Friday, April 30, 2010

Cardstore.Com Is My New Go To Printer For Personalized Cards, Invites, and More

As part of Family Review Network's group of maven reviewers I was given the opportunity to review

Company Overview: is a Berkeley, California based greeting card retailer that combines online customization with designs from over 70 independent artists. Since 1999, the company has printed over 15 million personalized cards, a
At, we believe there is the perfect card for every occasion. From announcing the arrival of your new baby to wishing that special someone in your life a happy birthday, our beautiful designs can be personalized with your photos and messages to create the ideal greeting card.

Mother's Day is approaching and this is really a beautiful, personalized way to say I love you to Mom, Grandma and any woman in your life that has made an impact.

I love when you can personalize cards but more importantly, as an amateur, professional photographer, I love being able to share my pictures with friends and family.

As you all know, Goddess just celebrated her 5th birthday and while I loved doing craft thank you's for the kids in our lives, I really wanted to do something special for all the adults who showed their love to Goddess.

Picture 948

I chose the style (3 pictures, because how could I pick only one????), I placed my order for the amount I needed (No minumum order! Get whatever you need. Need 1 card? No problem)! When I saw the box 2 days after placing my order I was shocked. The turn around was so fast. The card itself is amazing! Nice, thick cardstock, that holds its shape and stands up almost like a frame. No bending in the middle. I love getting cards and placing them around the house (on shelves or the top of the TV) but they end up bending in the center within 2 days, eventually laying flat on the table until I decide if they are keepers.

"This post was written as part of a program for Family Review Network and, who provided a gift card for shopping for the product for this review"

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