Monday, April 06, 2009

Goddess is Turning 4 and I am Getting Old

My baby girl is turning 4 in less than 10 days. It absolutely freaks me out. My baby is going on 4!

No more babies in this house now that little miss is getting bigger. Well, bigger is relative here because she is still a tiny little thing. Her petite size makes her seem younger than she is but she is so bright that it shocks people sometimes.

Here is my post from 1 year ago about Goddess turning 3. There are so many changes that I would have forgotten about which is why I love this whole blogging thing.

I was asking her body questions the other day since she is currently amazed with the body (organs and skeleton).

Me - Why do we have eyes?
Goddess - So we can see!

Me - Why do we have feet?
Goddess - So we can walk!

Me - Why do we have bellybuttons?
Goddess - So we can put our fingers in them!
Me - Ahh...ok!

Me - Why do we have ears?
Goddess - So we can hear!

Me - Why do we have hearts?
Goddess - So it can pump the blood through our body!

Me - Why do we have vagina's?
Goddess - So we can put our fingers in them!
Me - fingers don't belong there.
Goddess - I like it!
Me - Ahhhh...ok...

If you don't like the answer, don't ask the question right????


  1. Anonymous6:39 PM

    Thanks for the laugh!! BTW is wonderful watching her grow up but at the same time I don't like it. My daughter is turning 7 in 2 weeks and I am still calling her my "baby".

    Ask her the last question again in a few years and hopefully she has different answer!! Crossing my fingers. lol

  2. Oh boy...I don't know how I would have responded to that last answer.

    My oldest "baby" just turned 18 I feel old! Enjoy every minute...they grow so fast!

  3. Clary, Seriously she is crazy. It goes so damn fast.

    Jackie, I honestly didn't have any idea what to say.


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