Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Goddess Is 5 Today

Today was Goddess 5th Birthday. She had a very exhausting, stressful day. Yesterday she had a 102.8 fever. Today is was fine but her allergies were out of control. She was fine but subdued at school. Played at recess, picked some dandelions and then rubbed her eyes like crazy. When we got home she cried for 25 minutes while she rubbed her eyes.

Then she:

She kicked her teachers gift across the room
Complained about her eyes
Called me stupid
Complained about her itch
Told me she didn't want to have a birthday today
Opened a tutu, put it on, asked me to take a picture
Cried again

It was exhausting. Then we settled into I love yous. Sorry. Allergy meds which eventually helped her. She ate some lunch and prayed her Daddy would come home soon so she could open her birthday gifts.

Birthday Girl Turns 5

Last year, I wrote for her fourth birthday.

Here is her 3rd birthday post.

Here is her 1st Birthday post
This is from the journal I started at the hospital called "Love Letters Love Mommy"

Here is this years list of the 10 Things I Love About You:

  • You love kisses and hugs
  • You love saying I love you
  • You tell us all the time how you are going to miss us when you move out but you will always come back to visit us.
  • You thank us for buying you things and taking care of you
  • You talk to God like he is your best friend
  • You ask us questions about our childhood
  • You are so funny
  • You make crazy faces
  • You are very sweet to your brother
  • You make us feel like we are the best parents in the world


We love you so much. You are a very special little girl with a very big heart. You amaze us with your analytical thinking, concepts and eagerness to learn. You are a very sweet girl who always tells us "I love you". You are the reason I know there is a God! I love hearing you talk to God at night as you say your prayers. You are amazing and a superstar. You march to your own drum and have no problem standing up for yourself, never following the crowd. I want to be just like you when I grow up.

Cake at school today
Cake at school

{tutu from Tiara's Boutique}



  2. Happy Birthday, Beautiful!
    Allergies are tough; I hope you feel better soon.

  3. Anonymous6:04 PM

    awwwww!!!(tear tear) I love what you wrote for her. Beautiful!! Happy 5th Birthday Goddess!


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