Friday, April 03, 2009

Product Review - Tie Buddies

When Family Review Network requested reviewers for this awesome product, I just knew I had to try them. My son has been in OT for the past 3 years. Tying shoes has been a problem for a while. Teaching children without coordination issues, to tie their shoes is hard enough, teaching someone who cannot get his hands to work the way they need to, is excruciating for both of us.

We still have a way to go but these Tie Buddies will definitely help. Tie Buddies removes the bunny ears method which is really confusing to children. BTW..I have never been able to do the bunny ear method myself. I am heading out next week to get my 3 year old daughter a pair of lace shoes, so I can begin teaching her.

In 8 easy steps children can get their shoes tied. Create a catchy story using the laces and in no time your child will confidently know how to tie their own shoes.

Tie Buddies comes in packages of two sets. There is a set for boys and a set for girls. Above is the set for boys.

To see how they work, watch the video here.

I am going to get a pair for his Occupational Therapist to use with her students.

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From the Tie Buddies Site:

Tying your shoes is a small but essential skill, one you use for the rest of your life.

Tying your shoes is a small but essential skill, one you use for the rest of your life.
Help your little one learn faster with Tie BuddiesTM.

These cute, kid-friendly devices act as easy pull-tabs for small hands, taking messy loops out of the equation.
The happy characters make a game of it, resulting in a strong knot and even stronger recall.
The simple developmental hurdle of shoe tying affects millions of parents and children daily. For many years, shoe tying has been a point of frustration for both parents and children. With 1slip-ons and hook-and-loop closures, children and parents have postponed the learning of tying shoes. Tie Buddies® is a mom-invented product that came about from wanting to give my daughters independence, build their confidence and have fun learning. By eliminating loops, Tie Buddies® eliminate the confusion of multiple "holes" where the laces can pass through. There is no other product that stays on the child's shoe giving them independence while re-enforcing the learning process.

They sell for $7.95 plus S&H and you can order here.

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