Wednesday, April 07, 2010

It's Already Thursday

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Here is my little poser. We had just returned from her Abuela's and Abuelo's house and the hat was part of her Easter basket. She HAD to have her photo taken with it on. It didn't match her beautiful holiday dress that she insisted on wearing but it looked adorable nonetheless

This weeks' Letter's I Will Never Send Address the local Police Department.

Dear Good For Nothing Police Department,

In the past month I have been made aware of just how stupid, lazy, pathetic and rude you people are. Not that I didn't already know this for myself but now it is not just one instance.

The fire that happened here a few months back when a transformer hit the road during a storm and surged for over 3 hours. You were called approximately 30 times between two houses and no one ever came. You insisted that there was a fire truck on the scene and it was a lie. You insisted that you were aware and that the electricity company had to come and assess. All we wanted was someone in authority to show up and tell us that everything was going to be OK. The fire, brightness, noise, sparks, smoke were scary and at any time we worried about homes catching on fire. We didn't expect you to put our power back on, we didn't expect you to put a pole back up, move the transformer, hold our hands, we wanted to know that the power would be shut off and that someone was on the scene in case things got out of hand. You acted like we were bothering you.

The neighbors who purchased a foreclosure home only to find the owners who had been gone for 3 years had broken in and where removing anything that wasn't nailed down. They broke into a home that was no longer theirs, belonged to someone else and YOU SAID YOU COULD DO NOTHING.

The suicide note that was found by someone's wife who frantically begged for assistance in finding her husband only to have you MAKE her go home, stop searching because she might draw attention or create a bigger problem. The numerous calls to you where you said, you couldn't find him only to have others find him in a hotel 8 minutes away from your station, in a diabetic coma. Then when you were called to send an ambulance, you said that the next town's police were on their way and would assess whether he needed an ambulance or not. Thankfully this person is now being assessed in a hospital, no thanks to you and survived the stupidity of the police department.

This week you pulled over a guy on a bike for yelling. Ummm...two police officers, on a beautiful sunny day, pull over a bike and issue a summons for loudness but do nothing about the breaking and entering, fire, or suicide attempt. I will never understand it.

There is no reason for this town to have a police station, pay tax dollars for that station, officers, cars, jeeps and everything else if you guys are going to refer to the neighboring town's police to do everything. Why not close up shop, go eat some donuts and stop wasting the towns time with your good for nothing officers.

Today someone asked if you knew were a particular preschool was, you had no used to be right next to your station and now sits three buildings away. It is not a big town! Do not take an attitude when people come into your station. Instead of addressing people with "now what"? Try "can I help you?".

In a small town, your concern should be to clean up any little or big mess that arises. Your job is to know the business around you, especially one that was next door to your station and houses our children. You are to serve and protect but I feel very unprotected in this town. This is frightening. It is scary when your townspeople feel that they can't count on their police department!

Nervous and Pissed

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  1. Fantastic shot of Goddess!

  2. Anonymous6:59 PM

    OMG I would love to walk in that police station and curse the shit out of them. I am pissed off like you. if I have any major problem I can guarantee you that the problem will be handle by me and in MY WAY! Hopefully things will get better!!

  3. Wow! Remind me to stay on your good side ;)
    Sounds pretty crazy--maybe you should write a letter to your newspaper's editor? If enough people read it and write their own letters, maybe things will start changing at that station!


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