Tuesday, February 28, 2006

American Idol Girl Night

Tonight the top 10 women sang on idol. Ryan thanked the audience by for the ratings. Something like 78 million freaks and geeks like myself watched Idol last week.

My girl Katherine McPhee started the evening with "All is fair in Love" by Stevie Wonder. I didn't get to hear the beginning because I was nursing my daughter and was dealing with the pintching and biting that accompanies with meal. Before she sang there was some stupid segment of her and her roomie Kelli Pickler clowning around in their room. She mentions that she and Kelli act "silly and dumb" together and they are shown frolicking on their bed. Whatever girls! Katherine is adorable and she looks like an idol whatever that means. I didn't love the song. I mean I loove the song. It's a good song but she sounded whiney and I was bored. Zzzzzz...oh sorry I was writing wasn't I? Oh yeah...

Next up was Kinnik Sky who sang here for the party. Yikes! Um, No! No! No! That is all I have; again, No! There was no feeling just shouting!! Ok..enough with the exclamations. Basically, I love Gretchen Wilson and I thought Kinnik did a sucky job.

Lisa Tucker sang some Jackson 5 song. I was putting the baby girl to sleep so I missed the title. Even though I think Lisa has a great voice I was bored! She did ok.

Melissa McGhee sang Reba McIntire. I love the tone of this chicks voice. She is a cutie with a sexy, sultry voice. She did a great job. Oh and I love the shirt.

Heather Cox sang Hero by Mariah Carey. Her big, false eye lashes are a bit distracting. I have to mention that I hate Mariah Carey. She didn't do the song justice and the judges mentioned how when you do a Mariah Carey song you are going to be compared to the original. Doesn't that in fact hold true with most any song? If you can sing you can sing and we would all see past the original and just notice your voice.

Brenna Guthers, man I can't stomach this chick. Her arrogance is getting truly annoying. Stop mugging for the camera and blowing kisses. You aren't that cute, it is even annoying when Lindsey Lohan does it. STOP! She sang Donna Summers, "Last Dance." Any child of the 70's grew up hearing tons of Donna Summer. Not sure sup with the girls tonight but they are pretty much sucking! The song was all chopped up to showcase certain parts and maybe that is why I hated it.

Paris Bennett sang Bette Midler's "Wing Beneath my Wings." I love, love, love one more love..this song. I thought Paris sounded weak and forced. She redeemed herself at the end but it still wasn't great to me.

Ayla Brown sang a Celion Dion song that I had never heard called "I want you" I think. During her interview segment she kept mentioning sweat. When you are about to sing and get all gussied up, maybe you want to keep the sweat conversation for another time, if ever! It was a beautiful song with beautiful words and Ayla did a wonderful job.

Kellie Pickler ate her first spinach salad and tried some calamari. Did she just drop onto the planet yesterday? She is cute but it is almost too cute that it seems fake. Don't get me wrong I still love her, maybe I am just tainted! She sang Bonnie's "Let's give them something to talk about." I love this song. She started a weak but then the Kellie I love took over. She did a good job.

The show eneded with Mandisa singing "Cry" by Faith Hill. It was a bit more ballsy than Faith's version but I liked it. There was a moment when she actually hurt my ears but overall it was a decent performance.

If I were voting, this week Ayla would have my vote followed by Kellie and Melissa.

Family Picture

When Handsome was born we would take a family picture every week. Then when we had Goddess we tried to do the same thing. We started weekly and then it became monthly. So here we are in our family picture for this month. Goddess is 10 months old and this is truly how we see her. Always squawking with her gummy little tiny rice tooth. Handsome is 33 months in this picture and as usual he is smiling.

Saturday, February 25, 2006

Amateur Movie Review - Transporter 2

Last night my husband and I rented Transporter 2. Truly there are only a few reasons to see this movie:

1- Jason Statham - He is hot, hot, hot.
2- Really cool driving scenes.
3- Jason Statham - Oh wait, I already said that!
4- Awesome fight scenes. I was like a school girl, giggling each time he skillfully, and unbelievably kicked ass.
5- For the guys - There is a skanky chick Lola, who wears lingerie, carries big guns and is constantly sticking her tongue out of her mouth.

