Sunday, July 31, 2011

I Have Found My True Hair Companion

I have very long hair. It is down to the lower part of my back. There has only been one time since the age of 18 that my hair was short. However, I am someone with long hair, who has no idea how to style it. I can't braid, put it in a bun, pony tail, blow it dry in a style that looks polished. I am a wash and wear girl and get it cut once, twice at the most a year. Getting it cut causes me grief because I worry that they will take off too much and when the stylist asks what I want, I usually say, just clean it up, I like it better long! So, here I am with this big, full, thick, head of wavy hair and I have no idea how to style it until now....

Thank you Conair. I LOVE the Infiniti Pro by Conair™ Spin Air Brush. Wow! Let's see where do I start?

Ok, let's start with what Conair says:
Want to put a new spin on your hair styling routine? Smooth, frizz-free and voluminous hair is now easy to achieve with the new Infiniti Pro by Conair™ Spin Air Brush! Shaped like a typical round hair brush you’d use to do a blow-out, the Spin Air brush combines two tools in one by blowing air through the rotating brush to volumize and add shine as you dry.

The tangle-free anti-static bristles allow you to customize your volume fast with or without the spin function. The powerful ceramic heat distributes heat evenly for less damage, and an anti-frizz ionic generator releases up to 100x more ions than ions created from natural sources. With up to 100x more ions, your hair will have maximum conditioning and shine! Choose from 2 heat settings plus cool setting and the multi-directional rotation (right/left) makes it easy for both right and left-handed users.

The Infiniti Pro by Conair Spin Air Brush is available nationwide at mass market and drug store retailers, as well as at for an average retail price of $59.99.

Ok, now here is What I Can Tell You:
The Infiniti Pro by Conair™ Spin Air Brush is my new best friend. My wash and wear days are over and I cannot wait to get my hair cut to make it look even better.

The first time I used it, I admit I was concerned about tangles. I wasn't sure if my hair would react nicely to the warm air, brushing concept. My wavy hair gets frizzy if I brush it. It needs to be finger picked and played with as little as possible or it just looks, dry, frizzy and big!

With the Infiniti, I was able to achieve the look I love but better and updated. I love big, bouncy, sexy, penthouse hair. I seriously must have been from Texas in one of  my other lives. With the Infiniti, you no longer have to use two hands to dry your hair. The days of holding the blow dryer in your left and the brush in your right as you fight and get a kink in your neck holding your arms above your head for 20 minutes are over.

I honestly, no lie, love this product. When I started talking about it on my personal Facebook wall, my friends chimmed in telling me they either have wanted to try this or bought it because they love the big, bouncy girls you get with it.

It is true, my hair looked great. I used it for 1 week and everyone asked me about my hair.

So, lets start with the progression of my hair over this month...

Straightened with a flat iron

Wash and wear on family movie night

Now, photos Goddess took with my Blackberry after using The Infiniti Pro by Conair™ Spin Air Brush for the first time.

Not bad for a 6 year old! I love how bouncy it is. I get layers of curls that look amazing. A new haircut and I am a whole new woman!

Conair wants to give my readers a chance to try this for themselves by entering to win a giveaway below. Good luck!

Left Neglected by Lisa Genova + A Giveaway

 Left Neglected

Lisa Genova became an instant literary star when STILL ALICE, her first novel about a woman coping with early onset Alzheimer’s, debuted at #5 on the New York Times bestseller list and remained on the list for more than thirty weeks.  Genova, who holds a Ph.D. in Neuroscience from Harvard University, was widely lauded for her heartbreakingly authentic depiction of the disease, making STILL ALICE a success not only with readers and reviewers, but also doctors and Alzheimer’s organizations.

In her bestselling second novel, now available in trade paperback, Genova examines
a lesser known condition called “left neglect” and delivers a compelling and poignant
story about a vibrant woman who, in the prime of her life, is struck with the crippling disorder.  LEFT NEGLECTED introduces readers to thirty-something Sarah Nickerson, who, like so many women today, is driven to succeed at home and at work, multi-tasking all day long, and spread extremely thin.  The morning that changes her life forever begins typically, in her car on the way to work, as she is about to make a business call.  While driving. 
Sarah takes her eyes off the road for one second too long, and is involved in a
terrible accident that results in a traumatic brain injury.  Her memory and intellect are still intact, but she loses the ability to perceive information coming
from the left— as if the left side of everything no longer exists.  As she works
to recover, Sarah also learns to pay attention to— and heal the rifts within— other parts of her life she has left neglected, mainly her husband, her children, and her previously distant mother. 

