Sunday, August 30, 2020

Go To Bed, School’s A Coming

With back to school around the corner, most of my mommy friends are talking about schedules and mainly how to get their kids back on them.
Have you had a scheduled bedtime?
Have your kids been sleeping until whenever they decide to wake?
Then it might be time to start rescheduling that school time clock again.
If you are letting your kids stay up until whenever, start sending them to bed around an hour earlier than usual. Over the course of the next three weeks move it up until they are back on schedule.
Having a routine at night will make the transition easier for all of you.
Family fun time (game, movie, playing outdoors, taking a walk around the neighborhood, snuggling together on the floor, or whatever your family loves to do that isn’t extremely active.
*A snack
*Tooth brushing
*A story or two
*Hugs and kisses, good-night
In the morning, start setting the clock for an hour or two earlier depending on when your little darlings are waking. Use that extra time to do something together as a family. Make them breakfast, take them to the park, a farm, or the library. The weather is nice and cool in the morning and no one else is there. Walk around and enjoy your last few weeks together before every one’s life becomes more routine.
Starting slowly will make the transition easy for everyone involved and make it a whole lot easier than waiting until the week before school.
Enjoy your kids because they grow out of us a whole lot quicker than we grow out of them.

Saturday, August 29, 2020

Mark Your Calendar - Cats & Dogs 3: Paws Unite Available September 15 Digital and October 13th Blu-ray and DVD

It's once again raining cats and dogs!!! 

Cats & Dogs 3: Paws Unite!, the next feature length installment of the popular Cats & Dogs franchise from Warner Bros. Home Entertainment. Available on Digital on September 15 – and on both Blu-ray Combo pack and DVD on October 13 -  Cats & Dogs 3: Paws Unite! features an all-star comedy lineup lending their voices to this new generation of four footed and two winged friends including Melissa Rauch (“The Big Bang Theory”) as Gwen the cat, Max Greenfield (“The Neighborhood,” “New Girl”) as Roger the dog, and George Lopez as Pablo the Parrot. The film is directed by Sean McNamara (Soul Surfer) and written by Scott Bindley (The Last Summer). Producers are Andrew Lazar (Cats & Dogs, Get Smart) and David Fliegel.

It's been 10 years since the creation of the Great Truce, an elaborate joint-species surveillance system designed and monitored by cats and dogs to keep the peace when conflicts arise. But when a tech-savvy villain hacks into wireless networks to use frequencies only heard by cats and dogs, he manipulates them into conflict, and the worldwide battle between cats and dogs is BACK ON. Now, a team of inexperienced and untested agents will have to use their old-school animal instincts to restore order and peace between cats and dogs everywhere.


Can You Hold Your Cards? Dropsy The Newest Card Game From Endless Games

Endless Games announced the nationwide availability of its latest card game, Dropsy.

In this new game, all you have to do is get three of the same color. Sounds like a pretty simple card game, until Endless Games turned it into Dropsy, the game where players have to hold their cards in some unusual ways while trying to get their three-of-a-kind. 

In Dropsy (MSRP $6.99 for 2 or more players 8+) players take turns drawing cards to try to get three of the same color. However, instead of discarding cards, players have to hold them in the manner directed on the card. Cards can command players to hold cards under their chins; on top of their heads; back of their hands; between their fingers; under their arms, and other odd positions. If a player "Dropsy" their cards, they have to start all over again trying to get the three-of-a-kind again.

The silly new game, designed by renowned game inventor, Howard Tarnoff, was originally conceived in 2004 under the title, "Don't Drop Your Draws." Brian Turtle, VP of Sales and Marketing for Endless Games, explained, "The game went through some design and graphics changes since it was presented in 2004. We've made it a quick and easy, affordable game that can deliver fast laughter which is always our goal, but may be particularly beneficial to people right now."

Dropsy is one of the latest in Endless Games' line of cool card games that already includes Red Light Green Light 1-2-3, The Name 5 Card Game, Jeopardy! and Jeopardy! Jr. Card Games, and the Wheel of Fortune and Wheel of Fortune Junior Card Games. 

The 411:

"OMG I am laughing so hard I am gonna die!" A direct quote from a player at my house. 

Well lets start with that was different. We enjoy card games and this was a good time. My daughter's friend was over and he told me that his family played a lot of card games so we were excited to play with him.

Dropsy is fun because there is no discard pile. You are the discard pile and the card will tell you how you are to discard it. The goal is to be the first to have 3 of the same color cards which makes winning manageable you get more cards on your body it gets harder to hold them.