Basically Transporter is a guy movie but my husband basically worked on the laptop while I watched. Jason plays ex-Special Forces agent Frank Martin. Frank is retired and lives in Florida driving a rich couples little boy. The boy is kidnapped and Frank must take down the kidnappers, save the boy and stop a virus that the kidnappers are spreading.

Despite some flaws in the story line and over the top effects; especially a fight scene that takes place in a plane where the pilot has been shot. The Plane is spinning out of control but the fight still goes on even though they should be bouncing off the walls, ceiling and floor of the plane. Transporter 2 was entertaining because of the over the top effects!

Thursday, February 23, 2006

American Idol - Live Elimination Round 1

The first live American Idol of the season opened with Ryan talking about the 40 million votes. 40 Million Votes! Damn! I think that is 2 times more than votes in our Presidental elections.

Simon mentions that it is obvious who is leaving!

The 24 sing "Take It Easy." I always hated this part of the show. It is so damn hokey! So strange, boring, and lifeless. Even my favorites were a bit dull.

Ryan had the back row of girls stand up Mandisa, Kelli, Aya, Paris, Lisa and Katherine stand. They are told to sit back down, they are safe.

Becky, Kinnik and Brenna are brought center stage and told that one of them has the lowest number of votes. Then in typical Idol fashion we are told that we will find out who is leaving after the break.

When we return to Idol Kinnik is told to sit. Becky and Brenna remain standing. I was so sure that it was going to be Brenna but then she was told to take a seat. Shocked! I thought for sure Becky would be leaving but not so soon. My husband thinks it's because there are a bunch of fat cows voting and they don't want to see a "hot" chick up there every week. I tend to think he is just upset that his pick for "hottest" is gone.

Then like past seasons, Becky is asked to sing her song again. I always thought this was so weird. Um yeah, you suck but can you sing the song again that got you voted off?

Becky sings, more hair flipping and we go to commercial.

Ryan brings out the guys. Two of my faves (Chris and Ace) are in the bottom row and one (Taylor) is in the top row. I get nervous!

The top row is safe and Ryan concentrates on the bottom row. Bobby and Sway are the last men standing after Ryan freaks me out by keeping Chris standing till the end. Bobby is told that he has the lowest and he says, "he knows." We suffer through another rendition of Copacabana.
Yeah thanks for that idol.

We come back from sponsorship and we are start the second round of eliminations. The same row of girls are told that they are safe. Yippy! Maybe Brenna will be going home!

Brenna and Kinnik safe. Melissa safe. Stevie and Heather are left. Which one?? I vote for it to be Stevie. Heather is told to sit. Stevie is told she is leaving. Simon tells her that she "got it wrong." Paula tells her that she is beautiful and Randy tells her that it was the wrong song.

Stevie sings and does a better job than the first time. Poor thing!

The guys are told that the original safe back row should take center stage. Ahh..Taylor is there!
They form two lines on either side of Ryan (damn, how short is he?). Bucky and Patrick are standing. I am voting for it to be Patrick. Ahhh..thank God it is. Patrick sings an even weaker version of Come to My Window.

All Idols swarm the stage hugging and kissing, credits roll and I start typing from my notes.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

American Idol - Boys Night

Ahh...love American Idol. So tonight it was the boys turn to show America what they've got.

The night started with Patrick Hall who sang "Come to My Window." I am a huge Melissa Etheridge fan and was so disappointed. Patrick showed no feeling and he was too soft for such an emotional song.

David Radford or the "crooner" sang "Crazy Little thing Called Love." He tried to rock it out but failed miserably. He seemed like he was begged to sing at a family gathering. He is a little cutie but I think he time is up.

Bucky Cumington My son needed his diaper changed so I didn't get to hear the title of the song but I know it was a Skynard. Regardless of the name Bucky rocked. Not sure about his longevity in the competition but he was good. My only request would be for Idol to provide subtitles when Bucky is not singing. I couldn't understand a word he said and I think Ryan felt the same way.

