Wednesday, April 21, 2010

ABC Wednesday - N

This week's letter for ABC Wednesday is "N". Why do I always have such trouble with N?

N for Nasty
Picture 971
We have told Goddess that drinking dirty water can make her sick. She still does it and a day after this she had a fever of 102.8. Coincidence maybe? But mom and dad used this episode to inform her of why she was so sick. What ever works people. Whatever works.

N for Nature
The colors of nature are so beautiful. I took this last spring and have always loved it. It is one of my favorites because of all the bokheh.

N is for Nice
She loves hugging him but he always avoids it. This was her birthday party and while he did avoid it eventually his face softened.


  1. N is for Nesting, too-- what a mom like you does. Great ideas for N on your part after all. And the last photo is adorable.

    We're ABC Wed. neighbors. I posted just after you.

    Liked reading your post.


  2. That is Nasty!!! lol What as she thinking?!

    I love the family shots, you know that, but you did a beautiful job on the nature shot. Along with the sentence, it could be a postcard or wall print. Well done!

  3. You can't go wrong posting kids!!!

    Loved all the pictures, especially the first one!!!

  4. It's a wonder our children survive, isn't it? The things they do ...!

    On behalf of the team, thanks for taking part in ABC Wednesday this week! :)

  5. Anonymous9:04 PM

    Goddess cracks me up with all her weirdness. You just have to love the children and all their corkiness. lol

  6. Typical older brother/ younger sister relationship from my experience. Although it does have an upside so don't give up. I just asked Frankie tonight,"now when your sister gets older if a boy hurts her in any way, even though you guys don't get along now what would you do? seriousl no joking" He said,"I would say, mom, I'll be right back and I would get in the car, go ove to that boys house and let him have it. He would never hurt her again." So there is love there but it just has to come out when their male pride allows it to.

  7. How could it be bad for her? It's DORA! I know Dora (WAY TOO) well.

    ROG, ABC Wednesday

  8. Haha! N is for "No, Goddess, don't drink that! Ewwww!"


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