Start with one pile of cards. Each player takes a card and puts it in front of them. This is your color. Get 3 of these and you are the winner. Sounds easy right?! Well  no because you need to discard everything that isn't that color. So since there isn't a discard pile you must read the card and place it wherever it tells you. Inside your elbow, under your chin, on your head, on your hand, etc. Our guest player told us that girls have a leg up because we can put the cards under our hair to secure them. He has very short hair and ended up just sticking the cards to his forehead with his sweet. He also told us that the cards may be stinky because he had to hold so many in his armpit. I never laughed so much. I told him this is not a first date game because when you place a card under your chin you get to showcase your third chin and that is not attractive!!! 

Oh yeah...our guest player also said to be sure to look in the mirror on a hot day after playing because you will undoubtedly find a card stuck to the inside of your elbow so don't take that home!  We had a blast!  Great way to end the summer play dates before school starts. 

About Endless Games : Founded by industry veterans Mike Gasser, Kevin McNulty and game inventor Brian Turtle, Endless Games specializes in games that offer classic entertainment and hours of fun at affordable prices.  The three have an uncanny ability for discovering and developing hit games, having been a part in past successes Trivial Pursuit™, Pictionary® and Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon™. The general principle of Endless Games is to produce high quality entertainment in board games that are quick and easy to learn but offer “Endless” play value. This theme runs through the line of classic games like Kismet and Mancala as well as home versions of the TV game shows Card Sharks, Password, Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy! Newer party games like AKA and That Was Awkward, and family games Name 5 and Everybody Knows also maintain this model for instantly addictive fun! The diverse talents and perspectives that our staff and partners bring to the development, manufacturing, sales and marketing for our business enables Endless Games deliver the best, quality products with universal appeal. From ages 4 to 104, Endless Games offers card games, party games, trivia games, family games, children’s games and pop culture games that engage and entertain all people. For additional information, visit and interact with the company 

September is Baby Safety Month! Get ready with Kidco’s Home Safety Tips

Parents are always wondering, “When the best time to start baby proofing the house?”  September is baby safety month and the perfect time to start looking around your home for potential hazards.   There’s no need to feel intimidated.  Baby proofing is a ritual we all have to go through when our little ones get mobile.  Especially now when working from home and many kids learning from home has meant that there is more time for babies to get into things. 

KidCo, the brand known for its high-quality line of baby gates, baby proofing and travel products, has put together important tips in honor of baby safety month.

We would love to work with you on a story for Baby Safety Month this September. Please let us know if you are interested! Best, Alise
Where to Start
Dan Kaiser from KidCo recommends starting with baby gates.  KidCo launched the first metal child safety gates to the US market nearly 30 years ago, setting a new standard of safety and style for baby safety. The company’s line of safety gates will cover all areas from the top of stairs, high traffic or large areas, and even fireplaces.  The basic recommended age of use with most gates is up to 24 months.  If you know that you need a gate, but don’t know where to start, KidCo has a gate finder that is helpful.
Photo credit: middle image @derekamoako; right image @thewiscomama
In the Kitchen
We start with the kitchen because so many people feel that it’s the heart of their home.  This space is one of the more challenging to baby proof since there are so many areas that need to be considered. 

Most people move into a home and put cleaning supplies and chemicals in the bottom cabinet under the sink.  Families with small children should opt for keep detergents, pesticides, cleaning products, and any other toxic household chemicals locked up, preferably in a high cabinet.  Remember that child-resistant doesn't mean childproof. Some children are very good at breaking in and opening products in the blink of an eye!
Be sure to secure cabinets and drawers.  A simple solution to keeping little ones out of cabinets. These Sliding Cabinet & Drawer Locks attach easily and fit snuggly around cabinet knobs or handles.  No screws or adhesive mount necessary, and this system is good for handles or knobs that are 2” – 7” apart. 

Use the back burners on the stove whenever possible and if you must use the front ones, turn the pot handles toward the back.  If your knobs are at the front of the stove, Stove Knob Covers provide protection from little ones turning stove knobs. These knobs offer non-adhesive installation and are easily removable for cleaning.

