Saturday, April 25, 2009

Camera Critters - First Time

Camera Critters
This was the first time my daughter held a hamster. She was dying to do so every time she went to her Godmother's house. When she asked this time with her irresistible "please" her Godmother was putty in her hands.

She did surprisingly well with Katrina the hamster. I was amazed how calm and gentle she was. She only was able to enjoy it for about 2 minutes because the moment her Godmother had to do something else and I was in charge I stuck that hamster right back in the cage. It wasn't because I thought my Goddess couldn't handle it but because I was worried the damn thing would get away on my watch.


  1. Beautiful and sweet photo:)

  2. That is really nice to have this photo to remember that day.


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