Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Memory Rewind - 2006

Here is your chance to use some of those older photos you have on your computer that you may have forgotten about. Post a photo and write a story about it.

Join me and bring back a memory.

Here is Handsome at 3 years old. We were on a class trip with his Pre-school  class. He started preschool very early, much earlier than I wanted for him.  He needed to start because he needed to be around his peers for all kinds of reasons. One of them was a speech delay, low muscle tone and tantrums. is a post from his very first day of preschool.

The poor kid is only going into first grade but has had a form of education since he is only 23 months old. Between therapists and 3 years of preschool, Kindergarten last year, summer sessions up until this year with therapists I hope he really enjoys 1st grade. I have all the confidence in the world that it will be a good year. But looking back at some of my prior posts I believe there will be at least 1 situation.

Look at that face. I just really want to protect him and make sure he stays smiling.
Class Trip


  1. And that feeling will never go away.

    Great photo!

  2. Anonymous8:57 PM

    awwww!!! he will always be smiling.

  3. I hope he really enjoys 1st grade, too.
    Good luck!


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