Kitchen cabinet drawers, which are often at the height of a toddler’s head, are another hazard.  Cabinets and drawers should all be secured with internal locking devices because external locks that need to be put back in place after each use are often forgotten.  These Adhesive Mount Cabinet & Drawer Locks are designed to keep cabinets and drawers off limits to little hands. Adhesive mount means no holes, no drilling, no tools, and easy installation.  Going on trip with the little ones? Install the in your rental home or cottage.
The Family Room
The family room might be doing double and triple duty as a home office, school study space, and playroom.  Be sure to put electronics out of reach of children can reduce the risk of kids getting hurt or damaging expensive equipment.  When setting up electronics, ensure that all wires are no longer than six inches. Consider wrapping them with electrical tape or Velcro ties. Use an outlet cover box to avoid exposed outlets should something come unplugged. Be sure to keep charging plugs out of reach.  Universal outlet covers work on both standard and decorator style outlets and does not require that you remove it every time you actually want to use the plug.
You never know when little fingers will touch your keyboard or mouse. Very young children have become extremely adept at finding YouTube and watching their favorite videos.  Putting a password on to your computer is the easiest way to ensure your child does not “edit” any documents or visit any unsafe sites. You may want to put your tablet in child safe mode if you haven’t done that already!

Secure TVs or Furniture to the Wall with anti-tip furniture straps.  Fall hazards are one of the most common, and most deadly, dangers for children inside the home. Bookcases can be extremely dangerous if not secured to a wall. New or moved furniture (i.e. a television) should be anchored to avoid tipping.
Many working parents are now taking on tasks that had been done with an army of babysitters, day care centers, and cleaning crews.  Now so much of this has stopped, the ability to multitask has been put to new levels of efficiency and often frustration.  Some of the best tips that we’ve also found from parents is to try and stress less and set new expectations under these new conditions. Parents have found ways to cope with a variety of products and tips that range from baby carriers to activity seats. 
Photo credit: left image @lilysslittlelungs, middle image @saracozzaniofficial, right image @mamacopfer
Keep little ones happy, safe, and occupied in an activity seat. The GoPod Plus Activity Seat​​​​​​​ is one of our favorite products that helps you with multitasking chores, exercise, or helping older children with schoolwork and their needs.  Travel products can be repurposed for keeping kids occupied and are often easy to open and close for storage.  The KidCo TravelPod is a portable play yard that provides a safe and comfortable environment for children between the ages of birth and three years. It can be set-up easily in any room of your home which has been turned into a home office.

Parents and caregivers have many responsibilities. Keeping baby safe and healthy is a top priority. With a bit of planning and patience, your home can be made safe and sound

After The End by Clare Mackintosh - Gripping Story by NY Times Bestselling Author

New York Times bestselling author Clare Mackintosh's latest novel AFTER THE END (G.P. Putnam's Sons) was released in paperback on June 16th

“I devoured this book on a rainy Sunday, and then felt dizzy afterwards—like the book had almost knocked me over . . . it works beautifully.”
—Jenny Hollander, Marie Claire


After the End is a beautifully written novel, compelling and clever, tender and true. 

I can’t stop thinking about it.”
Liane Moriarty, #1 New York Times bestselling author of 

The Husband’s Secret and Big Little Lies


“Mackintosh veers from the thrillers for which she is known into quieter, but no less captivating, territory...[After the End] is tailor-made for book clubs and for fans of Jodi Picoult.”
Publishers Weekly


Max and Pip are the strongest couple you know. They’re best friends, lovers–unshakable. But then their son gets sick and the doctors put the question of his survival into their hands. For the first time, Max and Pip can’t agree. They each want a different future for their son.  What if they could have both?

A gripping and propulsive exploration of love, marriage, parenthood, and the road not taken, AFTER THE END brings one unforgettable family from unimaginable loss to a surprising, satisfying, and redemptive ending and the life they are fated to find. With the emotional power of Jodi Picoult’s My Sister’s Keeper, Mackintosh helps us to see that sometimes the end is just another beginning.

Phineas and Ferb The Movie: Candace Against the Universe Soundtrack Available NOW #DISNEYMUSIC



   BURBANK, CA -- August 28, 2020 --"Phineas and Ferb The Movie: Candace Against the Universe," from Disney Television Animation premieres exclusively on Disney+ today. The soundtrack from Walt Disney Records is available now. "The Phineas and Ferb Ultimate Playlist" can be heard here.

 The soundtrack features 17 songs including the singles, "Such a Beautiful Day performed by Ashley Tisdale; "We're Back' performed by Vincent Martella, Ashley Tisdale, Dan Povenmire and the end title credit "Silhouettes" performed by Robbie Wyckoff and the Phineas and Ferb cast.  The music is composed and produced by Danny Jacob ("Phineas and Ferb") and features guest songwriters Karey Kirkpatrick ("Something Rotten!"), Emanuel Kiriakou (Whitney Houston's "I Look To You") and Kate Micucci ("Garfunkel and Oates").

