Saturday, July 31, 2010

Saturday 9: Bad Day

1. Is there anything that you tend to do to cheer up when you are having a bad day? I just hang around my kids. My kids never really see me in anything other than a good mood but if it happens, getting hugs from them or just listening to them talk changes everything. However, if they are the ones who put me in a temporary bad mood, like my daughter and her little while lies lately, all bets are off. Reading a trash mag usually does the trick.

2.What’s the last card game you played, and with whom did you play? It was Go Fish with Goddess. She can't hold the cards so I see all of them and have to ask for things I she doesn't have because that would be cheating to always win.

3.What’s the last board game you played, and with whom did you play? Lauri and her son brought over the Twilight board game last week. 

4.What’s the last computer game you played, and with whom did you play? It was Webkinz and I played all by my little lonesome. It has been over 4 months. I  really need to check those animals.

5.Is there somewhere you’d like to visit but have not, and where is it? I would love to visit so many places. Not a good flyer but I would love to see Ireland, Scotland, Italy, and Canada but only for the opportunity I want to take pictures.

6.Think of your favorite movie (or a movie you really like, if you can’t think of a favorite). Some people say that the reasons you love your favorite movie are related to what you value in romantic relationships. How is this true or untrue in your case? I don't know about any of that mumbo jumbo. I like The Notebook because even after his wife couldn't remember who he was, he remained devoted to her and he felt finding the memory for her was his duty. He loved and adored her enough to remain with her even after she couldn't remember him, even as a "friend" until the moment she knew him.

7.What physical attributes do you find the most attractive? Body height, eyes, jawbone, lips, teeth, flat, muscular stomachs, and strong arms and shoulders.

8.How many people live in your house? Tell us about them. There are 4 of us here. My husband/friend. My son and daughter.

9. Ever punch someone in the face? Never!


  1. I'm so glad my kids were too old for Webkinz.

    Have a good Saturday.

  2. That Twilight game looks interesting! And you should see Canada. It's a lot like the US, you'd like it. I LOVED The Notebook too! Made me cry! Gerard... um... yum. *drooling*

  3. Now THAT dude can pack a punch! Enjoy the weekend...

  4. Anonymous11:56 AM

    I loved the Notebook as well! Great movie.

  5. Harriet, I am telling you. Webkinz kept me busy for a while before the kids could play alone.

    Freda, I need to come to Canada. We could meet up and you could show me around.

    Bud, Seriously. That is a scary shot.

    Clary, It was the best right?! Very romantic, beautiful story of devotion.

  6. You are kidding me... there is even a Twilight BOARD GAME??? You people are all insane! :-)
    I can totally imagine your kids getting you out of a bad mood - they are so adorable.
    Thank you for that photo of Girard - SWOON!!
    I love that pic of the punch in the face, it made me laugh.


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