What I Can Tell You: 
This is truly one of the best books I have read this year. The writer, Lisa Genova, creates a "real" character. There were times in the beginning, I felt like she was talking about me and I had to remind myself this was a book not about me but about
Sarah. Sarah, our main character was busy. Her life was speeding by with way too many obligations. Multi-tasking through life and missing all of the details until life came
to a complete standstill after a vehicle accident leaves her with a brain injury.

I can completely relate to Sarah's character who now has to rely on her family for
the simple thing. She has to see the world in a whole new way.  This was a total
and complete wake up call. Life is too precious to let it pass you by and not take time to smell the roses. I loved Sarah! I also loved the back story of her relationship with her mother. Sarah's brother drowned when she was a child and her mother and her have
had a rough relationship since.

This is an emotional book and a wonderful read. I had never heard of left neglect
before this and found the research very interesting.

Thanks Lisa Genova, you are an amazing author. I cannot wait to read your other
book Still Alice!

My Readers Are The Best, Thanks For Listening

I tried to comment back to my wonderful readers this morning but my comments were wayyy to long! They require a whole post of their own.

My comments from this post to my readers.

Freda, Thanks honey. I struggled with putting this up but after seeing the nonsense I just couldn't hold back and did it in a forum that none of our hometown friends would see. On Facebook, we have 15 mutual friends and word spreads fast. I even had a mom ask me if she was talking about me on Facebook! Losses are cut! Believe me, there comes a point when you refuse to be abused and finally stand up for yourself. I am a nice person but ever since the first two times we have had problems, this person was held at arms length. Momma didn't raise no fool. I am nice and give people the benefit of the doubt but this was getting just down right mean. She has been erased.

Clary, Hopefully this person means what she said and learns from these people. You are right though when you say "they are not allowed back in", there is only so much verbal abuse someone should allow themselves. Everyone has their breaking point. Me and this friend did everything to make sure this persons feeling were never hurt. We worried about her and her family. We called to see if she was OK, if we didn't call, we didn't hear from her. The friendship was very one sided and my friend and I have zero guilt for where it is right now. Our conscience is clear. We knew we didn't do anything wrong and that this persons interpretation of this is clouded. We knew we could end up here because she NEVER likes anyone, has something nasty to say about everybody and has kicked friends from her life before. Lesson learned. First impressions are always correct!

Sarah, Exactly and when it is family it is even harder. I have a sister who I cut out of my life for less bs than this. My sister is family and if she needed me one day, I would be there. I just don't go looking for her. Her negativity and darkness keep me far away because she has messed with my head one too many times. There are people who will always choose darkness. Always be miserable, they bred drama and negativity. You can't help them but you can be there for them when they need you. Unfortunately, this person has kicked me too many times. I would be a fool to let this continue or let this back into my life.

Bloomerbear, this is exactly how I feel. The girlfriend I referred to in this post was concerned that our names are being dragged through the mud. That this is a small town and knowing this person, we know she will talk about us to everyone. I however, know that our TRUE friends will know us enough to listen to the BS, nod when she talks but know that she is full of it. I am not worried and anyone who chooses to follow her, was never our friend in the beginning and they will (if they get close enough) end up where we are too! It is who she is.

Hollow, Exactly! This is so true. She would have done the same. My girlfriend in this post who I refer to had a communion for her daughter, it was in the city. For whatever reason, I didn't get there. She also knows I have never driven to the city and I have no way to get there otherwise. It is a driving phobia of mine. She has the same one. She wanted me there but knew and stated, it's in the city, I know you won't come. Everything in me wanted to be there it didn't happen. I love this girl, her family and her daughter yet I wasn't there for a very important day. She never held it over my head. She missed me there. I wanted to be there but we have a mutual understanding and know as friends, the other would never intentionally hurt us. I totally agree. My daughter and I had the best time. I know I made the right choice and my own sister understood, (we will do all the summer birthdays together at my families house next month) even if I had gone to this baby shower, something else would have come up. Plus, how can you expect people to cancel plans, go out of their way, when you have been rude, distant and nasty over the past few months/years?