  Phineas and Ferb The Movie: Candace Against the Universe track list:

 1. "Such a Beautiful Day"   

2. "The Universe is Against Me" 

3. "Meet Our Leader" 

4. "Unsung Hero" 

5. "Adulting"

6. "Girls Day Out"

7. "This Is Our Battle Song"

8. "Us Against the Universe"

9. "Silhouettes"

10. "We're Back"

11. "Space Adventure"

12. "Chop Away at My Heart"

13. "Step into the Great Unknown"

14. "Candace Against the Universe"

15. "Cowardly Story/Fall Out of Ship"

16. "Candace Rocks/Showdown"

17. "Heartstrings to Hero"

 About "Phineas and Ferb The Movie: Candace Against the Universe"    

"Phineas and Ferb The Movie: Candace Against the Universe" is an adventure story that tracks stepbrothers Phineas and Ferb as they set out across the galaxy to rescue their older sister Candace, who after being abducted by aliens, finds utopia in a far-off planet, free of pesky little brothers.

 Voice talent reprising their roles from the original series and movie include: Ashley Tisdale as Candace Flynn; Vincent Martella as Phineas Flynn; Caroline Rhea as their mom, Linda; Dee Bradley Baker as Perry the Platypus; Alyson Stoner as Isabella; Maulik Pancholy as Baljeet; Bobby Gaylor as Buford; Olivia Olson as Vanessa Doofenshmirtz; Tyler Mann as Carl; and Povenmire and Jeff "Swampy" Marsh as Dr. Heinz Doofenshmirtz and Major Monogram, respectively. David Errigo Jr. joins the cast as Ferb Fletcher. The movie is executive-produced by the creators/executive producers of the Emmy Award-winning "Phineas and Ferb" series, Dan Povenmire and Jeff "Swampy" Marsh and directed by Bob Bowen ("Family Guy").

The 411:

My kids were so into Phineas and Ferb a few short years ago. It was one of my favorite shows to watch with them especially since Ashley Tisdale from High School Musical voiced Candace. We still occasionally watch when we can't think of something to put on and are so excited there is a new movie to hopefully introduce them to a whole new generation of kids. 

I have been singing Such a Beautiful Day while driving to work this week. It is so cheesy and I love that about it. 

The sun is shining, not a cloud in the sky

My stars are aligning and I swear that I
Could do anything
On such a beautiful day

My life's an open book, I'm gonna write a new page
And I know that I'm mixing my metaphors
But you can probably get the main gist of what I'm trying to say

Candace is one heck of a character. If you don't know anything about Phineas and Ferb Candace is their sister. Like most big sisters she is usually babysitting her younger brothers and they get into all kinds of outrageous shenanigans (OMG I love that word) but the only one who ever sees what they are up to is Candace and just when she thinks she will finally be able to show someone else what they are up to, everything is back to normal. 

In this movie the brothers have to rescue Candace in outer space and I cannot wait to see it!

The soundtrack starts with Candace singing about this beautiful day she is having, a fun, bubbly, happy song then the next song The Whole Universe is Against Me an edgier song again sung by Candace after her apparent abduction.

What I love about this soundtrack was how we had pop, rock, Broadway style and so much more. I friggin love it and could listen to this anytime. All the songs stayed true to the style of the show and made me long for the days when my kids and I lay around watching Phineas and Ferb without a care in the world.

It was so much fun and my favorite score was probably Candace Against the Universe. It was epic. So high energy and fast. That double bass and shredding guitar was very Metallica!  I have played it way too much and really appreciated the "Doofenshmirtz Incorporated".

All in all a great soundtrack with something for everyone. 

 About Disney+

Disney+ is the dedicated streaming home for movies and shows from Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, National Geographic, and more. As part of Disney's Direct-to-Consumer and International (DTCI) segment, Disney+ is available on most internet-connected devices and offers commercial-free programming with a variety of original feature-length films, documentaries, live-action and animated series, and short-form content. Alongside unprecedented access to Disney's incredible library of film and television entertainment, the service is also the exclusive streaming home for the latest releases from The Walt Disney Studios. Disney+ is available as part of a bundle offer that gives subscribers access to Disney+, Hulu (ad-supported), and ESPN+. Visit to subscribe and/or learn more about the service.

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