Thursday, November 20, 2008

Then There Was Blood

No, I haven't seen Twilight yet. That will be happening this weekend. I am talking about Handsome boxing on the Wii then running over to fall like his character on the play mat I have on the floor. This would be fine and only mildly annoying if his sister hadn't been playing on the mat.

I saw him run over, and as he went down like his Wii Character, his Wii controller collided with Goddess who landed in a crumpled heap, on her face with her butt in the air. For a moment they in fact looked like the Wii characters on the TV only there is no blood in the boxing game.

She was screaming as my short legs took big long strides to get there. She was holding her mouth, I scooped her up and tried to access the damage. She was screaming and holding her face. I noticed loads of darkness around her lips but she had just eaten a little square of Hersheys so I was hoping it was only that. Chocolate or blood her screams would be exactly the same.

I calmly walked her to the bathroom so I could see in some good lightening and was blood and lots of it. Her brother was doing the "I'm sorry chant" over and over again and she was screaming.

After calmly (I really am good in an emergency. She could have bite through her tongue and thank God she didn't and I would have been the same way.) checking each tooth to make sure they were all intact. I followed up with a tongue inspection. Nope, the blood after wiping was coming from the side of her lip. I wiped blood, used ice, made her laugh and blew her nose and wiped her tears. She wanted Daddy but unfortunately he was working and unavailable by phone. We eventually got through it 20 minutes later, she has a fat lip on one side which also looks like she has red lipstick on but she is fine.

Blood on your child is never fun. It was all over her clothes and mine but eventually there was laughter. Pretending to be her with a fat lip made her laugh and all was well.

My poor baby, between getting locked in the bathroom at school and now this, she is having a very tough week.

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