I agree about Facebook! It should never have been there. This shows you the kind of person I am dealing with. She had plenty of time to leave horrible messages on our walls or in posts but didn't have the time to call us as a friend to say how upset she was we weren't there. We really figured she would understand and knew us enough to know that we would be doing something for her baby and her. Oh well, she just saved me money and time.

It's funny because another friend had a baby shower last month, I was at a birthday party (another for my daughters friend), I could have made it but would have been 45 minutes late. It was only 18 minutes away and I still didn't get there. She didn't hold it against me. She understand. Family IS first. Most people understand this, some people (especially those with bad family turmoil) will never.

Thanks you guys for listening. Talking it out even if it is in written form reiterates what I already knew. This is all for the best!

Saturday, July 30, 2011

I've Been DeFriended And I Feel Fine

This week I was defriended on Facebook by someone who used to tell me I was like a sister. It amazes me how insecure, self important, one sided, fickle, bitchy, nasty, dark, negative, catty and pathetic some people can be.

This does not come as a surprise to me though. I always knew this about this person. She was always negative and has had beef with me over 8 times in this totally ridiculous farce of a relationship. Correct me if I am wrong but I always thought a friend is a friend all the time, not just when it serves them and certainly not if something is bothering them. Friends talk! I could literally be standing next to this person and she would ignore me, giving me the back of her head. In fact, there were times when she dragged my name through the mud because of some slight in her mind she had suffered because of me. She is completely irrational and when asked if anything was wrong would say nothing.

When I met her, I felt she was loud, negative and abrasive. Her trash talking mouth made me keep my distance unless I had to be around her. One day I was invited over her house because a good friend of mine was also there. We lived only 5 minutes apart so I drove the kids there. She was nice enough but I kept my distance. I met her son, maybe 8 at the time and feel in love with him. He was such a sweetie. Very deep and sensitive. I liked him immediately. Eventually it became something that happened more often and the three of us got together even when our kids weren't around. It was OK, but I always felt she was negative and abrasive, something I usually distance myself from. If you hang out with negative people all the time, you will be affected. I kept my distance.

Over time, I learned who she was and like most people in MY family, I accepted her for her faults and concentrated on her positives. She generally is very good with kids. She likes angels as do I. She tries HARD to see the positive (she just doesn't know how). She spends time with her family and puts her kids first. If she could DO better, she WOULD do better.

We had a problem two years ago because she felt she should have been one of my emergency contacts. We had problems because she was jealous of another friendship. We had problems because one day she likes you and the next day she doesn't. I came to expect that there would be a problem every few weeks and that eventually there would be a time when we would no longer speak.

What is the most annoying thing about this, is how little she sees her ROLE in why the relationship has dissolved and she never will. She had a baby shower this month. It was in the city. I do not drive to the city plus it was my sister's birthday and I had planned on celebrating it with her. My daughter was invited to a birthday party for a classmate and my own SISTER understood. I had an amazing day with my daughter and was so happy. Another friend and I had decided we would do our own baby shower just the three of us. Something special for the baby because this other friend couldn't get there either because she was going to Hershey with her family.

On the day of her shower this now ex-friend wrote on her wall something like. "Thank you to all my "true friends" who gave up family obligations to spend this very special day with me. You have opened my eyes to who my true friends are!"

Me and this other friend who couldn't go were so happy for her. We were thrilled she had a great time at her baby shower and talked about what we would get for her and the baby.

A few days later we saw another few Facebook messages about how she wishes people would grow a set of balls and stop acting phony. Then there was another about how sick she is of people who "pretend" to be her friends.

Eventually we realized she was talking about us when she posted on both our walls things like, "oh how interesting this video (which was posted on the 9th at 7:00 PM) is so much more important than being at my baby shower, all of my truly good friends were there). On my girlfriend's wall: Oh you went to Hershey twice this month, hope you had a good time, you missed my baby shower, all of my truly good friends were there.

