Friday, August 06, 2010

Friday Fragments - Week of Aug 1st - Aug 6th

Mommy's Idea

Breakfast with my girlfriends this week was a highlight!
Lauri and Clarissa came over with the little ones and while the kids played I cooked breakfast and sat to laugh and Kvetch with my friends.

Created a bunch of new anklets for Street Angel

So happy that The Bachelorette is over. I hated myself for watching after vowing a few years ago, "never again!"

Endured a biopsy of my uterus without meds. Had post traumatic stress for over 3 days.

My niece turned 9 and I am dying to see her.

We joined Netflix and have been enjoying it ever since.

Goddess and Handsome have been together too many days. They are ready to kill each other. I play referee about 60% of the day. I have started telling them to just kill each other.

Had to explain Menstruation to my 5 year old. Poor thing is seeing wayyyy to much.

Handsome asked Goddess if she could just keep her mouth closed and stop talking, she said, "well, I could if I had a zipper on it. but look, no zipper so, no!"


  1. They're so normal it's not funny. Your kids are good kids, fighting or not. And you seem to be a wicked mom!

    Sorry about your pooter. I couldn't imagine what you endured.


  2. I feel Handsome's pain! I wish my daughter's mouth had a zipper sometimes....
    You are a tough chick, Maria. Hope the biopsy comes back completely normal.

  3. Oh what a hilarious answer; she is going to be a riot! Just hopping by from FF to say hello. I'm going to browse a bit.
    Have a great weekend!

  4. Ugh, no meds? I think I'd need meds just to get to the clinic. Hope everything turns out all right! Maybe that deserves another fun breakfast!
    I can't wait for my oldest two to get back to school! Referee is a tiresome job!!
    Have a good weekend!

  5. Anonymous1:05 PM

    I could only imagine the headaches with the kids. Hey they are siblings and that is the best thing they do. lol

    Hope you are feeling better.

  6. Oh, I remember the final few weeks of summer vacation - I would hear the kids fighting, they'd shout for me and I would ask, "Are you bleeding, is there a bone sticking out?" If the answers were no, I'd tell them to work it out and leave me alone.
    I can't believe how grown up Goddess is becoming... clever and menstruation in one week.
    I hope your biopsy turns out OK... sorry you had to go through it without any medication. HUGS!!


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