Sunday, July 11, 2010

Unique - "C"

I found this meme over at Freda's this morning. If you are interested in linking up or for more Unique pics.

C = Cemetery
Picture 531

C = Climbing
June 26, 2010 (35)
My kids must have climb these steps 100 times in two days. They love the slide at the carnival and I was just glad they were big enough to do it alone.

C = Care
Leaving my children in the care of their preschool teachers was easy because of these two woman. My Goddess loved her teacher as you can see from this picture.


  1. Oh, p.s: I made that button, there is no button on the website so I created that one. Glad to see you joining this meme.

  2. That cemetery shot is my fave! I also love Goddess and her teachers. You can tell when there is a good teacher around, she is the one the kids hug and flock to! The blond teacher must really be something. Kids are very keen!

  3. Anonymous9:19 PM

    The steps in the picture look so steep!! OMG.

  4. Amazing photos... The cemetary photo is such a beautiful perspective, I love it.
    I completely understand why you are glad the kids could go up those stairs alone ~ holy cow that's a lot of steps.
    What a great shot of the teachers and Goddess, she is really going to miss them next year.


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