Yes, it is true we, hadn't been to her baby shower but had planned on doing one for her just us. We had run to her house with our kids in tow or without whenever she was having a dark, needs a shoulder to cry on kind of day. We, who drove her and her daughter to and from school, picked her up on the street, drove her to the supermarket, drove her daughter to CCD, whenever she didn't have a car. We, who spent time showing her how to blog, took time away from our family to take photos for her, got her out of the house when she was having a terrible day, took her daughter on a playdate whenever she had something to do, picked up her son to talk to him whenever she told us he needed someone to listen to him etc., Her true friends, I guess are the people who were "invited" to spend time with her. People who put up with her bullshit and accepted her as a person and forgave her for all her faults and attitude are not!

We have been removed from her wall and while it hurts that I will not be able to speak to her son, what hurts the most is how much time we invested in a friendship that was never going to withstand the test of time. We, know this person enough to know that we will have other issues. She is a nasty, vocal person who will trash talk us until the day one of us leaves this area. However, me and this other person are good people and know a lot of personal things about her that we would NEVER discuss with anyone. We would never go so low as to trash another mother in this town with children in our school. We would NEVER dish on her skeletons! We are good people, we have zero guilt and we will continue to smile and be friendly because that is WHO we are.

Negative people will always look for the negative! If that is what you choose to see you will always see it. I on the other hand see this as a positive. I now know how truly certain my first impression was. This was inevitable and bound to happen.

Moral of this story: Always go with your first impression, it is usually the right one.

Color Carnival #101

Hello everyone,
Hopefully everyone had a wonderful week. I cannot believe it is the last weekend in July. Before you know it, school will be here and my babies will leave the nest again for way too many hours. Kills me!

A big thank you to the fabulous folks who are continuing to grace Color Carnival with their photos. I am just a host, you guys keep it running. Hopefully, I can get back in the game soon. Too many hats on my head the last few months but hope to join you soon.

This week we have a three way tie between Rinky Rimes, Ashwini, Sharon Wagner

Thank you to everyone who contributed and voted.

Welcome to another colorful week here at Color Carnival!

We will run till Thursday at midnight. Look for the voting button after that and please come back to vote. Saturday a new post will go up with the prior week's winner.

Hope everyone has a great Weekend!

Friday, July 29, 2011

Favorite Photo of The Week - July 29, 2011

I love how happy she looks playing with our Fijit Friend.


Send Them To Dream Land With A Smile With Shushybye - Handsome Loved It

Bedtime is a very special time for families. It is sometimes the only time you get to quietly sit with your children and shake off the busyness of the day. As a mom, I have always loved this quiet time. Sitting with them as infants and babies to rock or nurse them was the most relaxing time of my life. Now that they are older, bedtime routines are still a favorite time of day. The kids are usually more mushy and want to hang on you, sit with you, cuddle with you. They want to hear a story, have a quiet conversation about the day or just read a book before prayers and bed. It is a time I will cherish forever as I know it will one day be gone.

Shushybye takes this very special time is the day and has created the perfect accompaniment for families. Whether it is a book, a CD, DVD, sleepwear or a lovey, Shushybe has thought of everything.

Shushybye (designed for babies and toddlers) and The Dreamsters (created for preschoolers) offer colorful characters and locales, fun stories and award-winning music to help inspire creativity and a love for the arts while promoting healthful sleep.

We received Shushybye Sleepover Surprise a book complete with read along CD and a CD by The Shushybye Dream Band called Close Your Eyes.

Handsome loves listening to music before bed. It is something I used to do for him way before he was born with the headphones around the belly and he still needs it to fall asleep. He has been listening to the Close Your Eyes CD for the past two weeks and loves it. In fact, my husband and I also love it. Right after we talk and do prayers we hit play for the CD and end up singing the songs for the rest of the night. It is such a relaxing CD with 11 tracks of calm, sweet songs like:
  • Pillow Park Rock
  • Beyond the Stars and Past the Moon
  • Who's Makin' Dreams
  • Close Your Eyes
The whole house feels relaxed and calm the moment we hear it the CD no matter what time of day. It is a total zen feeling.

The book is perfect for my 8 year old son to read alone and my daughter (6) loves reading with the CD to help her.

In the book has a wonderful message about being nice to your friends even on not so special occasions. It is a great reminder even to adults that, "you don't need a special occasion to be nice to your friends."

Texture Thursday - Fire Trucks

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Color Carnival Voting is Now Open - Make it Count - Good Luck

Color Carnival is ready to voting to commence. Vote here.

