Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving to Everyone

Today I am thankful for: My family - Which includes my Friends
Teach - You are the most wonderful man. You listen when it matters and make quiet changes to show that you love me. I have never felt closer or more connected to you than I do these days. I love you with all my heart. Thank you for the most romantic moments of my life. Handsome - You are the sweetest boy in the world. You are a sensitive soul and you have a lot going on behind those big brown eyes. You love family hugs and constantly bring all of us together for a group hug. You force us to stop our rushing and slow down to enjoy the small things that matter. Goddess - Has there ever been a funnier child? I doubt it. I spend my day laughing because of you. Even when you are upsetting us, we have to stifle smiles. You think and act like someone well beyond their mere 3 years and I felt that you had all the answers the first moment I met you. Teresa - You are someone that I always know I can talk to even though our talks are few and far between these days. I hate that we have only seen each other 6 times this year, that is crazy. Hopefully next year is different. Thanks for always being there. Susan - Whenever I need someone rational to talk to you are the first person I think of. I know you hate the phone so I often rush through my call but you never make me feel like I am wasting your time. Thanks for being there to listen to my rants and never judging. Clarissa - I don't think there has ever been anyone who I felt 100% myself around. I feel like I can say anything to you and you will know exactly where I am coming from make the best breakfast sandwiches! I love you like a sister because I think we may have been related in one of our lives. Sometimes we say the exact same thing, we are so alike it scares me. You are crazy and I adore you sister! Gabrielle - I couldn't breathe without you. Are there two sisters who feel the way we do? If so, they are very lucky. I adore you and our differences. We see the world very differently and that is was makes our relationship so awesome. Your wit and humor makes me laugh and I always look forward to the next time we speak. Sheress - Has there ever been someone I look up to and want to take care of in my life? I doubt it! You are an awesome mom and friend and I worry about you constantly. Is she ok? Is she tired? How does she do it all? Thank God you have an amazing support system with your mom and your man. Daddy - I thank God for our relationship. I love our talks especially during the holiday. You never judge and I can tell you anything. I wish we lived closer and that my kids were able to know you. Diane - You are crazy and I wish we had more time to talk. We are at totally different times in our lives and it is awesome to connect with you the few times a year that we do. I can't wait to see you this holiday and reconnect. To all my other friends and family, I love and adore you all and wish that we all were able to get together more. If I said something about all of you this post would go on forever. To my nieces, in-laws, sister-in-laws, I am looking forward to seeing you all soon it has been way too long. My children's teachers and instructors, I love what you have all done for my kids. They love all of you and bless you each night. Happy Thanksgiving to all my friends in the blog world too...I actually speak to a lot of you more than I do the people listed above. I wish everyone a safe and happy holiday. Love, Maria


  1. And a very happy thanksgiving to you :) Zoe

  2. Anonymous5:17 PM

    Tear, Tear. You know I love you and I love spending time with you. You are my Bitch and my Chica. I can always count on you.


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