Saturday, July 31, 2010

Camera Critters - The Mutant Fly

Camera Critters

For the past 3 years, Goddess has had a fascination with insects. It could be all the bug catches I got them from the age of 1 because I wanted to show them their world but whatever it is, Handsome does not have the same fascination.

We catch everything we spot outside in a bug catcher so Goddess could get a better glance at it.

Teach and Goddess came rushing in last weekend while I was on the phone with my girlfriend Teresa (funny, she actually tossed a drink one day while here to capture a bee for Goddess to see. It was strictly instinct because she runs from bees usually). The fly was huge. It was bigger than a horse fly and just ugly.

The bug catcher had been outside and was full of moisture so it was hard to get a good photo.

Here is one I took of it in the catcher.
Picture 129

Teach is a bit braver (hell he is the one who caught it) and opened the lid and snapped these.
The Fly

Picture 126

So, I did a bit of researching and I believe what we have here a March fly, horse fly, deer fly.

BTW...I had no idea!


  1. Those are some brilliant macros!!! I'm still giggling like a schoolgirl over the last one.
    I asked Santa (hubby) for an upgrade on my camera.... :-)

  2. Anonymous11:53 AM

    YUCK!!! That bug is disgusting! Great photos. I thought I was in a science book with these great pictures.

  3. LOL Fantastic photos, if not a bit creepy!

  4. Beautiful macros, great shot of the flies.

  5. Freda, That is with a point and shoot that cost about 80.00. Cheap camera. Only good for the macro shot and throwing in your bag to carry everywhere.

    Clary, Crazy bug right. Nasty thing.

    Nikki, Thanks..can't take credit for those pics. The husband got them because I refused to get close.

    Siromade, thank you. Crazy that a nasty bug can warrant such a beautiful macro.

  6. Lol--I could have gone my whole life without seeing big ugly fly sex...that fly looks like he's wearing green sunglasses!

  7. Fabulous photos of a really hideous looking bug. I am really intrigued by creatures lately and have photographed all kinds of bugs. I love the last one you posted, I took a couple of pictures of some of our giant FL grasshoppers doing the same thing - I had no idea either. TeeHee


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