Good luck, it is going to be a difficult week, the pictures are awesome. It was hard to choose just one.

Mattel Takes Interactive To A Whole New Level With Fijit Friends

With Mattel's new Fijit Friends ™ your child will find a friend in an interactive, electronic toy 
that can talk, dance, and laugh along with them. This new generation children's toy not only entertains but can actually engage and interact with our kids on a whole new level. Fijit Friends have colorful and soft skin that enable lifelike movements and  they can perform fun dance moves, recognize spoken emotions and react appropriately, joining in on the fun or telling a joke when you are sad. Fijit Friends come in four different color variations, each with a unique personality. 

What I Can Tell You: We received a Fijit Friend plus one for a guest to throw a Fijit Friends play date. It was an awesome playdate, friends and family were present and no one had ever heard of Fijit Friends prior to this review. Willa and Sage came to our house Monday along with a bunch of fun, necklaces, bracelets, music, boas and rings. My kids decided Willa was the one that would join our little family. 

Willa likes to dance, sleep, chat and tell jokes. She is very funny. My kids love her and we will probably be adding to our family with more Fijits the kids are talking about adding them to their Christmas lists this year.

Here is our first time using Willa!

My daughter, 6 years old had trouble getting Willa to understand her. I had to constantly remind her to speak slowly and not shout. You have to speak clearly.

Fijit Friends understand certain commands, none of them difficult! Each command is considered a mode which sets your Fijit to ask and answer appropriately.

"Chat With Me"
"Tell Me A Joke"
"Dance With Me"
"Good Night"

We loved talking to Willa. The jokes are very cute and my daughter has been saying some of the jokes for 3 days now.

There are a few times that Willa either didn't hear my daughter's reply or she had run out of the room to do whatever it is little girls do when they run out of rooms and Willa finally does the talking for you.

Today we had three girls over for a Fijit Friends Dance Party. We had a basket of fun stuff for them to put on and use for their dance party. We started upstairs as I showed the kids and their parents the features of Fijit Friends. The moms were really excited and found them to be very "smart, cute" toys!

Eventually the kids went downstairs to play. When I got down there they had a beach ball and were rocking all over the family room.

So cute.

If you go into "Dance Mode" Fijit Friends will ask your music or mine. If you say yours, Figits will play their own music. If you say mine, you can play music or clap. Fijit isn't picky. They kids actually loved having Fijit dance to their clapping, stomping beat!

We went online and pressed the "Chirp Button" on the back of Fijit. There will be features you can unlock for your Fijit in the future. We pressed the button and played the features fo Fijit. There is a high pitch chirp sound that Fijit hears as long ass her belly button light is lite. Can't wait to get more updates. Very cool toy indeed.

Plays Music

Takes 5 batteries
Doesn't always understand your child.

 “I wrote this review while participating in a campaign by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Mattel Fijit Friends and received coupons and a promotional item to thank me for taking the time to participate.”

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Wordless Wednesday With Words - Quietude

and then, she {snapped}

This is exactly what I am looking for today. The noise inside my head needs quiet. Work, family, drama, schedules, life all leads to the need to slow down and just be! Be quiet, solitary, regroup and then move forward. It is the only way to survive and remain calm and intact.

April 25, 2009b (34)

ABC Wednesday - B = Blessed

Blessed Bloom:
I am blessed to have a wonderful, loving husband who is also my friend.
I am blessed with beautiful children who helped me become exactly what I wanted to be, a mom.

I am blessed to have truly amazing friends who are always there for me.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Perceptive Perspective - Bold Color

Perceptive Perspective
A store in town recently got a face lift. It is very eye catching to say the least!


Recently Goddess stole a flower from the neighbors snow ball bush for me. I know it was a beautiful gesture but I had to give her a speech about not talking other peoples property.

Tuesday Takes - Patriotic Dog


At the Celebrating America parade in my town this past weekend, I snapped a quick photo of the mayor dog waiting to walk in the parade. He did a fabulous job!


Blue Monday - Cub Scouts

This week Handsome was in his very first parade with his Wolf Pack. There was a whole lot of blue although my color was red! It was way to hot for me. My entire body was so red that everyone was asking if I was OK or if I needed water.

