Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Product Review -Flirty Girl Fitness-The Sexiest Workout Ever


I've found the secret to fun way to get fit!

Flirty Girl Fitness helps every women (or man, we have to be very PC here), get flirty, fit and Fabulous.

The Flirty Girl Fitness program says it is a complete exercise and meal plan program (insert sound of needle coming off a record).

FLIRTY GIRL FITNESS is by far the most fun, workout you will ever do.

With moves like "Party Girl", "Booty Thrust", "Giddy Up", "Dirty Move" and "Spank It" which by the way I can’t get out of my head, (“scoop, party girl, spin it, 5, 6, 7, 8, giddy up, 5, 6, 7, 8, spank it”) you can’t help but have fun.

You will love this entertainingly, fun, hip new way to get fit while having fun.

The program comes complete with 4 DVD’s, a meal plan, a pink boa, a key chain, and a pretty, pink box to put the DVD’s in.

I was so excited to pop in the first DVD, I drove the kids to school, raced home, got my water and popped in a DVD called Booty Beat. The moves are easy and fun. They move slow enough for you to keep up and there was nothing that I felt was too complicated. I have been to so many aerobic classes where by the 4th add on, I am totally lost.

At the end, they put all the sexy moves together, doing everything 8X for a wonderful sexy cardio. After the Booty Beat routine there is a sexy cool down, with stretches that will have your man borrowing your video when you are not home.

The second DVD to this set is called Just Teasing. In this DVD you will use the included pink boa. This was so much fun that I can’t wait to drop the kids of tomorrow at a playdate so I can work out again. There is a lot of sexy back arching, hair flipping and hip gyrating, it is a blast. You will have so much fun that you won’t even realize that you are getting a great cardio.

The second set of DVD’s I did after the kids went to bed. This time most of the work outs are done with the use of a chair hence the name Chair Dance and Chair Fit. In Chair Dance you will use a chair to learn a whole routine and a complete abdominal workout. Who knew you could get fit learning how to do a chair strip dance? I do believe after another 2 days of this program I will be showing my new sexy routine to my husband.

In Chair Fit, I felt that I got a complete workout. The chair this time is used as a workout bench. I honestly would have never thought to do this. Using the seat of the chair and your body to do simple exercise, you are getting a complete core workout. As they say, You will never look at a kitchen chair the same again.

Believe me, I have done all the other exercise videos. They are all great but midway through I am tired, bored and knew in the back of my mind I will not be doing them again anytime soon. This is different. This is like going out and dancing with your girlfriends. Order yours today and get sexy fit.

Pssttt…don’t be surprised or insulted if your man isn’t suddenly asking you to work out more often. He just wants to watch!!!


  1. Anonymous6:56 PM

    I could picture you doing this. too funny. let me know in a week how your husband, i mean body feels after the workout.

  2. Anonymous4:50 AM

    thanks you were very detailed i seen the commercial and was just wondering about it and now i know im going to get it so yea thanks!

  3. Anonymous10:38 PM

    Thanks so much for an informative and "real" mom review! Have you noticed a change in your body?

  4. Anonymous2:48 PM

    I stumbled upon Flirty Girl Fitness one day, and thought that this is great I don't have to pay all at once and can make payments for a pole. So I clicked the make payments options. Everything was great, however almost three weeks go by and I call twice to check the status of my order. Each time I made sure that the CSR had the payment option in their system. I was assured that I would be paying monthly and my pole would get to me soon. Well soon enough I find that the entire amount was taken out of my account. And I STILL had to wait another 3 weeks for my pole. I called to see why they did that and they have no response, but said they would fix it. So here it is 2 months later from the original 10 business days that it would take to refund MY money. AND to make things worse they are now taking out the 59.99 plus the 39.99 a month for my payments. So I am paying double. I am so unhappy with this company. The management is terrible, a supervisor hung up on me, and I couldn't get anyone to answer my questions when I called back. The pole itself is not bad, too over priced though and the videos that come with it are a waste. I would happily return it, but am afraid I will never get any of my money back. STAY AWAY FROM FLIRTY GIRLS!!!!!!!

  5. Isis Alize1:48 PM

    I had a diff experiance. Though not perfect it was good
    1st I ordered the DVD set w/pole & had no problems with the split monthly billing. I even got my equiptment faster that i expected (i think it was less than a week) but i did notice one of the DVDs in the collection were missing so i called cust support & they were super helpful & cooprative, they even offered a discount on my next order for my inconvieniance. My replacement DVD came in just a few days.
    I ended up ordering the rest of the collection for around $180 (i think) & am loving every bit of it.
    I never was very confident on the dance floor cuz i never really new what todo with my srms but now I'm having way more fun clubbing cuz Flirty Girl Fitness taught me how to dance.


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