch.

Big Brother 4
Alison - Most annoying houseguest. She was a slut and had no problem admiting it.
Dana - Troll. I don't understand what Justin saw in her.
Erika - She was not as annoying as most.

Big Brother 5
Michael "Cowboy" - Oh ok..if he must come back. He found out he had a father and a sister (Nokomis) while living in the BB house. Sent his sister packing to save a friend. Ummm not a great way to welcome a long, lost family member. I could do without Michael coming back.
Jennifer "Nokomis" - Michael's sister. I actually liked Nokomis. I hope they bring her back.
Jase - Crap, I hated this guy but he might not be as annoying since Holly won't be back. Annoying, obnoxious idiot and I hope they bring him back.
Diane - She had the hots for Drew and supposedly that screwed up her game. I hope she gets a chance to show us that regardless of a crush she will still lose.

Big Brother 6
Kaysar - I hope they bring Kaysar back. I liked him, thought he was smart and not too bad on the eyes.
Janelle - Winner of BB6. I loved Janelle. She was interesting, hot and smart. She and Howie cracked me up. She had great energy and was a great player. I would watch just for Janelle.
James - What can I say. James played the game and I would like to see him back.
Ivette - Oh my God, this chick was crazy. I wanted to like her but she was such an obnoxious, loud bitch I had no choice but to hate her. She had this unfounded obsession with this guy cappy and she mentioned his name every second she was near a friggin mic. No thanks!
Howie - This guy was so friggin funny. He could be a bit much after a while and I would have to crack him one once in a while if he was a friend of mine because he never shuts up but I loved his humor. I hope he part of BB7

Monday, June 19, 2006

Ghetto Pool on a hot Sunday

Yesterday we spent Father's Day at my in-laws. While they do have a pool it was not ready for swimming so my mother-in-law set up the ghetto pool. Who hasn't spent at least one afternoon in a ghetto pool at least once in their life? My kids had a blast and it made for some really great pictures which of course will not be posted here for fear of getting arrested for child pornography. I don't know when taking a picture of my own child's naked ass became a crime but I know that there are quite a few of my own dimpled baby ass lying around so it wasn't in the 60s or the 70s.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

My first Chuck E. Cheese experience

Today the kids and I headed to kid heaven Chuck E. Cheese. Me, my two wee ones, two girlfriends with 1 kid a piece. What a difference 1 kid makes. My girlfriends were relaxed, happy, laughing, eating, playing, taking pictures, yada, yada, yada.

Me...holding one, in my arms, hanging onto the other's hand dragging him while he cried that he wanted to go home. What the hell man..if I was a kid and my mom was giving me endless amounts of gold tokens to ride or play anything I wanted to; I would be having one hell of a toddler ying yang party. Not mine! While I am sure that this place can be overwhelming after a while, we were there 20 minutes before he started saying bye-bye. Jesse wouldn't ride on anything and didn't want to play a God damn thing. Sup with that? He would sit on things but the moment I tried to insert a coin he would scream and jump off. I had a great time putting my daughter on some rides while Jesse tried to pull her off of them. Oh whatever, maybe next time. At least we always have the ducks.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

What a weekend

This weekend was a great end to a busy week. I spent the last two days outdoors enjoying the cool, crisp, sunny days of June. God, I love this weather. I feel so alive when the temperature is below 77.

Last week the kids and I enjoyed some playdates, family get-togethers and some quiet time as the little one has been running a fever off and on for a week as of today. The doctors are telling me that since the only sign has been the fever I should just keep watching her. I took a urine sample in today and will hopefully not hear from them tomorrow. Poor little sweetie. Her skin is burning and she hasn't been eating, she only wants to nurse. Hopefully the fever breaks soon and we can all go back to normal.

Yesterday I took the kids to Pennings. It's a great place to spend some time outdoors, the kids can look at the animals, play on swings or slide, ride some John Deere tricycles, pick up some fresh veggies, flowers, fruit or you can get a bite to eat. We got some fresh baked donuts, some homemade kettle corn and some fresh picked strawberries to go. The corn was eaten by the time we got back down the mountain, it was awesome.

Afterwards I took the kids to feed the ducks in town. Jesse has a fascination with ducks as of late so I grabbed some old bread and with kids in tow headed to the village gazebo. We live near a beautiful lake in a quiet little town. I parked the car and we headed for the gazebo. Sitting on the top step with my son sitting next to me tossing pieces of bread to the waiting ducks, geese, swans and area birds with my daughter in her carriage looking on was what life is all about. Making memories with loved ones and spending quiet time together is really all I care about.

I had a conversation with a friend recently and she was telling me that she didn't realize how selfish she was until she had kids. Strange because I didn't realize how UNSELFISH I was until I had Jesse and Skye. They really are for me...what life is all about. My heart on little legs, running around the wood gazebo, tossing bread to open beaks, and watching the sun go down behind the majestic mountain of my little home town is proof that there is a heaven and that life can really be that good as long as we notice the little things. can throw up now..

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Bone Tired

Lately I have been bone tired. Just as Skye has become more independent and self propelled, life has become crazy. I am so tired of yelling and saying..."Jesse leave Skye alone, Jesse no!, Jesse don't touch her, Jesse stop pushing Skye, Jesse let Skye play, Jesse don't kick, Jesse stop grabbing toys." I can make a recording and play it all day long. I know this is typical sibling crap but OMG...I am exhausted before the day even begins. I am really running out of patience and I am not sure how to handle the constant screaming from my daughter when my son does any of the above mentioned.

It is crazy how one moment he is so in love with her, especially when we first wake. "Hi Skye. Hi big girl. Morning" followed by kisses and hugs. The rest of the day..well me screaming any one of my above quotes.

I am sure eventually she will hit back and all will be well. I just wish I had the solution to sibling jealously. Any suggestions?

Friday, June 02, 2006

My Angel Baby

Some pictures because I have no time to post!

I took these instead of heading to Sears for Skye's 1 year picture. Anything to save some cash but that is for another post. I love the way the came out. I took about 80 of them; it was really hard to decide which one should go into her birthday thank you card. Finally decided but wish I had gone with one of the first two.

This was number 82, can you tell this girl was done posing?