Thursday, August 05, 2010

Memory Rewind - Circa 2007

Here is your chance to use some of those older photos you have on your computer that you may have forgotten about. Post a photo and write a story about it.

Join me and bring back a memory.

My two sweeties back in 2008

Here they are looking as cute as ever. The bear is wearing an outfit that Handsome used to wear when he was a baby. I love putting their infant clothes on their stuffed animals or dolls because it gives me a reason to keep them and not clutter up the house. Goddess looks like she is doing a magazine spread. What is up with the hands on her hips. I loved the outfit she had on all the way down to the shoes. Cute.
She's a natural

Check out the body language in this one....he is like "you can't have my bear, mine"! She is like, "Oh no you didn't".

Body language

Blurry but I love it anyway. I love the way their faces look. So sweet and innocent. It also looks like she is thrusting out her belly as if to say, enough pictures already, bored!
Thrusting out belly

Ahhhh memories!


  1. I've seen some cute photos of your kids but these are in the top 10! I too love her outfit, if they had it in my size I would where it, and the handkerchief on her head is the cutest. I saved alot of baby clothes myself. I give them to my daughter to dress her babies in too. It's nice because you can say, "I remember when you wore this, it was when....." Handsome is adorable too. He looks like he's doing an add for Gap. I rmember I used to dress my son that way before he became a moody, thickheaded teenager with his own style. Enjoy the memories! Thank God we have pics!

  2. They are both beautiful children. I gotta say, I love Goddess's outfit though! Tres chic!

  3. Beautiful! Goddess and her poses really crack me up. Great idea for the baby clothes, and a lot cheaper than buying outfits at Build a Bear!

  4. OMG, I think these are the best photos of your kids I have ever seen. I love that outfit on Goddess, she is SO cute!!
    I'm glad you posted these.


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