Saturday, August 14, 2010

Saturday 9: Superstition

1. What are you superstitious about? I have a few superstitions. Not very severe and I don't put a lot of thought in them. Probably just a ton of old family talk working its way around my head. Like, if you sneeze and someone says God Bless you but doesn't mean it, you will get the Mal de ojo (sick). Back in the day, I cold use this to get to get out of school easily. If I see a black crow in the drive way. I wonder if someone has passed away but I don't call everyone to find out. If a black cat crosses my path while driving, I wonder if it is bad luck for me. 

2. What’s the story behind one of your scars? My lower belly scar is the porthole to which my babies entered the world. It is my absolute favorite scar.

3. What are three things that you would rather be doing right now? Sleeping, laying in bed, having sex. Anything other than watching Blue's Clues with the kids.

4. What do you do when you're bored? Bored?! Hahahhaaa...funny.

5. What's your favorite thing to do? Why? Hang with my husband and kids. Because I know how fast it is going and eventually they will move out and my husband and I won' live forever.

6. What do you do when you're lonely? I would love 5 minutes of loneliness. It will happen in September and then I will be inviting myself to everyone's house.

7. How do you measure the passing of time in life? I measure it by taking a massive amount of photos and looking back on them.

8. What would constitute "the perfectly lived day" for you? Getting up before the rest of the world, having coffee outside with my husband, do breakfast, heading somewhere with the kids and the man, spending the day outdoors doing something we all love, getting the kids to bed before 9:00. Having a glass of wine, heading to the bedroom and asleep before 12:00 a.m.

9. If you knew you were going to die in a year, what would you do in your final days? Spend time with my loved ones and write letters and make videos for my kids.


  1. We use to watch Blues Clues when my kids were little. So fun!

    Have a great Saturday!

  2. My daughter lived for Blues Clues, before that guy killed himself... maybe it was too much singing???

    Great post!

  3. That was kinda depressing for a meme....

  4. All really beautiful and fun answers. And I have two black cats and it's only really here in the States that they're considered bad luck. So next time one crosses your path, consider it GOOD luck ;)

  5. Anonymous8:22 PM

    I don't know whose house you will be inviting yourself to. hmmmmmm

    #3 is typical Maria!!! LMAO

  6. @wendy my favorite professor has a black cat named pearl who likes to sneak up on you. it freaks me out whenever i'm over his house, haha.

    check out my answers:


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