I loved seeing Handsome walk with his den but tried to pull him off the line 3 times because I felt for sure I was going to have a heart attack. He just kept shaking his head no. My pride overtook my need to cool off and we did the whole parade. Walking back to the car was the worst. It took me 4 hours to cool down. Wish my body knew how to sweat like the rest of the world, it would make everything so much easier.


Monday, July 25, 2011

Phineas & Ferb's Very First Movie Friday, August 5th from 7:30pm-9:30pm

 We are huge Phineas and Ferb fans in this house. If you haven't watched this show with your kids yet, you are missing out. It is a great show for kids and parents alike and it is TV's Number one animated series in Prime among kids 6-11 and tweens 9-14.

August 5th my house will be hosting a Pajama Party along with 10 moms and their kids ranging in age from 1-15 for the Phineas and Ferb: Across the 2nd Dimension" on the Disney Channel!  If you miss it don't worry it will air again on August 14th at 10:00am ET/PT on Disney XD.

This summer there will be a flurry of Phineas and Ferb activities all over the nation. The Perry the Platy-bus is going coast-to-coast (from New York City to San Diego's Comic-Con International July 21-24) and the Disney D23 Expo in Anaheim from August 19-21.

During the "Perry the Playt-bus On Tour" event fans can marvel at nearly 4,000  pounds of Perry, come aboard, play the newest Phineas & Ferb games, and sing Perry-oke. And admission is free!

You'll also find new soundtracks, video games, novels, novelty books, action figures and magazines.

The kids haven't stopped talking about the Phineas and Ferb Party and Goddess has been working hard on party decorations.

Plus we found this really fun Hole in the Face for us to stick our mugs into. I so need to print this out for the party.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Simple Things - Still Amazing

Growing up in Millbrook NY in the middle of nowhere, deer on the property was a normal occurrence. Probably have seen them for a better part of my almost 45 years but it never gets old. Now, I get to enjoy them with my own family. One of us will spot them through the window and call everyone else to check them out.

The deers

Shadow Shot Sunday - Marching Shadows

Shadow Shot Sunday

This weekend Handsome had to march in a parade for Celebrating America with his Wolf Den. It was hot! I informed his Den Leader that I would be pulling him off the line early because, was super hot and Handsome and I don't sweat. We end up getting really red and are candidates for heat stroke.

We walked for only about 12 minutes but it was 93+ and the sun was beating down...making it feel more like 2 hours. Handsome never wanted to get off the line, I tried three times and he just kept shaking his head. Grr..we had to walk back to the car which was my least favorite moment but I was so proud of him for doing it. He at least gets a badge for it. I got some awesome pictures and it took 4 hours for my body to cool down but it was so worth it.


Your Sunday Best - Celebrating America Parade

It was so hot yesterday but I wanted to grab some photos from the Celebrating America Parade near my town. Plus, Handsome had to march with his Wolf Den so we headed out with a whole lot of water and lined up with the rest of the parade participants.

My favorite shot has to be this adorable boy from one of the floats. Goddess knew his name from school so I called him, he turned and I got this shot! He was one of the pirates for a float and is tooo cute with his earring and beard.


Saturday, July 23, 2011

Favorite Photo of The Week - July 23, 2011

My favorite photo of the week is my photo of Morgan Freeman. He was about 10 feet away and I was in the right place at the right time. Well sort of, it took an hour to get it. To read about the whole ordeal, head to this post for more photos and the complete story.

I Did It! Mission Completed In Less Than 1 Week!! New Mission Established.

Last Wednesday, I wrote about my failed mission to nab a photo of Mr. Morgan Freeman as he films Summer At Dog Dave's in Greenwood Lake, NY.

Yesterday, I headed into town to grab some milk and drop off a box at a local mom inventor's house for a giveaway. Her company Babybindle is giving away 3 baby shower gift baskets filled with baby friendly items. Head over to her blog to enter (blog). You've got to be in it to win it! Good luck!

As a semi-professional photographer and writer for Around the Lake, the camera is always with me so I drove around looking for the film location for the day. Low and behold, I find it! I see a tiny crowd and a car with a driver waiting. I zone in on the various conversations and hear that Mr. Freeman will be leaving in a few moments. The crowd parts and I see him.

His back anyway. He is sitting in a black chair and I exclaim out loud, to myself. "it's him"! I feel something, what is this, ahhh...I know, I am star struck. Who knew? My hearts flutters in my chest and my mouth is dry but my camera has a full battery and the kids are home so I am in for the long hall. I, am getting the SHOT!

