Tuesday, November 11, 2008

ABC Wednesday - "Q" Queens, NY

What do these pictures all have to do with Q? They were all taken in Queens, NY. My mother grew up in Queens and that is where I was born. The Queens that I remember when I was a kid is quite different these days and honestly. My grandparents still live there and the house is pretty much still the same as it was from when I was a child.

This is a photo of my mom from her teen years. I am not sure how old she is, who took the picture or why she is holding that silly donkey. This is one of the reasons I blog. I don't want my children to wonder about my old photos.

This picture is of my mom and her mother, my grandmother. She looks to be about 1 year old. The backyard was typical of the time. There was a little concrete path and garden on the outside and in the center. Everyone grew their own tomatoes and made their own sauce. I remember their yard being like this when I was little. Eventually they had a pool and now it is pretty much like this again.
This baby is me on a sidewalk in Queens. I think I am about 6 months old. I know I was walking by 9 months, maybe it has to do with this hideous death trap of a walker. Check out my pretty pram in the background. Cute. I really do adore this picture. It is my absolute favorite photo of my as a baby. Love the hat, the little hands holding onto the pinned blanket. Thank goodness baby things are so much safer now.


  1. What a great Q picture! I love that you blog so your children will never have to wonder things about pictures. Such a good point! Hope your week is lovely! Thank goodness next week is R : ). There are lots of R's in the world and not so many Q's, right? Although, Queens was definitely a brilliant pick!

  2. You were a cutie that's for sure. Great Q post of your birthplace.

  3. I love your photoes today. Have a nice day!

  4. What a very cheerful baby you were! You obviously didn't mind being surrounded by death traps!

  5. cute images, l love the old photos!!

  6. Anonymous1:23 PM

    Aw ... you were a cute baby!

    We had a baby walker for our kids and yep, I think they wouldn't pass the safety regulations now - but our kids survived, learned to walk, and suffered no major trauma!

  7. Ah, Queens! Brings back memories. My great-grandmother lived there & we visited her just about every month up until she moved to NJ when she got sick.

    I absolutely love that last pic of you with that gorgeous pram. Ah, I wish prams were more in style these days (and less expensive!) Oh, and your daughter looks just like you, but I'm sure you hear that a lot!

  8. Thanks so much. I honestly started out that way but I am moving away from that so I think it is time for some more posts about the kids and our history.

    Photowannabe, Thanks so much. I though Q was going to be hard.

    Naturglede, Thanks so much. Old photos have a great feel about them.

    Rinkly, Yes, I look so happy there, probably why this is one of my favorites.

    Fat, Awww..thanks so much for checking me out.

    Jay, I hear ya. It wasn't all that long ago that I was pinning a blanket for one of the kids I babysat for.

    Lisa, Those prams are adorable. If I had money I so would have had one of those for my kids for the walks around the block. I doubt we were collapsing those in putting them in the back of trucks or were we????

  9. I've never been to New York, but I would guess that it is a place that really changes over the years. I invite you to come take a ride on my quad into the Powell River, BC, back country. - Margy

  10. Wonderful Q photos.
    I am QUITE late this week visiting your blog.
    I was feeling QUEAZY yesterday.

    Bear((( )))


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