Wednesday, July 07, 2010

ABC Wednesday - Y

I am hopefully back to the blog. Medical issues abound this year. Grrr...

ABC Wednesday is already up to letter "Y"

Y = Yelling
June 26, 2010 (46)
Last year Goddess went on this carnival slide and was scared to death. This year she went on it. Covered her eyes with her hands for the first 6 feet and then yelled the whole way down. She did the slide about 25 times in the two days the carnival was around only covering her eyes the first 3 times. Such a big girl.

Y = Yellow
June 26, 2010 (9)
Here is Handsome trying to win a prize. He did but I think it was a pay and win thing. He loved this game and felt like a big man swinging that hammer.

Y = Yesteryear
June 26, 2010 (29)
I wish I had a scanner. My photo album, has pictures of my sisters and me riding a ride that looks exactly like this.

Y = Young
Oh to be young and just be happy with a tarp and some water. Red Neck slip and slides make my kids very happy. Good job Daddy!

Y = Youngest
My youngest looks so cute on her graduation day. She is waving at her Aunt Marta who came in for her special day.


  1. The look on Goddess' face in the first picture is priceless! Yelling, is right! I would be too.

  2. I love 'yelling'! She looks so happy to be terrified! LOL!

    A great post - carnivals and fairs are such happy places for kids, aren't they? Sorry to hear you've had one of those years. I have too. :(

    On behalf of the team, thanks for taking part in ABC Wednesday this week! :)

  3. Anonymous7:45 PM

    Great pictures for "Y". I love how scared she looked going down the slide but loved it.

  4. Kids are so special - love this Y post!

  5. Awesome collection yonder!

  6. Stopping by from ABC Wed. Great pics of your kids. Especially loved "Yelling!"

  7. Love these pictures. I just wrote about yelling, but not on my original blog but rather here, and it never occurred to me to use it!

    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  8. More great photos from the carnival. They obviously had so much fun.
    The "redneck" slip & slide looks like tons of fun, me and my girlfriend always add a little bit of dish soap to make it even more slippery - plus it helps keep them clean. TeeHee! Good for daddy is right!
    I think Goddess looks beautiful at graduation.
    Perfect "Y" pictures...

  9. I LOVE the Red Neck Slip n Slide--I think your husband must originally be from Georgia ;)


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