Monday, November 03, 2008

Ruby Tuesday - Young Love

More than the Ruby Red of this little guys shirt, check out his arm draped around my Goddess' neck! What the??? Seriously, how cute is this?

We met this little guy in gymnastics about 2 months ago. After the arm thing they did the balance beam. He was in front of her. I watched him walk across, turn around and hold out his hand to help her off the beam. She hesitated, took his hand like the sweet, coy girl she is and stepped off. They ran back to sit down, holding hands. Cuuuuuutttteee with a capital C.

Oh yeah...this is for Ruby Tuesday. Join Mary and her minions here for more ruby redness photos.


  1. They look just right with each other. Our two (girl, 19 and boy, 17) are in college now, but they were 2 years apart and we have pictures and memories that look like your picture. Friends then and now...They are beautiful!

  2. Anonymous9:42 PM

    They're both looking wonderfully close and sweet in this picture :)
    Happy Ruby Tuesday!

  3. Anonymous11:23 PM

    Cute catch!! Happy Ruby Tuesday to you!

  4. Aww so cute! And innocent! I love this.

  5. Such innocence and sweetness in this photo! That is young love, no complication.

  6. Anonymous5:34 AM

    looks like they are enjoying themselves..sweet

  7. Tooooo cute! There's LOTS of red in the gym too...

  8. That comes in as the cutest RT photo today! My darling daughter also took gymnastics at that age and loved it!


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