Saturday, November 29, 2008

Pink Saturday & Scenic Sunday Pretty In Pink

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Or the Scenic Sunday button, which will bring you to the home of SS.

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I took this picture by making a circle with my fingers and in front of the camera lens. I love the effect and it doesn't hurt that my daughter doesn't seem to be able to take a bad photo.


  1. Anonymous7:00 AM

    Welcome to your first Pink Saturday, Maria. I e-mailed you some information for future use.

    Your daughter is adorable, and thanks for the photo tip.

  2. What an lovely photo of your daughter!! I'm going to try that camera tip. Take care~

  3. Your photo is great! What a neat idea and it came out great.

  4. Your little princess is so pretty in pink. :)EllenL

  5. Beverly, Thanks so much for the information.

    Protector, Who would have thought that my fingers would inspire. Thank you so much. I think she is lovely too. Let me know if you post a photo.

    Joy, Thanks so much. I was so happy with the picture. She is easy to take pictures of.

    Ellen, Thank you.


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