Monday, November 10, 2008

Product Review - Sensible Sippers

Last week we were sent two packages of Sensible Sippers to try out.

They arrived and my two were eager to give them a whirl. They both asked for "apple" because my son only drinks apple juice, water and milk and his sister followed because she does everything her brother does.

My daughter drank half the juice box and decided she didn't like it. My son on the other hand who is very particular summed this juice up in 4 words; "Mom, I love it!" He didn't only love it, he drank his sister's half and then asked to try the "fruit punch" one. The kid who only drinks 3 things is asking for something new?

He loved that too and has drank every single juice box except for the one I saved for myself of each to try.

The reason I think my daughter didn't like it:
She likes SWEET. Everything has to be sweet.

The reason I think my son loved it: He doesn't like sweet.

The reason I love the juice: I loved it! There is no added sugar and it shows. Sometimes after drinking juice I feel like I need to drink water to wash my teeth off. The Sensible Sippers are refreshing, and taste great. They are small enough for the littlest hands and with 50% organic juice and water this is a great way to introduce different juices to your littlest kids.

The size of the box is convenient and can be literally carried in your coat pocket. The child-friendly, unbreakable 4.23 oz juice boxes, Sensible SippersTM are certified USDA Organic and feature classic Berenstain characters - such as Papa Bear, Mama Bear, Brother Bear and Sister Bear.

I honestly think these are the best juice boxes out there. We have tried tons of brands because of my son being so particular.
Sensible SippersTM are available in favorite kid flavors: Fruit Punch, Banana, Apple, and Mixed Berry

Less calories without less taste, organic juice,
no added sugar, artificial flavors or preservatives, and are certified organic in accordance with the USDA's National Organic Program could a parent ask for more in a juice? I doubt highly doubt it.


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