Friday, April 10, 2009

Veggie Tales Easter Carol - Review

Thanks to Family Review Network I was sent a copy of Veggie Tales Easter Carol. As soon as it came in my kids were eager to sit down and watch it. They have recently gotten into Veggie Tales after borrowing some from the library over the last month.

I explained that it was an Easter movie and they of course expected Easter baskets and hopping bunnies.

The makers of Veggie tales took the commercialization of Easter and set the record straight in a kid and parent friendly way. By using the Christmas Carol premise of being able to see ones past, present and future they taught my kids why we celebrate Easter in a way that I would never have been able to do.

From the Website:
Cavis and Millward (Bob & Larry) and Hope the Music Box Angel voiced by Grammy Award winning artist Rebecca St. James must convince Nezzer that Easter is about much more than candy and eggs. Inspired by Dickens’ Christmas classic, this very special film explains why millions of Christians around the world celebrate Easter past, present and future.

Nezzar (Scrooge) owns a factory of plastic eggs made by electronic chickens, which his Grandma started many, many years earlier. Mr. Nezzar has the idea that if he keeps making Easter eggs, it's like his Grandma is still alive. He makes plans to tear down a church so he can build "EasterLand". The night before Easter, his Grandma appears and sings a song telling him has Easter "all backwards and upside down". Later, an angel appears to show him the past, present and future.

In a Nutshell: Veggie Tales Easter Carol doesn't feel like a religious movie to children but the message is still there, in the long run that is what really matters. Great movie for children and adults. As a fan of animation, I thought the animation was top notch! The character are sweet and my children loved shouting out what vegetable each one was. My daughter thought everything green was a pickle which cracked me up because I didn't even know she knew what a pickle was.

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