Sunday, April 12, 2009

I Had A Wee Little Party On Wii With The Sims

Thanks to one of my favorite PR connections, I was sent a copy of My Sims Party for Wii. This is also available in the DS platform.

Sims 1 and 2 for the computer was an addiction for me before my children were born. I spent hours of my life playing God to these little people that I will never get back.

My Sims Party is not like the computer game but just as fun especially for children. They have taken the Sims and created fun child friendly games that put reflexes, strategy, and smarts as well as speed against up to three friends in 50 different mini games.

Key Game Features:
  • Mini-game Madness - Find the mummy with a flashlight. Slash a cannonball. Flip bacon. Use items to gain an edge. Challenge your reflexes, strategy, smarts and speed with the huge variety of games.
  • Use the Uniqueness of each MySim - All the MySims bring a unique combination of skills. Strength, endurance, speed and luck all play a part in how well they play. Select a team of four who will propel you to victory in every mini-game
  • Fast-Paced Festivals - Play mini-games one right after the other in fast-paced chunks of fun to win the monuments. No more walking around a game board.
  • Party On - Any get together turns into a party with up to four players playing 50 mini-games for Wii. Quickplay modes get you and your friends to the games fast.
Each character available in the game has different statistics like speed, luck, and strength. Each player picks four of the characters and plays against the competition. Mini-games include DJ Candy, Go Go Dancing, outrunning a robot, and extreme snowboarding.

Check out this link to see the game

The Paper Pick Up Game was my son's favorite game.
In A Nutshell: It is nothing like the computer game if that is what you are looking for. This is a great game for ages 5-and up. I think the mini games don't have enough flash to keep me interested, however, my son and my nieces love the mini games and they are 5-10 years old. Select the right team and you can rule this game. I picked the wrong team so many times. Each player has their own attributes making this a choose wisely situation. The games are easy enough and fun. The characters are cute and very child friendly. The game is colorful and the moves although confusing at first, were easy to do once I played a few times. There is nothing about this game that a child wouldn't love.

The game sells for approximately $32.99 and Amazon is doing free shipping now.

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