Will Makar or Peter Brady as my husband calls him sang "I Want You Back" He is 16 years old and utterly adorable but I don't think he has the "Chops" to go far in this competition. Paula called him Bobby Brady at the end which was funny to me.

Sway sang "Reasons" Yuck! Not a style I like! High pitch, whiny, his style is so not singing to me. Did I say Yuck?

Chris Daughtry sang "Wanted Dead or Alive" I didn't even have to hear it to know that he was going to do an awesome job. Chris has been my pick from the beginning. While he was a bit stiff while preforming, his voice makes up for his lackluster performance. I say, "Hello! Screw this competition shit and give this man a contract now! He is hot, his voice is hotter! Smokin!

Kevin Covais sang One Last Cry." When he started he looked like a scared little boy, fists clenched at his side, deer in headlight look. This kid has a great voice!

Gideon McKinney sang "Shout." I hate his pretencious attitude but thought he did a good job. Simon said he hated his smile, I can see that!

Elliott Yamin Sang "If You Really Love Me." He is good, good, good. I liked it better than Stevie's version. This guy is awesome. My husband and I loved him during rehersals but his look puts me off a bit.

Bobby Bennett sang Copacabana. Are you kidding? How did this dude get this far? Bye Bobby!

Ace Young sang "Father Figure" I love this guy's look so I closed my eyes and you know what, I still loved him. I liked how he changed the song up a bit. He was in my top 3 and I am standing by that!

Taylor Hicks sang Levon." Taylor's voice and originality makes him a favorite in my house. We love the sound of his voice and believe that even without Idol, Taylor is going far.

American Idol Girls Night

Last night on American Idol was girl night. We finally got a chance to see the top 12 girls perform. There were a few who were not spotlighted at all throughout the auditions and Hollywood week that I really wanted to hear for the first time.

Mandisa started the evening with “Never” by Heart. I liked her performance it was ok. I found myself bored before she was done but that may be because the song which had some power for me when I was younger seemed old, tired and boring.

Kelli Pickler (she needs a name change; “Pick Pickler”) is in my top three and although I stand by my choice because I think she is a lump of coal who once buffed will be a sparkling diamond; needs to stop talking. You long does she think she can play the sympathy card? I think her voice is awesome but I am tired of the “sob” story track and the show just started. She sang “How Far” by Martina McBride and while she was off at times (nervousness and trying too hard) she reminded me why she was one of my choices.

Becky O’Donnell sang “Because the Night.” Who doesn’t love this song? She is stunning looking but all the hair flipping in the world is not going to carry her to the top 3.

Aya Brown who was in my top 3 did a great job with “Reflections” from Mulan. I don’t think there is much this girl fails at. I am not sure how her parents raised such a smart, strong girl at 17. They should write a book on how to raise unpretentious, smart females in a world of young g-string wearing sex kittens.

Paris Bennett sang Gladys Knights, “Midnight Train to Georgia.” She rocked of course and although I thought decking herself out in a Gladys hairdo and clothes was a bit over the top (this is not an impersonation contest) she rocked it out. She has a great voice and she looked like she had been doing this her whole life. Good for her but I don’t see her going to the end.

Stevie Scott sang Josh Grobin’s “To Where You Are.” Yikes! My ears were bleeding. I felt bad for her. When Josh Grobin sings it, I sob because of how beautiful his voice is as he sings the beautiful words. With Stevie, not so much! I actually cringed and wanted to hear Josh’s version immediately after so that the song didn’t sour for me.

Brenna Gethers, “You Are the Sunshine of My Life.” I don’t care if this chick sounds like Barbara Streisand, I couldn’t possibly vote her to the end. Obnoxious!

Heather Cox sang “When You Tell Me That You Love Me” Ummm…it was a bit weak. She is attractive enough but I think she has depth and will be out sooner rather than later.

