Thursday, July 15, 2010

Memory Rewind - July 2004

This weeks Memory Rewind brings us to 2004. I have been a mom for a little over a year and I am so happy.

It is the first year that my niece, Samantha comes to spend the summer with me. She and I have been close since the start. I adored her from the first moment I met her.

Here is Sam and Handsome sitting in s blow up train ball pit that used to take up half of my dining room. Handsome loved it. He would sit in there for hours and look at his picture books, he would take naps in there and drink his milk there too. My how times have changed. It seems like a life time ago that the train was here.

Here we are heading out to a local farm.The bear was a gift from his Aunt Marta and since she lived in California, I made a conscience effort that this would be his lovey. When he was an infant, I would hold him to while he was upset, or rock him to sleep at night, while I did, I also held the bear. It worked and the bear is still a prime too in his life. I love how he is holding onto that bear and I love the bare little toes sticking out of the overalls.

Is there a special memory for you?
Join me for Memory Rewind every Thursday and use those archived computer photos and document why that moment was special. I hope to see you here.


  1. I like this meme! Saw this on Twitter Moms & decided to stop by. I'll be back later to join in on the meme.

  2. I wish I had more old photos to share, but most of mine were lost once ago.

    I love seeing your memories. They tell a lot about you. Great shots!

  3. Anonymous8:21 PM

    It is nice to see Handsome still cherish his bear. My daughter loves her blanket and would not give it up for NO oNE!! I think is priceless

  4. This is so sweet... I love that little (or should I say big) train that Handsome is in, he looks so cute. And I can't believe how grown up Sam has become, she had grown into a beautiful young woman.
    The way he is hugging his bear is so sweet, it reminds me of my bear that I have had since I was born ~ my grandmother gave it to me, and although it has had a "music boxectomy" it is still with me (minus lots of it's fuzz).
    Your Memory Rewind posts always touch my heart - thanks.


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