Saturday, April 04, 2009

Great Easter Basket Idea

Looking for something different for your little one's Easter basket this year?

This week I played a new Nintendo DS game called Littlest Pet Shop - Spring.

I suggest you hop (tee hee) on over and get one.

It was great! This was my first Nintendo DS game and I loved the whole experience. Nintendo's DS is completely awesome and I could become addicted to having that little hand held contraption with me at all times...but onto the game.

From the website:
Littlest Pet Shop Spring for the Nintendo DS features a festive and colorful spring environment for girls to explore alongside their favorite sidekicks, including six new, exclusive pets. The fun also gets turned up with a variety of playsets as well as four mini-games for a total of 20 including those from previous Nintendo DS versions. Accessory choices will also expand allowing pets to step into spring in high style. With the addition of 20 new accessories, girls can select from well over 100 hats, glasses, scarves and other fun items.

In a Nutshell:

The characters are just like the toys and your little one will love watching their favorites coming to life, playing games and hello..... accessorizing. Dressing their animals up where my nieces favorite part of the whole experience.

The game is rated E for everyone and my 5 year old had no problem playing and understanding it. My 4 year old daughter couldn't play and got frustrated unless I was right there but she hasn't played any electronic games before I just wanted to see if she could. This game made me feel like a happy 8 year old. In fact, I was totally a kid while playing this game which is good for your psyche. If your kids love the Littlest Pet Shop toys, they will absolutely love game. I have a soft spot for the little dwarf bunny. So cute with their big, watery eyes! BTW...the games are fun and easy. My personal favorite was Remember Me but my son really loved taking care of his pet.

Need more information, check out the official website here.

Have fun in a spring wonderland
  • For 1-4 players
  • Collect and name 20 pets including brand new Fanciest, Cuddliest, Sportiest, Chilliest, and others!
  • *Cheat code: Learn how to unlock the Giraffe!
  • Dress up your pets with over 100 accessories like scarves, glasses, hats and more!
  • Play with your pets in four unique, pet-sized worlds.
  • Engage in all of your favorite spring activities, explore the jungle depths, enjoy a day in the garden, and manage your pet shop from pet plaza.
  • Compete in 20 fun and challenging mini-games to unlock accessories, playsets, and new pets too!
  • Many difficulty levels mean you can replay the games over and over again.
  • Celebrate pet birthdays and other events by planning festive Littlest Pet Shop-style parties with Evite!

The game sells for $29.99 and you can buy it here.

Coming up next My Sims Party Review - I got it yesterday and was only able to watch my son play. How can I review something without doing it myself. Hopefully, I will bring that to you within the next few days. Check back!

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