Sunday, November 30, 2008

4 Days of Daddy Fun

This weekend we made a TooBEEZ for that was the star of the house for 2 days. I threw blankets over it, put blankets and pillows inside and had a great time reading stories to my daughter.

Saturday evening my husband went inside. Kids are so used to Mommy playing that when Daddy does something silly with them they love go nuts.


My daughter was in her glory as she played fort with daddy. They hid under the blanket watching my shadow, whenever I pulled up the blanket to take a picture she screamed like a banshee.

My son and his father have spent countless hours playing Super Mario Galaxy over the last 4 days. I love watching them talk each other through the screens or yell at each other when one screws up.

Yesterday my husband wanted to clean the gutters and put up the Christmas lights. While he did the gutters, the kids and I started working on the leaves. My son gave up after filling a garbage can with leaves. My daughter on the other hand was amazing. She filled up 3 garbage cans with her little 3 year old hands while I blew the lawn clear of leaves. She wasn't done until the last leaf was picked up from the pile. Such a good work ethic already. She had a job to do and wouldn't do anything else until she was done. She wouldn't even stop for a piece of chocolate (her favorite). "Let me finish this. I'll have some when I'm done."

I told her that her father and I were going to pay her for her hard work. I think that job was worth at least 3 dollars.

We have never done an allowance but I remember as a kid I loved getting paid for a job well done.

This is above and beyond their normal chores which we don't believe (at the moment) they should be paid for.

Daddy also played his first board game with us. Not sure about him but, I loved it!

The kids and I play Zingo about 2 times a week. It was great to have him join us for a few games.

All in all this was a great long weekend. Freelance work done, reviews drafted, time with daddy, Christmas lights up, Lord of the Rings marathan and way to much food.

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  1. Anonymous8:56 AM

    That's awesome that you guys had such a great weekend! It looks as though BOTH of our homes took full advantage of precious (and rare!) family time. It's what the season is all about :)

    You guys did the LofR's Marathon?!?! COOL! We're saving our for the end of the month...


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