Sunday, November 02, 2008

Attack of the Monday Meme's-Monochrome Monday, Manic Monday & Blue Monday

To join the meme that asks for pictures in my favorite color, hit the Blue Jay below.


Hit the button above to be taken to the home of Monochrome Monday. See you there.

Press the above button to be directed to Manic Monday.

Mo, at Manic Monday asks for colorful and colorful he shall get. Here is my daughter "sorting" her Halloween candy.


  1. Yes, indeed, that is very colorful!!

    Have a great Monday!

  2. Anonymous11:22 AM

    Whoo hoo! Now THIS is my kinda candy. :)

    Nice shot.
    My Colorful Contribution.

  3. Love the pic of your daughter lining up her candy. Too cute!

  4. I love the way all the candy is spread out on the floor. That's one of the best parts of Halloween, checking out the loot after trick-or-treating. Very colorful. Happy Manic Monday~

  5. What a great post. Your daughter sorting her Halloween candy is really cute.

  6. Happy Blue Monday! I love that pic of your dd sorting all her candy. Yummy!

  7. What a pretty girl! Happy Blue Monday.

  8. Anonymous8:28 PM

    What a sweet Blue Monday posting. Happy late blue and have a great week..:)


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