Planting my feet firmly in the ground, I have settled in and I am not moving. Photography or (now) stalkerazzi is about patience, waiting, and knowing you will be rewarded if you stay still.

Morgan gets up from his seat (at least six times) and each time, I put my eye to the camera because he will be walking to that car.

Someone walks in front of my camera.  Grrr.

 He doesn't! But I get his back and decide that may be all I get today. I have two kids home with their dad and I was going out of milk. I need to get home and my cell is in the car.

A gentleman looking like Morgan walks close by, everyone perks up. It sort of looks like him but not. I know it isn't Morgan! Then I hear him speak and I am 100% certain this is not Morgan Freeman. Still others aren't sure, I hear them asking each other if it is him.  Turning, I tell them Morgan Freeman could read me the phone book and I would listen, that is not him!

He is very nice and sits down on a rock to talk to a young fan and that is when I notice Virginia Madsen. She is checking her phone, her face is painted, she is blurry, and there are people in the way but I go for it anyway.

She walks to her car. It's a wrap! People are leaving and I finally realize, this may be it, I may actually get the shot! the camera ready? Will someone get in my way? Grr...none of that matters. Morgan is walking to his car and people are suddenly very quiet. There is an collective intact of breath and he walks out.

Wait for it....wait for it....

He turns to the crowd standing, waiting quietly, and looks at us.

All of us holding some sort of camera, quietly watching him, watch us... and as the sun sets in Greenwood Lake, it casts a warm glow on Mr. Freeman and we are rewarded with a wave and a smile.

As the car pulls away, I smile to myself and wonder if I should shout out something amid the clapping of fans as he passes. What would I say? "Nice job Mr. Freeman! I love you! You rock!" Should I run alongside the car and snap like a crazy person?

Nah, instead I walk swiftly to the car and check the phone for missed hubby messages asking "where are you? There are none! Thank goodness. My hour wait paid off and I am elated.

I am excited and if I could kick up my heels I would have. Instead, I drive to get the milk and begin to map out my next mission....Mr. Rob Reiner/Mastermind behind Castle Rock Entertainment!! Wish me luck.

Color Carnival #100

Hello everyone,
Has the weather been insane or what? We were at 104 in Orange County, NY yesterday. Stayed inside since the air quality was so poor. I hope everyone is feeling good and can't wait to see your photos.

The photos were amazing this week. WOW! You guys are awesome. The winner with 3 votes this week was Jama. I want to live there. 

Thank you to everyone who contributed and voted.

Welcome to another colorful week here at Color Carnival!

We will run till Thursday at midnight. Look for the voting button after that and please come
back to vote. Saturday a new post will go up with the prior week's winner.

Hope everyone has a great Weekend!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Baby Rock Apparal Brings Out The Rock N Roller In Even The Youngest Fan

When Handsome was one he received the coolest shirt from his Godparents, it still is my favorite and if I could find a photo I would post it (spent 2 hours looking through archives grr I need a better system). It was a little black shirt that said Guns and Roses and had GNR's first album cover. I loved it!

Baby Rock Apparel is the coolest shop, with the hippest clothes for kids.  If you are a rock loving fan and love hip, fun, quality clothes for your children, this is the place for you. It doesn't stop at just clothes either, they have so many wonderful item that you just can't find anywhere else.

Then there are the Rock Star, coolest, hippest, T-shirts for babies up to size 8. It was so hard to choose just one for Handsome and Goddess as I loved them all. I could totally max out a credit card here.

We settled on Lead Guitar, a hot, blue shirt that is so soft. Like the kind of shirt you can't throw away because it is so comfy, lived in and yours!!!

Handsome loved the shirt. He says it is very soft and he loves the colors because it is like the flag. Awww...sweet. He loved having his picture taken for the post and three days later is still wearing the shirt. Thankfully we have been indoors for the past two days so it is going into the wash today! When he takes it off to put on his PJs I am grabbing it for the wash.

Then I put the shirt on the model of the house. Goddess, loves posing. She cracks me up with how serious she gets! She poses like a pro and I found it impossible to choose just one. She selected her favorite.

I love this one even though it is a little blurry.