Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Product Review - Life On Record

My daughter's 4th Birthday is coming up next month and I am thrilled to be able to participate in a review of Life On Record.

Let me explain a little about Life on Record, what they do and why you need them.

Life on Record is a unique way to honor someone or remember a special occasion by leaving personal message or greetings which can then be compiled onto a CD for the recipient to receive.

In my case, as an older mom with a 4 year old I am well aware of the fact that some of her family will not be around when she is older. The recording I am having made for her will be put into her time capsule and sealed for a later date. When she can really appreciate the love her family had for her when they are no longer around to tell her how special she is.

Favorite Uses :

  • A Unique Birthday Gift: Friends describing their favorite moments spent with the birthday celebrant.

  • A Special Anniversary Gift: The anniversary couple will hear voices of their family and friends wishing them well and talking about their relationship and marriage.

  • A Cherished Bar & Bat Mitzvah Keepsake: Stories of growing up as retold by grandparents, aunts, uncles, and friends.

  • Sending prayers and encouragement: Worship groups using LifeOnRecord as part of their outreach programs to home-bound congregation members.

  • "100 Good Wishes" Quilts for China Adoptions

  • Reunions: Classmates recalling the best times spent together.

  • Paying Tribute: Sports teams honoring their coaches by describing the most inspirational things they have done.

  • Special Holidays: Co-workers saying the best things about their manager for bosses day.

  • Retirement Parties: Co-workers telling stories and wishing the retiree best of luck.

  • Supporting a Loved One: Friends and family coming together to provide support to someone who is ill or grieving.

Other Uses :

  • Baptisms
  • Baby Showers
  • Bachelor/Bachelor Parties
  • Birth of a child
  • Confirmations

Any time a group of people want to convey feelings of encouragement, support, or thanks.

Using Life On Record is so easy:

When you sign up for Life On Record, you pay $49.95 (or $69.98 for the complete package with a personalized keepsake CD packaged in a metal, windowed case and receive a email with the details necessary to begin creating your personalized keepsake).

You receive an 800 number, invitation number and a password.

The next steps are:

1) Record a personal message that will greet callers.
2) Let others know how to call and leave a recording.
3) Manage the recordings from our web site.
4) Download the recordings into iTunes and make your own CDs

After I left a message on the 800 number, I wrote an email letting everyone know what we were trying to do for my daughter.

It went something like this:

Hello friends,

We are creating a keepsake CD for Goddess that has recorded messages from friends and family as a celebration of her 4th birthday. You are someone special to Goddess and I’m sure she would love to hear your voice talking about a special time you shared together, a story about her that always makes you smile, or what you think makes her uniquely special.

Then I provided the number, the 5 digit invitation number and the expiration date.

So easy right!!!

Benefits of Event Journal

For guests...

  • They like using it - People want to convey their well-wishes. LifeOnRecord gives them an easy way to do that, and they feel honored to be asked.

  • It's simple - Your guests just dial a phone and talk!

  • It's fast and convenient - Many people are more likely to tell a meaningful story than write one in a scrapbook or card.

  • Contribute from anywhere, anytime - Callers phone in at their convenience, and it's perfect for those that can't physically be there.

For the subscriber:

  • Make it a surprise - LifeOnRecord makes it easy for people to collaborate and call in without the guest of honor suspecting a thing.

  • Flexible. The recipient can organize and play the stories and well-wishes over the internet, through iTunes™, or download them to their MP3 player. If they don't have a computer they can listen to them over the phone or on a CD.

  • A back-to-basics present - A great way of letting the guest of honor know how much people care for them. LifeOnRecord lets people express emotion, thoughts, and feelings that might otherwise go unsaid.

In a Nutshell: This is a wonderfully creative gift. I love that it is very personal and intimate. It is something I would love to receive for myself from everyone who loves me.

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