Thursday, April 02, 2009

Thursday Thirteen - Twilight Addict

Thirteen Things that prove you are a Twilight Addict.

1-Your kids are no longer your wallpaper on your computer or your cell phone. Now it's Twilight.

2-You downloaded the soundtrack so that you can listen to it in your car.

3-You check out every single site with Twilight Saga news daily.

4-You rent Harry Potter's Goblet of Fire because Rob Pattinson is in it.

5-You borrow DeBussy from the library because Edward tells Bella he is listening to DeBussy.

6-At a baby shower when discussing names you say, "if I were having a girl, I would name her

7-You have watched Twilight 7 times and would watch it every night if you didn't feel like such a freak.

8-You have a collection of Twilight "things" in a place of honor in your house.

9-You search the internet for fan art of the movie and download your favorites.

10-You brought the book for 5 people at Christmas because you just have to SHARE your current passion.

11-You are re-reading the books again.

12-You mention it to everyone with a book in their hands.

13-Almost 1 year after picking up the book for the first time you are still talking about it with other Twilight Fans.

13+ Then there is the Twilight Support Group You are trying to start.

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  1. The Twilight phenomena boggles my mind. I mean really, like Potter needs the help.

    I saw the movie and I'm going to read the book. Soon, really.

  2. I have two daughters who do watch the movie almost everyday. In fact, in the past 24 hours, they've watched it 3 times!

    I am guilty...I have read the series three times, and I only got the first book when the movie came out to see what all the fuss was about!

  3. haven
    t seen or read the book but my teenage daughter has the obsession!

  4. I'm sure if I was still teaching I'd have read this series. Being retired, it's on the back-burner for now.
    Hugs and blessings,

  5. My kids and I feel exactly the same way about Harry Potter. More than once we've debated the finer points over dinner or while car pooling.

  6. Alice, You NEED to read this book. I think everyone should read at least Twilight but I dare you to stop there.

    Jenn, I am with you there. I see myself reading this more than twice over the next few years. One day I will move on but right now, I like where I am.

    Daily Panic, You totally need to read it. Your daughter isn't wrong. This story is addictive and beautiful.

    Storyteller, You should really try to pick it up. It is really a beautiful love story.

    Feefifoto, Love it! I am sure Potter did that for quite a few people. My girlfriends and I are still talking Twilight daily and never get tired of it. Our discussions range from storylines, to back stories, and our favorite scenes, quotes and more.


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