Melissa McGhee sang “When the Lights Went Down” by Faith Hill. This was my first time hearing her sing and I would add her to my top 3 if I didn’t stand by my original choices. I love the sultry sound in her voice.

Lisa Tucker is in my top 3 and is now in my top 2. She is a little power house. She sang “I am Changing” by Jennifer Holiday. I was afraid when she mentioned whose song she was going to be undertaking. Those are some big lungs to fill and Lisa filled them! As Randy would say, “You brung it Dawg.”

Kinnik Sky (love her name), sang “Get Here If You Can” by Oleta Adams. I love this song and thought she was a bit weak.

Katherine McPhee, I loved this girl during her audition. She is adorable, like a young Valerie Bertinelli. She sang “Since I Fell For You” I think she will go far in this competition.

I did not call in but if I had I would have voted for Katherine McPhee.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Snow Cones

Last week while my son was running out of gas at 6:30 pm I decided to bring in a bucket of snow and let the kids dump it on my kitchen floor (I'm a good or crazy Mommy depending on who you are talking to).

We added some marachino cherrie juice and chowed down. My son thought it was so cool!

Then I grabbed a shot glass and filled it with snow added a little tequila and Wahla..instant shooter.

Next thing I know I am adding things and sipping. Not much because I am still nursing my little one. Here is a shot of the counter when I was done.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

American Idol Season 5

God I love American Idol!!!!!!!
Last night we were introduced to the 24 finalists. 12 men and 12 women.

Here are my picks for the top 3 men. I can't wait to hear more singing from Chris and Taylor.

Chris Daughtry, a 26-year-old from McLeansville, NC . Chris is a guitar player and songwriter, Chris has a CD with his band Absent Element.

Taylor Hicks, a 29-year-old from Birmingham, AL. A talented writer and harmonica player, Taylor enters the competition with almost 29 years of singing experience.

Ace Young, a 25-year-old from Los Angeles, CA Ace is the youngest of five brothers. He started performing at 11 in malls and recreation centers.

My top 3 picks for the women are:

Kellie Pickler, a 19-year-old from Albemarle, NC Kellie is a waitress. Kellie has been singing for as long as she can remember, but only began performing for crowds four years ago.

Lisa Tucker, a 16-year-old from Anaheim, CA. Lisa is a senior in High School. She was the original "Young Nala" in Disney's Los Angeles production of "The Lion King" and was voted by Variety as one of the "Top Ten Talents to Watch." Lisa also plays the guitar and piano and is a songwriter.

Ayla Brown, a 17-year-old from Wrentham, MA Ayla is a senior in High School. She is captain of her basketball team. Ayla will be attending Boston College in the fall on a basketball scholarship. She got her start in the world of music while singing along to Disney movies at the age of 6.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Happy Valentines Day

My gifts from my husband. So sweet!

Breakfast - Heart shaped, pink pancakes

Daughter's first taste of Chocolate - eaten like a pro

Friday, February 10, 2006

This is just not right!!!

What the hell is going on here??? Is Bono the God damn "Baby Daddy"?! Why the hell is Edge just standing there so proud. You would think Gwen was having the baby for THEM. Is his nose a friggin sonogram wand?

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Damn Hokey Dancing with the Stars

God Damn! I hate when I get sucked into really stupid, "waste of my time" shows. So tonight I was channel surfing during a Survivor commercial and I fell upon Dancing with the stars. Nick Lachey's clone brother Drew was dancing with some chick Cheryl Burke. I watched and was impressed with his dancing, he looked like a pro. What the hell is this show? Time to flip back to Survivor, back stab, back stab, back stab...ok back to Dancing...and "obnoxious lip chick" Lisa Rinna is dancing and laughing, hugging, kissing and smacking her lips...back to Survivor. Someone is voted off and I switch back to Dancing. Stacy Keebler (not sure who she is), is dancing and OMG this chick is the most awesome body I have ever seen; longest legs in the world and American girl look. Great job! Judges love her...who wouldn't?

So now I am sucked into another really stupid, hokey show. God damn Survivor and their commercials. If I had TiVo this would never have happened.