Friday, April 09, 2010

Friday Fragments

Mommy's Idea

So much to say and no time to say it but thank goodness for Friday Fragments!

The world is all in God's hands - Goddess told her father while they were laying on the couch.

This week my son got in the car with a dirty band-aid on his knee. I asked when it happened and he told me recess. He went to the nurse and the nurse put a band-aid on it. What pissed me off? Well, he's my son and I hate seeing that he was hurt and I was not informed. There should have been a phone call or at least a note telling me what happened. Also, his other knee was so dirty, I knew there was no way they could have cleaned the cut. When I got him inside, I took off the band-aids and sure enough, big, deep cuts with blacktop burns and never cleaned. I used an alcohol swab to clean it which he of course hated but I wanted to really clean it. Next week I will contact the nurse to find out about sending a note home next time and about the cleaning of the cut.

We just ordered a big girl bed for my Goddess from AllChildren'sFurniture.Com. They are an affiliate of Baby Cribs  They sell cribs, in fact all Nursery furniture, beds, lamps, bedding, and more.

This is the bed we ordered. She is so excited to finally have a big girl bed.

Goddess and I headed to her classmates birthday party on Wednesday. We had the best time. On our way there she opened her back window and shouted. I'm on my way to Mitchell's Party God. I love you." Then she blew him a kiss. These are the things that make my heart sing.

Last week we headed down to see my family for our annual Holiday get together (we were a bit late but Christmas gifts and birthday gifts were exchanged). Goddess got a pair of sandals with her outfit from my cousins. We kept the tags and plastic attachment on them until she tried them on and we knew they fit. She put them on, waddled over to us and stated, 'They are beautiful and I love them, but what if I trip?" We laughed and informed her that before she walked we would separate the sandals. Kids are so cute.

Gifts from Goddess today! A dandelion and a heart shaped leaf

Today Goddess' preschool asked for all the kids favorite baseball team. Goddess' answer was "I like the Goalie".

Husband is on his way with Pizza. Got to run and get the kids ready. Tah!


  1. Very nice bed Goddess!!!

    I'm still stuck on the nurse not cleaning Handsome wounds.... what kind of medical personnel is that?
    I hope you don't let that one go.

  2. Anonymous10:16 PM

    OMG what a beautiful bed. She will love it!!

  3. I love her bed, especially the storage on the side--good idea!
    And Christmas in April? Well, better late than never I guess!
    I wouldn't expect the nurse to call me unless my child was seriously hurt, but I WOULD expect her to clean a wound properly. That's not too much to ask.
    My daughter asked me the other day when God was going to fix Jack and bring him back home (Jack was our cat that was killed by a neighbor's dog a few weeks ago.) Oh, the things kids say :)


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