Sunday, July 11, 2010

Self Portrait Sunday - July 11, 2010

Oh, my poor little meme has never quite caught on. So sad. Funny, people just don't like taking pictures of themselves but when we are old and gray and have a lot of people pictures of obscure things what then. I much prefer to think I am going to live into my Golden Years and will cherish all photos of me looking younger and full of life's promises.

This week I have a quick shot of me knowing that I had to quickly get this up for today.
Picture 109
I hope you play along.


  1. Gorgeous as always!!! Mine is from last week, when you didn't post. I can't believe more people aren't into self portraits. I think they're fun, and gives people an idea of what's usually behind the lens!

    Happy Sunday Maria!

  2. Oh, I just love your face! You are such a sweetheart and I don't think you will ever be old and gray. You are too vibrant and wonderful.
    I will try to get my act together to participate in the next few weeks.


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