Sunday, November 02, 2008

Product Review - BabySnazz, Babylegs Kept My Baby Warm & Adorable

I received a pair of BabySNAZZ babylegs on Wednesday and Goddess hasn't taken them off yet. She has worn them to school, to gymnastics, to ballet, and under her Halloween costume. There are so many wonderful uses for BabySnazz babylegs. I doubt she will stop wearing these until I get a few more pairs for variety. We are running out of pink, white and black options.

These can be worn over the arms or legs. They were created for crawling babies but they are wonderful legwarmers for kids on up to teens.

With the winter months coming up on us quicker than usual these are great for over the pants if you are heading going out or under if you are playing in the cold.

They have tons of colors and themes to choose from. Check these out. I have no idea which we are ordering next because we love all of them.

Goddess is wearing Big Top Pink Cotton Skidpants - Baby Leg Warmers

Head over to BabySNAZZ and see for yourself why your little one needs their own pair.

Do you have boys? No problem head over and check out these cute Camo leg warmers, how about the black, skull and cross bones or the Rock N Roll pair with the cool guitars.

Check out these Collegiate leg warmers. CUTE!

BabySNAZZ has been gracious enough to give you, my reader a 5% discount on orders over $40.00. Just enter coupon code _blogreview5_.

Visit BabySNAZZ today and pick up some adorable, cool, hip, stocking stuffers today.

BabySNAZZ has jumped on the giveaway wagon so be sure to check them out often. You never know what they are giving away.

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