Monday, April 19, 2010

Goddess's 5th Birthday Party Was A Hit

Goddess's Birthday Party Sponsors beside Me and Daddy were The Fox Den

And Tiara's Boutique

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Goddess turned 5 on the 14th and asked for a party with all her classmates. She has a very small class so we were happy to oblige. All but one came and she invited her out of class friends Cheeks and Blue to come to join. Cheeks was able to join.

We did a Save The Planet Theme party and typed the invites out on some lunch bags for the teachers to hand out.
Picture 923

We ordered a bounce house, pizza and while I tried to get out of making yet another cake by buying one, she insisted on "your cake and cupcakes". I guess I should be flattered that she wanted mine over one of the big, colorful, commercial ones I was trying to talk her into.

Goddess patiently waiting for her friends to come.

The kids bounced in the frigid air. It was overcast and only about 60 degrees. They had no shoes on and still managed to bounce and laugh for over an hour.

The kids chowed down on pizza

Here is a picture of me and Handsome that my girlfriend Laurie took.
We were wrestling when she snapped it.
Picture 857

It was so cute when the girls broke off to have a tea party and put on tutus.

It was such a great time but this mommy didn't feel like she got enough pictures. I did video tape the cake and "happy birthday" so hopefully I will get that up eventually.

At the end, I handed out some goody bags filled with crafts (that we were supposed to do at the party but the kids wanted to bounce), some blow up globes, a tree to plant, a rubber duck with recycle logo on it.

Goddess was so great with her gifts too. She would open the card and the kids would open her gifts. She didn't get to open anything but she seemed totally fine with it. After they left she was excited to look at everything. She loved having her friends over and all her gifts.

Here is a bee outfit she got from one of her friends.

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  1. The bee outfit looks great on her! I'm glad that despite the chilly weather the kids had a good time. I bet they weren't too cold doing all that jumping.

  2. Anonymous9:03 PM

    Bummer I missed the party and I also missed bouncing!! lol

    I know everyone had a wonderful time. Goddess looked adorable in that bee costume. BTW where is my slice of cake???

  3. crystal9:51 PM

    Awesome..Congratulations on a great party. It's ok, the pics you did get are lovely!! Wow,how cool is that bouncy thing?!?!

  4. She's just so precious, and now a big girl. Love her shirt where God Made Her and Was Showing Off, then the tutu's and finally that buzzy, I mean busy bee outfit. Glad the children all had fun.

  5. Looks like a great time! So glad your friend got that great shot of you and Handsome! That is a memory!

  6. The party was great!!! Not chaotic and very relaxed. None of the kids felt like they "had" to do anything, they were just allowed to have fun. You didn't make them do the crafts and you gave them no orders. I'm sure they appreciated being able to be kids and do what they wanted. Your hubby was really great with the kids too. Glad I got the shot of you and Handsome it was so nice for you to take the time out for him. I'm sure he felt special that you spent some alone time with him even though it was Godess's day. I was watching you guys in there and he looked so happy. She was great with the presents, if that was my daughter she would have been screaming at her friends not to open "her" presents. Overall you did a great job and your kids are great products of a wonderful upbringing!!!


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